Keeping It in the Family

by A Purvversion

Copyright© 2010 by A Purvversion

Erotica Sex Story: When a snowstorm keeps his wife and son from coming home, he's left alone with his 16-year-old daughter in law, who he has been lusting after from the time she moved in with the family. The girl was still feeling bad that she had had a miscarriage and still wanted a baby. This is the first night's venture into extramarital incest.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Cheating   Incest   InLaws   Pregnancy   .

Life for young Annette wasn't good to begin with, but it turned disastrous shortly after she turned 15. It was then that her boyfriend Harold had made her pregnant.

Annette's father, with whom she lived alone, had been none too happy having her with him anyway, and the pregnancy seemed to give him an excuse to get rid of her. He threatened to have the police arrest Harold, who was 18 at the time, for knocking up his kid.

Harold's parents intervened. Don and Wanda weren't rich, but their ranch house had enough room that they could allow Harold and Annette to live as husband and wife for a couple of years until the boy could get established with a steady job.

Annette's dad was more than happy to know that his daughter would be cared for and that her baby would have a father. Although neither Annette nor Harold felt ready for marriage, they realized they had very little choice. For Harold, the possibility of jail lurked in the background. For Annette, the possibility of either an abortion or a fatherless child was the alternate choices, and neither was a great prospect. The young couple readily agreed to be wed.

After the marriage, they set up in Harold's parent's house. Unfortunately, within two weeks, Annette had had a miscarriage, which made a bad situation worse.

Soon thereafter, the young lovers quickly began to find disappointment in each other; they tried to make the marriage work, but they really weren't ready for it. Wanda had used her influence to get her son Harold a job with the city, and he was doing okay at it, while Annette spent much of the summer and fall working around the house, outside and inside.

What no one could have imagined happening was that the constant closeness of Annette and Don had a sexual affect on the 15 year old and her father-in-law. Although neither ever acknowledged it to each other, there was a definite lust in each for the other. In fact, they both occasionally masturbated with visions of the other in their head. Also, both were disgusted with themselves for these lustful feelings, Annette because she could be so attracted to such an old man, and Don because Annette was still a child, and worse, she was his own his daughter in law!

Annette had just turned sixteen when they admitted to and gave in to their lust for each other.

The winter storm had moved into the area just after lunch, bringing cold, wind and snow. The weather bureau had predicted near blizzard conditions by nightfall. Don had brought the horses into the protection of the barn, the cattle had been fed and their water tanks cleared of ice so they could drink.

Finally, he could head home for the night. Annette would have dinner waiting for him and then the two of them could spend a few hours together talking and either listening to the radio or watching TV.

Don was disappointed thinking about the pussy he was going to miss out on. He and his wife Wanda didn't have sex as much as he would have liked, but they usually got together every other Friday and he looked forward to those times. Unfortunately, she had called him earlier on his cell phone to tell him she and Harold would be staying in town. The snowstorm had worsened and driving conditions were terrible.

Driving up to his house he realized that he had gotten a hard-on on the drive; he guessed it was from thinking about sex with his wife. Rubbing his crotch, he knew that he had to calm himself down. 'Cool it, big guy, you ain't getting any tonight, ' he told his cock, as if it had a life of its own; which it seemed to have, at times!

The heat in the house felt good as he walked in.

"Hey Dad," Annette called from the kitchen.

"Hi hon," he called back as he shed his heavy outer clothes.

"Really bad, hah?"

"Yeah, bitter," he said as he entered the kitchen. She already had big cup of hot cocoa laid out for him on the table. He smiled at her and sat.

"Hope those two are okay," she said.

"They'll be fine; though if this doesn't let up some, we might not see them all weekend."

"Yeah, I know. That's what I was thinking," she said.

Don looked up at her curiously. Her voice had sounded strange when she said that, but he couldn't tell anything by her face.

"You ready to eat? It's all ready whenever you want," she asked.

"Always ready to eat," he answered and suddenly realized his words and he felt his face flush. Then looking up into her face, he found her eyes looking intently into his, the hint of a smile of youthful innocence on the corners of her mouth.

After dinner, he gave her a rundown of his day on the ranch grounds. The youngster had really taken to their lifestyle and truly seemed to share Don's love of ranching. He told her of the problem that he had with the repair of the main gate and about that damned tractor problem. Annette knew all the horses and wanted to know how each was getting along.

Then they settled down to watch TV in the living room, but neither really seemed to be paying too much attention to what was happening on the screen. In fact, for the next few hours, they both were seemingly spending more time glancing over at each other than watching whatever shows were on. At the same time, when a commercial would come on, they'd make further conversation. Each time the subject of Wanda and Harold staying in town came up, a strange nervousness appeared to fill the room.

Annette and her father-in-law were feeling their attraction for each other like never before and being alone together in the house for the night added to their feelings. As much as he tried not to, Don couldn't always stop his eyes from stealing peeks at the girl's slender, yet tight body; her blemish free face surrounding the curly blonde hair.

Annette realized that her father-in-law was paying more and more attention to her and she fought to not acknowledge what was happening. When she shifted, she found that she was moist down in her panties and was embarrassed. She had been attracted to Don ever since she'd first met him and something she couldn't explain was now happening to her.

Don couldn't help but to sense the tenseness in the air, and feel his daughter-in-law's eyes secretly looking back at him.

Annette didn't know why she opened up to Don, perhaps it was simply to answer her father-in-law's question as to how the marriage was going, but during the evening the 16-year-old beauty mentioned to him how disappointed she was in Harold. Since the miscarriage, Harold actually seemed to shun away from her, even though this was the time that she needed him most, both mentally and physically. The youngster also confessed to her father-in-law how much she wanted to become pregnant again to make up for the awful loss she felt. Neither of them realized it as she told him this, but this conversation was having a tremendous affect on their libidos.

Listening to his young daughter-in-law, Don sympathized, even going so far as to say that his son was a jerk. Of course she needed to get pregnant, he agreed, because her body had been preparing and had been denied its purpose for that preparation.

As the night dwindled away, the wind became stronger, the storm intensifying, and by bedtime a full fledged blizzard was underway. At the end of the news, Don clicked off the TV and they both arose.

Annette then stood next to her father-in-law and kissed him on the cheek, saying, "Night Dad." When she pulled away, their eyes met and held, as if each wanted to say something, do something, but was afraid.

"See you in the morning; bundle up good," he whispered, and headed for the shower while Annette went to her room.

It was about ten minutes later and the winds were howling as if they were going to blow in one of the doors. Annette lay in bed, beneath the blankets, watching her bedroom TV. As she seemed to be doing more and more of lately, she was now thinking about Don. Spending this night alone with him didn't help the confusing feelings that she was having. She was trying to shake these feelings, which she knew to be wrong. Yet, she couldn't help herself. Don was such an impressive man, especially when compared to Harold. His ranch work had him in great physical shape; and his handsome looks made him so attractive. With his broad shoulders and muscled body, he was so much more of a man than his son, her husband. Her father-in-law had always seemed 'sexy' to her.

Now, as she thought about him, Annette had churning feelings in the pit of her belly, thinking of being alone in the house with her husband's handsome father just two rooms away. It was just her and him, alone in the house. She could feel that her pussy was stirring. She thought about the few glimpses she had gotten earlier of his well-formed arms and chest and then she recalled that day a couple of months earlier, when she had seen him naked; and how she couldn't avoid looking down at his manhood. It was only a quick look, but it left enough of an impression that it invaded her fantasies quite a bit. His manhood was uncut, like his son's, but much bigger and wider and more exciting looking. As feelings and thoughts ran through her, Annette knew that it was going to be awhile before she'd be able to calm down enough to sleep.

Finishing up with his shower, Don slipped on his robe and headed for bed. Once settled under the blankets, he hoped to get to sleep. Usually by this time on a Friday night, he would be balls deep in Wanda, working toward draining his nuts. His hands rubbed over his chest and belly, avoiding his cock. His mind wandered back to his night with his pretty daughter-in-law. At some point thereafter, he found that he once again had a hard-on, only this time the cause was the thought of young pussy on the other end of the hall. He kept remembering the looks that were passing back and forth between he and Annette during the night.

The young newlywed lay in the dark, her pussy warm and slick. She could not understand why her body was acting like this. She had never been so aroused just thinking about sex; usually it took one of Harold's finger or hand, or her own fingers to bring these feelings on. She knew she should be ovulating this weekend, but did not think that would her make feel this way. After all, it hadn't in the past.

Annette finally gave up on sleep and got up, walked down the hall, looking into the darkened room. She knocked lightly on the door, then pushed it open gently and stuck her head into the room. "Dad, you awake?" she asked.

"Yeah, I can't sleep. Must be the wind, it sure is howling," Don replied, then added, "Come on in and visit if you like."

Barefooted, Annette padded across the room. Then she stood on the floor near his bed. In the dark, she could see the sparkle in his eyes and smell the freshness of his shower. Her pussy seemed to be getting wetter. 'What am I doing?'

Don could smell a female in heat, making his peter swell and tingle.

Both the girl and her father-in-law knew what was happening to each other, and they both were very conscious of how wrong this was. Still, neither one put a stop to it.

Her breathing began to increase as thoughts passed through her head. After a full two minutes of looking at each other, Annette took a final deep breath and then slowly moved her hands to the belt of the robe, pausing, waiting to see if he would tell her to stop. Instead, Don's eyes continued looking, excitement in his eyes. Throwing caution to the wind, Annette then undid the belt. Their eyes again met as she pushed the robe off her shoulders, allowing it to drop on its own.

The young wife was now totally nude standing alongside her father-in-law's bed.

"Ca-can I join you?" she whispered. Once more their eyes met, total silence between them.

Slowly he nodded, lifting the covers for her. Annette then scurried over and moved under the blankets with him, turning her back as if to show her innocence. Her innocent action aside, they both knew she was here to receive Don's seed.

Don pulled her small body close to his aroused body, her exciting ass nestled against his hard belly. His hands found his daughter-in-law's bare breasts, fingering her hardening nipples as he kissed her neck and licked her ears. Annette moaned but managed to keep it as a low hum.

He pulled her against his aroused frame, his muscled chest pressing against her back. His hand wandered down her warm belly toward the source of his desire, rubbing in circles as it reached her quivering tummy, and then plunged lower, eagerly moving over her aroused mons. His finger found her nearly hairless pussy, which she kept trimmed for Harold.

Don then worked his young daughter-in-law, gently moving himself against her and pulling back, while his finger probed within her excited slit.

"Mmmmmmmm," she moaned again.

Don withdrew his hand and eagerly brought it up to his mouth to lick his wet finger. His mind became red with lust as he tasted Annette's young pussy.

"You're okay, right sweetheart?" he asked, not wanting to do anything she was not agreeable to.

"You won't tell Harold, will you?"

"No baby, of course not."

Don's engorged cock slid between his daughter-in-law's legs and, realizing that she was only sixteen, he wondered if she would have any trouble taking his girth. He knew that his son's prick was at least an inch, maybe even two inches, smaller than his.

He moved his finger back down to the teen's pussy, sluicing inside her wet slit with his finger, and then bringing it up to her mouth for her to taste her own juice.

"Mmmmmmmm." This was so wild for Annette. Harold knew so little. This feeling and what her father-in-law was doing was dirty and exciting to her. As she savored his finger, it moved gently within her mouth as she teasingly sucked on it.

"Lay back, Sweetheart," he murmured, moving back and then pulling gently at her shoulders until the youngster rolled over onto her back.

Their eyes met and Don saw the wildness in hers. He knew this young teen was ripe and needy. As he leaned down, her lips parted for him, and then they were kissing. Annette immediately began moaning as her father-in-law's eager tongue began probing her mouth. Her mind was rapidly exploding and she wasn't even aware that his hand was moving until she felt his fingers rubbing about her slit, probing and wriggling within her.

Annette writhed beneath his probes, groaning into his mouth as he filled her with feelings she never experienced. Her father-in-law's talents far exceeded his son's.

Annette and Don were breathing heavily. She heard that tell tale sound of an oozing slit as his finger eagerly continued to sluice inside her.

Don broke the kiss and began kissing her neck, shoulders and then lower. The young teen was breathing quite heavily as she moved her hands around his head, urging him to her sensitive breasts, where he fondled, gently squeezed and then fed from them, but not for long.

To Annette's surprise, he then began to slide himself down her small frame, kissing, licking, rolling his tongue in circles, about her hot little body, over her quivering tummy and lower. Then to her amazement, he was spreading her legs to gain access to her pussy. Annette was shocked when he started licking, then probing her pussy-flesh with his tongue, first about the mons, then around the pubic hairs, kissing and sucking occasionally at her inner thighs. Then his tongue shot within her juicy slit.

"Oh my god!!!" the 16-year-old girl groaned. Harold had never done this!

Her father-in-law's arms pushed around her legs, his hands reaching up and around, teasing her flat baby soft tummy. Her muscles quivered under his touch. She was fighting to remain unmoving, to no avail. There were bolts of pleasure shooting throughout her body. He was causing feelings inside her that she had never experienced before, and her body was now instinctively writhing about.

"Oooo-mmmm," she moaned as he continued to pleasure them both by orally loving her pussy with his mouth and tongue. Her hot little body was instinctively writhing about. "Oh god Dad, oh oh ohhhhhhh," she cried out in pleasure.

Then his tongue slid upward. Annette's body reacted instantly to feel of her father-in-law's lips and tongue on her clit. A wave of pleasure emanated from her cunny and made her whole body tingle. Her hips began to gyrate, moving her pussy around on her father-in-law's mouth. She let her knees spread more, increasing the pressure on his face and mouth. She then began to hump up at him as hard as she could; hitting the underside of his nose with her pubic bone. His tongue danced on and around her clit, and his lips were mashed against her. Her cunt was on fire.

"Omigod omigod... !" Annette cried as Don continued to eat her cunt. An all-consuming desire swept through her hot body as she jerked and trembled. She knew that she'd be cumming soon. "I'm almost there!"

As she reached the peak of her orgasm, the hot teen screamed wildly over and over and thrashed and writhed about on the bed, shaking her head from side to side. Suddenly, her body seemed to explode with what was probably her first true full-blown orgasm. Wave after wave of mind-blowing climaxes raced through her spasming body.

"Dad, ohhhhh, Dad!" Annette cried. "It feels sooooo good! Don't stop!" The teen writhed and twisted on the mattress as her father-in-law's hot tongue continued to lick her aching, exploding clit.

Don sucked and lapped up the 16-year-old's creamy cunt-juice as it oozed out from her youthful pussy. He fucked his tongue deep.

"Ohhhhhh," Annette moaned as the last of her orgasms raced through her body, leaving her quaking on the bed, flushing and glowing from the pleasure she had just received from her father-in-law's mouth.

As the young beauty lay panting from what was truly her greatest cum ever, Don pulled back and watched her. She was laying motionless with eyes closed, enjoying the afterglow of that awesome orgasm.

"Mmmmmm, your little cunt's so hot and juicy. You're all ready for our first fuck!" Don whispered excitedly, finally lifting his juice-smeared face from his daughter-in-law's crotch.

"You're ... you're gonna really f-fuck me, Dad?" the young beauty asked, her voice trembling with fear and excitement.

"Hell, yeah!" Don said, as he knelt alongside her. He then reached out and took her hand, guiding it to his belly. After momentarily pausing so that Annette would realize where he was leading her, he pushed her hand lower and placed it on his cock, which was sticky-wet from leaked pre-cum.

The young teen stiffened from the shock of what she was feeling. Until now, the only cock she ever handled was her husband's which was much smaller than his father's, which was now throbbing in her hand. She knew that this was about to be put inside her and her excitement rose.

Eagerly, she allowed her hand and fingers to explore. She gently cupped his large testicles, feeling the two balls moving around in the sac, knowing they were filled with baby making sperm. Remembering the horses she'd seen mated, she smiled to herself, knowing that she was like a young filly in wait for the old stallion.

Annette felt a strong need to have her own father-in-law's cock deep in her body, but because it was so much bigger than Harold's, she wasn't sure if he would hurt her or not. Her labia were swollen. Inside her slit was pink and slick. Like that filly, she was prepared for penetration. Her father-in-law was the stallion that could give her the baby she craved. The seed for that baby was just inches from her womb, swimming around in one of those wondrous testicles. Desire permeated her entire being and overshadowed whatever apprehension she had.

Her inner labia was lubricated with his saliva and her secretions. Annette was ready for her father-in-law's cock and waiting for his sperm.

Don's cock was oozing freely. The enlarged glans was peeking out from its foreskin, a strand of precum hanging down. Unable to wait any longer, he crawled up over the teenager's exciting prone form, preparing to mount her. He gently urged her legs apart, leaned down and kissed her, probing her mouth. Tongues worked hurriedly against each other as the aroused 16-year-old parted her legs still further.

Then he was whispering to her, "Take it baby girl ... hold it in your hands ... mmm yeah that's it ... show it where you want it ... guide it ... that's a girlmmmmnnn ooooo..."

As much as he wanted to feel the walls of his daughter-in-law's tight cunt about his throbbing cock, he knew he should be wearing a rubber. Impregnating her was not even in his thoughts. Just fucking her and getting his nut was all he cared about now.

"I should put on a condom, Annie."

Frantically, she shook her head to tell him no. At the same time, her small hand forcefully brought his man-cock to her hole. It was then that Don understood. She wanted to get knocked up! As wrong as that thought should have been for him, it had just the opposite affect. The thought of putting a baby inside his teenage daughter-in-law had his head wild with lust. Harold would never know.

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