Jenna Gets More Than She Bargained For

by jenna shoes

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True Sex Story: Here is one more episode in my recent adventures. This time it gets really crazy. What am I turning into?

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   True Story   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   First   Oral Sex   Water Sports   Size   Leg Fetish   .

This is my third story posting. I have been sharing some recent events that occurred in the past 8 months.

A little bit about me if you did not read my previous story. My name is Jenna, I am 40, married with 2 kids. I am 5'6" tall and weigh 130lbs. Brown hair in a bob haircut and brown eyes. Good curves where they are needed if I may say so. My main assets would be long legs and larger breast than the natural average. Still attractive but not a knockout, let's not exaggerate. I work as a top exec in a large company and live a rather conservative uptight life. I had always been loyal to my husband until the events I am relating in these stories.

I love clothes and footwear and always dress in as sophisticated and classy manner as I can. That does not mean I look dull or do not like to look sexy but I do that while remaining classy. Being in a powerful position for a woman, I have to show confidence to all those around me and may come off as tough. However having a strong exterior means that I have to express my feminine side in other ways. I like to wear high heels and knee high boots but also sexy sophisticated lingerie. For example I wear mostly stockings and rarely pantyhose.

If you like the story or if you want to see what I look like, send me an email. I will send you a picture of me in the outfit involved (no, not just the lingerie!).

Well the last two business trips I had taken had landed me in some rather unfamiliar territory. Both times I had had wild sexual adventures with Tom. I felt somewhat weird about it. Some guilt mixed with the excitement of the new passion. I was not in love with Tom but the sex had been quite wonderful. I had plunged head first into "practices" that would have disgusted me a few months before.

Anyway this trip would be different, Tom could not come there. It was in Arizona and it would be hot there. No boots! I feel so confident and sexy in boots and more cold weather attire. I packed feeling more at ease because I did not think that I would be doing anything wrong while on this trip. So wrong yet so good, sure, but it would not happen this time, right?

This meeting would be among people from my company but it was a national event where everyone met once a year. I was hoping to have more fun as I knew a lot of people. The clothing was a bit more informal than usual.

The first two evenings went great. I met a lot of other people I had not seen in a while and we reconnected. The third night I was joining a large group of people at a nice restaurant off the resort property. It was a bit more dress up than the other evenings. Even though it was only March, it was smoldering that evening. I put on a very smart, sleeveless, below the knee black dress with black strapy sandals with 4 inch heels. Nothing to get the rumor mill going! I had to get a sexy touch though, you know me by now! Since I could not wear a regular bra due to the cleavage of the dress I put on a black skin tight sheer teddy with a thong and an almost bare back. It has some golden accents spread around. It could not be seen but it held my breasts in place. I could feel the thong in my butt crack as I walked. I do not wear thongs often. The silky material of the teddy felt wonderful against my skin. There I was again having sexual urges.

Anyway. The dinner was very nice at a luxurious restaurant with great views over the Phoenix area. The wine was flowing and the conversation was fun. I sat next to a gentleman I had met a couple times. Now, I had heard a lot of women from my company joke that he was quite handsome. I have never been attracted to black men (probably my conservative upbringing and had never wanted to rebel). In this case, I was feeling quite intrigued. David is a well educated, sharply dressed executive who had grown up in the UK. He was different from other black men I had met. Sitting next to him, I felt his muscles brush against me a few times and my naughty side was awakened. "He does look quite handsome actually" I thought to myself. I asked him more and more questions and tried to sound more interested in him than I had during the rest of the evening.

David is one level above me in the hierarchy of the company and is doing quite well. As the dinner moved on and the wine bottles emptied, I was checking his strong arms more and more and imagined myself in them. We all moved to a lounge for a few more drinks but the event was a bit too uptight for dancing. Too bad! As I climbed in a taxi for the drive back, I saw David squeeze in and quickly tell the driver where we were going. We could have fit one more person but he did not seem to care. I felt like this was dangerous grounds. Someone could have seen this and get the "wrong idea". We started commenting about the evening and the fact that it ended so early without a dancing party. "Well, Jenna, if you would like to party more, we can go to the resort's dance club or another location. I know the town quite well" I was taken aback but tried to remain poised. "Sure but I would not want our colleagues to get the wrong idea, David" "I understand completely, Jenna, most of our colleagues are more the early bird special crowd. They are already past their bed time." I laughed at that and so innocently placed my hand on his forearm for a couple seconds. "We can go back to the resort and meet later to do something fun. If you know other like-minded people, they can join us"

Was that a test? Was he not interested in me or did he not think I was interested in him? Or maybe he was looking into some really kinky stuff? "Well sure David. I will see if I run into anyone who might want to join us. Where should we meet?" "Well the sports bar will be packed with guys we can say goodbye there to stop all rumors but we can meet at my suite. It is room number 1225 ... This way we can have a drink there and include anyone who would join us. I will think about where we can go" "Sounds fine to me. We will meet at our suite in 15 minutes then. I like all kinds of music by the way" "Cool then".

We left the cab and walked in the resort's lobby. "Nice seeing you again Jenna" "Same here". We had to give a bit of a show to stop rumors before they start. I saw two ladies I know and walked over to them. We chatted about the conference but I did not mention the invite from David. Was I really going to throw myself in his arms? I was horny but that was a bit much. I bid goodnight to the other folks around and pretended to head for my room. I went to another elevator and took it to the 12th floor. I looked around when I exited and realized this was an all suites floor, the top floor of the hotel. How exciting! I felt like I was in a spy movie. Maybe David was not interested in me or maybe he would have more people. What if I walked in and he had a bunch of guys waiting to go out? I was quite nervous when I knocked on the door. He opened quickly and smiled at me "Hello Jenna, glad you could make it" He looked around and said with a slight smirk "could not find anyone else to stay up past 10 PM, could you?" "No, I am afraid they are all too tired" "You seem full of energy yourself, Jenna. Please come in and we will discuss where we are headed next"

I walked in this very large suite and followed him to the bar. Some R&B was playing from the entertainment center. I could see through the window the lights of the city. It was a very nice suite. I walked over to David, making sure I walked properly with one foot in front of each other to swing my hips more. He looked at me appreciatively up and down as I walked over and placed my purse on the counter. We smiled at each other. "Well, Jenna, how about a cup of Champagne?" "Sure I never pass on a glass of Champagne!" He popped a cork and filled each of us a glass. "That is a great suite David, is the company approving this type of room or did you get an upgrade?" "My family has links to the owners of this chain so I get special treatment" "That's impressive". "Please Jenna let's go look out the terrace, the view is stunning" I walked in front of him as he gestured and walked towards the open sliding glass window. "This is rather stunning as well" said David in a low voice. I slowed down and looked over my shoulder. He was staring at my back and legs. "Thank you, you are too kind David" "Please keep walking Dear, I am enjoying the view!" I giggled like a teenager. "He wants me" I thought, I have to play hard to get a bit. We walked over to the railing and admired the lights and the mountains in the distance. David placed his arm around my waist softly. "Beautiful isn't it?" "Yes it is, a beautiful view" He motioned to a couch on the terrace. It was hidden from view of the other terraces by a hedge of fichus trees. I sat down and crossed my legs, making sure my dress would slide down a bit and reveal most of my thighs. I quickly pulled it back up. What a tease I am! I noticed a sound from the other side of the hedges. David saw I was looking other there and said "That is a private hot tub, by the way" David said with a knowing smile. "Too bad I did not bring my bathing suit. The hot tubs downstairs are crowded" "we'll see what we can arrange then" He sat next to me and turned sideways to look straight in my eyes. I felt like I was blushing. Where is the playing hard to get part? "This is very romantic isn't it Jenna? The moonlight, the city lights, you..." That was corny but I chose to let it go and just smiled back. His right hand went to the back of my neck and moved my head forward so he could kiss me. Even if I had not wanted to, I could not have done otherwise. His strong arms were controlling me and I felt powerless, at his mercy. And I liked it but I had to act coy a bit. I pulled back and turned my head to look at the view. "Easy there" "I am sorry Jenna, I thought you were as attracted to me as I am to you." "well" I hesitated "it's not that I, well, I " I felt foolish. "Have you ever been with a black man before Jenna?" "No I have not but that is not really an issue" "So you are just playing hard to get a bit?" I looked in his eyes, smiled and said "yes". We laughed and David ran his right hand across my cheek and through my hair.

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