Jenna Goes to London

by jenna shoes

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True Sex Story: I went to London with a girl friend to shop, tour and have fun. The experience I got was beyond everything I had imagined

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This is my fourth posting. I have been sharing some recent events that occurred in the past 8 months.

A little bit about me if you did not read my previous story. My name is Jenna, I am 40, married with 2 kids. I am 5'6" tall and weigh 130lbs. Brown hair in a bob haircut and brown eyes. Good curves where they are needed if I may say so. My main assets would be long legs and larger breast than the natural average. Still attractive but not a knockout, let's not exaggerate. I work as a top exec in a large company and live a rather conservative uptight life. I had always been loyal to my husband until the events I am relating in these stories.

I love clothes and footwear and always dress in as sophisticated and classy manner as I can. That does not mean I look dull or do not like to look sexy but I do that while remaining classy. Being in a powerful position for a woman, I have to show confidence to all those around me and may come off as tough. However having a strong exterior means that I have to express my feminine side in other ways. I like to wear high heels and knee high boots but also sexy sophisticated lingerie. For example I wear mostly stockings and rarely pantyhose.

If you like the story or if you want to see what I look like, send me an email. I will send you a picture of me in the outfit involved (no, not just the lingerie!).

Yeah! I love travelling and this trip with my friend Joy to London would be fun. No work just 4 days of tourism and shopping. We had planned some fine dining as well and some partying. A girls' long weekend out would not be right without some partying and dancing, now would it?

We arrived there on Thursday morning and checked in our posh hotel. Then we went for a walk in the city to look around. A quiet dinner was necessary as we were tired from the jet lag. Friday followed suit with some shopping in the trendy boutiques of Notting Hill and then Oxford street. We did put in some culture at a couple sites (tower of London etc) but the shopping was way more fun! We were so tired that we went to bed right after dinner.

Saturday we took it easy and did a museum but we had a big night out planned. We got dressed up for a dinner at a fancy restaurant near our hotel. I had an outfit planned out but it hit a snag. I put on one of my favorite dress, a silky Diane von Furstenberg dress. It has a scoop neck so not much cleavage, a tight waist and a softly pleated skirt that stops above the knee. It feels so good to wear it as it is soft. I had brought a garter belt with stockings to wear under. The snag was a snag as one of the stockings had gotten caught and was seriously ripped. I had to borrow a pair of Joy's black pantyhose. I do not like to wear pantyhose so I was a bit bummed out. I decided to not wear underwear to compensate. I do not do this often but I felt I had to compensate in sexiness. Finally I put on my knee high black boots. They have a 2 inch heel, come just under the knee and have a buckle on the side. These are perfect for walking, dancing and still sexy enough to get attention. I put on some black leather gloves and a black long coat as the nights were chilly.

We reached the restaurant quickly but they were not ready to sit us. We had to go to the bar first. "Girl, it is Martini time" Joy sang. We put our coats away and sat down on the plush bar stools. I made sure I was at the end of the bar so I could see who walked in. I sat with one leg reaching down to show some leg and my boot. Who knows who would notice! I kept crossing and uncrossing my legs just to get some looks. "You are such a tease Jenna" said Joy jokingly. We laughed about it. It looked like most people walking in were couples and even if I noticed a few looks from husbands they could not linger long. As we were finally moving to our table, about 15 minutes after our reservation, I noticed a group of 6 guys seating at a table next to ours. Yummy, some of them were rather good looking. Most likely they were in their early thirties or late twenties. I don't think I am a cougar but it would be fun to tease these younger men. As I sat down in my chair, I made sure as I sat that I looked at those facing me and slowly sat down and crossed my legs. The dress went up and revealed half my thigh. I wish I had had stockings on and I could have driven them crazy.

I smiled and looked at the menu while keeping an eye on the boys. I saw that two of them with the better view where checking me out. Two others were turning around on a regular basis to get a glance too. I smiled back at them without shame. I certainly made sure to move my feet up and down in my boot to get more attention there. The noise of creaking soft leather rubbing against leather was sure to get more attention too.

The dinner started with nice food and before we could finish our cocktails, the waiter brought two more and pointed to the table of guys "These are from the gentlemen over there. " he said with a smirk. Joy and I said thank you in a soft voice. "Our pleasure" responded one of them. "I'm Jenna and my friend here is Joy" They told us all their names. The cutest and boldest one was Ian. His "mate" was Charlie. "what are you two lovely American ladies doing in London?" We stated what we had been doing so far and that we were leaving Monday morning. "And what are your plans for the evening?" Joy replied this time and pointing at me "With this wild one, you never know!" "I am not wild!" I took a fake shocked look on my face. The boys had a good laugh. I could clearly see that at least two of them were not interested in us. Not into older women maybe. That left four to flirt with us. We had our pick! I relished the attention. Joy was not as flirty but I saw her eying the guy called James. A good choice for her but I had problems choosing who would be buying me drinks for the rest of the evening.

Talk moved to the next event of the evening. "Would you girls like to accompany us, we are going to a new night club after this". "we'd love to go! What kind of club is it?" Did I seem too eager? Joy was looking at me with a smile. "We were planning on going to a club, Joy. Might as well have guides"

Our desserts arrived and I naughtily licked the chocolate sauce off my spoon suggestively looking at Ian and his friends. They were staring at me with a blank look on their faces.

As we got up, the impact of the three martini cocktails we had had during dinner was felt suddenly. I felt a bit wobbly but managed to walk in a straight line. Charlie held my coat as I was putting it on. He stood very close to me. Closer than he needed to, I noticed. I did not move away. We all walked out of the restaurant together. Joy and I had insisted on paying our dinners even though some of the boys had offered to pay our bill. We walked slowly in a loose group on the sidewalk. The two guys who were obviously not interested walked in front I had one lad on each side of me and same for Joy. This was quite a joyous group and banter was light and fun. I felt a bit cold but having these young men treat me like a princess was warming me up. Joy caught up to me and whispered "which one do you like best?" "I am not decided yet but let's not get ahead of ourselves. You like James don't you?" "I do fancy him as they say here" I noticed the boys were having a similar chat. They were behind me so I focused on walking as sexy as I could. Even with the long coat, they would see my hips shake.

The club was not far. It was called "333 club" and had a little line in front. It was really early for the local night life. Charlie knew the manager or something so we all got in for free.we dropped off our coats and moved in. It was a wild spot and pretty big with various styles of music playing for three different dance floors. We all settled at one of the bars but soon I saw that Dylan and Erik went to another area. Good riddance. Four guys were left but it soon dwindled to three when Jack (I think those were their names) left to meet some other friends.

We had a cocktail and were feeling quite crazy. So Joy and I went to the floor to dance. Ian, Charlie and James were watching us. We gave them a show then and moved quite close to each other. We were grinding against each other while looking straight at them. I know it had an effect as they stood there with eyes wide open. They came to themselves and moved down on the dance floor. Joy rushed to James a bit too eagerly but I stayed coy and waited for the two other guys to come closer.

All three of us were dancing close and their hands would brush against me once in a while. The music was what I would qualify as techno. Since they were not moving too quick I took the first step. I put my hand on Charlie's waist for a few second. I then did pretty much the same thing to Ian. I wanted to see which one really wanted me most. The both came on much stronger. Ian was in front of me and danced to the beat while looking straight in my eyes. He held my hand briefly. Charlie was behind me and had his hands on my waist and on occasion was grinding against my butt. I tried to act nonchalant but I was wondering if this was a contest or an agreement. They did not seem to want to be more decisive than their friend. I stopped dancing and moved towards some couches in a darker area of the club. Both of them followed me and sat on each side of me. They were not next to me, they were against me. Charlie ordered some drinks and we tried to chat a bit more despite the loud music. Ian was stroking my hair and my neck while Charlie rubbed one of my knees. "Boys, what are you doing here?. I am sorry but it is hard for me to choose one of you." "Why choose Jenna?" "Yeah Jenna we are best buddies and do not want to fight each other" "That's right, we can share our ... toys" I was a bit stunned that would so openly offer to both have sex with me. I have done some rather naughty things lately but this was a bit much.

"I don't know guys, I have never done this before. I like you both but it is a bit much". "Jenna, you enjoy getting attention from men. This will be the ultimate high for you. Two young men pleasing you and making sure you leave with a memory of London you will never forget." "Right Jenna, what are you afraid of? It can only get weird for us. You will be gone soon and will not see us again"

They were really pushing. They must have done this before and liked it. Getting the attention of two men at once seemed enticing. The alcohol and the warmth of these two younger fit men was making my head spin. "OK that sounds ... hot" "Great Jenna, you will not regret it" "Where shall we go?" "My hotel room would be good. Charlie left to call a taxi. I walked over to Joy to tell her I was going back to the hotel (without mentioning that two guys would be joining me) "I'll stay and dance a bit more, have fun " she said with a wink.

We piled into a cab and headed for my hotel. Ian and Charlie were rubbing my thighs gently. Ian kissed me openly and deep. I rubbed my gloved hand on Charlie's crotch. The cab ride got a bit heated. I had to straighten myself up as I got out of the cab. I noticed that Ian had to adjust a bulge in his pants.

We walked quickly through the lobby and got into an elevator. I remained well behaved even though Ian was rubbing my butt.

Once in the room, we removed our coats and scarves and gloves. I sat in an armchair as Charlie was getting some drinks ready from the mini bar. Ian took a picture of me sitting there with my legs crossed.

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