by Cly

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Erotica Sex Story: He was captured by the furries, sworn enemies of the humans, but I think he rather likes it....

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Furry   FemaleDom   Rough   Light Bond   Oral Sex   .

He's shuffled along, the large bear guards forcing him along the long, cold corridor. Barefoot, with nothing but a loin cloth, he shivers as he moves along. Finally, they come to large double doors made of a black wood. The grain is fine and delicate, the carvings adding to the beauty, with scenes of herds of intricate deer in a lovely dark forest.

The bear guards slowly swing the doors open to a large room, a giant four post bed to one side, surrounded by black sheer curtains. There is also a great dresser with a large mirror facing the bed, and many other grand furnishings. In the middle of the room is a massive black chair, seated before a large fireplace. The place seems rather dark and morbid, and he shudders.

Then one of the guards shoves him forward into the room. As he staggers and gets his bearings, the doors are swung shut behind him. He turns to look behind him when he hears a gentle voice from the chair.

"Do you know why you're here, human?" The voice is feminine and soft.

"My ship was captured by you assholes. I won't become one of you animals!" He growls, wringing his hands, still trying to fight the shackles on his wrist.

The chair slowly turns. He catches his breath. The doe that sat staring at him is one of the most beautiful "animals" he'd ever seen. The fur that covers her body is sleek and ebony, a rare color among their kind. Her amber eyes capture not only the light from the shimmering fire but he himself. They hold him, steady and commanding. He finds himself feeling small beneath that demanding gaze. She holds a very long, very thin filter for a cigarette that burns with the scent of something strong but pleasant. She takes a slow drag, blowing the wispy smoke out of her nostrils with a calculated breath.

"In that, you are correct, human. We have lived in these forms for hundreds of generations now, we wouldn't dream of allowing one of you to become one of us." She slowly stands, her quaint hooves clicking gently on the black marble floor. He looks down at her black hooves, then lets his blue eyes run up those long, thin legs that he knows are deceivingly strong. She takes another drag of the cigarette as she pulls out a small black box.

Turning, she approaches him. "Tell me, human, have you ever heard of a Weregem?" She opens the box, showing him a round little clear marble as she drew up near him. She only reaches his chest. She flicks those memorizing eyes to him.

"No," he takes a small step back, smelling the delicate scent of her, like a clear babbling stream, or a forest after a rain. And those eyes, they are intoxicating.

A tiny smile tugs at her long muzzle. She takes the marble out of the box with long, nimble fingers ending in small hooflike bones. She holds the marble up to him, only inches from his face. The snapping of the box cracks the gentle sounds that had thus far been the only things he could hear during the encounter. He jumps, his heart racing in his chest, but he can't look away from those enchanting eyes. "It omits a radiation that causes the were virus to go dormant, thus turning any monoshifter back into their original form, or the first form that was infected. It also prevents someone from catching the were virus. But the radiation only takes affect if it's inside someone."

He feels those delicate fingers touch his lips, the cold of the marble. His eyes grow wide. What in hell is this beast trying to do?

Then he cries out. The doe presses the burning end of her cigarette against his arm. She slips the marble into his mouth, but before he can spit it out, those hands of hers prove their strength, grabbing his jaw and pushing his head against the door, preventing him from spitting. "Swallow." Her voice is low but offers no room for disobedience.

"Go to hell," he snarls through his teeth, trying to fight her.

He feels her other hand reach under his loincloth. Her touch is warm and strong. "I've always heard humans are stubborn. Guess I'll need to teach you to respect the superior race."

Proving her fingers are a lot more nimble than he thought, his eyes roll back into his head with a groan in some pain mixed with pleasure, feeling that long thin filter slid up his urethra. Her other hand still holds his head against the door. With the filter in his semi erected cock, she begins to stroke him.


He finally obeys, feeling the marble slip down his throat easily. Her fingers slowly follow its path, caressing his neck, chest, and abdomen. Then she pulls the filter out of him, turning away as he gasps and nearly falls to the ground, the pressure in his dick suddenly gone. The filter had been thin and smooth enough that it hadn't torn anything, but that still felt weird and strangely arousing.

The doe goes to the table and pours some dark fluid out of a dark red gourd into a cuplike bowl. She turns back to him, approaches him with her hips swaying seductively as she moves. She holds up the bowl for him. "Drink this."

He glares at her. "Why should I?"

She smiles at him again. "You humans are stubborn. It will make everything better."

He glowers at her a little longer before taking it in his shackled hands. He takes a small sip. As the smooth, tangy fluid slides down his throat without effort, it sends warmth shooting through his body and limbs. He drinks the rest of it, still watching her. He didn't fear that there was poison it. He wouldn't be here if they wanted him dead.

As he hands her the bowl back, he blinks a few times. Everything seems so much clearer, his mind slowing in thought, but all his senses come to life. His last full thought is that it was some kind of drug, but he can't think much past that. Especially when he feels the doe touch his chest. He looks down at her, feeling small in that amber gaze.

She kneels down to his shackled feet, places the key into its hole and opens the cuffs around his ankles. He feels her hot, soft tongue running up his leg. He trembles, his muscles twitching with his sudden arousal. That luscious tongue of hers moves along the length of his hard gender, lingers at the tip for a moment, bringing a soft groan out of him. His skin is so sensitive to her touch, he's never felt anything like it.

She then stands, grabs the chain holding his wrists together, and pulls him after her to the large bed with its blood red blankets and sheer black curtains. He follows without protest, the drug having taken away any thoughts of resistance. She turns and eyes him with a lustful hunger. She rather likes the naked skin, all his lean, strong muscles very obvious without a fur pelt to cover them.

"You do know how to please a woman, don't you, human?" Her voice is hypnotic and lustful. He nods without thought. She smiles as she leans against the bed, pointing down. "Then show me what value humans have, if any."

Trembling, he kneels down, his hands running from her hooves, up those exotic long legs. Her fur is soft and glides through his fingers. He moves up her calves, and further along her thighs. He hears her give out a long breath, her legs spreading with soft clicks of her hooves. His tongue finds the furless slit between those lovely legs, tasting her sweetness. She lets out a pleased moan, feeling his strong lap at her clit. He feels her hand on top of his head, her fingers burying themselves in his short brown hair. Her other hand grips the bed post as he keeps licking.

He tilts his head back, his tongue reaching into her slit. He licks harder when he feels a shudder run through her and a long moan leaving her. She's growing wetter, he can feel her nectar on his chin, the taste of her like honey to him. Her hand in his hair grips tighter, her hips grinding against his experienced tongue.

He goes back to licking at her clit, his fingers probing at her entrance. She gives a loud moan when she feels his fingers slip deep inside of her hole. He moves his fingers in and out of her, pounding her slit while he keeps his tongue stimulating her, circling her clit, lapping at it and nibbling. He can feel her growing close to bliss, her knees getting weak. Harsh, ragged moans continue to arouse him, glad that he can please her.

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