Mom's Boy Friend

by carniegirl

Copyright© 2010 by carniegirl

Erotica Sex Story: My first extra marital experience was with my mom's boyfriend while I was pregnant with my first son.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Oral Sex   Lactation   Pregnancy   .

Can we get this over with. Mark is feverish again? I think he has another ear infection."

"I don't know if we can get this over with or not. I need to know what happened between you and your mother."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"You two were thick as thieves before the baby, now you are cold to each other. I mean you both love Mark, so it isn't that. It's something else."

"I don't know what you mean, Mom and I are fine."

"You are not fine and I want to know what is going on. You haven't been yourself since the baby was born. Your mom isn't constantly making excuses for you, like she did before. Something is going on, and I want to know what the hell it is."

"Why what difference does it make to you?"

"Because things have changed between us as well. I want to know what it is. Is it that postpartum thing? You don't seem crazy."

"No of course not," I replied.

"Do you need to see a doctor?"

"No, I don't need to see a doctor."

"Do you want a divorce?"

"No, I don't want a divorce." At that moment I realized that it wasn't just a passing comment. Martin was considering a divorce. If I didn't do something, I was going to lose everything. If he found out I might lose it all anyway. My mind raced should I tell him or try to keep the secret.

"Should I just ask your mother?"

A cold fear ran through me. If he asked her, she just might tell it all. Her version wasn't the whole truth, but it would surely be enough to drive a wedge between Martin and me. One that might not be repairable. I couldn't breath suddenly. I wanted to run away, but I knew I didn't have anywhere to go. Running wouldn't change anything at all. I would have to return. Unless I told the truth, it would be even worse when I got back.

"Martin, this is not a good idea."

"Is it that bad?" he asked quietly.

"Yes it is that bad." I admitted.

"Then let me get a drink."

I was torn between clearing my conscience and trying to save whatever was left of our marriage. Of course it seemed that not telling was going to drive us apart as well. I decided on the spur of the moment to just tell it like it happened. I did just that.

Martin had to go on a business trip during my last month of pregnancy with Mark. I hadn't wanted him to go of course, but it was go or be out of work in a shaky economy. Neither of us could see any other way.

Martin didn't want to leave me alone, so I called my mother. Since mom and dad had divorced just after my marriage, I knew that she was lonely. It seemed as though it would be a perfect fit for a couple of weeks. Martin's boss assured him that he would be home before the delivery date.

Martin kissed me goodbye and left me with my mom. That, as they say, is how it all began.

"I have a date tonight Marsha will you be alright home alone for a while?" mom asked.

"Of course, I'll be just fine. You won't be out too late will you? Remember it's a school night." I couldn't help the joke. Mom had said that to me at least a thousand times. I had been a popular girl in school. Probably because I liked to laugh and have fun, but not so much that I got a bad reputation. Since I was a so called good girl, I was even the parents of the boys I dated. As a matter of fact I was still a virgin when I first slept with Martin.

The knock on the door came about an hour later. Mom was still dressing so I answered. "Hello," I said in greeting the man not quite old enough to be my father. Mom it seemed had attracted a younger man. "You must me Simon?"

"Yes I am. You must me Marsha. Your mom told me you would be staying a few days."

"Yes, that's me."

"You are quite beautiful. I find pregnant women to be so sexy."

"Hardly, I waddle when I walk." I laughed.

"Ah feeling fat are we. Let me assure you that being pregnant is beautiful on a woman. Not to mention how exciting they are in bed."

I couldn't believe it. He was flirting with me. He might be just a little less than hitting on me, but I wasn't all that sure. "Well I doubt that you would find me much fun in bed at this stage." I wondered why I was playing along. I decided that it was because no one flirted with me once I started to show.

"Oh you never know." He seemed to laugh at the thought. I joined him, since his laugh was infectious. I was feeling a little heated, when mom came into the room. I actually said a silent thank you. Flirting has a way of being fun and dangerous. The danger is probably why it is fun.

Mom and Simon left for dinner and a movie while I sat in front of the TV and stuffed myself with ice cream. I had a huge craving for ice cream. I had resisted it right up until Marin left on his trip. I knew it was late when I woke but not how late. I checked mom's room to see if she was in before I went to my old bed.

She was in alright and so was Simon. Simon was standing looking right at me through Mom's half closed bedroom door. Mom was faced away from me. She was also on her knees with Simon's penis in her mouth. I gasped, but she didn't notice. However Simon did. He smiled at me, then put his hands behind my mother's head and began to pump her mouth.

I was shocked and wanted to run, but I was frozen in place. I was just as much pinned in place by the sight, as my mom was pinned in place by the strangers hands on her head and his penis in her mouth.

I saw him stiffen, then he gave out a quiet but unmistakable grunt. Mom didn't even move she just seemed to speed up her movements. I was terrified, so I did what I always do. I ran to my room. I sat there listening to them through the wall. Finally I fell asleep, but even then I couldn't get that visual out of my mind.

I awoke with a start. Simon was sitting on the edge of my bed. He was dressed at least. "Marsha I wanted to suggest that you not judge your mom to harshly. She is a lonely middle aged woman doing what she has to do."

"You mean to tell me, she has to do that to have men in her life?"

"Not just do it, she has to do it exceptionally well." He said it unapologetically.

"That is an awful thing to say."

"Maybe, but it is the truth. Anyway I just wanted to try to explain." he paused but he didn't stand to leave. To be honest I should have asked him to leave, but the image was still rattling around in my head. It was most disturbing because I had refused to do that for my husband on more than one occasion. To be honest it was exciting to see it done for the first time. I had seen photos and video of it, but I had never seen anyone do it. Even more exciting was who I saw doing it. It was my mother for God's sake.

"Is your milk flowing yet?" he asked it as though it were no big deal. I have no idea why but I answered him.

"Not yet, the nurse said not to worry the baby would start it, when the time was right."

"Anyone can start it, and the time is right."

"How do you know," I meant for it to sound like rebuke, but it didn\'t come out that way.

"Because I have two children and I started my ex wife each time."

"Oh," was all I could manage.

I was a little surprised when he reached over and lowered the blanket. He could see the outline of my breast through the tee shirt I slept in. "See how they puff up at the nipple. It is past time to start your flow. You will feel better once it starts." Without asking he lifted my tee and took my right breast in his curled fingers. He left the nipple uncovered.

I gasped.

"You like that don't you?" I didn't answer. "It's okay. I know you do." then he bent down and sucked my nipple as he massaged my breast.

I felt as though something was trying to happen but nothing did. He lifted his head smiled a wicked smile at me and said. "Brace yourself this is going to hurt a little." Then he took the nipple in his mouth and squeezed hard. He also sucked very hard. Suddenly I felt something deep inside my breast begin to itch. It was an itch I could never reach to scratch, but he was massaging my breast and it felt glorious.

When he removed his mouth from my breast, he kissed me. I tried to resist but I was too helpless for a real defense. When I opened my mouth to him a warm liquid flowed into it. He had delivered a mouth full of my breast milk. I was so turned on I returned his kiss. He broke the embrace and repeated the same thing with my left breast. It seemed less painful on that one. It did not seem any less erotic. I was gasping when he finished.

"Now what was your mom doing for me?"

I wasn't sure what I was supposed to say so I said. "She had your penis in her mouth."

"Cock, call it a cock. What was she doing with my cock?"

"Sucking your cock," I said quietly. I was terrified and exhilarated at the same time.

"Are you as good a cocksucker as your mother?"

"No, I have never done that, ' I said it and immediately felt embarrassed. Not because of what I had said, but because I had never done it.

"Stand up," he quietly demanded.

I knew I should have refused, but I stood up without objection. When I was standing facing him, he pushed down on my shoulders. Again I should have resisted, but I could feel the tingle in my breast as the milk seeped out. I could feel the warm squishy feeling in my stomach as I slipped to my knees.

"Unzip me," he said. I shook my head. He wound my hair around his fingers and said more forcefully, "Unzip me."

I unzipped his trousers and worked his penis out. "Do you like my cock?" I couldn't answer until he pulled my face against it. "Do you like my cock?"

"Yes," I whispered.

"Do you love my cock?"

"Yes," I whispered. At that point I was lost and I knew it.

"Say it ... Say it all."

"I love your cock," I said as I felt my face flush.

"Then show me," he demanded.

I opened my mouth, moved my head, and captured his penis. I felt it fill my mouth with a warm sensation as it massaged my tongue. I could feel the sensations all over my body. It wasn't just his cock in my mouth, it was a warm tingling everywhere. The sensation was a mixture of the nasty thing I was doing, the nasty thing I now shared with my mother, and the feeling of being overwhelmed and unable to refuse. The implication that he would harm me was there, but never expressed.

"I love to throat fuck a virgin but it's too soon for that. First you have to learn to love the feel of it in your mouth, The feel of it taking over your mind. You have to truly love my cock." He paused and stroked my mouth a few times. I felt the tingle as it moved over my tongue. The sensation of my taste bugs being manipulated was new and exciting. I felt my brain filled with my depraved act. The sensation filled my brain so fully that there was no room for any conscious thought. I could only think that I never wanted it to end.

"Tell me you love my cock."

"Oh god yes I love your cock."

"Do you love my cock more than anything?"

"Yes I love your cock more than anything."

"Tell me what you are."

"Cocksucker," I whispered. Of course I knew the words. I just never thought I would use them. Especially not in referring to me or my mom.

"Louder," he demanded.

"Cocksucker," I said in a normal voice.

"Good, tomorrow your lessons begin." With that he began to pump my mouth faster. I could feel things I had never felt as he massaged my scalp while he fucked my mouth. I felt him stiffen and then the explosion of hot sticky cum in my mouth. I tried to pull back but he held me in place.

"Swallow every drop of it, if you want to do this again." I gagged but I swallowed it all. "Now keep sucking till you get every drop." I sucked and sucked on it until it started to get soft in my mouth.

"What a good cocksucker you are. Now go to bed and dream of my cock." I slipped into bed licking my lips. Before I could raise the covers he was beside me with his mouth on my breasts. He just kissed my nipple and asked, "What do you want?'

"Suck my breast."

"Ask me right," he demanded.

"Suck my tit," I said and immediately and shivered.

He began sucking my nipple and massaging my breast hard. I felt the breast emptying. I also felt his other hand move down my body until it was inside my panties. My body was open to him as he rubbed my clit and played with the flesh just inside my vagina.

When I finally had the orgasm I flooded the bed and while I jerked in convulsions he milked my breast as a farmer would milk a cow. When I finished, the room stank and I was soaked. "Clean yourself and call me tomorrow and beg. Your mother has the number."

After he left it took me a long time to find the strength to clean up. I finally took a quick shower and changed the wet sheets. I had no idea what I would tell my mother. Then I thought that I wouldn't tell her anything. She had her own issues. I also swore I would never allow any of it to happen again.

That resolution lasted all night. When I awoke the next morning my breast ached. The nipples were sore to the touch, and my breasts had bruises on them. When I put on my bra, I was in a great deal of pain. Every twinge reminded me of Simon and how his penis felt in my mouth. I did battle with myself all morning. I was holding my own until lunch.

It was just a few minutes before mom and I planned to leave for lunch, when the phone rang. She held a conversation to which I paid little attention. My only thoughts were about the pain I could feel in my nipples every time the bra rubbed them. The feeling was maddening. I couldn't thing of anything but Simon sucking them and his penis in my mouth. I also remembered the feel of his fingers on and in me. My panties were soaked.

"That was Simon, he wants to meet us for lunch. You don't have to go, but he said to be sure to invite you," She had a quizzical look on her face.

"Sure why not," I replied fighting to control my breathing.

Mom drove, It probably was a good thing, since I was extremely nervous. I was excited by the prospect of seeing Simon, but also filled with dread. I had no idea what it would be like with the three of us together. He was already at the table waiting, when we arrived.

It was a crowded restaurant and I usually would have hated it, but I felt like things would go better in a crowd. I could not have been more wrong. I smiled what I thought was a pleasant smile. He returned what could only be called a smirk. Mom couldn't have missed it.

We all made small talk until the waitress left with out order, Then Simon turned to me and asked loud enough for mom to hear, "So how are the tits today." I was completely shocked into silence. "Come on Marsha answer me."

I glanced at mom as though totally lost. "Just fine." It seemed to be the safest answer.

"Aren't they at least a little sore?"

"Yes I guess so." That seemed to mark the end of his discretion.

I could see the light go on in Mom's head. She looked a couple of minutes to mull it over then looked very angry. I had no idea which of us she was more upset with. "What exactly did you two do?" she asked quietly with her head lowered. Her anger seemed to have dissipated.

"I started her milk flowing and got her mouth cherry last night after you passed out. Didn't I Marsha?"

I didn't want to answer so I kept quiet. "Answer me or no more cock for you, Did I start your e milk flow and get your mouth cherry?"

"Yes," I said it looking at the table top. My eyes went down without me even thinking. I just couldn't look at either of them.

"She isn't as good with her mouth as you mom, but I think she is willing to learn. Just as soon as she begs for it, I plan to teach her. She already had lesson one, she swallowed real nice. Didn't you girl?"

"Yes," I replied. My body was on fire. My skin was flushed and my insides were melting like snow in May. I couldn't even look at Mom. I was ready to do anything to make him stop tormenting me.

"Don't try to look so self righteous mom, Marsha knows you are a great cocksucker." The words hit her like hard slaps. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her rocking under them. Simon spoke in a conversational tone and normal voice level. I doubt anyone was paying any attention but he wasn't trying to hide his contempt for us. The odd thing was the more he degraded us the more turned on I became. I had a feeling that it worked the same for mom.

He turned his attention and words on me. "So it's time to beg." It took me a few seconds to realize what he wanted me to say.

"Please, I need your cock."

"Not very good." He turned his attention to my mother, "She will get better won't she mom?"

"Yes," my mother said. I felt betrayed for some reason, even thought it had all been my idea.

Dinner passed with him doing most of the talking. He kept me embarrassed the whole meal, but he also kept me turned on. After dinner it was a quick drive home with Simon following after us, Mom and I didn't say a word on the drive. But she did look at me rather strange,

Once inside the house we waited for Simon in silence. neither of us knew exactly what to expect but we both knew that it would be different from anything we had ever done. Simon hadn't said what he had in mind but it was obvious that he had something in mind.

"Do we need to talk?" mom asked.

"I don't think so," I replied. "I know all I need to know, and I expect that you do as well."

"Yes, but I am very surprised."

"I was also surprised to see you sucking on a strange cock." I had not meant to say it, but it slipped out. She started the judging thing but I seemed to have ended it

The silence was awkward right up until Simon came into the room, "So Mom are you going to teach Marsha how to be as good a cocksucker as you are."

"No, I'm not," mom said.

Before he spoke again, he unzipped his trousers and then worked his hard cock out. "You know you love my cock. Now get down on your knees and show Marsha how to worship all of it."

Mom seemed to be in a trance as she dropped to her knees. She looked up at Simon as she opened her mouth and then moved her head forward as far as possible. I heard her gag a little as she obviously began to force it down her throat. Her eye got larger and began to water as she moved an inch at a time. When she moved off his cock she was gasping for air.

"Who taught you to do that?" he asked.

She answered in the same flat voice that I used. "You taught me to take it all."

"Was learning to do that pleasant?"

"No it was awful."

"Are you sorry that you learned how to do it."

"No, it pleases you and will please others after you,"

"Yes it will. And will Marsha be glad when she learns?"

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