The Beginning

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2010 by SW MO Hermit

Erotica Sex Story: A wife sharing story

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Group Sex   .

Like most couples, sex for my wife and myself had become ho hum. We still enjoyed it but it didn't have that gut wrenching excitement it had when we were in our twenties. For several years I had been trying to get Jennifer to expand our horizons. Some things she did for me such as go without bras and wear short skirts but after a while this too became blasé. My very good friend and my brother in law were both going through this with their marriages also and, like most men we talked, cussed and discussed the "problem". Our solution was to share wives, preferably in threesomes or moresomes but, other than getting the ladies slightly hornier than usual, nothing came of this.

My friend Darren had gone to college and came back to our small town where he had a pretty successful career, eventually becoming owner of a medium sized computer-consulting firm. My brother in law (well, really my wife's brother in law) went to work in a local factory and rose to shift supervisor. I stayed in the military and when the events in this story occurred my wife and I were in the process of moving back home after I had retired. I spent several years as an enlisted man, then after finishing college took a commission, retiring as a Major.

The army would have moved me back home but if I moved myself, they would pay me for the move. Usually you could make a fine profit on the move plus you were more assured of having little or no damage to your furniture and other property. Since there were no time constraints, Jen and I decided to move ourselves. She wasn't able to do a lot of the heavy lifting so I prevailed upon Darren to come and help us move. The night I called and asked him to help, all four of us were on the phone, the ladies listening over extensions.

Darren agreed to come help if I would pay all expenses and if Jennifer would run around in a mini skirt and sheer top with no underwear from the time we started until we finished the move. Darren's wife Jolene laughed when Jennifer hit the ceiling over the request but surprisingly enough she helped talk Jen into promising to do just that. I was shocked but just thinking about it made my cock harder than it had been in ages.

This decision wasn't really too far out of the ordinary for Jen because many times when we were together or away from base far enough she would dress like this. Some of Darren's comments made it pretty plain he intended to do more than just casually enjoy the scenery during the move however. Now, I wasn't as upset about that as most husbands would be because he and I had been trying to get Jen to take us on for years.

Finally, the night Darren was to arrive came about and Jen and I went to the airport to pick him up. When we got ready to leave the house, I found her getting into the car in a pair of blue jeans and dark blue top. Bra straps were very obvious. I turned to her and asked if she had forgotten the promise she made to Darren. Jennifer blushed and said she hadn't but didn't think we really meant it!

I assured her not only did Darren mean it; he had said he wouldn't help if she didn't keep her promise! (Now he really hadn't but we had agreed to say this if Jen tried to welsh on the deal). Jen reluctantly went back into the house and dressed as requested and boy did she look HOT! She was 46 and could give 30 year olds an inferiority complex.

When Darren saw her at the airport he just stopped and stared, then before he even shook my hand he hugged her and told her how fantastic she looked. We had already packed our car full of boxes so I had driven the truck to the airport after unhooking our large trailer from it. Jennifer sat between the two of us and all the way home Darren was looking down her top as we talked. He constantly complimented Jen and would occasionally touch her thigh.

I could tell by the time we got back to our place that Jen was horny. Her nipples were tenting out her sheer white top and the base of her throat was deep red. She was breathing heavily and constantly looked at our crotches and licked her lips. After eating supper (take out pizza and beer) we visited a short time then Jennifer said she was going to take a shower and go to bed.

After she left Darren and I talked a few minutes then the phone rang. It was my ex commanding officer calling to wish me a happy retirement. As I visited, Darren walked past me and said he was going to take a shower with Jennifer if he could. He wanted to see if he would get lucky. I smiled at him and covered the receiver, then told him to go for it! I heard Jennifer scream, the ask "Darren! What do you think you're doing?" Then as I continued to talk, all I heard was the shower running, Darren didn't come back into the living room.

My stomach was fluttery and my breathing got ragged and rapid. I nearly broke my dick. When I thought about what I hoped was happening in the shower it got hard so fast it was binding in my jeans. I asked the Colonel if he could hold a moment because someone had just came to the door. I then walked quietly into the master bedroom and peaked around the corner to the master bath. The vanity mirror was situated so that I could see into the shower and there was Darren, kissing my wife as he carefully soaped her tits and she soaped his big cock. I watched as they thrust their bellies against each other and I heard louder and louder moans from Jen. They finally rinsed off and moved out of the shower.

Darren pushed Jennifer back, resting her rump on the vanity and moved between her legs, kissing her again. His cock was rubbing against her glistening, swollen cunt. As the kiss progressed Jennifer's hips began a slow undulation, thrusting against Darren's cock. Jen leaned back on her arms and Darren picked up her legs, moving his cock forward. I nearly passed out with excitement as I watched first the massive head of his dick, then the entire 7" shaft disappear into my horny wife. After two or three thrusts, Jennifer pulled herself up against Darren and began wildly kissing him again. I was starting to free my cock when I remembered the phone and reluctantly left.

I was still talking to the Colonel when I heard Jennifer scream, then Darren roared as he too came. I was just hanging up the phone when Darren walked into the room, winked at me and nodded his head. Jennifer followed hesitantly a few feet behind Darren. She was wearing one of my shirts with only two middle buttons done up. Her nipples were still engorged and she had the flushed, just fucked look of most women fresh from a romp. I noticed she avoided my gaze and sat on the opposite end of the couch from Darren, one leg pulled onto the cushions, leaning against the back, the other still on the floor. I could tell Darren had a good shot up the tail of her shirt.

We talked a few minutes then Darren leaned toward Jennifer and unbuttoned her top. She half-heartedly tried to stop him, and then let it go. He opened it wide and, the way her legs were drawn up, I could see sperm draining from her still deeply red cunt. She saw me looking at her crotch and blushed, closing her legs.

I remember her asking me what I was looking at and I told her the most exciting thing I had seen in a long time. Her response was "well, Darren and I have had our showers, why don't you get yours finished so we can go to bed. Maybe you'll get lucky tonight."

As I was leaving the room I turned back to see Darren pull her over him and began fondling and kissing her again. When I got back to the living room, Jennifer was cuddled up on her corner of the couch again, still showing off her beautiful body. We talked a few more minutes and decided to go to bed. Jennifer went first, telling me she was going to check Darren's blanket supply.

Darren looked at me, grinned and jumped up. He said, "If I hurry, maybe I can catch her again before she gets into your bed. " I sat a minute, and then heard Jennifer squeal as Darren grabbed her. By the time I got to the guest room door, Darren had Jennifer flat on her back, knees locked behind his arms and he was sliding his cock back into her still wet cunt.

I watched a minute or so then undressed and walked into the room. Jennifer tensed when she saw me. Darren turned when he saw her stiffen up. "Hey Jim," he said. "Let her suck your cock while I finish here then you can have your turn."

For some reason, this upset Jennifer and she hit Darren on the shoulder with her fist. I still remember her saying, "Damn you. I'm not some carnival ride you can jump onto then move over for someone else to take a turn."

Darren and I both laughed at this but he leaned forward and gently kissed her "Honey, I ... no we both know that. You are so much better than a smelly old carnival ride. My god, you're the best ride in the world!"

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