It Took a While to See It Sally's View

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2010 by SW MO Hermit

: Sally's view of the break up of her marriage because of her cheating. Tims discovery, actions and retribution on Sally.

Tags: Ma/Fa  

"Damn it Timothy I'm tired of you whining about me retiring. I'm only 54 and I have some of my best work years ahead of me. I love my job and friends and I don't want to just wander around with you for the rest of my life. We can travel on our vacations. Why the hell do you think we need to drive all over the country day in and day out?" Sally said before she slammed the door on her way to work.

All the way to work that morning she seethed at the way her husband Timothy was acting. So what if he had retired when he was 48? Did that mean she had to give up the good pay and companionship of her friends just because he wanted to traipse all over the country? She was sick of him hounding her about her retirement date. She had finally worked herself up to Administrative Assistant to the Plant Manager and she loved her job and the friends she had made in her place of employment. She especially loved the fun people she met on her forays to the nightspots after work too. In fact she sometimes thought she would rather be with her friends than with Timothy.

All Timothy could talk about was the house, their investments, the stock market and traveling. Sure he had made some great investments that allowed him to quit early in his life but ... Damn it all she knew they could quit but then she would miss out on all the fun she had on her girls nights out and the long lunches with all the powerful men that called on the plant manager. She blushed and felt her pussy dampen when she thought of her nights on the town with her friends and some of the long lunches she took when her boss and she entertained customers. And that asshole wanted her to just give that up cold turkey? Not bloody likely!

When she walked into the office her best friend Bonnie looked at her and exclaimed, "What's wrong Sally? You look like a thundercloud again this morning. Is it the asshole again?"

Sally sighed and replied, "Yes. He was haranguing me all weekend about my retirement and how we were missing out on so much travel because of my job. This morning before I left he asked me again if I was going to give my notice. I just lost it. I am so sick of him berating me about quitting that I could just beat him."

Bonnie looked at Sally and grinned. She asked, "Is it you don't want to retire and travel or is it because you don't want to give up the good life we are living after work? I think you just don't want to give up our slutting around. You know you have to do something before Tim catches on. He's not completely stupid you know."

Sally laughed and said, "What do you think Honey? Of course I would like to travel and of course I would like to get away from the bullshit that goes on in this damn office but if I quit to do that I would be stuck with the same old cock day in and day out. Ever since you convinced me to play around like we did in college life has been fun again. There is no way I'm going to give that up any time soon. Christ, my pussy gets wet just thinking about all the different guys we get to bed during our meetings and girls night out."

"About the only reason I try to keep the bastard around is financial. As soon as I can get everything arranged so I can get all the investments and half of his retirement he's history. Hell, he was a good-a great provider-but who needs him now? I make a good salary. With my pay, half Tim's retirement and the lions share of the investments I can live better than I do now and not have to put up with his crap. I can run with the big dogs and maybe land me a man rich enough to allow me to live my golden years in real luxury."

"Sally I didn't realize ... I mean I thought you loved Timothy but wanted to play around a little on him like we did when we were younger. Heck, you took care of him and your other lovers for years while you were dating and just after you were married without getting this upset. What's the difference now?" Bonnie asked.

Sally thought a moment and said, "I guess the big thing is I'm just so tired of his crap. He complains about all the time you and I spend out, he complains when I come in late, he complains when I won't screw him and he complains about how I am letting the house go. I'm just sick and tired of his constant complaining. When we were younger we could play around when Tim was at work and the kids were at school. It got so much harder to do after the kids left and I returned to work. Now I have to put in a full day here, then we party and he still expects me to take care of him. I'm just tired of doing that. Sex and life with him is just so damn predictable and I need the excitement of something new."

Sally looked up and said, "We better cool it for now. It's way past time to start work and I have a lot to do for David this morning. Can we do lunch and finish this little conversation?" Bonnie nodded her head and walked back to her cubicle to begin her morning's work.

The conversation picked up again when they were seated in their favorite diner for lunch. Bonnie looked up at Sally and smirked. She said, "Just admit it honey. You couldn't stand seeing me spreading it around and you couldn't get your share now could you? Hell, I watched you for months while you tried to convince yourself not to begin playing around again. You just can't stand the thought of having to cool it while you and Timmy travel. I'll bet you wouldn't care a bit about being retired and married to Tim if you could figure out a way to get the strange you need at the same time."

Sally looked at Bonnie and asked, "What do you mean by that? You know he's not stupid. How can I keep him, my job and my friends without him catching on AND without him constantly harping about my late nights and working?"

Bonnie laughed and said, "Well, you could try what I've been doing with John. I don't think he is as upset about my late nights as Tim is but he was always bothering me for sex like you say Tim does so I decided to just cut him back more. I looked up a lot of information about Menopause on the Internet and found documentation to use to convince him that it was normal for a woman's desire to wane as she aged. I convinced John I did not have the desire any longer. I told him since I didn't lubricate as well it was actually painful for me when we had sex. He bought it and has only insisted on sex every week or so. I make sure to drag out the KY and lube it up where he can see me."

Bonnie laughed once more and continued, "Hell, he is so nice to me when I do that. He thanks me for putting myself through the pain to help relieve him. It's pathetic but also sort of funny. I did cut back on my nights out with the boys some after that though. I told him I was sorry I had been gone so much but it was just easier for me to be gone than it was to constantly have to tell him no."

Sally thought about the conversation and a little smile crossed her face. She pressed her lips together and said, "That sounds like it might work. I'll tell Tim I have lost most of my desire and ability to lubricate, that sex now is painful to me. I'll cry and tell him part of the reason I stay away from home is because I get so tired of hurting him when I tell him no. Heck, he doesn't have to know that most of the nights I tell him no I'm full of someone else's cum or that I just can't get excited by him any longer now does he? Thanks Girlfriend. I think this just might solve part of my problem. Now if I only could figure out how to keep him from wanting me to retire..."

That night Sally went home in a much better mood than she usually did. When she got there, she tried her best to adopt the right attitude. She walked into the house and through the kitchen to the patio. There was Tim just where she expected. He was sitting with a beer looking out over their pool.

Sally walked out onto the patio and sat facing Tim. He looked up at her and saw the small smile on her face. As she expected he asked, "What's so funny this evening?"

Sally sighed and said, "Oh, nothing honey. I just wanted to apologize for my tantrum this morning. You know I've been going through the change and it affects my moods. I'm afraid this weekend and this morning were really bad. I had hot flashes all weekend and didn't sleep worth a damn then I took it out on you today. I'm really sorry honey."

Tim looked at her once again and said, "So it's funny you're going through the change and you take out your anger on me? Is that it?"

"Oh, no Honey," Sally said. "It's not that. I was just thinking that it's sort of amusing that Bonnie and I are both acting nearly the same way. She saw how upset I was today when I got to work and we had a heart to heart talk. She said she was feeling nearly the same way last year and finally had to just lay it on the line with John. She told him that she didn't lubricate well any longer and that sex was really painful at times. She said she just wasn't interested in sex any longer and they were done with it."

"Bonnie told John that at their age they were old enough it shouldn't be that important to them. She said he needed to focus on other enjoyable things. She did promise him that occasionally when she could she would do her best to take care of him but not to expect anything regular."

"Oh Honey, that's really what's been wrong with me and I just couldn't bring myself to tell you. It's not you or anything you did, it's just my body. I can't enjoy sex like I used to and it hurts. I have found myself staying at work and going out with the girls to keep from coming home to you and making you more upset with me when I won't let you take me to bed. Honey I'll try to do better but you just need to realize about all I have left in my life right now is your love and my job. I need something that I love in my life and since sex with you is not like it was I just couldn't bring myself to give up my job too. You understand don't you?"

Tim sat and stared at Sally then said, "Bonnie is a very lucky woman if she still has a place to live after trying to pull that crap. No real man would put up with crap like that unless he was getting some on the side already. You must forget I have worked in the medical field and many of my friends are doctors. I know and you should too that there are ways to rekindle desire in menopause. Progesterone treatments come immediately to my mind."

Sally got very angry and said, "You know how a woman's body changes and you should know there are studies that show Progesterone treatments can be bad for a woman. If a man really loves his wife he should be willing to live with out as much pussy."

Over the next several weeks Sally began putting her and Bonnie's plan into action. They cut down their forays into town and she became the well meaning but suffering wife. She would give in sometimes to Tim's requests for sex but much of the time she would refuse. Her most effective method of refusal was to just curl up in a ball and use her legs and hands to block access to her cunt and breasts. Occasionally, she would do this and just snarl "NO". Tim's attempts to seduce her declined.

All through this time she thought and made plans trying to find a way to safely hide some of their joint finances. She made and discarded many plans. She was frantic because she couldn't come up with any 'safe' plans. She was rat-holing money from time to time but it was peanuts. She could only skim so much off weekly without it being noticeable.

Sally smiled to herself one Wednesday morning. Part of her plan was working. She had been thinking back and she found her campaign was very successful. Between 'just saying no' and not even going to bed until Tim was already sleeping she had managed to cut their sex down. They went from having sex 4-6 times a week before she and Bonnie began cruising for strange to maybe once a week now. This had occurred over a period of about 4 months since she had her talk with Tim.

Sally was getting very horny though because her sex had been cut back to almost none. Now all the sex she got was her occasional night with Tim when she decided to throw him a bond and her occasional night with a man she picked up at a bar. She decided the time was right to begin to go out after work more and more again with Bonnie. Now if she could just come up with a plan to skim off their savings she was ready to dump the ole ball and chain. From time to time she had second thoughts but she forced them from her mind. He had controlled her sexual urges for way too long and she would live the good life before she was too old and dried up to interest the men. She noticed she already had to settle for men in their 40's or older. She had to have her fun and find a rich one in a hurry if she wanted to live the luxurious life she needed in her golden years.

At first, Sally would only stay late maybe once a week and it was only an hour or so. As time went on, she began to go out with Bonnie two or three times a week and it would be several hours before she got home. She could tell Tim was getting angry again but she just couldn't bring herself to cut down on the party life.

One Thursday morning at breakfast Tim once again upset Sally. He looked at her over his coffee cup and asked, "Sally we talked about the Progesterone treatments for your menopausal problems and you have never told me what the doctor said. I haven't seen any insurance statements for a doctor's visit or for the drugs. What's the deal anyway?"

Sally felt an immediate surge of anger and felt her face flush. She clenched her jaws for a moment then said, "I told you that there were studies that indicated Progesterone treatment was harmful to women. I have no intention of ruining my health just so you can get more sex. I thought we agreed we would cut back on the frequency and I would take care of you when I felt like it. Nothing has changed and nothing will change."

Sally slammed her half drank cup of coffee down, picked up her purse and stalked out the garage door. She knew she would be early but there was no way she was going to sit at the kitchen table and let the asshole harangue her about the doctor until her normal time of departure.

Of course Sally discussed Tim's comments with Bonnie that day and they were trying to decide what to do about it. They weren't having too much luck because Bonnie's husband John had found out about her affairs and filed for divorce. She had managed to make him leave the house and live in a motel but she was having trouble with the settlement. They talked about Bonnie's problems most of the day. Finally they decided to table Sally's problem with Tim until they had more time.

After a couple of month's Bonnie and John came to an agreement and their divorce became final. Bonnie felt like she got the short end of the stick and said, "I can't believe that damn Judge actually took John's side! He let that Bastard keep his pension, half the assets and even refused to make him pay alimony. Dammit I needed the alimony to live like we were used to but noooo. They said he and I made almost the same amount and there was no reason to award alimony. They even gave John most of the investments because I got to keep the house. Supposedly it was fair because we each got the same value but hell, I can't spend a house now can I? Of course the damn Judge was a man so what do you expect?"

Bonnie's settlement really worried Sally. If the courts could be that unfair to her she was sure they would be just the same when Sally filed for her divorce. She just had to figure out a way to get some of the money away from Tim before she filed.

After Bonnie's divorce Sally began to meet her Saturday nights from time to time also. She knew she was pushing it but she just had to go. They had so much fun and met so many studs. She had been seeing a man named Roger off and on for several weeks. She thought she might make him a permanent addition to her stable. One Saturday night on the way to Bonnie's house for a nightcap she had to stop for gas. Roger was riding with her-or rather he was driving her car-when they stopped to put fuel in it. She asked Roger to fill the car while she went into the station to the rest room. She handed him her credit card and took off.

When Sally got back to the car Roger was standing there with the strangest look on his face. He said, "I used to know a man named Timothy Starling. I see that is your last name and was wondering if you knew him?"

Sally looked at Roger for a moment and said, "That's my husband. Why? You knew I was married. What's Timothy got to do with us?"

Roger laughed and said, "Oh, hell. This is priceless. That son of a bitch got me fired fifteen years ago and I've been looking for a way to even the score all this time. He never asked or cared why I made the mistake I made. He just said my work wasn't satisfactory and dumped me. He didn't care my mother was sick and I was working two jobs to get more money to take care of her. All he cared about was that I didn't do a perfect job for him and he told them to fire me. I swore someday I would get that bastard and now I'm fucking his wife. It's great."

Sally looked at Roger with a little fear on her face and said, "What do you mean. You're not going to hurt me are you?"

Roger laughed and said, "Oh no Honey. I'm going to fuck your ass off and send you back to that bastard all used up."

Sally smiled when Roger said that and said, "Well you can try Honey but it usually takes more than one man to use me up!" She stood on her tiptoes and gave Roger a kiss. When he reached for her breasts she giggled and pushed him away. She ran around the car and sat in the passenger seat. "If you hurry we can get to Bonnie's house and you can try to make good on your threat though tough guy."

Later that evening while they were laying in bed Sally rolled toward Roger and said, "Honey I was wondering. Would you really like to get even with Tim? Would you help me get his money and get rid of him?"

Roger looked at Sally and said, "Whoa there Honey. I'm not about to do anything to get myself put in prison. If you want him offed you need to find another sucker. Now if you want to hurt him a little I might be your man. What do you have in mind?"

Sally said, "I want him out of my life and I want all of our investments and the house. I need money to live like I want and I can't figure a way to get it. I have been thinking about just selling the investments and disappearing but when I asked our broker if we could liquidate it all he told me yes but they would need both signatures for liquidation of the entire account. I can't sell it a little at a time because Tim actively manages it. Tim is retired and home most days. He would get the trade verifications while I was at work. He would smell a skunk and catch me before I made all the sales. Do you have any ideas?"

Roger thought a while and said, "No. I can't think of anything now but let me mull it over for a while. As soon as you can why don't you get me a list of everything you would like to have." He then bent and began licking her nipple again. Sally moaned and thrust her chest up toward him as the delicious little tingles began running from her nipple to her wet cunt. No more was mentioned that night about Sally's finances.

Timothy had been getting more and more angry with Sally. After her discussion about her menopausal problems he had at first been considerate and helpful. After all, if a health issue caused their problems he would stand by her and help her all he could until she got better. When he found out she didn't even intend to try and solve her medical problem he became angry once again.

Thursday evening nary a word was spoken between the two. Sally didn't cook a meal and didn't offer to cook so Timothy had to make a sandwich for supper. He made his sandwich and didn't even ask Sally if she wanted to eat. They slept that night without touching. Friday morning Sally left the house early while Tim was out on his run. He went to town for lunch. When he came home he found a message on the machine. Sally was not coming home again. She said she was going out after work with the girls.

Tim got angry once again and decided that was the last straw. He was done with her. He called his friend Samuel Thomas, a divorce attorney. They made an appointment for the next Tuesday to talk about a divorce.

Sally came home after 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning. Tim had been up to piss about then and she had not gotten home yet. He had no idea when she finally got home and came to bed. He got up Saturday morning angry at the way she was acting and decided to go to town and just loaf instead of following his usual routine. Sally was really hell to live with if he woke her up doing normal activities when she got in as late as she had Friday night.

Tim was in his favorite coffee shop when, of all people, John (Bonnies' husband) walked in.

When John saw Tim, he hesitated, opened his mouth to say something, then didn't, he just started to walk on by. Tim pushed a chair out and said "Good morning John. I'm alone here and if you're not meeting anyone, why don't you just sit here? Been a while since we talked anyway. How are things going?"

John looked at Tim sharply, hesitated once again and sat down. They sipped their coffee and visited about current events and nonsense for a while then settled into companionable silence. Tim saw John eyeballing a really cute young twenty something gal.

He laughed and said "Hey boy. You better not let Bonnie catch you drooling over that stuff!"

John looked at Tim and asked "Why do you think I give a rats ass what Bonnie thinks any longer?

Tim stammered a moment and said, "Well, Sally led me to believe she doesn't like her husband checking out the ladies."

John looked shocked and said, "She never did but now that we are divorced I can look and touch all I want don't you think?"

"Oh, hell, I'm sorry John," Tim said. "I didn't know you got divorced. Is that why you hesitated when you saw me? Hell, I don't care if you're still married to Sally's friend or not. In fact, even though I am sorry as hell you had to divorce, I damn sure wouldn't have put up with the crap Sally told me Bonnie tried to put you through either."

John looked at Tim, started to say something, then closed his mouth and muttered "Oh, what the hell."

He then looked back up and said, "What do you mean by that? You sit there and act like you don't have a bit of anger about what Sally is doing to you and tell me you wouldn't have put up with Bonnie doing it?"

Well, by now Tim was getting confused. He said, "Well John, I have to admit I am pissed as hell about having my sex cut by at least 75% but at least I still get some. I have to admit I am starting to think I need to force more out of her but I damn sure wouldn't have put up with just getting cut off. There are ways the effects of menopause can be lessened. If I have to live with her, support her and see her running around the house all the time I intend to get laid from time to time. I can see why you wouldn't put up with that crap."

"What the hell are you talking about?" John asked.

Tim told him what Sally had said about Bonnie and John's conversation several months back and he laughed. "Damn Boy. I begin to see things. But that still doesn't explain why you keep the cheating bitch instead of dumping her like I did Bonnie. And why you let Sally get by with it."

All at once Tim felt a deep fear and his stomach lurched. He felt the acid from the coffee begin to work on his gut. His face showed his shock. John's eyes opened farther and he almost whispered "Oh, my GOD. You don't know do you?"

Tim asked "Know what?" Almost immediately he became sure about what was coming. The pieces had already begun to fall into place.

John said, "Well Tim when my sex life began to fall off and Bonnie was later and later getting home from work I became curious. She hadn't changed jobs and her job hadn't required overtime in the past so I asked myself why now? She began to go shopping more on the weekends or out with the girls Saturday nights. She had tried to tell me her "lack of interest" was menopausal. I went along with the reduction in sex for a while but began to wonder when some of my friends would mention seeing Bonnie dancing in the bars rather than just sitting and talking to her friends."

"I was told she and the women she was with would allow men to get very "hands on" and would sometimes leave with them for a while. I had some friends that were real ladies men and, since Bonnie didn't know them I asked if they would help check her out. It turned out nearly every night Bonnie was out she had sex with someone. My friends took pictures, sat at tables near Bonnie and recorded conversations. To make a long story short, I got the goods on her, kicked her out and divorced her cheating ass. It cost more than I would have liked but at least she made enough I didn't have to pay alimony."

"In some of the pictures of Bonnie and her friends, we had pictures of Sally doing the same thing. When I filed for the divorce Bonnie asked why I just couldn't accept her need for more varied sex with strangers like you."

That pissed Tim off. He asked, "Why the hell didn't you ever call me about this?"

All John did was shrug and then he said, "Well, we weren't really close friends. I know some couples live that way so I just thought what the hell. If you got off on things like that it wasn't my place to interfere."

Tim didn't like that point but he had to accept it. He had heard of people who didn't give a damn about their spouse or significant other screwing around on them.

When Tim got home Sally was still sleeping. He was angry enough he didn't care about waking her so went about his normal Saturday routine. He mowed the yard, used the weed eater and even let the door slam when he came inside. Sally was furious. She came storming out of the bedroom when the door slammed and said, "You asshole. You know I got in late last night. Why are you making so much noise I can't sleep? Dammit I work hard and deserve to be able to sleep in on the weekend. Why can't you do all that noisy work during the week or while I am gone since you're retired?"

Later that evening Tim heard Sally taking a shower. While she was drying herself he came up behind her, ran his hands up her sides and cupped her breasts. Her nipples were really hard. He kissed her neck like he used to do. That always made her horny in a hurry. As he kissed, she twisted out of his grip and turned on him. "Stop that. You think you can make my day a living hell then just waltz in here and throw me on the bed whenever you want? I took care of you Tuesday. Now get out of my way. Bonnie and I are going to have some of the girls over to their house for bridge and I don't want to be late. I'll probably be late getting back so don't wait up on me."

Tim knew that was a lie but didn't say anything. He had just been pulling Sally's chain when he tried to get some anyway. She was already the last female he wanted to screw now that he was fairly certain she was cheating on him. He made a mental note to go to the doctor Monday for tests to see if she had passed on any diseases the few times he had managed to get some pussy from her.

Tim was seething with anger after what he had found out that morning and the way Sally had acted the last several months. He decided that was the last straw. No matter what news the divorce attorney gave him the bitch was history. After she left he called John and asked him over. He told him he had tried to get a little and had planned to ask Sally about their morning conversation. Tim told John what Sally had said.

When he heard what she had said, he laughed and said, "Well, I'm sorry but welcome to the club. I'll be there in a few."

They spent the night talking, drinking beer and planning. When he decided it was time to go, John started picking up the plates, glasses and beer cans. Tim stopped him and said, "Just leave them. There are going to be some changes around my house. I think I'll just let Sally clean this mess up."

After John left Tim showered and staggered to bed. He was half drunk and just didn't give a damn any longer. Sunday morning he almost wished he had cleaned up. He was sitting on the patio drinking coffee when Sally came storming out bitching about the mess.

"Hey. I had some of the guys over for a while last night. I figured if you could play bridge all night I could too. I just didn't feel like cleaning up the mess and decided it wouldn't take you too long today. Why don't you just do that while you make lunch"?

There was no lunch and the mess remained until Tuesday night because Sally refused to clean up. She had said Sunday morning, "You and your drunken friends made the mess. You can clean it up." Tim finally caved in and picked it up Tuesday evening because it was beginning to stink.

Tim put up with Sally for three more months. Tim hated the wait but he needed the time to hide as much of their wealth as he could. The time was also used for him, John, and some of John's friends to gather evidence on Sally. Even John could not believe what they found and got pictures of. They even had some fun doing it. They would watch the men she and Bonnie were with. In the course of those months, several of them would strike out with Sally and move on to other women, many of whom were also married.

The men would wait for the lovers somewhere and beat the holy shit out of them making sure to state they didn't like them messing around with married women. By the time the investigation of Sally was over the adultery in their town was cut significantly. Many of the players were getting afraid to pick up married women! Toward the end the group of friends had to curtail the beatings because the police were beginning to take notice and patrol the bar areas more. They were always careful to never overtly mess with someone hitting on Sally because they didn't want to scare her off.

Of course all through the three-month period Timothy was working on his 'financial plan'. He planned to go to divorce court flat broke. He did not intend to let Sally get her hands on any more of their assets than he had to. After their final argument the day he first talked to John Tim began liquidating assets. He made sure Sally didn't have access to any of the trade confirmations or monthly brokerage statements. This was really simplicity in itself because he opted for electronic notification. He then merely changed all the passwords so Sally couldn't access the information or account on line. He didn't do anything about her contacting the brokerage in person because they would freeze the account in a divorce. He just hoped she didn't try to access the account before he got all the funds out.

Additionally, they had a line of credit on their house for several years. Tim maxed it out so they really had no equity in the house. Maxing out the line of credit took about two weeks. One Monday morning the beginning of the third week he said to Sally, "Sally since you don't have time for me any longer I have decided to do some of the traveling we wanted to do by myself. I'm taking the car today and driving to Vegas. I plan to be gone at least three weeks. Is that OK?"

Sally looked up rapidly then said, "Oh, I suppose there's no problem. At least you seem to be getting over your silly little tiff. Go on and have some fun. Maybe I can take a trip with you next time."

Timothy just smiled and said, "That sounds good. Well, I'll be gone when you get home. I plan to gamble all night every night so wish me luck."

They both went their separate ways with no further comments. On his way out of town Tim picked up the cashiers check for the amount he drew on their home's line of credit. That was the first money he would "lose" in Las Vegas.

While he was in Vegas he made several comments about looking for a good investment, something a little speculative. He made these comments everywhere he was. Finally one night at the high rollers black jack table a well-dressed tough looking man sat beside him. He made the minimum bets while he struck up a conversation with Tim.

The man said, "I hear you been asking about speculative investments. That so?"

Tim looked at him and said, "I might be interested in one if the deal is a good one. You have something in mind?"

The man played another hand then looked Tim in the eyes. He said, "I might be able to put you onto something. How about we meet in the bar in 20?"

Twenty minutes later Timothy walked into the bar and up to the table at which the man sat. There were two other well-dressed men with him. They made small talk for several minutes then one of the other men said, "OK, now you tell me what you're looking for. I think you're full of shit. What the hell do you really want?"

Tim thought a moment then decided what the hell. He would have to take a gamble sometime. He explained about his wife and his plans to leave the marriage broke. He told them he wanted to leave her with as close to nothing as he could. The large man laughed and said, "Well, we don't blame you for that but what does that have to do with us and a large speculative investment?"

Tim said, "Well, I'm willing to pay a fair 'finders fee' to the right person if they can help me invest the money I will soon have. I want the money to look like it is gone but I want to be able to regain it after the divorce. Can you help with that?"

The men looked at each other and the 'Boss' asked, "How do we know you're on the up and up? Maybe you're the cops and are going to bust us? How you gonna prove you got the funds to invest?"

Tim said, "I thought you might want to know that. Here is a DVD of everything I have on the bitch up to now. That should establish my bona fides. As for the investment money, I have it but I really don't want to buy something. I just want a safe place to park it for a while and have it look like I have spent and lost all of it. If that isn't enough, you can send someone back to my hometown and check it out. I can wait but not for long. I have a very short timetable because I've been selling things and very soon Sally will find it out."

"Come with us," Sal, the boss said. "We got something to show you and we need to talk somewhere quieter."

They drove to the edge of town and Sal showed Tim a huge run down warehouse near the airport. He said, "We can sell you this warehouse. Tell ya what we'll do. For ten percent of the funds you spend on it we will guarantee to help ya hide the money from da ole lady."

Tim thought about that then he asked, "That's fine but how do I know I'll get my money back after? I know we're all trustworthy businessmen but..."

Sal laughed and said, "OK. I see your point. How about this? We make up a deed and contract for sale all nice and legal like. You give me the ten percent as a down payment then wire the rest to an offshore bank account you set up. You give us the name of the bank and we'll make paperwork up to show it was our instructions for you to wire the funds there. You can present these papers to the court and prove you spent all the money. How's that?"

Tim decided that would work and told them so. They all shook hands and got back into the car. Tim was let out at his hotel. Just before they drove off Sal said, "Be here at nine in the morning and we'll have the papers. You better have the cash."

Tim said, "Whoa there. I didn't say I had the money with me. I have to talk the Bitch out of the money. I intend to get her to take a loan out on her 401K to spend on this. I'll combine it with what I've managed to get from our investments and then we can do the deal. I'll need three or four weeks. Can we do that?"

All the men looked at Sal, the man in charge. He looked at Tim then nodded. "Deal. But you cross us and you won't need no divorce. Sally will get it all 'cause you can't spend money in hell. Got that?"

Tim said, "Yeah. Got it."

The next day Tim began the long drive home. He made a detour to El Paso where he rented a car to drive into Mexico. He was pleased with himself. He had found a way to hide most of the funds they had. While he was in Vegas he had even managed to "lose" all the equity they had in the house and some of the funds from the brokerage account. He had receipts from the casino showing he had cashed in almost $800000. Of course he had actually managed to lose about $50000 of that. He hated that but had to play at the high rollers tables long periods of time to make it look good.

By the time he returned the rental car the rest of the money was already on it's way to his account in the Cayman Islands. He was a little scared when he crossed the border with that much cash but no one found it. The banker in Mexico had been very helpful and polite when he walked in with that many Gringo Dollars!

When Tim got home he found out the PI his attorney had hired had even more ammunition for him. They had wired his house before he left and had hours of tapes of Sally, Bonnie and several men engaging in sex. She had moved a man named Roger into the house the night Tim had left. Roger had stayed at the house every night until the night before Tim got home. They even had tapes of Sally and Roger planning to take all the funds and hide them. They discussed several ideas and discarded them. One of the ideas they discussed Tim found very interesting.

They decided Sally would take out a loan on her 401K and hide it offshore so Tim couldn't get any of it. She would wire the money like Tim had done! This was a perfect lead in to what Tim wanted. Now he could even make the statement in court that Sally had cleaned out her 401K and hidden the money!

It took Tim two weeks to manage to get the loan from Sally's 401K after she had approved it. Of course she had no idea she had done so. It had taken him a week to get her to sign the papers. It was too bad she had no idea what she was signing! He had hidden the application under a form he told her she needed to sign for a home security system. He had made her angry and then caught her leaving the house one morning for work. She had signed all the papers without reading them!

The next morning Tim once again made the trip to Vegas. He called his contact and made his payment. This time he didn't have to go to Mexico. He furnished Sal with a picture of Sally and asked, "Sal do you know someone who could be made up to look like Sally here? I think I would like to have her make the wire transfer since it is her 401K that's being spent. That way the bank camera's..."

Sal laughed and said, "Sure. For another ten grand we can find you a sure fire double for your wife. Hell, she'll even take care of you during the drive if you know what I mean?"

Tim laughed and said, "It's been so long I just might take you up on that offer. Can she be at my room tonight? I'll drive her home with me then buy her a ticket back here?" Sal just nodded his head and left.

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