All or Nothin' at All

by Dr Know

Copyright© 2010 by Dr Know

Sex Story: Lee finds out the worst about his wife and takes action.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   .

Note from Jake Rivers,

This is my eighth semi-annual "invitational." The current effort consists of stories based on songs by Frank Sinatra, Ol' Blues Eyes. Please read the stories and give feedback to the participating authors. Unless I'm convinced otherwise, I'll probably stop after the tenth invitational.

Regards, Jake

Dear Readers,

I've been away from writing stories for a while. I hope you enjoy my first attempt in over a year. My, where does the time go? - Doc

I sat at the end of the bar inside the shadow thrown by the fake palm tree Mickey had bought many years ago. Mickey, the proprietor and a sixteen hour a day, seven day a week barkeep, had proudly brought the monstrosity in one day and with great fanfare plopped it in the corner under the one good flood light that illuminated the bar area.

"There, that'll tone down the glare of that light and provide a little ambiance for my place," Mickey stated as he backed way and stared at his tree.

Gus, one of our Friday night gang, had snorted, "Mickey, you wouldn't know ambiance if it bit you in the butt." The gang had laughed heartily at this and gone back to slaking their built up weekly thirst.

I thought back, that had been almost five years ago. Back when I was a young pup in love about ready to propose to Nicole.

I turned and eyed the dilapidated piece of plastic that passed for a palm tree. Mickey hadn't dusted the damned thing — probably since the day he put it there. I turned back to my Makers Mark on the rocks and forgot about it. Mickey's housekeeping abilities were not my concern.

At the moment my concern was my wife of four and a half years, Nicole -- or rather my soon to be ex-wife.

I won't bore you with all the bullshit about how we met in college, fucked like rabbits, married soon after graduation, or how she worked her way up the corporate ladder and I'd become chief trouble shooter for an engineering firm specializing in earthen dam construction.

I will tell you she's a beautiful fiery redhead with sultry green eyes and pouty full lips. Her five foot, six inch, 118 pound figure made other women jealous and other men drool. She is a stunner. She has brains and drive in achieving her career goals.

I'm a fairly good looking guy six feet tall with sandy brown hair and dark brown eyes. I weigh in at 195 pounds. Many of women I know have openly hit on me, but I've always told them, "I'm married to a wonderful woman and I'll not screw around on her."

I'm also not going to bore you with tales about our sex life.

Sex life? I thought to myself. What fucking sex life? After my recent discovery of her infidelity with not one but three participants, I hadn't had a piece in a while.

She'd been getting more distant each passing day. She'd been coming home later and later every evening saying she was in a big project and this could make or break her career.

Friday she'd told me that there was a project meeting at her office that would last until at least ten.

She didn't get in until after two in the morning smelling of booze. I knew she had gotten in around two because of the noise she made when she stumbled into bed. I was instantly wide awake and was going to say something to her at that moment. I bent over to begin my lambasting and found her already dead to the world.

I know she couldn't handle her alcohol well and was concerned about her driving home like that.

I went to the garage to make sure her car hadn't sustained any damage and was surprised to find her car missing. Where had she been and who brought her home?

Walking back toward the kitchen I spied a trail of women's clothes starting at the door and leading into our home office. We'd converted the one downstairs guest bedroom into a home office with bath.

When I arrived there, I found her bra, but no panties and a wet shower plus a discarded damp bath towel. Reaching down, I picked up those articles and was unpleasantly surprised to find the clasp and one strap of the bra broken as if someone had ripped it way. What the hell is going on?

Peering into the bedroom, I could see she was still asleep. I made coffee, opened up the front door to get the paper and found the sight that broke my heart. There lay her panties. I picked them up and instantly detected the stench of sex. Worse than that was the slimy feel of still wet semen and vaginal juices covering much of the undergarment.

And finally the sight of the two tears on the sides of the almost shredded panties showing someone had literally ripped them off of her.

I put all of the panty evidence in a plastic bag and put it in the back of the freezer compartment of the kitchen refrigerator.

She staggered downstairs about ten that morning looking like death warmed over.

"So, how did your meeting go?" I asked.

"Fine, okay. It went longer than I thought. We stopped for dinner and some drinks after the meeting." Nicole said between sips of hot coffee.

"Did you have too much to drink?"

"Yes, I needed to unwind. We're so close to having this whole project done and then you and I can take that vacation to Hawaii we always talked about." Nicole said as she stroked my hand.

"So who brought you home?" I asked quietly.

"I think Dan did. I was pretty shitfaced by the time we left the lounge."

"You said that 'we went to dinner', who is 'we'", I asked.

"Oh, it was just Danielle, Harry, Dan, and I. Nobody else wanted to go." She replied not looking up at me as she did so.

Dan was the project manager, Danielle was Nicole's boss, and Harry was a vice president that Dan reported to.

"Well, I guess it's just as well no one else went. After all, how could you have had such wild sex if too many folks went to dinner?" I yelled, slamming my hand on the table.

She flinched from the sudden assault and stammered, "What sex? My God, Lee -- nothing happened. It was just some food and drinks."

"Don't hand me that horseshit. I found your trail of clothes from the front door to the downstairs bath and wet towel. Why are you taking a shower in the middle of the night?"

"Because we went to the Starlight Club for drinks after dinner and they allow smoking. I just wanted to get the smell off before coming to bed."

"And why is your bra broken?" I yelled as I held up the offending garment.

"Whh-a-t? I don't know. I don't remember anything!" Nicole wailed.

"And where may I ask are your panties? I looked for them but can't find them. Did your lover keep them as a trophy?" I roared.

"Panties? I don't know. Really Lee, I didn't do anything wrong last night. I would never cheat on y--."

I cut her off with a roar and slammed my fist on the table, "Don't fucking lie to me. Which lover boy was it - Dan or Harry - or both?"

Nicole shook her head looking desperate. "But I didn't do anything. Dan and Harry would never do anything like that when I was so vulnerable. They just wouldn't."

I snorted, "Well, you better find out which one has your panties, because I'm going looking for them and when I find them whichever asshole has them is dead meat."

Nicole knew I could easy rip the arms off either of her co-workers. My livelihood and exercise regimen had made me hard as stone, while theirs made them soft.

Nicole just shook her head and continued to deny any knowledge of anything sexual occurring last night.

I finally said, "Look Nicole, maybe you were raped. If you were so drunk you don't remember, maybe one or both of them took advantage of the situation. I'm going to find out which one did it and make him wish he'd never touched you. But I'll give you one get-out-of-jail card and let you skate this time."

She jumped in my lap and covered me in kisses. "Baby, thank you. It'll never happen again. I'll have my guard up."

I coldly looked at her and stated, "It better not. Get dressed. I'll take you to get your car."

She got dressed and I drove her to the Starlight Club and there was her car all by itself in the parking lot. She took her keys and getting in started her car and turned to head home. I followed and noticed she spent almost the whole trip on cell phone.

No ... I promised her I would not be suspicious and I did give her the free pass.

But I'm not a dummy. That day I went online and found a Trojan horse for her cell phone and sound activated recorders for the home phone and inside her car. I also got two Blue Ray wireless pencil nanny-cams and put one in our bedroom and the other in the guest bedroom. The recorder for the cameras was in a dark corner of the basement that I knew Nicole never visited since it was filled with spider webs and she hated spiders.

For the next two weeks everything seemed fine, we even had lukewarm sex a few times. But I could get no closer as to which one of the men was the culprit.

Then it all went to hell last Tuesday. Early in the morning after Nicole left for work, I again checked the download from her cell's Trojan horse. Five calls from the same number, identified by her phone as Dan's private number.

I listened to each conversation. Four were pure business; the last destroyed my very soul.

"Hello Dan." Nicole all but purred into the receiver.

"Hi, sexy lady. You ready to party this weekend? My wife will be in Indiana visiting her sick mother. You can stay at my place and we can fuck all weekend."

Nicole laughed, "All weekend? Hmmm. Sounds good lover. I'll tell Lee I have to go out of town on that project we're working on. But, please, no more cocaine. That shit hit us so hard we must have fucked right in my driveway. I don't remember much after Danielle ate me out."

Dan laughed, "Yeah, it got pretty wild. I do remember you gave me the best blowjob I've ever had sitting in my car in front of your house."

She continued, "Just do me a favor and don't take my panties again as a trophy. Okay? Lee almost got on to us because the last time my panties were nowhere around."

Dan replied sounding a little confused, "Darling, I didn't take your panties. They must have fallen out of your car at the Club after we fucked the first time or maybe later at Harry's house."

I was livid and seething with rage. Both of the assholes as well as her female boss had done her. I continued to listen.

"Shit I hope so. You and Harry left a ton of spunk on those things. Of course they were ruined after Danielle ripped them off of me." Nicole said with almost a heavy pant in her voice.

Dan laughed, "It was something wasn't it? I'll bet you never thought something so bad and good would happen to you that night. Are you glad you did it?"

Nicole snickered, "Hell yes. I learned more about sex in ten minutes at Harry's place with the three of you than I'll ever learn with that doofus husband of mine."

Dan asked, "Doesn't Lee rock your boat sweet cakes?"

Nicole hesitated for just a second, "He's a considerate lover, but, my God, sex with you three is mind blowing. Don't get me wrong I love the big oaf, but you guys have given me an itch that needs scratching every few weeks."

Dan laughed, "Okay, we'll scratch that itch Friday night. I want to do you in the parking lot in Danielle's van again. That was so hot to have them fucking next to us."

Nicole snickered again, "It was hot. I wish old Lee would let us get into something like that. He'd love Danielle's body and she'd love his dick. You know he is bigger than either of you guys?"

Dan laughed, "If he is so much bigger why are you fucking us?"

"Because it is hot as hell to cheat on him. I come home after we spend the afternoon at Harry's or Danielle's and give him all of the pussy he wants. I lie there as we fuck thinking about the miles of dick I get now."

They both laughed and said goodbyes.

I called in sick and dialed my family attorney. My parents had used Howard for the last thirty years and he had seen me grow up. He was a close friend of the family.

He was semi-retired and only did pro-bono work for the poor these days. He came right on the line when he heard it was me on the phone.

"Lee, how are you? To what do I owe this honor?"

"Howard, I need for you to handle my divorce. Nicole is cheating on me with at least two other men."

"Oh God, no! Say it isn't so my boy."

"I'm afraid it is. I've got recorded verbal and DNA evidence.

"I need the papers fast and I need a process server who can serve them this Friday night. I know she will be together with her lovers then."

"Lee, my boy, consider it done."

"Howard, can you do something else for me? I want to sue Nicole's company for everything you can think of. One of the men is Nicole's manager on the project she has been working on, and the other is his boss. There is also a woman involved — Nicole's boss."

"Let's see, if your evidence is good, we should be able to get the company for not enforcing their non-fraternization condition of employment. We can sue all three of the individuals for contributing directly to the breakup of your marriage. I'll not be able to get all of this filed by this Friday but I can create Letters of Intent for each of these people stating our intentions to sue them at the earliest moment."

"Do it Howard." I said in a flat tone.

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