Bangkok Weekend Story

by Jaydhi

Copyright© 2010 by Jaydhi

Sex Story: A story to follow and go with "Bangkok Weekend Instructions" sent to the beautiful Lisa. Her fantasies of the upcoming weekend sitting on a bus.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   .

She sat on the bus, tired and exhausted. It was evening and enough scenery had passed by the window for today. She wanted to find a place to rest her head in the absence of a suitable lap. The window vibrated too much, along with the rest of the bus, and so the chance of trying to fit her head into the corner between the seat and the window would shake her into a headache from hell. After attempting to sandwich her hoody in the corner as a cushion had failed she gave up and leant back against the seat and closed her eyes. With the noise, and no support for her neck she wouldn't be able to sleep, but she could at least let her mind wander for a while and reach that daze like bus journey 'semi sleep'.

It didn't take very long for her to start thinking about the email. With her eyes closed, her other senses came into focus, and as her mind searched for comfort on this long ride she relaxed into the rhythm of the buses movements. The constant, unrelenting hum of the engine which seemed to permeate throughout the bus was no longer the noise it was when she was more awake. As her daydream became stronger, with her eyes closed, the bus slowly faded a little more into the background. She became more and more aware of the warmth growing between her legs. She thought of all the things he wanted her to do, the instructions he had sent her, and felt herself growing wetter and wetter as she imagined following them through and the possibilities that lay ahead this weekend. The noise of the engine had now disappeared from her mind, replaced by the humming vibration of the seat passing through her.

She imagined meeting him at the airport, without any knickers on, wearing the cap. He would know as soon as he saw her sitting there and made eye contact that she had done as he asked. Sharing this secret, having this silent look of understanding in a busy airport, and both sharing at that moment the thoughts of what she had already done today. She imagined how naked she would feel aware of her bare hot pussy beneath her skirt, and its growing dampness. Her braless breasts pushing her nipples against her top. As he walked towards her for a kiss hello she would imagine feeling his erection pushing into her as he pulled her toward him with a hand on her ass, reminding her again of her bareness under the skirt.

She drifted further and further into her daydream, with her eyes closed and head back. The warmth between her legs had grown unbearable and she could feel her panties getting damp. The other passengers on the bus had faded into nothing. As the bus lurched from one side to the other the friction from her shorts sent shivers through her. The sound of a slight moan of pleasure leaving her lips jolted her from her daydream. She was aware of the bus again, and nervous that anyone had noticed her sitting there fantasizing, scared they could see it on her face. Looking around she realized everyone was sleeping or zoned out. Beneath her nerves was also the slight excitement of being so turned on around all these people. Her personal journey. It somehow felt so rebellious and so naughty. Slowly she eased back into her fantasy, her hand casually resting on her thigh.

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