The Car Shop

by Wayac

Copyright© 2010 by Wayac

Sex Story: When Katie's car beaks down, the local shop is eager to help her out.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Gang Bang   .

Katie sighed and sat back on the old couch, wrapping herself tighter in her jacket against the cold. She'd been waiting in the car shop for a couple hours now and they still weren't done yet. Her car had broken down on the outskirts of town so she supposed she was lucky such a small community had a mechanic's garage. What a way to start her vacation!

The head mechanic walked up to her, holding a clipboard. Katie would have thought he was cute if she weren't so exasperated with her situation.

"I've got your bill right here Ms. Lambert. Our people should be finishing up in the next few minutes."

Katie took the clipboard and looked at the invoice. Her eyes widened when she saw the final cost. "Eight hundred dollars!"

"It was a pretty labor intensive job."

She sighed and got out her checkbook. But before she could even begin writing, the mechanic held up his hand.

"Sorry, we don't accept checks."

"Um, what about credit cards?"

"Nope. It's a small town, we only accept cash."

Katie swallowed hard. She didn't have nearly that much on her.

"Well, I guess I'll walk to the closest ATM to get your money."

The mechanic pulled his mouth to one side. "We don't have an ATM, and the closest bank is 20 miles away."

Katie leaned her head into her hands. She couldn't believe this!

"We might be able to work out another agreement though." This brought her head back up. "Those are some nice jeans you're wearing, and my sister could use a new pair, not a lot of shopping options around here you know."

She stared blankly at him. Was he serious? But if that was all he wanted, she had plenty more pants packed in her car. "Uh, sure, just let me get something else to change into."

Katie got up to go to her car when he caught her arm. "I think you misunderstand me. You want a deal, drop em now." She looked around, now frightened. The other mechanics had started gathering around them, maybe 4 or 5 in total.

She quickly weighed her options. "That's all you want, then we're even?" she asked, trying to disguise the fear building up inside her.

"Sure thing," he grinned.

The grip on her arm released her. Staring apprehensively around her, Katie slowly undid her belt. She could feel all eyes glued to her as she undid the button, then pulled the zipper down. Despite the cold air inside the shop, she felt herself getting hotter as she slowly pushed her tight jeans to the floor. Waiting expectantly, she suddenly realized they wanted her to pick them up and give them to the head mechanic. Trying hard not to think of what she was doing, she bent down to pick up the jeans. It didn't work, she could feel all gazes fixed on her tight ass stretching her panties as she bent over. She got up quickly and thrust the jeans from her.

Katie turned quickly, prepared to get to her car as soon as possible when another arm grabbed her. She was spun back around to face the group and now her fear turned into sheer terror.

"I gave you the jeans," she pleaded, tears starting to form in her eyes. "Let me go!"

"Ah, but that was payment for the job. Unfortunately there's the matter of the fee for keeping us working past hours." He glanced at the clock and she followed his gaze. 6:30. Had it really taken that long?

"Wha- how much is the fee?" she asked, her voice now trembling.

"Hmm, good question, whaddaya think boys? Those panties look pretty nice!"

The group murmured excited grunts of assent, but one spoke up. "We'd better inspect them first."

With that, Katie was thrust to one of the nearby men. His hands reached up and began cupping her ass, caressing her cheeks through the material of her panties. He spun her around and began rubbing her crotch. She tried to squirm away from his touch, but the other men held her arms, leaving her helpless to fight off their groping hands. They passed her around, each guy taking a turn to rub his hands all over her butt and cunt. The constant contact was beginning to arouse her pussy. Katie closed her eyes in shame.

Finally, the men had each had their turn. By now her panties were damp with her fluids. One of them asked their boss, "So, who gets them?".

The head mechanic scratched his chin. "Hmm, good question. I've got it, the one who guesses the her breast size correctly wins!"

All of them nodded in agreement, then they pulled off Katie's jacket. She could see them all staring at her chest, trying to figure out what to guess.

"Ok, lemme hear em." The boss took out a pad of paper and wrote down each man's guess. After he got them all he tucked the pad into his pocket and reached for a tape measure. He nodded to the rest of the group and they ripped open Katie's shirt, scattering buttons all over the place. Deft hands unhooked her bra and she felt her nipples immediately start to harden in the cold air. Katie was sobbing silently as she felt the tape measure being wrapped around her.

After confriming the measurement, the boss took the pad out, then gestured to one of the men. "Looks like Joe's the winner!" Joe stepped forward, then got on his knees in front of Katie. He grabbed her hips and inhaled deeply her scent. He rubbed her cunt once more to soak up as much as he could with the panties before pulling them off of her. Bringing them to his face he took another sniff, then held them up triumphantly as the others cheered.

Now wearing nothing but her tattered shirt, Katie began trembling from both fear and the cold.

"Shame on you boys, you shouldn't let a lady get cold like that! Warm her up!"

Hands began rubbing all over her body. Two grabbed each breast and began squeezing them vigorously. Her legs were spread wide apart, her thighs being pulled higher. Katie looked down and saw the boss kneeling in front of her now exposed pussy. She slammed her eyes shut and tried to fight her way out of their grip, but to no avail. A cold wet sensation on her clit told her that she was being licked. The head mechanic reached up and squeezed both her ass cheeks, crushing her cunt against his exploring mouth.

Against her will, Katie's body grew more and more aroused and soon her pussy juices were flowing freely into the mechanic's eager face. Standing up, the boss began unzipping his pants.

"N-n-no ... please don't!" Katie begged, the tears now flowing freely.

The men ignored her and in a sudden thrust she felt hard cock jammed up her pussy. She cried out in pain. With all her strength she pushed against the man in front of her, but she couldn't escape his frantic fucking.

"Ah ... ah ... no ... please ... ah ... no more ... AHHHHHHH" she screamed as her body rebelled and exploded into orgasm. Her pulsating pussy drove the boss over the edge as he too climaxed, dumping his load deep inside her. He quickly pulled out, and Katie was then forced to her knees. Another cock buried itself in her spasming hole from behind. Hands gripped her hips firmly and pulled her back and forth to match his fucking motions. Katie moaned as she rocked back and forth, her breasts bouncing in rhythm.

Her sensitive clit was sending strong pulses through her body with each thrust. She opened her mouth wide in response when another dick was plunged down her throat. She gagged, clenching the cock in her mouth and bringing a fresh set of tears to her eyes. Both rods continued to ram in and out of her, and she began to feel another orgasm building inside her.

The man in front of her pulled out, blasting his seed all over her pretty face. She felt the cock from behind her pull out as well and within seconds she felt jets of hot cum splashing on her back. Panting heavily, Katie could feel the sperm dripping off her chin, her lips, her breasts, as well as her own cum running down her legs.

Then Katie was flipped onto her back. She shivered as her cum drenched shirt came in contact with the cold floor. Another cock was shoved into her mouth as her legs were forced wide apart. Two hands grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy up, impaling it on yet another thick member. She flailed her arms and legs about uselessly, then felt her nipples being pinched and pulled.

Suddenly a mind-blowing orgasm erupted through her, shattering her last attempts at resistance. She wrapped her legs around the man fucking her pussy, while reaching up to grab the hips of the man raping her mouth. Just as the spasms from her previous climax were coming to an end, she exploded into another orgasm. Her body was racked with waves of ecstasy and she arched her back, moaning loudly around the prick in her throat.

This was too much for both men and they both pulled out and showered her with sperm. Katie lay there drenched, but craving, needing more. The mechanics readily obliged her as they lifted her up, then impaled her on a man lying behind her. He grabbed her arms as she bounced up and down, her pussy trying to devour the penis it was riding. Her breasts bounced up and down with her as she rode both of them into another climax. Katie shrieked as she felt hot cum splashing deep inside her walls. She bucked her hips harder trying to milk as much as she could from the rapidly deflating cock.

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