The Power of Words on a Mind

by Sir Semega

Copyright© 2010 by Sir Semega

Mind Control Sex Story: Hypnosis isn't real, is it? Hot little story about the power of words and belief.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Hypnosis   .

"I wouldn't really call it hypnosis," I told her as she sat next to me examining the books placed on my coffee table. Those of course were carefully arranged there before my date by me. Just a natural conversation starter for when I got her back to my place.

Lydia and I had gone out on three dates so far. This was the first time I managed to persuade her to come back to my place for some wine. She was dressed up as usual, nice short purple dress that accentuated her curves. I like woman who don't look like boys. Flared hips, nice bust, and long locks always got my blood flowing. Lydia had a tendency to over do it a bit with her makeup, which was a bit of an annoyance, as a little war paint was fine for me, but one of my best attributes was my ability to kiss. Kissing a girl who has spent a lot of time getting her make up done just right is not really possible. The whole smearage thing. So with Lydia, through the nights during our dates, I had to satisfy myself with light pecks on her lips so as not to ruin her lipstick and foundation. This seriously hampered me.

I topped off her glass as she waited for an explanation. She had picked up one of the books when I had gone to get the wine and when I had returned, she had asked me if I was a hypnotist. There was a gleam in her eyes that I picked up on as I smiled and explained, "I prefer to do what are called 'trance states'."

"Oh?" she asked.

I nodded and drank some of my wine. She had snuggled in next to me, her warm body rubbing against my rough wool suit. Everything seemed ordinary except the subject matter.

"Trance is not mind control. It's more like breaking down barriers, kind of like clarifying things."

Her eyes said she was intrigued. Her purple nails, to match her dress, ran over the rim of her wine glass.

"So what happens when you do this trance?"

"What do you mean?" I verbally jousted.

"Well ... what do you make the woman do?"

I smiled and just looked at her for a few moments and took a sip of my wine.

"I don't make her do anything. I just ... well ... I open her up to different experiences, more intense experiences."

"Really now?"

I had played this conversation over and over again with my other dates. Lydia was so far sticking to the script. I noticed how her strappy heel was dangling from her foot. It was very enticing.

"Well, I'll give you an example. Let's say I trace my finger over your body..." This gave me the perfect opportunity to touch her, so I took my finger and started with her arm and slowly dragged it up to her shoulder and then down her chest.

She looked at me with an unreadable expression.

"Now in a trance, you would know that my finger was touching you, stroking you, getting more and more intimate." My voice was measured, methodical and at this point very calming. Lydia took it in. Her breathing was calm. Her tongue licked her lips. Beneath her dress, as I passed by her nipples, I saw them rise through the silky material.

"In a trance like state, you would be open to a suggestion, like say, my finger was unusually warm, almost hot and where ever I touched you, you felt that warmth, and the trail of my finger left a slow warm trail over your skin."

"Mmm hmmmm." She said.

My finger continued it's randomly chosen trail over her body. My voice was still smooth and calm. I had quickly built up a cadence to my voice, one of trusted authority. I repeated my suggestion about how hot my finger was, and her eyes locked onto mine.

"Do you feel it?" I asked. "Do you feel my warm finger and the trail it's leaving all over your body?"

She gulped and almost dreamily nodded.

"Tell me," I asked. "Tell me yes or no. My warm, no hot finger. It's leaving a warm trail all over your body. Your soft beautiful, sexy body. You feel it, yes?"

"Y-y-yes..." she sighed.

I smiled back at her. She was a little unsure of herself, so I had to make her safe and comfortable.

"Lydia, you are safe. I'm just showing you how pleasant a trance state is. You will not allow me or yourself to do anything you do not want. I'm making you feel good, that's all. You like me touching you with my warm finger, don't you?"

"Yes," she said.

"It feels good?"

"Yes," she again replied.

"That warm trail. You feel it?"


"Now I want you to imagine that warmth now traveling all over your body. It's wrapping itself around you, in warmth and love and goodness. All over your body. First your chest. Then your stomach. Now it's growing upwards and enveloping your beautiful breasts. You have very beautiful breasts, Lydia. You must be so proud of them!"

"Yes," she said with a little more urgency.

"It's getting warm down below now. Your bum and your crotch are wrapped in the warmth. Now your thighs. Now your feet. You're warm all over and feels so good, doesn't it, Lydia?"

She was squirming now. "Yes! Oh yes!"

I looked deep into her eyes. My entire body and mind thought only one thing, and that was how wonderful and beautiful and sexy she was. I kept my mind positive with thoughts, sending to her only positive good thoughts. Our faces can be read by others. The difference between a sexy man and a creepy man lies not just in the face and it's subtle expressions, but with the intent behind that face. Woman for a good reason can read the face and deep down, know the intent behind the face. A creepy man can talk to a woman and she refuses him because behind that face and practiced smile, his thoughts are negative, selfish, and devious. A sexy man can have that same smile, yet behind his face his thoughts are caring, giving, and sexual.

With my thoughts sending to her I spoke clearly, "You want to return your good feelings to me Lydia. You are warm and feel good all over. Show me how you feel. Let go and show me what I have awakened!"

Lydia grabbed me and kissed me. Make up be damned! She inhaled me and rubbed her hands all over me. I was no fool. I returned her advances myself.

"Everywhere my hands touch, the warmth in your body will turn into a tingle. A naughty tingle! You know what I mean?"

She smiled sheepishly and nodded.

"I'm going to touch you here!" I took my hand and dramatically rose over her body and rested it onto her shoulder and neck.

"Feel that tingle? It's such a naughty tingle!"

"Yes!" she sighed. He hands flopped on my body. Her mind knew not what they were doing.

"The tingle is growing Lydia! It feels so good! You so want the tingle to visit other parts of your body!"

I took my hand and she watched me as I hovered over her chest. I waited for a sign and when she jutted her chest out for me to touch her breasts I lowered it down.

"There Lydia! On your beautiful luscious breasts! Oh now they tingle and it feels so good! Tell me how they feel Lydia! Tell me!"

She threw her head back. "Oh Desmond! They tingle! It feels so good!"

"It's such a naughty tingle isn't it?"

"Yes!" she sighed and her hands found my pants and my hardened cock.

"You're so warm all over and now you tingle don't you! It's such a naughty tingle! It feels so good and you feel so good!"

Her hands were stroking my cock. Those purple claws matched my purple engorged head down there. Her head was rolling around on her swivel for a neck.

"Lydia! Listen to me! You feel so good! You feel the tingle and the warmth and you feel so so good! Now listen to me! You see my hand Lydia! My special hand?"

She focused on my hand for a moment and nodded. She bit down on her upper lip.

"This hand now will put you over the edge, Lydia. My special hand will give you what you wanted. The tingles are building within you, just like the warmth Lydia. It's growing and spreading and it feels so good! It feels so naughty!"

She was squirming now and I knew she was ready!

"My hand Lydia! Focus on my hand! It's special and it has what you want! What you always wanted! What you need! Oh it's going to be so good when it touches you Lydia! So good! So naughty! You want it, Lydia? Do you want my special hand to touch you? Tell me Lydia!"

"Yes! Touch me! I want your special hand! Oh god! I need it!"

"Yes you do Lydia! It's my special hand it wants to touch you! It wants to give you what you need! You are now all tingly and warm aren't you?"

"Yes!" she panted!

"Are you ready for it to touch you?"

"Yes!" she panted.

"It wants to touch you! It wants to give you what you need! It's going to push you over the edge Lydia! It just has to touch you! But where shall it touch you? Where do you need it to touch you Lydia?"

"I..." she stuttered.

"Tell me Lydia! You want it to touch you, but where? Where shall it touch you? Think Lydia! Tell my special hand where to touch you to make you explode!"

"Oh yes! Touch me!"

"Where, Lydia? Where do you want my special hand to touch you? You want to explode! You're ready for it, right Lydia? I don't want you to be disappointed! You have to be ready for my special hand or you will loose this great wonderful feeling!"

"I'm ready!" she said.

"Where do you want my special hand to touch you, Lydia? Choose now! Hurry! You're building up and ready! Hurry Lydia! Cry it out! Tell me!"

Her body tensed up. "My Pussy! Touch my pussy! I need your special hand touching my pussy! Now! Oh god! Now!"

"Are you ready, Lydia! Hurry! I need to make sure! I can't disappoint you! You must be sure! Tell me Lydia!"

She was ready to explode and she screamed it out. "Touch my pussy! I'm ready! Oh god touch it! Touch it now!"

"I'm going to do it now, Lydia! I'm lowering my special hand! Here it comes! 5-4-3-2-1! Now! Lydia I'm touching your pussy with my special hand! Oh god you're exploding!"

And she exploded. I didn't have to clean her parts off the walls or anything like that, but she screamed and moaned and practically pulled her muscles as she flopped around on the couch. My hand stayed on her pussy, massaging it as my other arm held her to keep her safe. She howled for five minutes as she let everything out. I kept prodding her: telling her that my special hand was giving her everything she needed. Finally I saw that she was not up for anymore and I took her down and out of trance.

"Come back to me Lydia. The feelings are dissipating. All you are left with is a glowing warmth. Feel my arms hugging you. You like to be held. You are protected now. Come back to me Lydia."

I held her as she regained herself. She broke out into tears and I allowed her to cry freely. We sat there in each others arms for another thirty minutes as she processed what had just happened.

She looked up into my eyes with a look of awe. I smiled back at her. "That was trance?"

I nodded. "No mind control, no brainwashing, just the power of suggestion. I haven't implanted any hidden commands in your brain to trigger you to go kill the president!"

She giggled. I laughed.

"I can remember everything!" she said.

"I certainly hope so! I would hate for you to not be able to remember how good of a time you've had with me tonight!"

She snuggled with me some more. She was exposed, maybe a little embarrassed, but I think she was happy about what had happened.

"I didn't make you do anything you didn't want to do. I didn't make you do anything really."

She looked into my eyes with a sort of reverence. In my gut, I felt that perhaps we had done enough for the night and softly kissed her.

"Listen, it's time for me to take you home. I really enjoyed tonight, I hope you have as well."

She looked confused. "I ... but ... you didn't get any..."

I smiled and touched her lips with my finger to shush her.

"I enjoyed myself with you. I soaked in you beauty. Besides, I think you're pretty pooped from that major orgasm you just had!"

She smiled coyly at that remark and I helped peel her off the couch and got her jacket to go.

The car ride to her place was quiet. I wanted her to soak in what had happened. I also knew from past experiences that it was legally safer for me to not have any sexual contact after the first trance experience. The claim of manipulation and mind control had gotten me into trouble before after a woman had second thoughts the next morning. Lydia would have to examine her feelings and figure out if she wanted to go further with me. I would wait for her to process what happened to her and one of two things would happen.

One, she would avoid me and tell me that she wasn't comfortable with what had happened, or two, she would call me and set up another date.

I kissed her at the door. I'm sure she wanted me to come in, but it was safer this way. I went home and tidied up, finishing off the wine and tossing the glasses in the dishwasher. I stared at my bed and once again noticed how large and lonely it looked. I've wanted to get a dog, or maybe even a cat to add some life to the place, but the building policy was no pets. I crawled into bed and tried to get to sleep while images of what Lydia looked like under her purple silky dress haunted me into the wee hours of the morning.

Lydia called me on my mobile at work Tuesday afternoon. I was in the middle of a meeting so begged off telling her to call me that evening.

"That was a pretty mean trick you played on me," she pouted over the phone.

I didn't fall for it.

"You're calling me to yell at me?"

There was silence on her end.

"No, I forgive you. You did reward me pretty well!"

"Well I'm glad you enjoyed that. I had a feeling you would!"

"Yes it was ... well I never felt anything like that before!"

"So, we're good?"

"Hmm? Oh yes, we're good!"

"So I take it you would maybe be free this Friday night?"

"Mmmm! For you, I will be!"

I made arrangements to pick her up and hung up. Just before going to sleep I received a text from Lydia.

'Thinking of U and UR special Hnd!'

I smiled and turned off the lights to go to sleep.

Over the next few days, Lydia and I sent texts to each other. This was all part of the foreplay. I wanted her dripping wet for Friday. Her messages to me got more and more dirty.

Friday night Lydia looked stunning. I had secured tickets to a small jazz club over in the East Bay so it gave both of us a chance to dress up. I do so like to see a woman all dressed up. Heels and stockings, a dress, lacy lingerie underneath, hair all done up, you know it does something for a man's ego to see his woman making an effort to attract him. Lydia certainly made an effort. I don't think Lydia would look bad in any clothing, but this little black dress that clung to her was...

"Spectacular!" I grinned stupidly as she did a little twirl for me. Her smile and face lit up as well. She seemed pleased that I appreciate her efforts.

"You're looking pretty hot yourself!" she replied.

I shrugged. One of my best suits, but I knew I paled in comparison to her. I would be perceived by all the men tonight as being one damn lucky guy for having Lydia as my date!

On the ride over the bridge I talked to her about the band that would be playing the jazz club. I had seen them before, with another woman, but I didn't feel the need to tell Lydia, and they had been impressive. It was music to dance to, which I remembered Lydia moaning to me during our first date together that she had missed going dancing.

Lydia was eager to dance.

The club also was a restaurant, a high end Japanese fusion joint so we killed three birds with one stone: dinner, a show and dancing. Once our orders were taken, Lydia brought the conversation back to our last night together.

"Desmond, tell me more about trance."

"What do you want to know?"

"Well how does it work, for instance?"

I leaned back in my chair. "You tell me, you experienced it."

She blushed. It was cute. She played with her silverware and then glanced back up at me.

"I can't pretend that it hasn't disturbed me a little..."

I gave her space and time to get what she needed out. The waiter returned with our drinks and I took a slow sip of my drink. I kept my face neutral. I tried to convey to her that I neither needed her nor did not want her. I just was.

"I must say that it was the most exciting, night in my life! I never knew you had such power and it ... well, after I woke up the next morning, it scared me."

It was her turn to swallow some liquid courage, and I watched as this lovely creature blushed a little while taking a swallow.

"Lydia, I enjoyed what we did the other night, but if you don't want to do it again, I'm fine with that. If you don't want to see me again, I'm also fine with that. I don't want you to leave, but I'll understand."

"Desmond, I do want to keep seeing you, I just ... well that experience was so intense that I wasn't ready for it. I mean..." she glanced nervously around the room to make sure no one could hear her next words. Then she whispered, "I've never had a man give me an orgasm before."

"You've never had..."

She blushed. "Yes I have, but ... by myself."

"Ah," I said.

"Desmond, I'm getting older now. I've pretty much given up hope that I could get, no that's not right, that anyone could give me one."

"An orgasm," I said.

Her face was still red and she nodded.

The waiter returned with our appetizers. I could see the members of the band come onto stage and start to set up. Lydia hid her face from the waiter, focusing on a spot on the table that seemed to be very fascinating to her only.

Once he had left we dug in. My soup was a nice spicy miso she had a salad.

"It's just ... I was so surprised that someone, no that you, gave me one with a single touch, yet what you gave me made all the orgasms I've ever had pale so much in comparison that I find myself thinking whether I've ever really had one before or not."

I reached out and grabbed her hand. She let me hold it, and slowly her gaze rose from the table to my eyes. "Lydia, did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight? You take my breath away!"

"Oh Desmond, you don't have to be nice to me, I appreciate what you're doing but I'm too old to hear things like that." She seemed really down on herself. This was a bad sign.

"Lydia, I'm telling you the truth. Everyone in this club thinks I'm a lucky guy for having you as my date."

Lydia just shook her head. To her, my words were just that, words. She was stunning, yet she didn't think she was.

We ate in silence for a bit. Lydia was deep in thought and glanced at me a few times. Finally she spoke and was almost ready to cry.

"I'm sorry Desmond for disappointing you. I'm not good company for you. Now I've embarrassed you and myself ... maybe I should go."

She made to get up to leave. I was shocked. What the hell had just happened? I grabbed her wrist and kept her from rising up.

"Lydia! What's going on? What makes you think I'm disappointed with you or displeased? What did I do wrong?"

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