Learning the Meaning of Responsibility

by Mark Phillips

Copyright© 2010 by Mark Phillips

Erotica Sex Story: Enith, a beautiful, 32 year old Latina, makes the mistake of forgetting that there are consequences to every decision one makes, and that some consequences can have repercussions that last a life time. Sometimes the repercussions come in twos.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Father   Uncle   Humiliation   Group Sex   Hispanic Male   Hispanic Female   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Big Breasts   .

It was past 2:00 in the morning and the moonlight illuminated the ground with a dull, almost silvery sheen as Enith hurriedly walked up the sidewalk to her parent's house. She had completely lost track of time and was praying to God that her parents had already gone to sleep. She cursed herself for not paying closer attention to the time. She had gotten totally carried away at the salsa club, accepting dance after dance, not able to decline the line of handsome men who approached her, even though she knew she was out way past her curfew. Enith hurried forward, her heart tripping in her chest.

Enith loved to dance. Moving her body in poetic motion to the sensual beat of the music was one of her ultimate past times. She loved her dance partners holding her tightly as they moved symmetrically across the dance floor with the grace of two swans.

She loved the pounding of the beat, the feel of energy coursing through her, energizing her, as she swayed and twiched her hips provokingly. She always attracted attention. She was only a little over five feet tall, but commanded the attention of a woman twice her size. She had a perfectly proportioned body. Her large bust tapered down to a thin waist and flared out again to a beautifully firm, round ass; her body was tight and toned from years of dancing and physical activity. When she moved, her long, jet black hair would sway, flicking back and forth as her partner spun and dipped her to the beat of the music. She was wearing a very tight, short, black dress that accentuated every subtle curve of her body. She could feel her strong thighs flex as her partner danced closely to her and then spun her around like a top. Her partner pulled her towards him again, her large bust pressed into his chest. She smiled sardonically at him, letting him know that it was just a dance and that the bulge in his pants was something he would have to deal with on his own when he got home. Enith felt euphoric and alive, like a mare running at full gallop through an endless pasture of wild flowers. She could sense more than see people admiring her, both men and women, as she moved so eloquently; poetry in motion, her high heels clicking on the hard, wooden floor to the fast, energetic, rhythm of the songs.

The click, click, click of her black pumps on the hard cement seemed to echo too loudly in the still dark of the night. She could feel a warm swirl of anxiety fluttering in her stomach. She knew the consequences of disobeying the rules. Enith's parents were strict, particularly her father. He was old school all the way. It was a miracle that she was even allowed to go dancing. Her father was an extremely, conservative Baptist; an elder in the church and served on several church committees. Everyone in church loved her father. They thought he was one of the most caring, sensitive men in the congregation. A giant among men. Enith shuddered with nervousness. If they only knew. If they only knew what her father really was.

The only reason that she was out this particular night, was that her mother has literally begged her father to let Enith go out, knowing that her only daughter needed the opportunity to go out, have fun, and mingle with other people her age. She pleaded, "Esposo, our daughter is not a child anymore. She is 32 years old. She knows how to make good decisions. We raised her properly. You need to give her the space to live and develop into the fine, God fearing woman we both know she is inside." Pedro Jimenez, Enith's father, stood stoically as his wife made her case. He shook his head over and over again, but finally relented unable to come up with enough of a counter argument to clearly make his case. He stood at the door with his big hands at his waist, his face hard and impassive. His parting words to Enith were, "You better make sure you are in by 12:00 or you are going to suffer the consequences. Don't disappoint me."

Enith paused at the outside of her house. It was pitch black outside, the stars shimmering in the sky like little diamonds. The house was quiet as a cemetery. Her tense muscles began to relax. They were probably already asleep. As quietly as possible she reached into her purse, looking for her house key. The porch light wasn't on so she had to fumble for it. She froze like an ice sculpture as the key slipped out of her hand and landed on the wooden porch. She clenched her eyes, cowering, waiting for the porch light to come on to hear her fathers gruff voice ushering her into the house and the stern lecture that would ensue.

A few seconds passed even though it felt like an eternity. Enith reached down in the dark night, feeling around for the key. Her muscles felt tense under her tight dress. Although the evening was cool, she felt a sheen of dewy perspiration covering her body. She grasped the key tightly and slowly inserted it into the lock. She turned it slowly. She heard the door lock open with a soft, but audible 'click." She held her breath as she opened the door. She took a hesitant step into foyer, her eyes furtively scanning the kitchen and the main family room that adjoined the foyer area. She could barely make out the furniture that seemed to be floating beyond the darkness like a dismembered spirit.

Enith reached down and took off her heels, aware that the click of her heels on the hard oak floor would alert her parents to her late arrival. Stepping lightly she began to slowly walk up the staircase in a slight crouch, her breath shallow. When she got to the top landing, she breathed a sign of relief. She was only a few feet away from her bedroom door.

Suddenly, the hall light came on. Enith jumped, startled. She quickly pivoted around, almost losing her balance. Her parents were in their pajamas. Her father stared, glowering at her. His eyes as hard as flint. He had one of his arms around her mother. Enith looked at her father and gulped. She was left speechless. She felt the bottom drop out of her stomach. She looked over at her mother, her face a mask of disappointment.

Her mother spoke first. She implored, "Why mija? I spoke up for you! I defended you! I told your father you could be trusted, that you were responsible! Why did you betray our trust? Why? Her mother put her hands to her face and began to quietly sobbed. Enith moaned in terror at what her mother said next. "You remember what happened when you were 17 right Enith? You remembered what happened when you disobeyed, correct?"

In high school Enith had nagged her parents to death to go on a date with the most popular boy in the senior class, a ruggedly handsome boy named Mark who had asked her out the week before. They were just going to the movies Enith had argued. All her friends were going out on dates. She stated repeatedly that she could be trusted, that she was capable of making good decisions, that she was a big girl and could handle the responsibilities inherent in dating. Her mother was the one who finally got on board with her desire and between the both of them, were finally able to convince Enith's father that she would not do anything to shame their home and their standing in both the church and the community. Her father had gruffly told both her and Mark, when he picked her up, that he expected her back at 12:00, not later, or there would be consequences. Enith was so excited that she had agreed to everything, even though the party they were planning on going to after the movie was going to go on way past her curfew.

When she arrived home at 1:30, she had had so much fun that she was completely unmindful about what her parents had told her earlier. She felt like a princess and in the throes of her joy she neglected to fully appreciate the consequences of her actions. She hadn't even bothered to be careful when she got home. She entered as if she was royalty and her family her court. It was dark then too. She had walked up the stairs to her room with pride, reliving the wonderful kisses Mark had given her that evening. She was glowing with the anticipation of her next date with him.

Suddenly the hall lights came on and Enith was staring into the angry faces of her parents. She was in shock when they told her to enter their bedroom. She stood there like a tree rooted to the ground staring back at them with frightened eyes. She had never seen them this upset. Her father broke her out of her stupor.

"Are you deaf?," he asked bellowing.

"N ... n ... no papa," she replied nervously. She scooted past them almost scampering like a scared rabbit. Half expecting one of her parents to swat her hard on the behind as she entered their room.

Enith wore an off white, over the shoulder silk blouse and a short, dark blue leather skirt. A pair of white pumps completed the ensemble. Her blouse contrasted nicely with her soft olive skin that glowed with the freshness of youth. She stood there uncertainly, looking at the ground, not sure what she should say or do. Internally, her stomach was in knots. Her heart was palpating crazily with anxiety.

Enith's father turned to his wife. Tears pooled up in her eyes and she turned away. She had done everything she could to help her daughter, but Enith had broken the trust she had been given. Her mother knew that there was nothing else that she could do. As much as it pained her to put Enith in the position she was now in, their daughter had to learn the meaning of responsibility.

Her parents entered the room and quietly closed the door. Enith looked at them, unsure what to do or what was going to happen. Her father gazed at her openly, his eyes almost glinting with what she took for anger. Her mother looked sad, resigned, as if accepting she had a chronic, fatal disease and was now ready to face death. Enith felt sick to her stomach, the unknowingness of what was going to transpire and her inability to change the course of what was going to happen. She took a deep breath and silently counted to five. 'I can get through this, ' she thought to herself. She brushed her hair back from her soft shoulders aware that she was lightly perspiring from the anxiety and turmoil that twisted and turned through her, making her stomach ache.

Her father spoke first.

"What time did your mother and I tell you to come home?" he stated angrily.

Her father's anger was almost palatable. He was almost visibly shaking with what she assumed was anger. Enith tried to keep her voice light and matter of fact.

"I'm sorry papa," she stated quietly, "I just lost track of time."

"Are you telling us you are so dumb you can't ask someone to tell you the time?" he bellowed angrily.

Enith flinched and stepped back. Her father had never even come close to alluding that she was dumb. She began to softly sob. "I di ... di ... didn't think of asking anybody. I was having to mu ... mu ... much ... fu ... fun." Enith wiped her hand across her eyes trying not to let the tears pooling in her eyes a flood gate of outright crying.

"Fun? Did you say you were having too much fun?" Her father stepped forward and glowered down at her. "Your mother and I were worried sick and you're out there carousing with your boyfriend hours after your curfew and because you were having too much fun?!" He looked at her incredously, waiting for an answer.

Enith took another step back aware that her firm rump was now pressing against her parent's cal king sized bed.

Her father suddenly became very quiet. He looked at her intently, his dark eyes probing deeply into Enith's watering light brown eyes. She looked away frightened beyond measure. Pedro took the opportunity to slowly scan the length of this daughter's body. His gaze paused at her cute nose, her full generous lips, her elegant neck, lower. He feasted his eyes on her magnificent breasts. The way they filled out her silk blouse. Over the last three years he was quietly watching his daughter growing up. She was no longer a child. She was a woman. In the confines of the silk top, the soft material clung almost like a second skin to the heavy, full mounds.

He licked his lips.

Enith stared down at the floor, her eyes focusing on her father's black, workman's shoes, that were scuffed and warn from years of maintenance work at a local factory.

"Look at me," her father said. Enith looked into his eyes, which bore into hers like a pair of clear laser. She could not see, but rather sensed her mother hovering in the background, softly sobbing.

In a measured tone he stated, "Listen to me and listen to me carefully. You mother and I both told you what are expectations were. You were to be home at 12:00. Instead you come parading in at 1:30, almost ninety minutes late." He leaned forward his voice rising. Enith retreated further backwards, which caused her to lose her balance and fall onto the bed.

"And to top it off you parade in her like you were some princess that has the right to do anything she pleases. That you can flaunt the rules because you are ... you are so ... so fucking beautiful."

Enith looked at her father with a combined expression of nervous, anxiety and shock. Although her father was a very strict man, he never used bad language in front of her. Never. What was going on? Her father was mad, but coupled with his anger as something else. The tone and direction of their one sided conversation was alien to her. When her father was mad, he usually just yelled and told her to go to her room or he put her on restriction. But in this instance there seemed to be something else. The whole context seemed off kilter. Like he was somehow steering her into some kind of mental ditch.

Her father continued his tirade, but his voice was a little softer. He was speaking to her in an almost apologetic manner, but with that same constrained anger. "Do you know what responsibility is?

Enith could only look at him mutely, not sure what he wanted to hear.

"Well I'll tell you," as if Enith was too much of an imbecile to answer. "Responsibility means you are able to handle yourself without guidance. It means you can be trusted. It means you make the right choices and the right decisions and are aware how your decisions affect you and the people around you.

Enith could only nod her head. Her soft shoulders began to jerk up and down as Enith quietly began to sob.

"I don't want to do what I'm going to do mija, but you have to learn, really learn, what true responsibility is." Her father slowly brought his hand up to her face and began to sensually caress her soft cheeks. He paused at Enith's full lips and ran his index finger between them.

When Enith's father reached for her, she flinched believing that he was going to strike her. But when she realized he was touching her ... touching her in a way that wasn't the way father's touched their daughter, she finally was able to summon the strength to speak out.

"Papa, I do ... do ... don't ... Furiously, her father pinched her beautiful face between his hard, callused, working man fingers. The hard digits digging into her soft cheeks.

Enith cried out in pain. "Papa stop! Your hurting me!"

"Are you going to shut up than???. Are you going to shut your stupid mouth!," he bellowed.

Not wanting to enrage her father further she nodded in the affirmative, her head moving back and forth quickly.

Enith looked up at her mother. Her mother looked at her for a quick second and turned away. Enith new that her mother was not going to be of any help. What was she to do?

Her father continued to caress her face, his fingers lightly dancing on his daughters soft satiny skin. Enith sat stock still, as rigid as a store mannequin. He slowly sat on the bed facing his daughter. He began to slowly and lightly run his hands from her face to her neck. Back and forth. Back and forth. Enith's lith legs and toned arms broke out in rash of goose bumps.

Enith clenched her hands together into tight fists when she felt her father's rough, callused hands, sensually, trace a line from her cheeks to her supple neck to her shoulders. He held them there together like a pair of book end and than began to slowly peel down the silk garment from Enith's soft shoulders, down her arms.

Enith's breath caught in her throat. Her mouth felt parched. Her tongue felt swollen, too big for her mouth. She felt like she couldn't breath. She clenched her eyes tightly.

"Open your eyes, mija. Open your eyes," He said breathlessly with just a hint of underlying authority. Enith opened her eyes reluctantly, not wanting to see her further debasement. Her father paused and told his wife to get on the bed. She complied obediently, positioning herself behind her daughter, resting on her knees. She continued to intermittently sob, but was more in control of her emotions, understanding that sometimes the only way to learn a lesson was to experience the consequences of it first hand.

As she both felt and saw her top being pulled down to her waist leaving her in just her bra, she began to quietly babble, "Papa ... Pa ... Pa ... please ... wha ... what are you doing?" Her father squeezed her upper arms like a pair of commercial vices making Enith cry out in both pain and fear. She quickly stopped her babbling. She felt the hard fingers digging into her arm. She winced at the strong fingers that were digging into her soft flesh. She took a deep breath. She felt so stifled, so stuck, so violated, but there was nothing she could do. She just had to endure whatever it was that her father was trying to teach her. There was a lesson here. That's what her father inferred, but she wasn't getting it. Why was he touching her like this?

Enith jumped, startled, when she felt the fingers on her back. What was going on? She began to shudder from both her fear and anxiety. She looked at her father who gazed back. His eyes filled with what could only be described as a pool of lust. She felt him softly grasp her hands. If he was holding her hands, that meant ... Oh god, no! Enith, felt a rush of adrenaline, rush into her stomach with the force of a freight train. She tried to get up. She felt her father's hands, tighten on hers, harder. She was immobile. She couldn't move!

Behind Enith her mother began to work the clasps of Enith's bra that contained the hard, full mounds of her daughter. It was hard to see through the tears, but she managed to loosen one, two, one more ... the three clasps. Free of the constraints of the bra, which dropped onto Enith's lap and then the floor, Enith's large tits tumbled out. Her breasts were amazingly large for her age, but in proportion to the rest of her body. The areolas were dark brown and capped with thick, almost thimble sized nipples. Her nipples began to thicken and elongate as they made contact with the cool air of the bedroom.

Not knowing what else to do and feeling like a trapped animal, Enith attempted to get up clumsily. She heard, before she felt, the wake of air as her father's hand slapped her face making her head snap back. She cried out and a fresh batch of tears began to cascade down her trembling cheeks. She sat, petrified, humiliated and scared beyond belief. What in God's name was going on?

Her father told Enith to put her arms behind her back. When she hesitated, her father raised his hand menacingly. Not wanting to anger him, and not wanting to get slapped again, she slowly complied. As she moved her arms back, her shoulders also bent back causing back to arch. She felt her breasts protruding into the air. The twin, firm mounds, jutting forward provocatively. She felt so exposed. She wanted nothing more than to grab a blanket and cover herself. It was wrong what they were doing to her. This wasn't the way to punish a daughter. It was wrong! It was illegal!

Enith's father stared down at the hard, firm, fleshy mounds of his daughter that jutted out of her chest proudly. Gesturing to his wife to hold tightly onto the wrists of their daughter, he slowly began to trace his palms from Enith's tear stained cheeks, around her jaw bone tensing with nervousness, to her smooth, neck. Enith's breath caught in her throat as her father's hands continued their journey downwards, lightly brushing her smooth shoulders and then panning together palms down above her breasts.

Enith began to heave with anxiety as she felt her father's hands travel slowly downward across her soft, firm tits. When he reached her sensitive nipples he began to slowly palm them gently in small, smoother circles. The ridges of his hard, callused palms stimulating Enith's nipples which began to harden. She subtly tried to move her arms to protect herself, but she could feel her mother begin to apply more pressure to her dainty wrists, rendering her immobile, helpless.

Enith's breath was lurching in her chest as if her lungs couldn't take in enough oxygen. She began to disassociate, not believing that she was in her parent's bedroom, half naked, with her mother holding her arms painfully behind her back, while her father was palming her hard nipples with increasing pressure. Enith cried out in humiliation as her father closed his hands over the full mounts. Grasping both of her taut breasts in his hard hands, he lightly pinched her stiff nipples together between his thumb and index finger and began to rhythmically pull them as if he was milking a cow. Enith groaned as pin-pricks of pleasure began radiating outwards from her sensitive nipples; minute currents of sexual energy that caused her nipples to pulse and throb with awakened arousal.

She feebly tried to move her arms to stop her father's ministrations on her breasts. The stimulation was causing her torso to squirm like a worm on a hook. She looked into her father's eyes, which were lit up, glowing, with sexual fever. She could sense his need, a need which she new was growing every second as he had had his way with her. She ha ... ha ... had to do something to stop this madness.

She shuddered and writhed on the bed as he palmed, hefted, squeezed her breasts while maintaining the constantly pinching and pulling on Enith's throbbing nipples. Unable to disengage her sense of helplessness from the sexual feelings of arousal that coursed through her like body like hot lava, Enith arched her back fully pushing her heaving tits into her fathers hands. The feeling of his deft fingers on her nipples was exquisite. The sweet, sweet pull ... god. She unconsciously stuck her tongue out of her mouth and ran it over her parched lips.

Enith's mom was struggling with her own sexual feelings. Watching as her husband dismantled their daughter sexually was becoming to difficult to ignore. She could no longer just hold her daughter's wrists as her husband continued the sexual assault on their daughter who was moaning, losing herself bit by bit to the forces her father had unleashed within her. She could feel her own breasts aching. They felt constricted in her bra. She could feel her own nipples throbbing with arousal, boring into the bra cups like two over heated thimbles. She was aware of the thin material of her cotton panties, which seemed to be baked onto the secreting fluids of her aroused vagina. She groaned.

At that moment her husband motioned to her to take over. Quickly he got off the bed and kneeled in front of their daughter. He took his hands and placed them on the inside of each of her knees and began to slowly pull them apart. Simultaneously, Enith's mother reached around her daughter's chest and eagerly began to palm and heft Enith's firm tits who shuddered helplessly as she felt the softer hands and fingers of her mother began to alternately to pinch and squeeze her sensitive nipples causing her body to writhe and quiver with sexual want and excitment.

Enith's father pulled Enith's legs farther and farther apart while pulling her forward so that her firm ass was on the edge of the bed. Enith feebly protested the wrongness of the act as her father put his head under her skirt and began to lap hungrily at the panties, stimulating Enith's vagina that was red, swollen and secreting copies amount of cunt juice. The front of her panties were soaked with her secreting fluids and the saliva from her father's tongue, which hungrily lapped at her cunt like a cat lapping at a bowl of milk.

As her mother palmed her firm tits, Enith mewed and whimpered. She looked down and groaned softly, deep in her chest, as she gazed at her father's broad shoulders, his head hidden by her skirt. She felt a shiver of sexual longing reverberate down her spine as her father tugged her thin cotton panties off her firm ass pulling them down her long, tan legs. She threw her head back and moaned as her father's tongue made contact and then entered her vaginal passage further stimulating the nerve endings of her vagina.

He began to dart his tongue in and out of his daughter's hot box, pausing to take quick stabs at her clit which was fully distended from its hood, buzzing with sexual intensity and sexual need. Her engorged clit, poked out from underneath the moist, pink protective hood throbbed with desire.

Hi paused in mid stroke, moving form under Enith's short skirt and motioning to his wife to pull Enith into a supine position.

Slowly, Enith's mother began to back up, maintaining her small hands on the large, firm tits of her daughter, pushing backwards against her daughters full, warm orbs with an insistent pressure. Enith threw her arms out attempting to catch herself, but the angle of her body as she was slowly lowered ot the bed, prohibited her from locking her elbows. She fell back heavily, her heavy tits bouncing softly on her chest as she made contact with the bed.

Enith's mother pinched her daughter's nipples and began to pull and twist them more vigorously. A spasm passed through Enith's lower gut as a small orgasm constricted and imploded in her vagina, causing her to arch her back and cry out. Rivulets of cunt cream coating the outer lips of her aroused vulva.

Her father quickly pulled off her skirt and tugged her purposely towards him by her slim ankles. While he was eating his daughter's wet pussy, he worked his pants and underwear down his strong legs, freeing his ridged cock that was pulsing with sexual need and want. The cock swayed back and forth like a cobra waiting to strike as he positioned himself between the spread legs of his beautiful daughter that lay splayed before him, her legs open wantonly.

Enith, felt the soft scrape of flesh on the soft innermost part of her thigh and what could only be described as a feeling of sticky wetness ... A slight tremor passed through her body, leaving her nauseas. She jerked up as if hit by a bolt of lightning, suddenly cognizant of what was going on, where this was leading. Even though the thick veil of sexual desire and need that she had let wrap around her body, she finally understood what her father meant by teaching her responsibility.

Knowing that eventually Enith would realize the parental lesson that she was being taught, her parents were prepared. Her mother quickly grabbed her daughters arms before she could scramble off the bed and seek safety, pulling her arms over her daughter's head and holding onto her wrists with both hands. This left Enith completely immobile.

Her father meanwhile grabbed his daughter's legs from under her firm, soft thighs and pulled them up so that her legs were dangling in the air. Her wet vagina parted open, red and raw with arousal. With no way to move her arms or leverage her legs, Enith was unable to muster the necessary leverage to move off the bed or at least put herself at a better advantage to prevent her father from doing what she considered the ultimate sin. She shuddered in desperation as she felt the head of her father's hard cock as he wetly grazed her quivering clit and then poked forward, the swollen head entering Enith's wet pussy.

Knowing that she was completely at the mercy of her parents, especially her father, she cried out, pleadingly. "I'm sorry papa. I'm sorry. I promise. I swear. I'll never be late again."

Her father poked forward again, clenching the strong muscles of his thighs. Four more inches of his thick member entered her pulsating fuck hole, the wide girth stretching her insides, causing the sensitive nerves of her vagina to minutely vibrate with sexual tension. The feel of her father's cock half way up her fuck chamber caused her to shudder with nervousness and fear. She tried to force her legs together in order to bring her feet to bear on her father's chest and push him away, but it was no use. Her father was at least 6'2" and strong as a bear. His hands held her tense legs open with strength and purpose; the base of his thick cock jutting obscenely out of the wet, swollen vaginal cleft of his daughter who stared back at him in alarm; her eyes wide with fright.

"Pa ... pa ... pa ... pa please, she stammered, "I learned my lesson. I swear, I swear to you ... never again ... I ... I swear ... nev..." At that moment her father pushed forward heavily burying his thick member into Enith's hot hole. Enith gasped in mid sentence and unconsciously arched her back as her father pushed the remaining four inches of his pulsating prick into her soaked vagina. He looked down at the base of his cock, the red, swollen and aroused lips of his daughter's pussy ringing the throbbing base of his cock like a pair of red, lubricated, circular lips.

Her father was inside of her, completely inside her with no protection. She wasn't on the pill or diaphragm. If her father accidentally shot his load of sperm into her, she could get pregnant. She could handle responsibility, but not the responsibility of a baby. She just couldn't!

Enith's face crumpled with tears. She cried out hysterically, "Mama, mama, please help me. Papa is inside me, inside my vagina, and he isn't wearing a condom. god. Stop him mama, please stop him!"

Enith's mother looked down at her naked struggling daughter, who was contorting on the bed in desperation. She was crying. As she shook her head back and forth, her hot tears flew into the air. Several drops hit her heaving breasts and slid down slowly down the firm slops intermingling with the sheen of perspiration her body was secreting through her skin from her fear. Enith's mother looked farther down at her husband's thick cock and his swollen balls that rested softly against the moist, soft inner thighs of their teenaged daughter. It was too much. Too much. She squeezed Enith's breasts hard and roughly rolled the thick nipples between her soft fingers causing Enith to cry out in pain that petered out to a low moan. Enith's mother felt her own vagina pulsate with need and want. She squeezed her thighs tightly together, feeling the wet lips of her vagina spasming together. She could feel her own juice gather at the opening of her vagina and then slowly leak down her thighs.

Enith stiffened in shock as her father slowly began to move his cock inside her. She could feel his hardness as he pushed forward, the hard ridged shaft bottoming out at her cervix and then the short journey back out. On each outstroke her father would completely disengage his cock from Enith's sex sheath and then languidly run the entire length over her quivering clit before re-inserting it; his cum filled balls slapping softly on Enith's soft, yielding thighs.

Enith began to hyper-ventilate, petrified at what could happen. She began to babble like a two year old baby as her father's cock began to piston inside of her, pounding into her with the force of a battering ram, the swollen head of his cock nudging her cervix on each down stroke.

"My go ... go ... god ... papa ... papa ... pl ... pl ... please ... listen..."

Her father tightened his strong hands around Enith's soft upper thighs as he plummeted again and again into her wet depths, his large cock making a slurping sounds as he exited Enith's steaming cunt hole to run his prick up Enith's pussy lips up to her clit before plunging back inside her again. Enith could feel her father's heavy ball sack as it smacked again and again against her upper thighs and ass.

"LISTEN ... papa ... LISTEN TO ME," she implored almost screaming, "I'm sorry ... I'm SORRY ... god ... don't do this ... please don't do this to me. Don't leave me pre ... pre ... pregnant!"

Her father began to grunt like a bull. Rather than pull out on the out stroke instead he maintained a steady pumping action, keeping his thick, pulsating prick inside of Enith's hot gash.

Enith tried desperately to shift her ass, but it was impossible. She was absolutely immobile. Vainly she cried out sobbing, "Pull out ... god please ... papa ... PULL OUT!"

Her father's thrusting became frantic. He started hard into Enith's eyes that were filled with horror and revulsion and then down lower at her large tits, the hard nubs manipulated savagely by his wife who was hefting, squeezing and pinching the turgid nipples with abandon.

Seconds before his climax he fell forward onto Enith, wrapped his arms around her back bringing her large tits into his muscular chest flattening them like a pair of hotcakes. He scooted slightly forward causing Enith's beautiful lithe legs to splay to each side of his muscular thighs. Lifting his upper body with his elbows, he greedily began to squeeze his daughter's hard tits.

Enith gasped, the sudden lunging of her father slightly knocking the wind out of her. A ball of nausa rolled crazily through her tummy as her farther kissed her fully on the lips and then snaked his tongue into her mouth. She couldn't move or scream.

Enith convulsed with terror as her father suddenly stopped moving and held himself still inside of Enith's soaked pussy, while at the same time moving his face to nuzzle his daughter's soft neck. She knew what was about to happen. Her father, the man that helped create her, was nano seconds away from blowing his nut into her unprotected vagina. She tensed up and began to mew with fear as her father paused in mid-stroke. Enith cried out in fear as her father pulled her close to him and began to ejaculate; the hard bursts from his manhood peppering her pink passage with warm come.

In shock at her inability to mount any type of defense against her oppressors, Enith couldn't summon the will to yell, to yell at her father that she didn't ... she didn't want to be left with child.

Her body shuddered and convulsed with fear and dread as she felt her father's stiff cock unleash its torrent of spunk inside of her unprotected womb. Enith's stomach contracted with fear at each hard spasm of her father's orgasm as his cock unleashed a fresh torrent of warm baby goo into her insides, coating her cuntal package with seed.

When Enith's father fell forward onto his daughter and grabbed her firm tits, her mother used the opportunity to move her hands quickly into her own panties. Her vagina, soaked with arousal easily adjusted to the three fingers that she desperately poked into herself. She used her other hand to feverishly rub her throbbing clit. She began to moan and whimper as she began to climax.

She looked down at her husband. He had stopped moving. That could only mean one thing. He was spewing his love seed into his daughter that was struggling underneath him.

Picturing her husbands prick discharging round after round of baby making spunk into their unwilling daughters vagina took Enith's mother completely over the edge. She convulsed as her orgasm hit. She shut her legs together as she came, trapping her diddling fingers within her drenched pussy. She moved her other hand to her hard, aching tits, pulling at her nipples eagerly. She moaned and groaned with sexual satisfaction as her orgasm wound down and collapsed heavily on the bed.

After the sixth and last discharge of sperm, Enith's father sighed loudly. Enith could only whimper as she felt what seemed like gallons of baby batter settle into her battered vagina.

Her father rolled languidly to the side of the bed and got up.

Enith laid still, her beautiful body supine on the bed. Her father's spunk began to slowly trickle out of her fuck hole, the warm goo, cascading slowly over her distended vula and began to puddle on the mattress. Enith quickly propped herself up on her elbows in order to sit up, but her father admonished her, "Lay back down and raise your legs in the air!" Through her misty eyes Enith could see that arguing with her father would be futile. Hesitantly, she slowly grasped her soft things and lifted her legs high causing her father's spunk to trickle back inside her. Her father grabbed a pillow and roughly forced it under Enith's tight, round ass, elevating her torso further. She trembled with fear and nervousness as she felt her father's sperm coagulating inside of her and continue it's slow decent into her waiting womb.

Her mother and father both stood up. Her father spoke first, "Enith you have to learn the meaning of responsibility. You have to learn that when we tell you that you need to be home at a certain time, we mean exactly that. You flaunted our rules and demonstrated by your arrogance that the rules of your parents mean nothing to you. There is a consequence to every action."

Enith's legs were getting tired. It was becoming difficult to keep them so high up in the air. "Mama, please help me," Enith said plaintively.

Enith's mother spoke next, "Enith, I can't help you and I'm very disappointed in you." Enith began to sob loudly.

"Stop your crying!" her mother said with force, "Do you think that I want to see you pregnant?" Enith forced herself to stop crying. Through her watery, red-rimmed eyes she could see her mother shaking her head back and forth in a disappointing manner. "You were given the opportunity to prove yourself and you let us down." More softly she said, "You have to stay in that position for 30 minutes. If you put your legs down, I'm sorry but we will have to begin the lesson again."

Enith's body stiffened with fear, the muscles in her body going ridged. She couldn't go through this again. She had to believe she wouldn't catch. She just had her period ... when was was it ... god no! It was at least two weeks ago. Based on her cycle that means ... she was ovulating. She began to earnestly pray. god, please, please, please, don't let me become pregnant. Not with my father's child. She began to quietly sob.

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