by Losgud

Copyright© 2010 by Losgud

Erotica Sex Story: A brother and sister, in late blossom, get to spend a week alone down in Florida. There's some young stuff as a side story, but not that young, and as always handled in a very Losgudian manner. The endnote is worth reading.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   .

I'd gotten caught late at the office. By the time I got home, I was exhausted. I was ready to just drop into my chair, skip dinner, pretend to watch t.v. as my eyelids fluttered closed, and wait for my wife Dana to nudge me awake a few hours later and tell me I should just go to bed.

The scenario didn't happen a lot, but often enough I could read the map for this particular evening.

When I got in the house, Dana came up and gave me a kiss, and then apologized. "I'm sorry, but the kids got hungry, so we had dinner without you." It was late enough on a school night they were both safe in their beds, long asleep.

I'd called a few hours earlier with my own apologies, and told her not to wait dinner on me. Finally back home, I waved at her, "No, no, no, it's okay. Blame corporate America. I'm too tired to be hungry anyway. I'll just make a sandwich and be fine."

Dana gave me the glare. "No, you're not doing the chair thing again tonight, mister. You need a decent meal. I've got a plate for you to warm up. You go get out of that monkey suit, give the kids a kiss goodnight, and then get your butt back in the kitchen. My job is to feed you proper."

Well, that wasn't really her job. We had a modern marriage. Dana's job involved teaching kids all day long. But if she wanted to spoil me for the evening, I wasn't about to complain.

When I sat down at the kitchen table, I was treated to a plate of her special lasagna--which only got even better through reheating--and some garlic bread, a fresh salad, and a very full glass of wine. Dana sat down and joined me, enjoying only a smile and a full glass herself.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," I exclaimed as I ate.

"My pleasure, my dear."

Finally I used my napkin, and pushed my chair back from the table. "Hon, that was delicious. Sorry I wasn't here for the original unveiling. Did I miss anything else while I was taking it up the ass for the man?"

Dana chittered her lovely little laugh. "Not really." Then she perked up. "Well, your sister did call."

"Oh yea?" I played my best poker face. "What did she have to say?"

"Well, apparently she's booked a week or so at some investment condo your aunt down in Florida owns on Anna Marie island. She was inviting us all down to stay with her. I had to decline, of course."

"Really? How come? Not that we can afford it anyway."

"It was the same time as when we're going up to the Cape for my family thing."

"Oh well, shame about that."

I took a long draught of wine, savoring the woody redness in my mouth before swallowing in the ensuing silence.

"The thing is," Dana began, "well, I think you should go."

I cocked an eyebrow.

Dana shrugged. "I know how my family gatherings are pretty overwhelming for you."

That was an understatement. Her family was great, but there were so many of them. A sister, two brothers, and all the in-laws in between.

"Besides," she added. "Us kids have always been close. Lily is your only sibling, and the way you two were so estranged for so long, I want to encourage this reparation of your relationship that you guys started last year. I think that's important."

"But," I said.

"I can manage the kids alone," Dana answered. "I think this will be really good for you guys. I mean, these things are important. I want to foster this renewal. I want our boy and girl to have this other aunt who is in the picture."

"Okay," I shrugged, acceding to my wife's wishes. "I'll give Lily a call tomorrow, if that's what you want."

"It's definitely what I want," she nodded ferociously.

That matter settled, I stood up and gathered my dishes.

"Just leave them," Dana said.

"Oh, it'll just take a minute to wash them."

"Leave them in the sink." Her words were a command. "I'll take care of them in the morning." She stood up, came over, took them out of my hands and placed them in the sink.

That left me empty-handed. I shrugged. "Okay. Care to join me in the livingroom? Guess I'll go visit my chair for awhile."

Dana grabbed me by the wrist, shaking her head. "No," she emphasized, "no chair tonight."

She pulled me out of the kitchen, hitting the lights as we left. Dana led us on a tour of our house, stopping in each room long enough to kill the switches. She dragged me down the final hall to our bedroom, where she threw me down and proceeded to fuck my lights out!

Though Dana and I were still active in the bedroom sense, it was a fraction of what it was before kids and jobs and time and the usual bullshit clouded the picture. But that night was ferocious. By all legal definitions, my wife raped me. With the caveat that I never once said no. I was too busy gasping and groaning. Afterwards we cuddled fiercely, slipping towards sleep, and then Dana was out like a light.

That's the way she's always been. Once under, Dana was a log until the alarm. I lay there in the dark, still sort of panting, until she turned over on her side. After about twenty minutes, despite the late hour, I got up and quietly tip-toed out of the room.

I went to the far reach of the house, and dialed the phone. The number rang forever, then finally picked up.

"Scored," I said.

"What?" the sleepy voice said.

"I said, scored."


"Exactly. Reporting back."

"My god," Lily perked up wide awake. "You're kidding?"

"Nope. It worked. Perfectly."

What my wife didn't know was that the end of the estrangement a year ago between Lily and me had involved a quirk of fate whereby we'd become lovers. On a basement sofa late at night when everyone else was asleep we'd fallen together in the mutual understanding that what'd always driven us apart was that we both wanted to be together, in the precise way disallowed a brother and a sister. That ascertained, we'd broken that barrier at like light speed, having the most fantastic sex known to man and woman. Or so it still seemed to us. Since then we'd only managed a couple encounters.

"God, Wayne," Lily giggled. "One minute I'm sound asleep, the next my thighs are soaking wet!"

The next minute I started hearing slurpy sticky sounds over the receiver. "Are you doing what I think you're doing?"

"Better believe it," Lily panted.

"I'll be there so soon, darling," I whispered, "I'll take care of my baby sister."

There I was, in the livingroom, in the dark, on the phone, listening to my sister bring herself off. I was hard myself, but it'd happened so fast that then Lily was whispering, "Mmm, baby, so good, bless you for calling, but god I gotta get back to sleep."

We did that kissy-kissy thing at the piece of plastic we were each holding, and then hung up.

I went back to bed with a huge hard-on I didn't feel like doing anything with. My plan was to slip back under the covers and maybe touch myself inconsequentially until I drifted off.

My plan was going as intended, until Dana turned over and sleepily whispered, "Where were you? Did you call your sister?" Her hand met my hard-on. She took a firm grip of it, then pulled me over on top of her, positioning my cock at the entrance of her still wet cunt. If I didn't say no before, I sure wasn't going to say no now! Nothing better than slow, sleepy and nearly incoherent sex.

Several weeks later I was at the airport, escorting Dana and the kids to the security point for their flight up to the Bay. I gathered the guys for a group hug and kisses. "You all going to miss your old Dad?"

The elder, our son Patrick, spat out, "Heck no! It'll be great not having you around to boss us around all the time." I gave him a pretend slap on the top of his head; he grinned back at me.

Patricia wrapped me in a gangly 12-year-old girl hug. "I'll miss you, Daddy."

When the line finally started moving, Dana grabbed me and gave me a kiss so full of tongue something in my pants started to move. "See you soon," she whispered in my ear, poking her tongue in there for good measure. She touched my swelling, then backed away. "Have a great time with Lily, on your all's honeymoon."

I rolled my eyes, and sort of sputtered out my mouth.

"I'm kidding," she said, smiling at me. "I truly think it's so great that you two have finally reconnected. You know how family is so important to me. You see the phone bills, with me always calling my brothers and sister. I want you two to have fun."

We kissed longly, until the kids started objecting, booing and going, gross! Then I waved as the three of them moved through security and away from me.

I was back at the airport the next day for my flight. Up in the air I went, and then a few hours later I was in Tampa/St. Pete. Lily had arrived a few days before, so the plan was that she'd meet my flight with her rental car. With the rest of the horde I hurried down the corridor, past security, into the common waiting area. I kept looking around, but I didn't see Lily. I did see a lot of lovely women waiting for someone. It seemed disproportionate to the general population, but maybe that was just Florida. I supposed Lily was running a little late, had run into some traffic or something. I was disappointed. But it was fun, glancing around, like being in an ice-cream shop, watching all the flavors walk off with the cone holders.

As I walked through the crowd, I was struck by how the truly hottest girl was the one wearing a little white dress that not only showed off her light tan, but was diaphanous enough you could see she was wearing a matched set of light charcoal-blue undies. I ... I had an appreciation for that color. I got a clear view of that expanse of her cute rear as she stayed turned from me, scanning the debarking crowd for someone else.

Little short clingy summer dresses have always stirred my imagination. Dana never wore anything but pants. No doubt, she looked luscious in pants. When she wanted to really get me going, she knew to reward me by pulling her pants down with the sight of such a colored pair of panties.

I stopped to look around, still not seeing my sister. I gave a glance back at the gal in the white dress, and then she turned around, and met my gaze. Her mouth dropped wide, and then she ran and grabbed me like a gorilla.

My sister, Lily.

Her mouth was on mine, her tongue tangling with mine, in a way no one else in public really wants to witness. At length we stepped back, gasping. "Welcome to Florida," she intoned.

"And what a wonderful welcome it is!" And then I stood there, mute, just gazing at her loveliness. The lightness of her fresh tan, the cute little sprinkle of freckles across the bridge of her nose, the hair to her shoulders already bleached a lighter blonde from the several days in the sun.

"Lily," I finally muttered, "you look like a dream come true."

She smiled and poked out her chest. "I am your dream come true."

And that she was.

I ran my hand up her arm, stopping to finger the fabric. "Lovely dress for a lovely girl," I murmured, "but did you know that it not only reveals your frillies underneath, but their exact color?"

"I know what my brother likes. I know everything that my brother likes."

"Well, yes you do. But everything you're showing me is on display for everyone else in the airport."

Lily jutted her chin out. "I wanted to show off for my brother. If everyone else can see, so be it. No one else is going to get it." Then she reached out to tug at the strap across my shoulder. "Do you have just this carry-on," her other hand dipped discreetly between my legs, hefting my scrotum, "or do we have to go wait for your big bag?"

"I'm afraid we're off to the carousel."

So there we went. The conveyor belt finally started, and then, as I remarked to my sister, it was the first time in my airport life that my luggage appeared on the first go-round. As I hefted it off, she replied, "They must have known we have better things to do."

Lily was driving me crazy. I tried to palm her cute little ass, but she swatted my hand away. "That's the law," she declared. "From now on you don't get to touch me. You don't get to touch me until after just looking at me makes you shoot off in your shorts. And I'll need to see your soggy undies for proof."

Well, I could've bumped against my big suitcase and taken care of that deed restriction in about two seconds. But I decided to play along with my sister. I followed her as she led us through the airport and out towards the parking, her sashaying ass a beacon I'd never lose sight of. Every guy we passed did a double-take of Lily. Depending on their states of mind, half shot me hateful daggers while the others gave thumbs up--variations on the you lucky bastard, you! response.

Finally we found her rental car. Lily popped the trunk and I loaded in my stuff. After slamming the lid shut, she gave a glance around, and then very coyly lifted the hem of her dress to her waist. I instantly grabbed my crotch and moaned, then moved to take her in my arms. "That did it," I announced, kissing her fiendishly.

"God, this is going to be the best vacation of my life," she whimpered.

"That's my intention," I replied.

Lily pushed me away. "Let's get the hell out of here. Let's get home."

Once we were safe from all the crazy airport traffic, Lily reached over and swatted at the tent in the front of my pants. "Can't fool me," she grinned, "I knew you were faking it. You didn't really shoot off in your shorts."

But once, at the condo, my bags moved into the bedroom, when Lily reached behind her back to unzip her dress enough so that it fell off her shoulders to pool at her feet, I very nearly did.

She stood there, my dream girl, in just her lacey bra and panties, of that matching color designed to drive me wild. "Wayne, show me how much you want me."

How else to reply? Cock came out, ready to aim.

Thus the next hour was occupied, in wild copulation, my cock thrusting into my sister's willing cunt, driving her repeatedly over the edge, and then me stopping, nearly in tears, because I didn't want to explode just yet and have it all come to an end.

But all good things do come to an end. After dozing dreamily in total satisfaction, we splashed off in the shower, touching each other with sudsy hands, exploring the wondrous landscapes of each others bodies like children. Like a brother and sister first learning the joys of sex from each other. It was like the purity of soap--we didn't dirty ourselves again; we made one another clean.

Once dressed, we went out and had a long, leisurely--and delicious--dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant. We walked back to the condo holding hands, bumping hips, until I dropped her hand to put my arm around her waist to draw her even closer. Lily's arm followed my example, and once she was holding me tightly against her, I let mine lower so my hand could gently caress her ass. In short, as we strolled down the sidewalk, we looked like new lovers on holiday. Which was exactly what we were.

After that sort of walk, and the lengthy gazings of longing over the dinner table, I had one thing in mind when we were safely back inside the condo. Lily preempted me. "Let's go for a little swim in the pool. That would be so refreshing."

I wasn't so sure about that. Our aunt had purchased an A-grade unit: the wall of the livingroom was all glass, with sliding doors opening out directly onto the pool deck. I could see how out there it was nothing but a bunch of tourists, a few gaggles of teenagers, but mostly exhausted looking parents drinking beer while their young children splashed around in the pool. But, if Lily wanted to join then ... she'd disappeared into the bathroom, so I went into the bedroom and pulled on my suit.

I've never been much of one for swimming, so for the trip I'd had to go out and buy a new suit. I couldn't quite do one of those spandex codpieces, but wanting to look cute for Lily I'd erred in that general direction instead of those gaudy patterned hang-to-the-knees variety. And an error it was, as Lily came out of the bathroom bearing a pair of big beach towels and wearing an off-white bikini. It wasn't one of those obscene string up the butt models with a couple band-aids of fabric over the nipples, but lord did it show off her beautiful body. The top barely constrained her breasts, giving a generous showing of cleavage. I wasn't sure how the triangle below managed to cover her pubis.

"What?" she asked my slack-jawed gaze, as she tossed me my towel.

"Um, don't you have a suit that's a little more modest?"

"Nope. This is what I have. Is that a problem?"

"Well, it's kind of creating a problem," I replied, as the front of my suit began filling out.

Lily moved up against me, then reached down and gave my package a few friendly squeezes. "Honk honk," she said, like a rubber bulbed horn. "But that's your problem, now, isn't it."

I was just hoping nobody out on the pool deck saw that exchange through the glass.

Lily moved on, slid open the door and stepped out into the blazing light, and the way her lovely ass twitched, there was no way I wouldn't follow.

I carried my towel so it draped hiding the bulge in front of me. Then I quickly tossed the towel to a vacant chair and dove into the pool. I thought the chill of the water would help my problem. Silly me. A shallow condo pool baking all day under the Florida sun--the water felt like all the kids splashing around had been there since daybreak, never getting out, having too much fun to do anything but pee in the pool. At least I was chest deep in constantly moving water, so what was large about me was hidden under the waves, like the bulk of an iceberg.

Lily sauntered slowly to the other end, opting to enter down the steps in the shallow end. God, she looked good! It was funny to watch her runway walk. All the dads behind their sunglasses turned their heads nearly imperceptibly to track her walk past them, while all the moms behind their sunglasses watched her blatantly, then whipped their heads back around to see where their hubbies were looking. The couple of teen boys were openly gaping at my sister, while their girlfriends stood around arms furled across their breasts looking pissed-off.

As Lily walked down into the water, she looked like a goddess, a Renaissance painter's wet-dream, a self-assured woman entering a pool. Striding through the waters, parting the waters, to join her chosen lover. That feller being me!!!

It wasn't that Lily was the only attractive woman around. Several of the moms were quite cute, but they were at the state where they couldn't just drag their mates off to the sheets, because they'd already mated and the process would first involve getting the kids out of the pool, and then inside, and then settled down enough for bed. And the teenaged girls were still at that awkward stage where they were proud of their new curves, and how the boys flocked to them like moths, but understanding that their curves were all that the boys cherished, the sexy lightbulbs that drew their dicks forward.

Whereas Lily was sultry in the self-assurance of her sexuality, striding through the water towards her man.

Then we started just playing around, splashing and dunking, cavorting like kids in a pool, swimming around and lightly touching like new lovers. At one point Lily hoisted herself up out to sit on the lip of the pool. I moved between her legs, mesmerized. Maybe I was no better than the teenaged boys. The fabric of her suit didn't seem to have much lining. "You know," I stroked her thigh, "I can see everything with this suit. Your nipples, and I don't mean just the poking out part. And your cute little bush below. And if I can see it..."

"That means you're standing right here and staring at it all, you pervert!" Lily splashed me a little. "Maybe you should turn around and calm down."

I did just that, and then she leapt onto my back, wrapping her legs around my waist and holding onto my shoulders. "Give me a piggyback ride," she declared. Her cunt was pressed against my lower back while her breasts were crushed against my shoulder blades. I carried my lovely load swiftly into deeper water. After the jiggly ride, Lily brushed her calf up across my full crotch.

"Stop it, " I hissed.

Lily just giggled. "Boys pee in the pool all the time. You could shoot off in your trunks, and no one would ever notice."

I'd had enough. I rose up and tumped backward, totally ducking my mean sister. She broke away and came up sputtering, laughing, "I deserved that!"

We moved towards the side of the pool, still in the deeper part. Then Lily loosed her arms around my neck for a deep kiss. And then, with that leverage, she lifted up in the water and wrapped her legs around my waist from the opposite direction as before. Fabric was involved between, but basically her cunt lips spread to either side as she rubbed up and down against the shaft of my cock. Despite the buoyancy of the water, I did have to have both hands on Lily's ass to support her. I gave her cheeks a couple hard squeezes. Then I decided to get some payback.

I slipped a hand down the back of her bottoms and squeezed her ass directly. Then I extended my fingers, furrowing deep between the cleft of her cheeks. I touched briefly on her asshole, then slid further down into her fur, slipping between the lips of her cunt directly. Lily gasped. "What are you doing? We're out in public."

"Don't worry; no one can see what I'm doing."

Well, it didn't take but a minute for her to push away and jump off, pulling herself up onto the pool's apron. "Okay, you've proved your point. I'm done. I'm going to dry off. Care to join me?"

"I can't get out of the pool quite yet, not with such an audience."

"I'd really like to go down to the beach and watch the sunset."

"That sounds good to me."

Lily moved off and lay down on one of the lounge chairs.

"If you would be so kind as to toss me my towel, I'd be happy to join you."

She held up the towel. "It's right here. Come out and get it."

From my angle in the pool I couldn't even see her head. Her body was foreshortened like crazy. There were just the hillocks of her breasts in the background, and then the glance of the cleft between her thighs. "I'm seeing definite camel-toe from here," I hissed.

Lily just giggled, and spread her legs even more.

I turned around and started swimming laps, just to get myself right. I got into it, hoping to finally get out of the pool without a boner. After more laps than I could count, Lily was standing at the lip of the pool, dropping my towel within reach. "Hurry up. I really want to watch the sunset together. I'm going in to wash off the chlorine. You ready to come out yet?"

"Gonna need a couple more laps, babe."

Lily giggled. "Boys! Well, hurry up then."

"I'm trying, but can't hurry nature."

I did take a couple more laps, and then I decided to just hoist myself out of the pool and quickly grab the towel to wrap around my waist. I came in just as Lily was leaving the bathroom, showered and wrapped in a couple towels herself.

"You look so cute in a dress," she exclaimed. "What're you hiding under that kilt, a great big bagpipe?"

"Shut up," I slapped her terry-clothed ass.

She darted into the bedroom to get dressed, while I hit the shower for a brief soap down. Then I dried off and hit the bedroom. My big bag was open, the contents looking a little rumpled. I didn't remember doing that, but surely I did. I had an old worn white undershirt I was looking forward to wearing, but apparently I'd forgotten to pack it. I dressed elsewise.

Then I joined Lily in the livingroom. She was wearing my old undershirt. It sagged at the shoulders a bit, but she filled it to bulging in the front. I made no mention except to give a quick tweak to her nipples; "at ease" but still very visible. For bottoms she was in the pair of roomy demi-boxers I packed to sleep in. She stood up from the sofa and sweetly grabbed my hand, pulling me along to go watch the sunset from the beach. I gladly followed. Lily's ass made my pair of boxer shorts look absolutely delicious.

We went past the small scruff of dunes and stands of sea oats down to the beach proper. Right there were a pair of wooden chaise lounges. She led us between them and then sat us down on each. "Perfect," she declared, sitting up on hers with legs drawn up, her arms resting across her knees.

I could see up the wide leg of my shorts to her bush.

"You're not wearing any underwear!"

"Oh yes I am! It just happens to be your underwear." And then she pulled the crotch aside, slipping the naughty fingers down to spread her cunt open enough to make her point. "Is this all you think about?"

I was honest. "Around you, yea, like 90% of the time."

She almost seemed to pout. "Is that all? I must be slacking."

"Stop it," I slapped lightly, and then we both reclined back on our loungers. Through the gap above the sand, her hand found mine, her thumb pressing gently but insistently against my palm.

We lay like that, watching the sinking sun. The colors we watched were like the lies of painters. How could a low line of clouds suddenly burn magenta? Nevertheless, that's exactly what we watched while holding hands.

We stayed there as the sky turned into the few brightest stars. Lily made a strange noise. Once repeated, the sound was another stifled yawn.

"Getting tired, baby?" I asked.

"No. Well, yea. I woke up really early--way too early--this morning.

"How come?"

Lily flapped her connecting arm. "I'm a girl. I went to bed really excited. I was anticipating. The idea of having this right now, plus all the rest."

I gave her hand a squeeze back. "Being here with you like this right now, it's the best thing."

"Thank you," Lily whispered.

Then I summoned the energy to get off my ass and stand up. I beckoned Lily to join me. "Seems like the best thing is to call this night done early. So we can wake up even earlier."

Back in the condo, I won the race to the bathroom. I just wanted to brush my teeth. Lily took my place carrying a friggin' bag!

After she went into the bathroom, I got a funny idea. I snatched a pillow off the bed, and found a fresh sheet and a little cover in a closet. I made my bed on the couch in the livingroom. I read a bit of the local newspaper we'd picked up after dinner, and then the day weighed heavy on me. I started nodding.

I was startled awake by Lily's distant ta-dah, "So what do you think?" And then, "Wayne, where are you?"

"I'm in the livingroom."

"What are you doing out there?"

"I've," I paused, "I've made my bed out here on the couch the way you said I had to. For sleep purposes, at least."

"Who said anything about sleeping?" Lily entered the room. She moved towards me, wearing this grey teddy detailed in a dusty pink. My cock definitely paid attention to the color combination. It was the sort of outfit that came with matching panties, but Lily advanced bottomless.

"Guess I'm going to have to molest you right where you lay." Lily pulled the covers off me. "Because, right now, what I want is to sit on my brother's face."

The girl yanked the covers right off me, then came up on the couch. She straddled my body, and began knee-walking her way up to my face. Even as I succumbed to the smell of her cunt, I shouted away, "Lily, the curtains are open. Anyone out on the pool deck can see us. Even people in distant windows."

"I don't care," she replied huskily. "All I'm thinking about is my brother licking my pussy. Close the curtains if you want. Or follow me to bed. Or just shut up because with my thighs squeezing your cheeks, you won't be seeing windows for awhile."

Despite her advantage, I beat Lily into the bedroom. She came upon me, and then just shoved me down onto the bed. She approached me like an animal. Albeit one wearing very sexy negligee. I reached up to untie the front, perhaps to unveil my sister's delicious breasts. Instead Jill smacked my arms away. My sister was, if nothing else, very very very smart. She knew damn well I wanted her to still be wearing the slight skirt of the teddy

I gladly let the silky drapery fall over my face; enveloping me, really. I was in a cavern, and there was the little spring of her self, hovering right above my tongue. I wasn't stopping until my face was bathed in her cunt sauce.

That went fast enough.

From there, duh, I pushed her back and I scooted on up. I didn't wait for her hand to guide me in. I just rudely poked a time or two until I found it. And then, having her nailed down, I slowly undid the ribbons holding her bodice together. Even at this late stage, I wanted her breasts out in the open! I could do anything I wanted. Jill was that pliable, eager to guide me on. Her hips went pneumatic, thrusting up against me, coaxing my response, bodily begging me to explode deep inside of her.

At that I did.

It felt like I shot enough to exempt me for about a year, but who wanted that?

Eventually I popped out and slid off of Lily. She gave a light sigh, and then I gave a deep one.

And then ... there were no interruptions! I got to be in a bed, unworried, with my naked sister stuttering asleep in my naked embrace.

Pussy that close, I stirred enough to fuck her again in the middle of the night. I thought I was clever and sneaky. Eventually I woke up, abruptly ... it was something about my dick being in her mouth. But even that was no dream.

The next day Lily kept complaining about wanting to go out and explore. But, sorry, I didn't let her out of bed. Even dinner was delivered. I made sure my sister didn't have anything to complain about. Hell, by bedtime I was thoroughly exhausted. All I wanted to do was sleep, to drift off in my blissful state, my beloved in my arms.

That scenario worked for awhile, but then right after dawn Lily woke me up for more. Not complaining, but after that we slept on 'til nearly noon.

We were still sluggish from pleasure. Finally I dragged my ass out of bed, had a quick shower, and then got dressed for the day. Then Lily did that, while I made coffee and whipped us up a light brunch. There wasn't much around but like a loaf of supermarket bread and slices of plastic cheese; I did my best, but it was a light repast.

Lily had come out wearing a lovely light sunflower yellow sundress. From what I could see, her panties were lavender--yet another color I needed to add to my list of my favorite colors, at least in regard to my sister's lingerie. She didn't seem to have any constraining color around her breasts.

We ate what little I'd made pretty quickly. Lily went to refill her mug, then swiveled her body very nicely. "What say you? Coffee out on the beach in our loungers?"

Her lovely yellow ass? I'd've gone to war over it, so of course I followed wherever she wanted to go.

We did indeed reclaim our lounge chairs. We were sitting up, watching the surf. It seemed silly I wasn't sitting next to her, so I gave up my chair and joined her. On hers, scooting my ass tight against hers.

I just couldn't stand to have her right next to me. Going out and doing vacationy things was fine by me, but. "C'mon, be fair. You're not even wearing a bra."

Lily gave a little smirk. "I like to throw out a little hook, and then reel my brother right back in."

"It makes me want to kiss you," which I did, thoroughly, keeping her so preoccupied that my hands were free to roam at will. My lucky hand landed on her upper thigh. Inexorably, my hand slunk up to the source. I doubted I'd be getting her panties off in public, so I slipped a first finger under the elastic. Lily jumped at the touch.

"Want me to stop? No one can see what I'm doing."

"I am so embarrassed," she squeaked, "but god no, don't stop!"

There we were, facing the ocean, my finger, then another, sliding up into her sluice. In and out and in and out and then out and up, parting her lips to spread her juices over her stiff little nub. I watched mesmerized as her thighs clamped around my hand and she had a breathless orgasm.

I kissed her gently on the cheek and whispered in her ear, "I've never known you to be so quiet."

Lily sort of gasped, "It's Family Hour all around us, in case you didn't notice. I thought I was going to die, having to be so quiet." She grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand out from under her dress, holding it up in the air. My guilty fingers were glistening with her come. She bunched them together and shoved them in my mouth. "Suck on this, buddy."

The luscious tang of her on my tongue ... I was ready to say, "Beach is great, but let's get back to bed."

But Lily wanted much more ... and that was fine by me.

There was a nearby place that rented bicycles--they even had tandems. She'd driven around her first day alone, and she really wanted to show me the beach on the northern tip of the island. "It was deserted. And so beautiful. What I've heard, there's a notorious current in the channel close to shore there, and there's even been a couple recent shark attacks there."

"Mmm," I said, standing up, "sounds like the perfect place for a swim."

Lily got up and smacked at me. "Not swimming. Just hanging out, the two of us. No swimmers around."

I gathered up the empty mugs and we strolled back to our unit.

"While you're in losing those," she nodded at my hands, "grab a couple beach towels, that book I've been reading."

"Aren't you coming in?"

"What for? You have the keys, you know where the towels are. This way you can't pin me down to the bed for the rest of the day."

I gave a laugh. "Don't worry. I'm resigned to riding a bike. I was just thinking, um, you know. Maybe you'd want to swap out, put on a dry pair of panties."

Lily gave me an evil grin. "Nope," she tossed her hair, "I figured I'd just give the seat-sniffing pervert at the shop a little treat when we returned our rental."

I locked up and returned with a small boat bag with our stuff. I'd grabbed the book I was reading, too, plus a couple bottles of water from the fridge. We locked arms and went off in search of bicycles. I enjoyed how we seemed to move in a cloud of fragrance, known as eau de pussy. All the guys we passed could smell she was mine. All the gals, of either persuasion, knew we'd sealed our pact. My sister's pussy. I hadn't washed my hands. I loved having the scent of her at my fingertips. The breathtaking scent of Lily in heat.

They did indeed have tandem bikes, and Lily was adamant. She wanted me to be the one in front steering the ungainly thing, but I totally refused. On something motorized, sure, you want the girl behind you, clinging to you, pressing herself all up and down against you. But with a bicycle built for two, the boy definitely wanted to be behind, watching that hot girl behind moving those pedals.

Lily declared, loud enough for all to hear, "You just want to be able to stare at my ass."

"You got that right."

From push off it took a few short blocks to get our movements synchronized--like perfecting love-making. And then we were pedaling the damn thing forever. While staring at my sister's "working it" ass. Every now and then, Lily would turn her head back to call something out to me, her lovely face, and a turn of a breast in profile. Hanging untethered, filling out the fabric, straining against it all.

I wanted to just brake and bang her. She already sat with the dress lifted free of the saddle. My sister knew exactly what she was doing. By the time we got back to the condo I would be in such a state. I labored towards that goal.

Finally we got to our destination. The last street before the island went away. There was a little sandy path leading through shrubbery and trees to the beach. We dismounted. Lily was looking at me like how fun was that? So I shocked her by taking a step and then leaning down to put my nose to her seat.

"What are you doing, you sicko?" she exclaimed.

"I'm your brother--I've got dibs on first sniff." I inhaled deeply. The seat was steeped in the sweet smell of an excited girl. "Uh oh," I straightened up.


"This bike is going to be out of commission for the rest of the season," I announced gravely.

"Why?" Lily asked, genuinely disturbed.

"Your saddle isn't leather, it's canvas. Your juices have soaked into the padding. That seat-sniffing pervert at the bike shop is sure to find a way to spend the rest of the summer 'repairing' this bike ... in private ... in the back shed. I predict that by August he's going to ask this bike to marry him."

Lily slapped at me. "Shut up! Come on--we don't have a lock--help me push it down the path to the beach."

We walked it far enough to where we could keep an eye on it, leaving it leaned against the trunk of some scrub pine.

Then I stood there enjoying the view. It truly was breath-taking. "God, Lily, you were totally right. It's so beautiful up here."

Lily moved against me, wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me even closer. "I knew you'd love it," leaning her head against my neck.

I draped my arm over her shoulder so that my hand came to be conveniently at rest on her breast. I stroked her absently, lightly, but enough to feel her nipple tighten into a cherry pit. I gave it a little tweak, then pulled away. "Okay, beach towels. Books. I even got some bottles of water."

"Mmm," she gave my cheek a quick peck of her lips, "my brother thinks of everything."

I laughed, unloading the boat bag. "Your brother thinks of one thing, and then strategizes about how best to get it!"

My sister giggled and then slapped my ass. "Bad boy!"

"Don't you mean, good boy?"

We spread our towels out, parallel but separated. I read for awhile, then just watched all the intense colors of the view, then went back to my book. But the words started swimming so I inserted my marker and closed the covers. I glanced at Lily. She was intent in her reading, but stopped long enough to shoot me a shy little smile. I put my arms behind my head, as a pillow, and I guess I dozed off for a bit. Because then I suddenly woke up.

I turned on my side. Our towels had somehow slipped right together. Lily wasn't reading; she was just looking at me. She got a big smile. "Hi, sleepyhead. Bet you didn't know how much I love to watch you sleeping."

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