A Company First

by Wayac

Copyright© 2010 by Wayac

Sex Story: As the newest member of a small business, Kim is working hard to make a good impression. But today she'll learn how this company does things a little differently.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Squirting   .

Kim's phone buzzed, the ID telling her that she was getting a call from Nichole the secretary. Ever since the temp agency landed her here two weeks ago, Kim had been busy non-stop, helping with all the different odds and ends the small company needed her to do. She picked up the receiver and said, "go ahead Nichole."

"Kim, I just remembered, you need to drop off the Clarkston report to Martin's office right away. He'll need it for the conference this afternoon." Nichole was crisp and professional.

"I'll get right on it," Kim replied. She hung up the phone, found the report and started heading toward the office.

When she reached the door, she lifted her hand to knock, but then stopped it in midair, stunned at what she saw through the office window. Her boss Martin was making out with Stacy, the company's accountant. Stacy had only been working there for about a month, helping to manage the finances of the growing business. But even in her short time with the company, Kim had seen some major flirting going on between her boss and the blonde accountant.

Dazed at the sight of the passionate kissing in front of her, Kim found herself unable to look away. Stacy often wore clothes to show off her great body and today was no exception. Her button-up blouse snuggly covered her full breasts, while her skirt wrapped tightly around her supple ass. The heels she wore accentuated her long sexy legs, and at the moment made her just the perfect height to lock her mouth around Martin's.

Martin's hands were roaming all over Stacy's body, stopping to caress her waist, her breasts, her bottom. Stacy began to moan and Martin took this as a sign to keep going. His hands slid up her thighs, slowly lifting the tight skirt. From her vantage point, Kim could see Stacy was wearing black panties that barely covered her between the legs. Martin's hands began kneading Stacy's cheeks and she gasped at what the touch.

Stacy then pushed her boss back, unbuttoning his shirt. He gazed at her lustfully as she pushed her hands over his bared chest. Martin's hands then came up, undoing Stacy's blouse. She began working on his belt buckle, then slid his pants down just as he finished pulling off her top. Stacy started rubbing Martin's growing erection through his underpants. He moaned with pleasure, and squeezed her breasts through her black bra.

As she watched the two locked in their passionate embrace, Kim realized she was clutching the report tightly to her chest, rocking slowly back and forth. She had never witnessed this sort of thing in real life before and to her surprise she was getting incredibly turned on.

Martin grabbed Stacy by the hips and sat her on his desk, one of her long legs dangling over the side, the other held up in the air by him. As her legs spread, her skirt began to ride up. Martin continued pushing it up until it was bunched around her stomach, revealing her thin panties.

"Go ahead, rip them off," Stacy said in a silky voice. Her boss obliged, grabbing the black silk in his fist and tearing the fabric from her body. With deft fingers, she pulled his stiff member out, setting the tip at the entrance of her now exposed pussy. As he rubbed the head up and down her slit, he pulled her breasts out of her bra and began licking one while pinching the other. Stacy gave a low moan and began fucking herself with his cock, pushing it slowly in and out an inch or so.

Suddenly Martin pulled out, leaving his member resting on her damp mound. She whimpered in disappointment, thrusting her hips out searching for his cock. He continued to tease her, kissing her softly up and down her pretty cheeks, carefully avoiding her mouth. Soon she was panting in anticipation.

"Please fuck me," she whispered. He looked at her with a sly smile, then started kissing down her throat.

"I'm sorry, could you repeat that?" he asked between kisses.

"Please ... fuck ... me..." she begged in labored gasps. When he still didn't enter her, she began pleading more urgently. "Please ... ram your cock in me ... fuck me until I cum all over your dick. Ohhhh ... please ... fuuuuuckkkk..."

Satisfied with his arousing of her body, Martin entered her again, this time slowly pushing forward until his whole thickness was embedded in her quivering walls. He didn't move and Stacy, her body being driven crazy with desire, bucked her hips, trying to fuck herself to release. Martin put his hands on her ass, pulling her to him so she couldn't move at all against his hips. Stacy began moaning louder, her body trembling, aching to be fucked. He examined her lovely face, taking pleasure in her discomfort. Desperate now, she leaned back, one arm around Martin's neck for support, the other fondling her breast.

In a sudden swift movement, Martin lifted her up, then slammed her down, impaling her on his rock hard cock. Stacy screamed as her long delayed orgasm finally ripped through her body. She leaned further back on the desk, resting on her elbows as her boss proceeded to pound her pussy. Throwing her head back, she wrapped her legs around his, drawing him into a better position to continue fucking her.

Kim continued to stare at the two going at it. Unconsciously she had released one of her hands from the report and began rubbing her own pussy through her skirt. Her legs began to wobble as she watched the intense lovemaking going on in front of her. She knew she shouldn't be watching, much less pleasuring herself at the same time. But she couldn't look away, and her own need became more and more urgent.

"They look fantastic, don't they?" came a voice in her ear.

Kim jumped, dropping the report, and turned to see Nichole standing behind her. The secretary didn't seem to notice the new temp's jumpy response, but was instead watching the fucking going on in the office with a stare of lust.

"I ... uh ... I should go," Kim stammered. But instead of leaving, she just stood there, numbly trying to decide whether to pick up the report or just run away.

Suddenly she felt a firm grip on her arm. Nichole was looking at her with the same lust-filled gaze. "Stay," she soothed. "They're just getting to the good part."

They both turned their heads back to the office, where Martin was now pounding furiously into Stacy's pussy. She was now fully on her back, arms spread wide and gripping the edges of the desk so hard her knuckles turned white. Her beautiful breasts were bouncing with each thrust into her loins and she gave a loud shriek with each fucking motion.

Then Stacy's voice went silent as she arched her back high off the desk, her body getting more and more tense. After a few more seconds of fucking, the lovely blonde let out a loud cry as she exploded into orgasm. Martin gently lowered her spasming body slowly back onto the desk.

"Ohhh, that was so good," Stacy murmured, her ample chest heaving.

Martin smiled slyly again. "Well, we're far from done." He slammed into her again and she screamed in pleasure. "How about it," he asked her, starting up a steady fucking rhythm again. "Wanna cum again, have another orgasm for me?"

"Ohhhh ... yeah ... ohhh fuck me ... make me cum over and over!" she moaned loudly.

Now fully immersed in the scene again, Kim barely noticed Nichole's hand leave her arm and glide down her back. Her body gave an sudden jerk as the secretary began rubbing her ass. Kim crossed her arms tightly in front of her and tried to concentrate on Martin and Stacy, but soon found her own arousal taking more of her attention. Before long, she turned to look Nichole in the face. For the first time, Kim saw how beautiful Nichole's face was, how her dark brunette hair had a seductive look to it. The secretary was as sexy as she was professional.

"You know," she said to Kim, reaching up to her face. "You've got an incredible body, you shouldn't hide it so much." She slowly pulled Kim's glasses off, then reached behind her head to let her auburn hair down. Kim swallowed hard, staring into Nichole's eyes and realizing the secretary was getting just as aroused as she was. The brunette lowered her head, bringing her lips closer to Kim's.

At the last moment, Kim turned her head away. "I ... I ... can't," she stammered. "I'm ... I've never..."

Nichole cupped the temp's cheek, pulling her face to face again. "Shhhh," she soothed. "Don't worry about it. Just enjoy what your body is feeling." And with that she kissed her lightly on the lips. Kim gasped, but didn't pull away. The kiss deepened, sending electricity between the two women. Kim had never imagined she could feel this way with another woman. She realized she wanted to find out just how much more she could enjoy this.

She lowered her head, kissing down the secretary's neck. "Mmmmm, that's it baby," Nichole sighed. "Ohhh that feels good." As she was enjoying the temp's lips' exploration, the sexy brunette reached up and cupped Kim's breasts. The temp shivered once, but continued kissing her. The secretary pushed her back against the wall, kneading and pinching her breasts until Kim was moaning softly.

Nichole suddenly pulled her into a deep kiss, using her other hand to undo the buttons of Kim's shirt. She didn't even make it to the bottom ones before reaching up and pulling the temp's bra down. The secretary began kissing her way down the newly exposed flesh, then sucked greedily at her right breast. Kim was breathing in short gasps, lost in her arousal at having another woman licking her chest. Nichole switched to the other one, using her tongue to expertly tease the nipple. Closing her eyes, the temp clutched the dark haired woman to her, loving the feeling of her wet exposed tits.

Never leaving those gorgeous breasts, Nichole reached down, lifting up one of Kim's legs around her waist. This caused her knee-length skirt to ride up and the secretary lost no time rubbing her hand all up and down that smooth hose-covered flesh. Nichole's other hand reached up between the temp's legs, looking for her hot center. She was not disappointed as her searching fingers found Kim's now drenched panties. The temp's breathing quickened as she felt her pussy being rubbed through the soft material.

Unable to resist such an inviting pussy any longer, Nichole dropped to her knees, pushed up the skirt and yanked down the soaking panties. Her tongue darted out, licking up as much of that sweet liquid as she could find. Kim gave a startled cry, then began moaning with each wave of pleasure that the secretary's mouth sent through her body. She spread her legs, once again clutching the brunette's head to her.

Kim's eyes opened wide as her body passed the threshold. She threw her head back and bucked her hips forward as a mind-blowing orgasm ripped through her. Nichole's mouth never left her pussy, lapping up all the juices the temp was releasing. Her limbs going limp, Kim slowly slid down the wall, until she was sitting on the ground, still shuddering with orgasmic energy.

Nichole was far from done though. Now on her hands and knees, the secretary inserted two fingers into the temp's tight pussy while licking her clit. Kim couldn't believe it, she was getting aroused again! The secretary's fingers pumped in and out like a jackhammer and soon Kim was screaming, not caring who heard her. The beautiful temp arched her back, thrusting her hips against Nichole's pistoning fingers as she came hard for the second time in just a few seconds.

Both Stacy and Martin looked up, hearing the passionate cries of the temp. The accountant was now sucking her boss's dick, having been fucked to more orgasms than she could keep track of. Upon seeing the two lovely ladies through the window, Stacy's mouth dropped open, temporarily forgetting what she was doing. Martin simply grinned, as he repositioned her head so she could continue sucking him while still having a good view of his other two employees.

Stacy happily continued her ministrations, feeling her own arousal building as she watched the innocent temp getting finger-fucked by the secretary.

After only a few more seconds, Kim exploded into yet another orgasm, her body collapsing back onto the floor. Nichole pulled her fingers out, and got to her feet. One at a time she sucked each cum covered digit seductively. Her other hand was undoing her blouse and soon she was massaging her great breasts through her bra. Still gasping for air, the temp got up to her knees and unzipped Nichole's skirt, pulling it and her sheer panties down to her ankles. She brought her face hesitantly to the secretary's crotch. Kim had never tasted another woman's pussy and was still shy about proceeding.

Impatiently, Nichole grabbed the temp's head and smashed her face into her throbbing cunt. She came almost as soon as she felt the delicate tongue pop out and lick her clit. Her hips spasmed as she gripped Kim to her, moaning as each wave of pleasure washed over her. Nichole's legs suddenly lost their strength, and she fell back onto her tight ass, still holding the temp's head. Kim eagerly placed her mouth at the secretary's now drenched pussy. To her delight, she realized that she loved the taste of another woman and began a furious assault on Nichole's cunt, desperate to taste as much of her cum as possible.

Stacy was now rubbing her own aching mound as she sucked Martin's cock. The intern's cute little ass was upturned right in front of them, her pussy lips glistening with the copious amounts of cum she had released. Sensing the accountant's need, Martin removed his member from her mouth, then pulled her up in front of him. After a sharp slap on her ass, he impaled her on his stiff rod again, then grabbed her jiggling breasts. Stacy let out a loud moan and began thrusting her hips back, fucking herself as she watched the show in front of her.

Meanwhile, Kim had inserted a finger into Nichole's quivering hole. The secretary squealed and ran her hands through the temp's hair, leaving it in a sexy messy look. Encouraged, Kim slipped another finger in, then another. She gasped as she realized that Nichole was opening wide enough to slip her whole hand in! Slowly the temp pushed into her up to her wrist, marveling at the secretary's pussy. Nichole was letting out long agonized cries each time Kim pulled in and out. Kim increased her pace, soon hammering the dark haired cunt as fast as Nichole had fucked her earlier.

By now both Stacy and Nichole were moaning so loudly their combined voices harmonized into an erotic duet. The accountant was grinding herself as hard as she could against her boss's cock while the petite temp was ravaging the secretary's soaking pussy. Simultaneously, Stacy and Nichole climaxed violently. The secretary's juices burst out all around Kim's hand, splattering the temp's body all over. Stacy collapsed onto her knees, her breasts and face resting on the now wet office carpet.

Still rock-hard and grinning, Martin walked forward and opened the door in time to see Kim wiping the cum off her and licking it off her hand, savoring the taste. Without a word, he put a hand between her shoulders and pushed her down so her ass was once more in the air. The temp turned her head just in time to see her boss ram his tool deep inside her cunt. Kim's breath caught in her throat as she felt Martin's thickness filling her completely. Grabbing her hips he began thrusting into her, driving her quickly to a screaming orgasm.

The temp's cries caught Stacy's attention as confusion then anger came over her. Right in front of her the man who had just made love to her was now fucking another woman! She got up and was about to storm out, when someone caught her arm. She turned and found Nichole at her side.

"Let me go," Stacy snarled. "I'm not going to stand her and watch him fuck his pretty new toy."

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