One of Those End of Semester Nights

by Zach Miller

Copyright© 2010 by Zach Miller

Sex Story: It's the end of the semester and the girls go out to party. One of them comes home with much more than she expected!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

It was one of those end of the semester nights. Finals were finally over, and my girlfriends and I needed a reprieve. So, we piled into Jen's car and headed down to New Haven for a night of clubbing. Needless to say, we all looked our best, mini-skirts, tight tops, heels, the whole nine yards. It was a short wait in line until the bouncer pointed to our group and let us in. Not that the club was totally packed yet, but we all know how bouncers are, picking and choosing and in general, just being obnoxious.

It wasn't long before guys started buying us drinks in the hopes of, what, getting us drunk and taking us home. Well, the first part, maybe they were right, I was definitely planning on getting a bit drunk since Jen was going to be doing the driving. As the night went on, and I was starting to get a little bit intoxicated, more of they guys got daring, coming up and asking me to dance. There was one group of guys, I think they were from Yale, who were totally hot, and one in particular seemed to have his eyes on me. So, when he asked me to dance, I was totally on board.

Out there on the packed dance floor, the two of us pressed together, and talk about disappointment. He could barely lift his feet to step on my toes. And when he finally pressed against me, I had to stifle a laugh. He was in a "condition" and it was barely there. After the dance, I quickly escaped the dance floor and ran to Jen's side.

"Are all Ivy League guys like that?" I asked Jen, holding my fingers a few inches apart. We both got a good laugh out of that, before another guy came up for a dance. He tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned around, I was staring into his chest. My eyes traveled up to his face, when the recognition hit me. I had seen this guy online, many times, and he had seen me too, ALL of me.

Quickly, I averted my eyes to the floor, the flush pouring through my face and chest as a huge wave of embarrassment and excitement went through me. I felt that familiar tingling between my legs that I always felt when we chatted online, he was the only one who really got to me, he had looks, smarts, sex appeal, and he had that something extra that I always felt I had inside me.

"Do you want to introduce me to your friend or are you just gonna stare at him all night" Jen asked, breaking me from my nervous trance.

"Oh, I, I, Ummm, Jen, this is Zach" leaning into Jen and whispering "that guy who used to go to QU" Then back to normal, "Zach, this is my friend Jen." With the pleasantries aside, he grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor.

"I saw you dancing with that geek," he said as he pulled my body tight to his frame, instantly feeling a spark as our bodies pressed tightly together. "I'm going to show you how a real man dances!" Our bodies were close, tight; I could feel him begin to sweat, as the heat got to me too, making me perspire. (A man sweats, a girl perspires.) And that wasn't the only thing I felt. I had seen pictures of it before, but feeling it, as it grew down his pants leg, as it pressed tighter to me was unbelievable. Most guys would have pulled back a little, maybe become a little embarrassed, but not Zach, it was like he was proud. I did take some pride in it too, that just by dancing close, I was turning him on.

Then I did something so unCourtneylike. I moved so that his leg was between mine better, my skirt resting on his thigh, and his hard on pressing against my panty covered crotch. Oh God, I thought, pressing down on him, what's he going to think of me, his hands covering my ass, pushing me down harder, I couldn't keep my eyes open as his lips found my neck, causing me to gasp, a spasm running through my body. I thought for sure his pants were going to be soaked when we stopped dancing. I still couldn't believe I was doing this when he whispered "You know, you are taking me home tonight, don't you."

I almost pushed him away. We had joked about it and all, but I always said, "Zach, you know I am too shy to go through with this," or something of the sort, and yet, here I was craving his cock, thinking about actually bringing him back to my apartment. I don't remember much about the dance or how many songs we danced to, but I do know that I had a little orgasm out there on the floor as I ground my pussy against his jeans. By this time my panties had pulled to the side, and the rough denim felt amazing against my clit.

We must have been dancing for a long time, cause the lights started to come on, which, in Connecticut means it's getting close to two AM and closing time. We found my friends and I introduced Zach to the other girls too. Amazingly, one of my friends knew him, had dated his roommate or something, so they talked while I went to the ladies room to freshen up before going home with Zach. When we rejoined the group, we split up again, with Zach and me going in his car, and everyone else heading home in Jen's car. As soon as we got in Zach's car, I swear, the door barely closed and his cock was out of his pants.

"I've seen you wanting this all night Court, now's your chance." He started the car and began driving towards the apartment, and I couldn't resist. It's been a long time since I've given road head, but I had my ass in the air, and my mouth on his cock in no time, bobbing up and down on the first few inches. I felt his hand on my head, not pushing, just urging me on, letting me know I could take more if I wanted. I had one hand on the shaft, jerking him into my mouth and the other between my legs, fingering myself as we drove the fifteen minutes back to my apartment. I am sure not just a few people got a view, although, only that pick-up truck at the light got to see it all. We pulled into the parking lot and Zach found a parking space, put the car in park and then he really got into the blow job, and so did I. Having him urge me on, telling me how good it felt, how hot I looked sucking his cock made me want to make it feel even better, and I did. It was only another minute before I got my reward, and it was a reward, the biggest load of cum I've ever swallowed.

I needed that cock in me, and soon, but a little convertible is no place to take a big cock like that for my first time with Zach. So, we cleaned up a little bit, and headed up to the apartment. My roommates were gone. Their finals had finished up earlier in the week and they had headed for home, leaving the entire apartment to us. As soon as the door closed behind us, Zach pushed me against it and had his tongue in my mouth, kissing me with such force and such passion. At first I was nervous, none of my other boyfriends had ever kissed me after a blowjob, but he was into it, so what the fuck, I just went with it. I could feel him ripping off my clothes, buttons scattering on the tile floor of the foyer, my tits in his hands, his tongue in my mouth, exploring, tasting himself. And I could feel his body pressed to mine, his cock hard again as my top fell to the floor, my breasts uncovered, the cups pulled down, then a hand behind my back, and before I knew it, that was off too.

Then his tongue was no longer in my mouth, it had moved to my neck, to me ear, kissing, nibbling, whispering all the things he wanted to do to me tonight. I found myself giving myself to this man, so different than my ex boyfriend, he knew exactly where to touch me, what to say, how to do it, I just had to concentrate on the feelings running through my body. His hands were on my breasts, holding them up to his mouth as he kissed his way down to them. Sucking, circling the nipples with his tongue, gently biting the surrounding skin, my hands on his shoulders, willing him lower, but not wanting him to stop what he was doing.

His mouth left my tits, but his hands remained, the cool air hitting my wet nipples, making them burn in desire, while he kissed his way over my stomach, stopping at my navel to swirl his tongue around it. Then lower and lower, the top of my skirt, his hands started to move, I put them back on my breasts and unbuttoned the skirt, letting it fall to the floor, then pushed my drenched panties down too. I was glad that I had shaved that night as his kisses circled my lips, driving me crazy. I wanted to grab his head and push it inside me, but the pleasure was becoming overwhelming, the heat building up, the desire, I knew that the first time his tongue touched my clit, I was going to explode. I didn't even notice his hand leave my breast until I felt it open my lips to his tongue.

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