What a Jewel

by U.R.N. My power

Copyright© 2010 by U.R.N. My power

Romantic Sex Story: Sam meets a girl whose curse lets him make her into his dream girl.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Magic   Heterosexual   .

Every eye was on the girl as she walked in. Early twenties--very early twenties, from the looks of her--with haunted green eyes, her black bra visible under her soaked, white shirt, her black skirt clinging to her smooth, shapely legs, soaked raven hair hanging down to her shoulders, black pumps clicking on the floor as she tried to make it to the platform before her train left. Around her neck hung a star-cut emerald that matched her eyes and made her a tempting target for the juvenile delinquents hanging around. One of them decided to make a move, grabbing the necklace from around the girl's neck and taking off, heading for the entrance, where the rain continued to pour down. Only one person seemed moved to help, extending one leg to trip the thief. The necklace landed nearby without damage, but the thief's head struck the bottom stair with a sickening noise, and it was pretty clear he wouldn't be getting up under his own power. The good Samaritan checked the thief's pulse and found it weak, but there. He called 9-1-1 on his cell phone and told them where to send the paramedics.

Soon enough the jewel was in the young man's hands. Up close, he could see a faint glow to the jewel, which was more pronounced in shadow. The necklace from which it depended was a simple chain of twenty-four karat gold. The clasp was still fastened, but the chain had broken right next to it. One thing was sure, she wouldn't be wearing this home. He took no great pains to avoid stepping on the thief as he made his way back to the girl, who was sobbing pitifully near the turnstile.

"Hello," the young man said, a slight Irish brogue adding flavor to his voice. "Are you all right?" She looked up, one pair of green eyes meeting another. Her dark hair tumbled into her eyes and she brushed it away along with her tears.

"I ... um, thank you." she said, her eyes lowering to the piece of jewelry he held. "Oh, no."

"It's not as bad as all that, is it?" he asked. "You can just take it to a jeweler's..."

"I can't touch it or the necklace it's attached to, or carry it except around my neck," she said, "it's ... part of my curse."

"Curse?" he asked, taking an involuntary half-step back from the diminutive stranger.

"The other part is, whoever holds that jewel owns me. I'm only free when the jewel's around my neck."

"What do you mean, 'owns you?'" he asked, stepping closer as he guessed he was in no danger.

"I mean, controls every aspect of my being." the girl said. "It ... goes beyond obedience to commands, although I have to do that too. My mind and body are bound to the desires of whoever has my jewel. I ... wasn't born with D-cup tits, and they're not surgical, either." The young man stared, then decided to try a test. Within moments, the girl's breasts had expanded to twice their previous size, though they were still constrained by the now-constricting bra. Then he blushed, and the breasts returned to normal.

"Well, I can see where this would be a temptation." he managed to say. He helped the girl to her feet. "My name is Sam Rourke. What's yours?"

"Fuck Doll." the girl replied.

"Uh, what was it before it was ... that?" Sam asked.

"I don't remember." she admitted. "I sort of remember that my last owner changed my name to Fuck Doll and made me forget what it used to be."

"Well, from now on, your name is ... Julie." Sam said.

"Yes, Master, my name is Julie." the girl said with a smile.

"Call me Sam." Sam said.

"Yes, Sam." Julie responded. A train pulled into the station, and Sam led Julie to the platform and onto the train. He slid the jewel off the necklace and into his pocket, putting the chain in his other pocket. They got off half an hour later, and Sam led Julie to a small jeweler's shop he knew of, holding her close so they could share his umbrella.

"Hey, Sam!" said a chunky man behind the counter, who was working on a watch. A .44 Magnum was clearly visible in a shoulder holster. "Oh, who's your friend there?"

"This is Julie." Sam said. He pulled the chain from his pocket and laid it on the counter. "We need a repair job." The man picked up the chain and examined it.

"Simple ring links; shouldn't be too much of a problem. I can remake the damaged ones easily enough without needing much new gold. Gold like this melts easy--also breaks easy."

"How long?"

"For the work itself, shouldn't be too long, but I got a bunch of customers in front of you. I'll call you when it's done."

"Thanks, Kris." Sam said. He led Julie out, enjoying the feel of her curvy body against his. She was at his side as he picked up a book he had special-ordered, wired some money to his brother at SMU, and browsed a furniture outlet for a new mattress, arranging to have it delivered to his apartment the next day. They had lunch together at Sam's favorite pizza place. "How much of your old self, pre-curse, do you remember?" Sam asked.

"I remember that the woman who cursed me did so because she found me in bed with her husband." Julie said. "Since it's the reason I'm cursed, I'm not allowed to forget it, or the terms of my curse, no matter what my current Master wants."

"Are there any other limits to this curse?" Sam asked.

"Aside from turning into my Master's ideal woman, super-powers are off-limits, and I can't gain any skills my Master didn't have when he desired it, so only a ninja can make a ninja out of me." Julie said with a wry smile. "Once a Master makes me forget something, it's gone. My clothes don't change, only my body and mind. Speaking of, I want to thank you. Really."

"There's no need..."

"But there is." Julie said. "My mind works a lot better the longer I'm with you. I guess you like your women intelligent." She smiled. "Before I became yours, my head was full of cotton, because my last master wasn't interested in more than getting it on with a different sexy slave-girl every night."

"He changed you every night?" Sam asked.

"Everything about me." Julie responded with a sigh. "I have vague recollections of being Asian, Hispanic, Hindu, Native American, Jewish, Arab and black at least once each over the past week, but like I said, it's all fuzzy."

"What happened to him?" Sam asked.

"Heart attack, sexual exhaustion, I'm not sure." Julie said. "I managed to convince the paramedics to put the necklace around my neck so I could get out. It was kind of hard with my I.Q. being lower than my weight at the time." She sighed. Sam put his hand on hers, squeezing it reassuringly.

As they headed back to the subway station after their meal, Sam wondered how much of what he saw in her was her, and how much was her curse making her into what he wanted--consciously or not. Her hair had grown down to the middle of her back, her lips and hips were fuller, and her legs were longer. Unused to her new dimensions, she kept tripping over her feet, so Sam kept a light hold on her when they were walking. She continued to change on the train ride, and by the time they reached his apartment (at which point the rain was coming down even harder), a healthy, classically curvy body was visible under her wet, clingy clothes, and her hair had grown all the way down to her butt. He grabbed a giant beach towel from his linen closet and dried her off. She put her clothes in the washing machine, smiling unashamedly at him. She was his physical ideal, and the smoky look in her eyes told him she liked his looks, too. He drew the shades and undressed. He slipped an elastic cord through the top link of the jewel to keep it from getting lost, and she kissed him.

He lay her back on the couch, gently easing her legs open. He slid his cock into her tight opening, breaking her newly-regrown hymen. "Ooh!" she moaned. Her boobs bobbled enticingly as he thrust into her eager, young body. He thrust all the harder, leaning down to kiss her as her moans got louder. She shivered as his hands massaged her big, creamy breasts. She came when he did, her body arching in ecstasy. Sam curled up around her, and she snuggled with him.

"Sam, my love, my Master..." she whispered.

"What is it, Julie?" he asked, kissing her gorgeous face.

"I think I need a shower." she responded, wiping the sweat of their energetic lovemaking off one breast. Sam laughed, and they went to the bathroom together.

"We'll share it." he said, adjusting the dials. They climbed in, closing the sliding shower door even though there was no one to see them. They soaped each other up under the spray, working up a generous lather. Julie sank to her knees, paying special attention to the cleaning of his cock. He grew erect under her ministrations. She let the shower rinse him off before taking his cock into her mouth. Sam had to grab hold of the track on top of the doors and the shampoo shelf. Her mouth was amazing! She focused entirely on his pleasure, using her tongue and her throat expertly, but it was the love in her eyes when she looked up at him that sent him over the edge. She swallowed his semen with relish and nuzzled his still-hard cock with her nose. He helped her up and turned her around, helping her brace herself against the front of the shower. He slid into her wetness from behind, loving the noises she made as he plumbed her depths. Her ass winked at him from below, and he soaped up his finger.

"Mmmm, oh, yes!" she moaned as the finger slid into her sphincter. She had an orgasm as she took his finger's length. Unable to resist any more, he pulled his cock out of her snatch and soaping it up before he lined it up with her asshole. He saw her relaxing her muscles to ease his way in, and then his soapy cock was in her tightest hole. "Feels good." she moaned.

"Likewise." he responded, holding her hips in place as he began to fuck her lovely, round ass.

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