Oh Danny!

by Patricia51

Copyright© 2010 by Patricia51

Erotica Sex Story: College stud Danny finaly gets his two best female friends. Doesn't he?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   .

Danny Dugan was enthralled. And who in his position wouldn't be? What was happening to him now was so unbelievably erotic that it dwarfed any experience the newly minted college freshman had ever had.

Mary Gray, the Mary of his wet dreams for years was kneeling on the edge of his bed. The silk nightie she was wearing was so filmy that he could see her breasts gently swaying through the fabric, see the perfection of the hard pink tips, even the hint of the brown triangle between her legs. She knelt there, looking at him with an expression of near desperate adoration.

"Oh Danny, I've wanted this for so long," the former head cheerleader breathed in a husky voice. She leaned forward, bracing herself on her hands and kissed him. Her mouth was a sweet as he had always dreamed it would be. Then she lowered her head and her lips marched down his body, producing chills and Goosebumps. But those were as nothing at all when her long hair spread over his stomach and her open mouth slid over the straining length of his cock.

"Oh my God," he groaned.

"Hey now! Danny you PROMISED! No starting without me!" the familiar voice of Lisa Grafton rang out from the bedroom door.

Somehow Danny managed to wrench his attention from what Mary was doing to him, at least for a moment. His eyes felt like they were already glazing over and he couldn't muffled a groan of pleasure. Then his eyes focused on Lisa and opened wide.

His very oldest friend was wearing jeans. But instead of the comfortable, loose fitting ones she normally was at home in, these looked to be spray-painted on they were so tight. Tight everywhere except in the very front, where the snap was undone and the zipper slid down far enough that Danny could see that the surfer girl apparently had dispensed with panties.

And if Mary's breasts had been a mystery to be glimpsed through her nightie than Lisa's were anything but mysterious. Above her waist Lisa wore nothing. Her firm small rounded orbs jutted proudly, the brown points as hard as stone.

Mary sat back on her legs, replacing her mouth with her hand. "Oh Lisa, I'm so sorry. It was all my fault. I just couldn't resist."

"I understand Mary," Lisa reassured her friend. "After all, this is Danny we're talking about. I can't blame you for not being able to hold back."

"Well, we can share him," suggested Mary. "After all he IS man enough for both of us."

Danny smiled. The three of them had been friends all through high school. He had known that they both were strongly attracted to him, wanted him in fact but he had always held back lest the sex spoil their friendship. His smile only broadened as the pair of lovely college girls fell on him like two starving lionesses. They kissed and nibbled all over him before taking their turns.

Lisa was first. She slowly stripped off her jeans, turning as she pushed them over her hips, showing the firm perfect globes of her ass. She leaned forward as her hands ran down her legs and Danny's cock twitched harder at the sight of her tight puckered opening as it winked at him. The jeans pooled at her feet and for a moment she remained bent over, giving him time to enjoy the flexing of her smooth legs before she straightened up and stepped out of the denim.

She turned and walked towards him. A full summer at the beach; a summer full of swimming, surfing and time spent in a grove under the sun but hidden from passers-by had left her athletic body firm and golden brown all over. The sun had streaked her hair with near blonde highlights. Only the curls between her legs, curls damp already with her arousal, showed the original brown of her hair.

As Lisa reached the bed Mary let go of Danny's cock and slid back down the bed, allowing the other girl free access. Lisa knelt on the bed, flinging one leg over so she was able to straddle him. After rubbing her spread labia against the purple head of his She slowly lowered herself onto him, taking him into her inch by inch until her weight finally drove him completely up into her. Her eyes were closed and a dreamy smile stayed on her face. Her bouncing began as slowly as had her climbing onto him but before long she was frantically riding up and down on Danny's shaft.

Her eyes were nearly closed as she moaned deep in her throat. "Oh Danny, OH DANNY! No one does it like you. No one has a cock like yours; no one makes me feel like a woman like you do."

She had cupped her breasts as she rode him. As Danny braced his hands on the bed to thrust upward he saw two hands slide around Lisa and under the brunette's hands. He realized that Mary was playing with her friend's breasts, rolling and teasing the hard nipples and then pulling them. Lisa's breasts were small but beautifully rounded and they just barely jiggled in Mary's grasp.

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