In the Shower

by Larry Leather

Copyright© 2010 by Larry Leather

Erotica Sex Story: Email to my virtual life lover about my reply to her thinking of me in the shower.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   .


We need a schedule when we both think we'll be online.

I love the thought of you thinking of me in the shower ... the water licking your pussy, pulsing at your clit ... I can visualize that.

would love to be behind you washing your breasts, reaching down and stroking your mound, pulling it up so that your clit protrudes ... all the while my cock is hardening and pressing against you. You can feel my hardness pulsing with my excitement. If we weren't in the shower you would feel the dripping of my pre-cum down your crack.

I drop to my knees and lick up what came from me and press my tongue into your crack. You bend over and spread your legs. I continue to lick ... teasing your rosebud, your breasts are hanging now, making it easy to reach and play with as I continue to lick to your lips ... they are slick with your wetness, and tasty.

I lick back and forth, using your pussy juice to lubricate your rose bud so my tongue can poke inside ... I hear a whimper as it spreads your anal opening. My hands are spreading your pussy lips so that it can reach inside with one hand and finger your G Spot and the other runs circles around your clit.

Your clit is as hard as a pencil eraser ... begging to be touch but at the same time super sensitive and each time I touch it directly, you jerk your hips which presses your ass back against my tongue ... pressing it deeper.

I continue to make circles around your clit while rubbing your G Spot, I see that you have taken over pulling your nipples making them stretch out ... twisting them. Each time you do I can feel your pussy muscles clamp on my finger ... and now I add a second one pushing them deep inside your cunt ... your rose bud is relaxing and I continue to push my tongue in and out ... licking down to your pussy opening and then back up.

I can sense your pending climax ... your pussy is squeezing my fingers tighter, your breathing has increased and quicker, mews and moans have become louder. the juices flowing from your pussy have coated my fingers so I can add a third ... I bunch them together like a short but fat cock ... pressing them in I see your cunt stretch wider ... your clit is now standing out like a miniature penis ... hard and begging for release.

I move under you and capture your clit in my lips, sucking it ... deep my new position makes it easier for my hand to push deeper into your cunt and it stretches to take more of it. dragging it out I rub your G Spot again ... pressing in I go deeper.

My finger tips can feel your cervix, the smooth roundness of it, the dimple in the middle ... with my middle finger I play with it ... running around it teasing your baby door ... then quickly pulling back then then pushing deeper back in ... your clit is now super sensitive and I can only lick the underside of it ... or your would jump away.

I daringly add a forth finger ... stretching even more, your slickness makes it easy to get my hand inside ... you scream as your are stretched but have now clamped your hands on my head and are grinding against my face and screaming to fuck you with my hand... "deeper" you say... "suck harder"...

Who am I to not follow a woman in passions need?

My free hand has been rubbing your bum, feeling the roundness caressing it ... I rum my hand down and get some of your pussy juice and rub it on your rosebud. surprisingly it doesn't clamp shut but you press yourself back so I can penetrate it with my finger...

You now start a cycle of grinding into my face and pushing back against my finger ... that is now deep inside your bottom. I can hear the start of a low wail and your body tenses and you legs are shaking trying to stay upright...

Your CLIMAX is huge! I have to hold your body up so you don't fall. You are screaming ... letting out a sound that will bring the neighbors running. I stop licking your clit and continue my assault on your G Spot ... rubbing it and pushing my hand deeper inside ... as far as it will go ... your cunt is clamping down on it ... I can feel the contractions in your ass ... it feels like it is sucking it deeper.

I can feel the waves relaxing and your body can no longer support your weight ... you drop, my arms catch you ... the look on your face is beautiful, peaceful. I pick you up and walk you to your bed, we drip water all over the floor. I place you on your back, and lay next to you. stroking your wet hair out of your face, looking at the face of my lover ... I kiss you tenderly, your mouth opens, accepting my tongue. You can taste your your juices on my tongue. I'm holding you close feeling your body come down from such a powerful climax.

I can feel your hand running from my shoulder blades to the top of my bottom, making me have goose bumps. your other hand is on the back of my head running thru my hair, your tongue is in a battle with mine ... I win ... sucking into my mouth as I do your clit.

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