Leon and the Rebellion

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2010 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: Leon is interested in a simple kind of house break-in and a good blow job from the middle aged, white woman living there, Nancy. He never planned on Wendy, the rebellious daughter, being home and willing to take over dominating her Mom with Leon's help.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/ft   Reluctant   Incest   Mother   Daughter   DomSub   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   .


I actually thought of just plunging right in with this tale, and letting the light of dawn come upon all of you slowly but fear to be quite so cavalier and obtuse with my tales. I'll trot out the 'persona' by way of a slight introduction so that you know from the beginning what the mixture is for this mis-adventure of the human heart, mind and body.

This is the story of some friends whose worlds are about to collide and, in the collision, provide earth shaking results for at least two of those involved. You see, I'm not sure that Leon did much more than get his jolly rocks off with a lovely, cushy white woman. (But more of that later, I guess)

So it's first of all about a friend, Nancy Walker. Nancy is fairly typical:

Rushing to middle age at her present tender age of 38. She's repressed in a specifically sexual way. Married to Wayne, who being considerably older, doesn't figure in the tale very much, except by his absence--he being a traveller for business and very comfortable in his life style, and having no clue at all that his moist, and ready wife is suffering from sexual neglect and an over abundance of sexual fantasies, to accompany that neglect. At lest no clue until later.

And then there is the child, the dame of the rebellion, Wendy; and let's say that she is also fairly typical but in a bit of an unusual way:

Wendy is a rebellious 14 going on 36; totally sure that she should actually be the Momma in the situation; she is usually, as she is right now, grounded or a reasonable facsimile thereof. She has a bead on her mother, however but not for only daughter-mother typical reasons. Wendy monitors, on the sly of course, her Mom's internet use and knows, has the proof, that our Nancy trolls chat sites like 'Mother, My I', and 'Younger Guys For Older Women', and 'Mommie Sluts'. (Oh Dear!) She also has a definite tag on the place where her mom stores the vibrators and such sex toys as she enjoys, in older, much older Wayne's absence, and has even snooped her way into Nancy's stash of photos of her doing the nasty with her mouth with the neighbor: Mr. Anderson.

That is to say:

Wendy has the goods on Nancy and is bright enough and bold enough to just be looking for the right time and way to assert herself and become the real dominant force in the house! (A real possibility! You think?)

And then there is Leon. Much less complicated in an essential way. Leon is really good at what he does:

Which is to look for, select and monitor a white woman. His selections have a pattern that Leon knows will work for him just about every time.

And yes, the pattern:

Older white woman, a little nervous, definitely nice big ass--(Let me break in and say that Nancy sported size 7 panties, which in her book means she has an ass that's too big but in Leon's means that she is a 'ripe Momma'!)

Once Leon has noticed and selected, he becomes a keen observer and starts to work out his plot so that he will end precisely where he wants to be:

Alone at home with a seemingly neglected white woman, who will not do too much moaning and groaning before she takes a turn on his big black cock.

And Leon noticed and has studied our Nancy. The only fly in his ointment, which he didn't recognize before, is Wendy, who at the time of Leon's preliminary work is so grounded, she seethingly spits out 'for the last time'--and she might be right--that she doesn't even fly high enough for his radar to detect her.


Leon stayed safely behind her. He'd been shadowing her for about a week now and knew about her schedule, where she lived, the fact that it was nicely secluded, and therefore very good for his purposes, when her elderly husband was home--not now, of that he was certain. He'd been gathering all the information that he thought that he'd need.

He'd been attracted to her right from the beginning. To him she seemed to have the whole package in so many ways. She had short frosted hair, so she hadn't given up on trying for a good 'look' for herself. She wore her pants fairly tight but not provocatively tight. That showed him that she was not out of the hunt but was at least slacking off a bit, he guessed due to a general lack of interest. Her tits were not huge, not big enough to attract a lot of attention, and he thought that she probably resented that. But he liked them, just enough bounciness to them, and, when he'd been observing, he noticed her nipples hardening periodically on their own. He knew that was a good sign. But the big thing, the nice thing was her ass. The way the cheeks jutted out just a bit from her waist, and the bounce to her ass cheeks. He knew just from experience that she probably thought that she had too big an ass, and that was what kept her from being pursued. But he also knew that she was wrong.

He knew that Nancy Walker, he'd gotten her name during his surveillance time these past days, wasn't just sure if she wanted another man. He suspected that she was doing something with someone. There were signs. He noticed the way that she looked him over, during the one time that he made sure that he came into her field of consciousness.

No, Nancy Walker was longing, maybe even subconsciously, for someone to want her, really want her, and she was beginning to think that it wasn't going to happen. There was that telltale look of not caring that appeared at the very edge of her appearance. He could spot it on anyone.

For him, he thought, after great reflection, Nancy Walker was the one.

He was pleased too that she didn't notice him. But he dressed to not be really noticed. He didn't portray the big bad black man. He went for a yuppie look, knowing that yuppie blacks are overlookable, just like white men who can fade into a background.

Nancy Walker never knew that she was in his sights.

"But this is the day," he said to himself. "She'll find out today that she is in my sights; that's for sure!"

Leon grinned at himself, when he said that. He treated himself then to a favorite fantasy, it was always the same one, when he was on the verge of moving in on a conquest:

"White middle aged woman, kneeling, down to maybe panties and opening her mouth wide to receive his cock, tongue out and active, eyes wide and on him, no more will of her own, just a kneeling, wanting, ready white female cock sucker eager for his black dick"

This was the fantasy mantra that he allowed himself, as he left the store.

Nancy finished her shopping and was pleased that she'd had the opportunity. Wendy lately had become such a pill, and Wayne was gone again on a business trip. He always promised to stop so much traveling, since he was so up in age but she knew how much he loved it, and didn't say anything.

Meanwhile she felt that she'd kind of been left on the vine. Here she was pushing 40, a husband almost 30 years older, and a daughter who was disrespectful, argumentative, and a handful and she was feeling under appreciated and worn out.

She didn't even look forward any more to Johnny Anderson. He seemed exciting at the beginning but now it was mainly getting together quickly in dark places for the blow jobs that his wife didn't seem to want to give him.

Yes, she gave them and gladly, not yielding to the temptation to admit even to herself that she loved, just loved having a cock in her mouth. But increasingly she was realizing that there was nothing in it for her, certainly no fulfillment.

And her ass had gotten so big and she was just disgusted. She put the brakes on at that point and tried to stop herself from having the pity party.

"After all," she said to herself, "I'm out, even if it's only for groceries and it's kind of a free time. At least here at the store I don't have to deal with Wendy's moods."

So, she straightened her shoulders and tried to look pleasant, although there were hardly any good looking men around to notice at all, except for that nice looking black man. But she once again had the feeling that any real looking around on her part was futile. She wasn't, didn't attract men! She just didn't.

"Hell," she thought, "I don't even attract Wayne any more!"

Then she realized what she was doing and once again she tried to stop her being so maudlin about it. She put as much swing in her walk as she could, as she went toward the check out lines.

"Not that it's going to do me any good!" she thought ruefully.

But Leon did notice.

"Woman's trying for one last desperate signal to any cruising men with that wiggle in her gait."

He also knew that she'd decide it was futile before long. Then he smiled to himself and said:

"That's okay, Momma; I'll put some wiggle in your step tonight alright."

He was softly humming to himself the song "Tonight," as he left the store, ahead of Nancy and went to his car, parked not too far from hers and waited for her, to follow her home and do his 'thing' with her.

Wendy was thinking that she had to do something soon. She knew that she'd come up with something that would solve the problem and get the old lady once and for all in a position from which she could be handled, managed.

"After all," she mused to herself, "This constant being 'grounded' shit is for the birds! And I'm going to make sure it changes. And then, who knows what the possibilities are, especially with the way our Nancy thinks!"

Wendy, you see, knew a lot about her Mom and her Mom's various habits. It all came about in a pretty innocent fashion for Wendy. She'd been bored and just doodling around with the computer. As she was going to shut it down and read, she noticed that her Mom's computer was shown on the network. She knew that file sharing had been turned on, which gave her access to her Mom's computer.

A quick search opened Wendy's eyes to the computer habits of Nancy Walker. She looked over the history files, which Nancy apparently didn't know enough to clear to shield her tracks on the net. She went into files and found that Nancy saved some really hot chats that she'd had. In most cases it was chats with younger guys, some even as young as Wendy!

She logged into those chats as 'nancysubmom' or 'suckingsubmom' and such. It sent a jolt of thrill completely through Wendy, when she discovered this stuff and also, taking the dates into account, realized that her Mom was doing it almost nightly these days, especially with her Dad on the road and all.

And she found even more. Some of the chats that Nancy had saved were conversations with young kids and even, she saw, young girls, with whom Nancy was almost grovelingly subservient.

That was the real eye opener for Wendy; that's what set her wheels turning.

Then she thought to herself,"Dad's such a geezer; she can't be getting much at home at all!"

That induced Wendy to do a search, when her Mom was on a grocery store run. She went to the panty drawer, the place that a woman like her Mom with so little imagination would naturally put stuff.

There it was. Sexy lingerie, vibrators, and, hidden way in the back, photos. Wendy was amazed:

"The stupid cow saves the photos! Saves them for god's sake!"

She went through them and enjoyed seeing her Mom on her knees sucking Mr Anderson next door's cock, or on her hands and knees doing the same. There were lots of cock sucking photos and not very many of her Mom getting fucked.

"Hmm," she thought, "Old Johnny Anderson must want Mom for her mouth alone."

And, yes, she was 'grounded' again. She didn't mean to go out of her way to fight with Nancy but it seemed inevitable, whenever they were together and talked about anything at all.

"But this shit will soon cease!" Wendy said to herself, in her room, while Nancy was away for groceries. "I will come up with something; I must come up with something that will turn the tide for me."

Wendy didn't know it but that 'something' was on its way. As a matter of fact, that 'something' was following her Mom home from the grocery store and was about to intrude into their lives, her Mom's life and also hers, and turn things upside down in a way that Wendy hardly could have hoped for.


Leon gave Nancy time to get into the garage and get her groceries unloaded, knowing that that task would absorb all of her attention for a while, and give him his opportunity. He was, of course, right.

He parked away a bit, being pleased that the house was in such a remote setting, and walked to the house. He entered the shadows at the side of the garage and noted to his satisfaction that the lock that he'd broken on the side door of the garage was still broken.

He entered the garage cautiously and stood looking around. He heard Nancy rummaging around in the kitchen and putting things away.

Then with a smile on his face, a smile of anticipation, he walked toward the door between the garage and the kitchen. He tested it very softly and found, also to his satisfaction, that it was left open.

"Good lookin' white woman wants her ass used!" he said to himself, as he entered the kitchen.

Nancy turned around from her task of storing cans of food into the upper cabinets in the kitchen and only managed a kind of squeaky "Eeeeeep!" sound.

Leon was facing her and smiling, and had in his hand a very large looking gun.

"Hey, Nancy!" Leon said brightly.

"You ... you... !" she managed but then fell dumb.

"Don't you want to invite me in, Nancy?" Leon said giving her a winning smile.

"Saw you..." she squeaked. "Store!"

"Yes, love," he began patiently, "I was there looking you over and deciding that you were just too good to pass over."

"Good? ... Pass over?" she managed next.

"Now get over it, girl and start making some sense here; it's much too early in these proceedings for me to get rough, don't you think?" Leon asked next, the smile never leaving his face.

Nancy shook her head 'yes', and even managed a "Yes, sir."

"Nancy," Leon said next, "I really appreciate the politeness."

"Thank you, sir," Nancy said trembling.

"Now don't you go trembling like that, sugar babe," he said, "Old Leon's not here to do his Nancy any harm."

"You're not?" she said.

"No, sweets, I"m not; so, you just go ahead and put those groceries away. Don't want them to get bad on us, cost to darn much money these days."

"Yes, sir," she said and went about finishing the job of getting the groceries put away.

Leon enjoyed the process of watching her do that. He enjoyed her nervous glances at him but even more he enjoyed, with voyeuristic delight, the sight of Nancy's substantial ass as she bent to put things away in the bottom freezer of the refrigerator, and as she got up on tip toes to put things away on the shelves.

She interrupted herself at one point with the question:

"What do you want?"

Leon answered with a patient smile:

"Nancy, Nancy, we don't need to play that game yet; you put those things away."

"Yes, sir!" she said and went back to the task.

"Lovely manners, Nancy!" he said and she actually smiled at him.

A hundred thoughts were swirling through her head all at the same time, once the initial shock of his being there had worn off. Most of those thoughts involved her dead some where and she was almost in a panic mode.

His constant smile, good looks and calm manner tended to ease her panic just a bit and she tried to go on with the task of putting the groceries away quietly. She knew he was watching her, and, perversely, that pleased her.

She realized that that was precisely what she'd wanted all those times on her outings was to be noticed. But she pushed that thought away, and settled into a mode that was fairly natural for her, her submissive mode, but, she thought known to no one else.

Nancy simply began to do what she was told, and let the 'yes, sir' comments roll off of her tongue easily as she did it.

Finally, the groceries were put away. It encouraged her that he didn't rush into raping her but instead let her go ahead with the domestic chore. Having finished, she turned to him and gave him all her attention.

"Good, Nancy, that's done; now you listen to me," he said, still smiling.

"And," she thought to herself, "Very handsome."

"Do you understand, Nancy?" he asked a little more sharply.

"Yes, sir," she said, "I understand, and am listening, I swear."

"Good girl!" he said to her. Then he continued:

"Now, Nancy this can go one of two ways. You can do what you're told and we'll be fine or I can just shoot you in the foot right now to show that I mean business and we'll proceed from there. You tell me."

"No shooting, please, sir," she squeaked, trembling again, "I ... I do what I'm told!"

"I just bet that you do!" was Leon's comment.

"Okay, first question, and remember, Nancy, truth or consequences!"

"Yes, sir, I understand!" Nancy said.

"Anyone else home?" he wanted to know.

Then the panic, a panic for Wendy, hit her, and she started to cry.

"Stop!" he ordered, and, amazingly, she did, right on the spot.

"Tell me," he said, actually pointing the gun now at Nancy's foot.

She held up her hands and said immediately:

"Wendy, my daughter; upstairs! Home!"

"Daughter?" Leon said a little exasperated with himself at not having picked up on that little detail. But he took a deep breath and said:

"Okay, Nancy, take me there."

"Yes, sir," Nancy managed and added, "Please don't hurt Wendy."

(Gone in a twinkling was her wall to wall impatience with her daughter, and all of the resentment built into the constant 'grounded' times.)

"No one's hurting anyone," Leon said, "I'm just adjusting and controlling the situation, Nancy, you can understand that."

"Yes, sir," she said, walking ahead of him and going up the stairs.

He had his eyes glued to her ass cheeks, hidden but only just by the ill fitting capri pants.

"Nice ass, Nancy," he said.

She stopped, actually stopped in mid stair and looked at him, and said:

"Thank you, sir!"

This was the first part of any of this that actually sent a thrill shock up her spine.

Meanwhile, Wendy was buried deep inside of her Mom's computer files, and she reflected again on the stupidity of keeping a copy of the chats that she had in her perverted, submissive older women chat rooms.

She'd run across last night's bit; it was a chat between 'Tommy14' and 'slutmomma4u'. She just began to read the dialogue when the door opened and her Mom entered followed by a good looking black guy, who, she noticed had a gun.

"Mom?" Wendy said too shocked by the presence of the black guy to blank the screen.

"Wendy!" Nancy said and that was all.

"Who are you?" Wendy asked.

Leon noticed that the girl, slim and not developed yet, wasn't particularly nervous. That struck him as interesting.

"I''m Leon!" he said.

"Mom, you brought a guy home?" Wendy said but then, thinking of the gun, went on, "No, I guess not, huh?"

Her Mom was scared silent. That amused Wendy.

"Funny?" Leon asked pleasantly.

"She's so scared that she's silent,"Wendy said, "She almost never comes in here except to yell at me or ground me."

"A bitch ain't it!" Leon said.

"Got that right, man!" Wendy asked.

Leon prodded Nancy forward to stand by the closet doors and closed the door to the room, to make it more difficult for anyone to get away on him.

"You're not going to?" Wendy began.

"No, of course not," Leon said to Wendy, with Nancy just looking on and shaking.

"Hey, she's really scared," Wendy said, and laughed:

"Or really into it!"

She shared a laugh with Leon then, to Nancy's utter amazement.

"You know, Leon" she began, "You've already made the first mistake but it's a mistake that every one of the movies that show someone being taken have made so it's normal."

"And what's that, Wendy?" he asked, actually going over and pulling over a chair and sitting next to her desk chair.

"It's obvious," she said, "What's always the thing that a man thinks about, when seeing a woman as well endowed as my Mom?"

"Wendy!" Nancy said with some horror.

"Quiet!" Leon said and she fell silent with a quick:

"Yes, sir!"

"Oh, sir!" Wendy said, "I really like that!"

Leon just grinned at Wendy. Encouraged, Wendy went on:

"You know what it is! You undress her with your eyes. But now she's in your power and you could already have her undressed for real! That's the first thing to do. Reduces them to a lesser power status, you know, no clothes and all; and makes it less likely that she'll try to run."

"Wendy!" Nancy said sharply.

And what Wendy did next set the tone for a great deal of what was to come; she went quickly to where Nancy was and slapped her face.

"I'm trying to keep us alive, bitch!" Wendy said harshly.

Nancy's face just then went through a lifetime of emotion. It was certainly her tension based on the current situation that got to her but it was also more. She was reacting in some kind of very basic way not to Leon and his presence at all but to Wendy's obvious attitude and manner. Facing such unexpected but obvious control from Wendy, Nancy just began to give in. She didn't know it or sense it immediately. It was just there. It was slight at first but it grew with everything that Wendy did. Their relationship was changing, had changed.

The real revelation for Nancy came swiftly on the tail end of the slap to her face from her daughter. It became suddenly crystal clear that everything, absolutely everything she'd been seeking on line, all the impulses to strip when told, do what she was told, and the sexual heat she invariably got from that were all staring her in the face right then and there, and, heaven help her, it was Wendy. Probably Wendy all the time and she never knew it. But she damn well knew it now. She got a sheepish look on her face, and she and Wendy both knew of the sea change in their relationship. Nancy never doubted it after that.

Leon knew, realized it and just smiled and watched it happen.

"Sorry ... Wendy." Nancy said.

And right then all three of them knew that she almost said 'ma'am."

"What?" Wendy asked sharply.

Nancy reacted as though she were slapped again but she knew her gaff and corrected it right away:

"Sorry, Ms Wendy, ma'am," she said softly, eyes downcast.

It caused Wendy to throw a huge grin at Leon, who grinned in return.

Nancy, horrified by what she was feeling, and knowing that at least a trial at regaining a position of dominance was necessary for her, struggled but said:

"Honey, Wendy, I'm trying to keep us from getting raped."

"Oh, Mother,"Wendy said with some exasperation in her voice.

She looked at Leon and he only nodded and she went on:

"First, Mother, there is no 'us'. Look at me. I'm 14 and still pretty much a stick. I hope some day soon to have tits and an ass like yours but I certainly don't. Leon doesn't care about me. I'm probably the one fly in his ointment, wrinkle in his plan. He didn't know about me because you keep me so cooped up her with your fuckin' 'you're grounded, young lady' shit."

"Wendy!" Nancy said sharply and Wendy simply went and slapped her mother's face again.

Nancy cried then and after a brief silence, uttered a sincere:

"I'm sorry for interrupting ... ma'am."

And it was done; then and there, the relationship was established on a basis that they both could understand; they, all three of them, noticed it, and Wendy grinned and said:

"It's okay, Mom," and then continued:

"Plus, Mom, there's no rape here. That's not what Leon has in mind. He knows, or at least suspects, what I already know about you and what 'timmy14' knows about you."

Nancy let out a long and loud "Eeeeeeeep!" at that point, holding her hand over her mouth and staring wide eyed at a smiling Wendy.

"Wait a minute," Leon said, halting them both in their tracks. "What was that; what did I just miss."

"Wendy, please?" Nancy said.

"Mom, you want to make him kill someone, is that it? Are you crazy? Just shut up and let me do this."

"Yes, Nancy," Leon said, "Shut the fuck up for a bit and let her talk; she's the one who's talking sense."

Nancy, still wide eyed but also teary, shook her head 'yes' and was silent.

"Anyway," Wendy went on, "You see, Leon, at night, Mom goes to chat rooms where older women go to meet younger guys. She goes and chats with kids, and one is named 'timmy14', who's 14 years old.

Nancy opened her mouth to say something but Wendy stopped her:

"Not a god damned word! Hear?"

Nancy shook her head 'yes' quickly and was silent.

"Well, Mom doesn't cover her tracks well, and saves those chats, so it's easy to access them. Last night old 'timmy14' asked her what she was wearing. She told him sweats and a tee shirt. And he tells her to take her clothes off except for her panties, and you know what, Leon?"

He was giving her all his attention then.

"She did it; my horny slutty Mom took her clothes off and then told our 'timmy14' that she'd done it. He demanded a photo and I bet she's planning to send him one, aren't you?"

Nancy stared for a second and then said a soft: "Yes!"

"Have you taken it yet?" Wendy asked.

Nancy said: "No."

"We'll deal with that later," Wendy said then.

"Yes, ma'am," Nancy said and Wendy nodded at her and smiled. Nancy seemed happy to get the smile.

"The point is," Wendy said, "Mom, Leon is one of those men who knows what you're like, who senses it and knows that you're a fucking time bomb waiting to be set off and have your own super sexual melt down, and he's here to help that along. There's no rape here! This is more like destiny! And he's not here, despite the gun, to hurt anyone."

Leon grinned at Wendy and nodded.

"And, Mom, I'll tell you that if I start to develop so that I'm going to look half as sexy as you with marvelous tits, and a magnificent ass, then I'm going to call Leon myself for my sexual coming out party and I'm going to give him the same message that the Monkey gave to Portnoy in 'Portnoy's Complaint'. Know what that was?"

Nancy shook her head, no, but Leon was grinning.

"See," Wendy said, "He does. She said to Portnoy: 'Pick a hole any hole!' And that'll be my message to Leon but it's gotta wait until I look like you."

"Oh, honey," Nancy said, apparently really touched.

Then Wendy continued with Leon:

"But my original point, Leon, is that you should already have had her stripped at least down to her panties by now."

Leon smiled and nodded:

"Nancy, babe," he said, "She makes sense this kid of yours."

Nancy only looked on wide eyed, thinking now that they were both against her. But then realizing that that wasn't quite the point. And then she realized what the point was and she moaned involuntarily:

They were both in charge of her, and she knew, in admitting this one point that either one of them alone would be in charge of her also. The realization hit her hard but, she knew, fitted her like a glove too. She moaned again.

"Mom, tell us," Wendy said.

Nancy didn't miss the fact that the order was coming this time from Wendy.

"I was, uh, thinking that I, uh, kind of need to take orders from you two," she hesitated then to taste the next part of the sentence and realizing that it too was true and real went on:

"Or from either one of you!" she concluded.

Leon grinned at Wendy, who had a self satisfied look on her face:

"Looks, Wendy, like you've gotten yourself a kind of servant; right, our Nancy?"

"Yes, sir, Mr Leon," Nancy struggled to say, "That's right."

Leon said then:

"So now?"

Wendy jumped in with:

"Leon, she needs to lose those clothes!"

"Yes, she does," he said, and turned to Nancy, "Yes, you do!" Then he turned back to Wendy and said:

"But you need to tell me what you want here."

Wendy shook her head 'yes' and proceeded:

"I've been following Mom's lonely and desperate progress of chat room meetings, each one getting hotter and hotter. This is her situation; she might not have known it before but she does now, don't you, Mom?"

"Yes, ma'am," Nancy said quickly.

"So, I want to see it through; I want to watch her get her satisfaction, and I know, Leon that you're the one to do it. I know that in my shape I'm only still a girl but I know what's going on here and I want to watch."

Wendy thought a moment, and went on, Leon waited, knowing that she wasn't quite done.

"The most that I can hope for is to maybe get a chance, during the fray to get some little bit for myself but even that's not necessary."

"You're so cool, Wendy," Leon said, and winked at her.

He turned to Nancy then and said:

"Game time, Babe! Clothes off!"

Nancy said in a tiny voice: "Clothes off!" and she actually looked at Wendy for her agreement.

Wendy was exultant! "Yes, Mom," she said, shaking her head 'yes', "Clothes off."

But Nancy hesitated, she hemmed and hawed for a few seconds, and Wendy broke in:

"Okay, Nancy, what's the problem?"

Leon just grinned again, at the way that Wendy was taking charge of her Mom.

Nancy looked at both of them and asked in a tiny, meek voice:

"Wendy," then she thought quickly and changed it:

"Ms Wendy, may I please speak to you privately for a few seconds?"

"Yes, sweet doll," Wendy said and turning to Leon said:

"Excuse us girls for a few, Leon."

He just gestured to them and they went to the corner of the room. Leon was enjoying this kind of rebellion as much as he had ever enjoyed anything, and he knew that at the end the kid was going to make sure that he got her Mom exactly as he wanted her.

Wendy went to the corner with her Mom and Nancy said:

"Honey, I'm sorry; I'm not being difficult, I'm really not, but my underwear is ... just ugly. Could we maybe have a few minutes, you and me to decide and make me kind of nicer; I'd be awfully grateful to you, if you could arrange that."

Wendy stroked her Mom's cheek, and Nancy took Wendy's hand and kissed her palm.

"I know you will be, Mom; we have a lot of this to explore, now that we know who we are and how we fit."

"Yes, ma'am," Nancy said, "I know, and I promise to be really good about it."

"I know you will, love," Wendy said, "Because I'll punish you if you're not."

Nancy got wide eyed and her breathing kind of increased at the thought and she uttered a very grateful:

"Thank you, Ms Wendy."

Wendy turned to Leon and said:

"Leon it's simple; we need to get her ready for her main event with you. She's ashamed, our girl is, of her drab underwear and wants to look better. Right, Nancy?"

Nancy shook her head 'yes'. Then Wendy went on:

"You can inspect the bathroom off of the master suite to see that there's no phone in there for us to use to rat you out on."

"I believe you, Wendy," Leon said.

"I know she has some good sexy stuff, though my dad doesn't have any interest in it any more. It's in her bottom drawer on top of her vibrator and the pictures of her sucking Johnny Anderson's cock.

Nancy 'eeeeeeeeped' again.

"Love that sound, Mom," Wendy said. Then she continued:

"And speaking of that scumbag Johnny Anderson, Mom, the only reason that he bothers with you is because his Maybelle won't suck his cock and you will, but does he ever make love to you properly? Does he?"

"No," Nancy said, her eyes downcast.

"I didn't think so; Mom, tonight is going to be your coming out night, and our Leon is here to see to it."

Leon got up and bowed at that.

"We're going to turn you into a siren, and let Leon peruse those photos of you sucking Johnny Anderson's small cock, while he waits. And I just bet that our Leon doesn't have a small cock!"

Leon only smiled at that and Nancy giggled.

"So, let's go," Wendy said. "Your room, Mom. Give us two minutes, Leon to get some proper stuff and then I'll have those photos for you."

They went into the master bedroom down the hall and Leon only shook his head and said:

"God damn! She's unbelievable!"


Wendy went to Nancy and took her by the hand to lead her out of the room and down the hall to the master suite. She grinned at Leon, as she and her Mom left the room, and said:

"A few minutes and we'll be in the bathroom getting the princess here ready."

Leon nodded.

"I'll leave the photos on the bed for you."

Leon nodded again, and they were gone. He shook his head in almost disbelief, after they were out of the room and said, to the air:


'Thank you, honey," Nancy said, a bit dazed from all of the experiences up to then. She thought a bit and asked seriously:

"May I call you that or do you prefer, ma'am?"

Wendy looked at her Mom and realized that she was being serious.

"Ma'am is nice!" Wendy said.

Nancy said a brief "Of course."

Nancy had been captured; there was always the possibility of it, given her temperament but it was this whole series of events with Leon that brought it to a head, and had, in effect, delivered her into the hands of her daughter, who was now really in charge of her.

It was Wendy that went into the bottom drawer to fetch what was needed. She moved aside the old and drab undies to get to 'the good stuff' underneath.

"You know everything!" Nancy said.

"Yes," was Wendy's reply, as Wendy fetched the underwear that she wanted to see her Mom wear.

"You must hate me!" was Nancy's reply.

"I envy you, Mom," Wendy said, "And I want to make sure that you start having a better time of it."

"Thank you, honey, ma'am!" Nancy said, being led now to the bathroom, she glanced briefly back to the bed, where Wendy had put the photos that were taken of her sucking Johnny Anderson's cock.

"Think he'll like those?" Nancy asked.

"Hey, Mom, Leon's a Man; there photos of a gorgeous naked woman kneeling and sucking a cock. Of course, he'll love them. Now, let's see what we have here."

She laid out the clothes, such as they were: dark stockings, a black garter belt, a lacy, black push-up bra, and a pair of black heels, that were about 4" high.

"Oh dear!" Nancy said, looking at the clothes, distinctly nervous now.

"Yes, oh dear!" Wendy said, stroking Nancy's cheek and adding:

"Our Nancy's about to be royally fucked!"

Nancy giggled and Wendy leaned up and kissed her. She laid her lips lightly against her Mom's but Nancy received Wendy's kiss with her own lips open and inviting.

"Mom, you're learning!" Wendy said happily, licking her tongue along Nancy's lips quickly, causing a sigh from her hyped up mother.

"Thank you, ma'am," Nancy said as she put the garter belt on.

The effect of Nancy dressed in the things that Wendy choose for her was electric! When she was done and ready, Wendy said:

"Okay, here's how we'll do this; I'm going out there first and then when I tell you, you make your entrance. Do it slow; pause in the doorway for effect, to let him take in what he's seeing, after all, seeing you dressed this way has been the entire purpose of his efforts tonight and right now is his reward, but yours is coming."

Nancy, surprised again, kissed Wendy one more time and asked:

"Were you always this wise and I just wasn't noticing?"

"I'm afraid so, Mom," Wendy said "But I've got your attention now and we're going to have some fun, even if my fun for a time is watching you have fun."

Nancy giggled, and Wendy went out to where Leon was looking at the photos.

"Nice mouth on your Momma," Leon said.

"Yes, and a pitiful cock on Johnny Anderson!" Wendy added.

"Well, yeah, there is that," Leon said.

And Wendy added: "But hey, Dad is so many years older and totally wrapped up in business, travels all the time and Mom gets no sex from him of any kind that I can tell these days. Made Johnny Anderson and his selfish demands look good."

"What about it, Leon, my man," Wendy said with anticipation, "Ready for the unveiling of Nancy?"

"Totally, Wendy," Leon said, and Wendy called out:

"Mom, now!"

Nancy opened the door, Leon said: "Oh shit!"

And Wendy introduced her with the words:

"Here she is, folks, Nancy the slut!"

Nancy just gasped at the use of the word out loud; she gasped and realized that just the word made her instantly wet.

(She reacted that way, our Nancy, to words spoken or even just thought: words like 'blow job' or 'cock sucker' or one of her favorites 'panties' made her feel sexy, and erotic and invariably got her pussy wet. She suspected that Wendy knew that but wasn't sure and knew that she'd have to tell her.)

Wendy settled down quietly in a chair in the corner of the room and just watched it develop. She knew that Leon certainly didn't need any more help from her.

"Well, Momma," Leon said, "Look at you, all tits 'n ass, and on display like a christmas window in downtown!"

Nancy giggled.

(And thats another thing about our Nancy, and a rule of the road; she was a giggler but note this: women who are gigglers are the sluts of the world, and a mighty fine gift to the world also, they are!)

"Walk around, Nancy; strut that stuff! Let's see the real Nancy Walker here."

"Yes, sir!" Nancy said and began to tour the room, swinging her ass cheeks as she went.

She gave way to all of her pent up, often repressed sexuality in that walk and in her attitude during the walk. As she passed Wendy's corner of the room, she sent her daughter, who was grinning from ear to ear, an air kiss, which Wendy received and sent back to her suddenly and totally sexy Mom.

Nancy walked and waited for her next instructions, for she wasn't about to do anything unless she was told to.

Leon turned first to Wendy and said:

"Wendy, babe, can you get us some slow dancing music?"

Wendy smiled and nodded, saying to him, as she left the room:

"Leon, you are such a romantic!'

He only grinned at her.

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