Rick and Sue Have Fun

by emgeee

Copyright© 2010 by emgeee

Erotica Sex Story: A young cute couple explore exhibitionism to add a third person to their fun.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Nudism   .

In my work, I used a cabinet maker named Rick; Rick was a friendly person and his wife Sue cute and fun.

Sue was a small woman, with short blonde hair. She always wore blue jeans and a pull over top. Tee shirt in the summer and sweat shirt in the winter. She was cute, with a great ass. Her blue jeans were never super tight, but form fitting.

Rick and I were friendly and had gone to lunch a couple of times. Sue would joined us once in a while, when Sue did she was very flirty. Rick even encouraged her by asking leading questions.

One day when I stopped in to check on progress on one of my projects, Rick asked me into his office. He paged Sue and she came in the office, dressed in her uniform of jeans and tee shirt. Their eyes met, and they both blushed. Rick asked Sue if she was sure and she shook her head yes.

Rick said that he and Sue were going to Mexico for a week and Sue had gotten a bathing suit and she wanted an opinion on her choice before they left.

The office was set up so that if some one sat at the reception counter they could see into the office but if you were in the office you could not be seen by anyone unless they came behind the reception counter.

Rick told Sue to change and she went in to the private bathroom off the office. Rick told me to sit behind his desk, and he went out and stood at the door. A little later Sue came back, wearing a beach wrap. Rick had one eye on the reception counter and one on Sue, they caught each other's eye and Sue took off her wrap.

I took a deep breath, she was hot, and the swim suit was not a bikini but a thong. She faced me; her tits were hard firm full and high on her chest. Her top just covered her nipples. And they were hard. She looked down at her self and adjusted the small pieces of cloth.

My eyes traveled down her stomach, which was hard flat and with a hint of muscle tone.

But my eyes stopped at her pussy. The thong only covered her pussy and just. You didn't see anything but you saw everything. No doubt that it was shaved bald, and well oiled. The thong hugged, covered and displayed at the same time.

I just stared, I reached under the desk to adjust my pants.

I looked up and Sue was watching me, Rick was smiling a million miles and hour.

Rick said 'doesn't she look great'

I could only nod my head.

Sue stood on her tip toes and flexed her legs, when she came down off her toes she spread her legs a little wider than her shoulders, she pushed her hips forward at the same time.

Rick told me look at the cute pussy, now it was my turn to turn bright red. No! Look at her, isn't she hot? Sue and I made eye contact and she smiled and held her pose.

She did look good. Her tits were on full display, her stomach rippled, the front of her legs were straining and her thong was inching into her pussy.

Turn around and let him look at your ass, he is always checking you out now show him what he wants to see.

Sue turned, raised her hands over her head, she went up on her toes and leaned forward with ass towards me she put her hands on the wall and the string went into the crack of her ass and the thong disappeared into her pussy. Her little brown ass hole was on display, her pussy was on display, and it gleamed from her own juices.

Both Rick and I adjusted our hardening cocks.

She turned and looked over her shoulder and gave me a great big smile. She flexed her self and I looked at the most perfect ass.

Rick said look all you want, I know you have always wanted to. So I did, and Sue did a couple of wiggles letting me know she did not mind if I looked at her with pure lust.

She dropped down off of her toes and turned towards me with her hands in the air she did a couple of slow turns.

As she came around her hands dropped to her thong and she pulled it out of her pussy and stretched the material away from her self, giving me a long look at her naked pussy. She then straightened out the material and formed it back into place. She dropped her hands to her sides and pushed one hip off to the side and just stood letting me look at her. We smiled to at each other.

What do you think, did the swim suit meet your approval. It did.

We chatted about the up coming trip and Sue did little turn a rounds for us, some times with her hands over her head others by her side. Rick kept a commenting on how nice she looked, how her nipples were hard, how her tits stood out, how flat her stomach was, how great her ass looked. I could only agree.

Rick had Sue turn and do a short walk across the office and back so we could see her ass and see how her tits wiggled when she walked. We enjoyed the show and Sue enjoyed the attention.

Sue enjoyed the two of us admiring her body; I could feel the tension in the air, my cock hurt it was so hard. Sue looked not only hot very aroused. She played with her top and kept adjusting her bottom. I watched her hands move over her body. As she adjusted her top she played with her nipples and her pussy when she adjusted her bottom.

Rick cleared his throat and something past between the two of them. He then asked Sue if her car was done and when she had to pick it up. She said it was done and that she could pick it up any time.

Rick asked me if I would give Sue a ride to pick up her car. I said I would, Sue started to walk back into the bath room. Rick told her to only put on the beach wrap and then turned to me and told me to bring my truck around to the side door and Sue would meet me there.

I did, as I drove up to the door Rick opened the door and as Sue stepped out of the building Rick gave her a long kiss and ran his hand up the back of her leg pulling the beach wrap at the same time, showing me her ass once more.

She hopped in the truck, and off we went.

I turned to look at her, she crossed her legs and her wrap pulled up a little more, her legs and part of her ass were exposed to my view, she saw me looking and only smiled at me.

It was hard to drive and keep looking at Sue's legs. She just smiled and let me look.

Once we got on the free way she asked if I would like it if she took off her wrap, the truck being tall there was no fear some one would see her unless it was a semi, I told her it was up to her, but if she did I would stare. She pulled the wrap off.

Now she was sitting next to me as close to naked as a woman could be with out being naked. Only two pieces of clothing covered her body. Her upper body was naked but for only two pieces of cloth, her tits were on display.

She told me I had better pull over before I had an accident.

Where I asked, the new park she told me.

As we drove she adjusted her top, giving me quick glimpses of her little hard pink nipples. She pointed out the exit, I followed the signs to the park, and she told me to park in the overflow lot. I pulled up between two bushes the back of the truck sticking out of the bushes the sides and front shielded by the bushes.

Once I turned off the engine she turn towards me, her back against the door, she leaned back a little putting one foot on the floor boards the other on the seat, she let her legs fall apart, she laid one arm on the back of the seat and one on the dash. She was completely on display for my eyes. She did not try to cover herself up.

You can look all you want.

What about Rick I asked, if you don't look I can't tell him what we did and he is waiting for me to tell him everything.

I turned towards her adjusting myself as I did; she saw me and only smiled.

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