Ghost Lover

by pwn star

Copyright© 2010 by pwn star

Science Fiction Sex Story: A girl in her first lucid dream finds a boy who isn't just a dream.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Magic   Extra Sensory Perception   Paranormal   First   Oral Sex   .

After a long hard day at work, Mackenzie laid her aching head down on her pillow. Her bed felt like heaven as she sunk down into the old spring mattress and her feather duvet settled down around her. She sighed in relief and moved her head of dark auburn curls back and forth until she found the perfect position.

Humming slightly, she started to meditate, focusing on the night of dreams that was soon to come. She'd recently attended a workshop on lucid dreaming and was trying very hard to become an avid practitioner. Her meditation continued, focused around one thought... 'I will remember my dreams and know that I am dreaming.' She chanted it over and over again as she lightly drifted off to sleep.

She was sure it would work if she only focused on it, after all, her motivations were mostly pure. She'd been in a dry spell recently, nobody around to wet her appetite so to speak, and she desperately needed a good orgasm. She'd heard that lucid sex dreaming was well worth trying for. The added plus was she could have sex with anyone she wanted, even those men completely out of her reach. Actors, musicians, politicians ... a different guy or gal every night with no worry for disease or other unsavory repercussions.

Still meditating, her thoughts became fuzzy and soon she was out like a light. Her breathing deepened and her body completely relaxed, moving slowly, right on schedule, through the stages of sleep.

Ruben, in his ethereal state, invisible to humans, especially those not used to the presence of ghosts, watched her intently from the corner of the room. He'd been madly in love with her for months now ... wanting her, craving her, but, alas, he was dead and she didn't know he'd ever existed. He was beginning to believe that this was hell. He wasn't sure what he'd done during life that was bad enough to deserve this, but there must have been something. Maybe this is what happened to everyone who died a virgin ... having missed out on the indulgence of sex in life they would pine for it forever.

To make things worse, she was gorgeous. Long dark auburn hair that waved down her back, deep chocolate brown eyes, pale alabaster skin, and gorgeous plump red lips in more than one location on her body. It was killing him to look, but not touch.

He wanted her, so he'd been practicing. Another spirit, that he'd met on the subway, had taught him how to manipulate matter. It had been hard at first, but it was getting easier and Ruben was ready to see if he could actually touch Mackenzie. The timing was perfect. She'd been taking these lucid dreaming courses, reading books about it, meditating. If he touched her at just the right time she was sure to think it was all a dream.

Smiling slightly, he waited. Soon her eyelids started to twitch, her eyes moving back and forth in REM sleep. She was dreaming and it was time to make his entrance. He floated over to where she lay and slowly sank beside her on the mattress. He was lucky that she slept on her back, leaving him full access to her luscious body. He was so excited he couldn't decide where he wanted to try and touch her first. Clothes weren't too much of an obstacle as she was only wearing a tiny pair of black lacy panties and a matching camisole.

Focusing intently on his right index finger, he strained for a few minutes and, slowly, it became solid. Reaching down with his now tangible appendage he pulled her panties aside and lightly traced his finger down the outside of her pussy.

Mackenzie moaned in her dreams as she became conscious that someone was touching her aching vagina. It seemed like it had been ages and, even though it was a light touch, it felt absolutely wonderful. Moisture quickly built in the heat of her and she was sure it wouldn't take much to make her cum. She smiled lightly, it was really working. This whole lucid dreaming thing wasn't a hoax, it sure felt like someone was actually touching her.

The light grazing continued around her pussy for a little while and then a finger dipped into her love tunnel and back out again, running a track of her honey up around her clit, caressing it softly. She gasped in pleasure. Her dream lover was slow and deliberate, taking his time to pleasure her. Mackenzie wanted to see who was there, but she was afraid that if she opened her eyes she would wake up.

The slow movements were torture, a single finger moved up from her center, swirling around her belly button and up to circle her nipple. She arched up, moaning, aching for a taste or a tug. It had been ages since her nipples had been tweaked by anything but her own hand.

Ruben groaned, a finger wasn't going to be enough. If he had a cock, he knew it would be as hard as steel right now, but that was part of the problem. He didn't have a cock, he didn't have a mouth, he didn't even have a whole hand. He'd never been able to materialize more than a finger before, but this was driving him insane. He certainly had more motivation at this moment than in the past. So, he calmed down and concentrated as hard as he could on his hand. If there was a God, maybe he'd grant him one last boon and let him fuck this girl silly before moving on to wherever it was that spirits went.

With a barely audible twinkle, his whole hand became tangible and Ruben grinned. It worked! he reached down and slowly tweaked Mackenzie's left nipple through her bra, she groaned and shook her head side to side, clearly happy with his touch. He palmed her breast and then moved over to the other nipple, careful to give them both the same attention. Trailing his fingers down her abdomen, he returned his attentions to her now visibly dripping pussy. He pushed two fingers into her warm and tight opening, slowly moving them in and out while caressing her clit with his thumb. She began to pump her hips in rhythm with his finger fuck.

Reaching up, Mackenzie grabbed her own breasts and started to knead them as her invisible lover pumped his hand in and out of her pussy. She wanted to touch him in return, but was too afraid to try, too afraid that the dream would fade and she would wake up if she became too active of a participant. She needed to orgasm so badly, she could feel it building inside of her, raging to get out. His hand was wonderful, marvelous, but she ached for the touch of a tongue or the thrust of a cock.

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