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Erotica Sex Story: Co-worker tells pretty wife a rumor about her husband's cheating. She believes the rumor and demands to get even with a very high interest.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   .

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I'm Dan Nilsson, married to Isabell and living in a Scandinavian town with our two kids, who were out playing with their friends when my wife asked me to sit down at the kitchen table and listen to some important news. I'll never forget what happened that damn Thursday evening in our kitchen when the shit hit the fan.

Isabell said, "I know that you've been cheating during your trip to that Speedway GP Race at Vojens in Denmark that is why a divorce might be on our agenda. But because I still love you, I will give you a second chance so you can regret your wrongdoing. To be forgiven you have to accept my terms, which are: I demand to have a total freedom during eight nights out, four Wednesday nights and four Friday nights beginning at tomorrow night."

She continued, "I don't know yet what I shall do during all those evenings or nights. Maybe stay at home and not do anything at all during some of them, maybe only going to see a movie or have a beer at a pub together with a friend at some evening or maybe have a date with some nice guy. I don't tell you anything and you are not allowed to ask anything about what I've done, or do it with whom or where I do it. If you confess your cheating, I'll be a good wife and skip all free Wednesday nights out as an extra bonus for you. But if you deny to accept my conditions, the divorce will be filed tomorrow."

Now she held up a brown C4 sized envelope and said, "Here is the divorce papers. Please tell me your choice. Marriage or divorce, what do you want?"

I was totally surprised and asked, "What's going on here? Is it a silly joke or some kind of candid camera? Not funny at all."

She looked at me without any smile and replied, "No, I've never been more serious than now. You have to face the consequences of your cheating. Accept my conditions or I'll file for divorce. No other alternatives will be available."

I shouted, "What the hell is this? Have you got totally mad? You ought to know that I have never lied to you or never cheated you."

"I have evidence and please tell me now if you want remain married to me?"

I shouted again, "Show me your damn evidence, right now if you can but you can't because I have never cheated you."

Now she looked a bit worried and said, "I don't have any pictures but there are witness."

"Let's go and see your witness. I demand to see him or her right now."

"Can't do that because I have promised to protect them from your wrath."

Now I had got enough of her crap and shouted, "Why limit your demands to only eight free nights? Why not 365 free nights every year from now on? Give me the damn divorce papers and start packing your belongings. I don't take any shit like this. You are the cheater and you shall be out of this house. Go to your damn lover and stay there."

I opened the envelope and found clean divorce forms and began filling in the requested information. Isabell had turned ashen gray and said, "I don't have any lover."

"There are only two possible explanations to your insane demands; either you have hot feelings for some horny pussy hound who wants into your panties and you believe his false rumors because you look forward to be comforted by him during your free nights. Otherwise you would not be naïve enough to believe such bullshit from a conning seducer more than the truth from your faithful husband. Or can the explanation be so simple that you already had an affair and need those eight nights to decide with whom you want share your future, with your lover or with me? Sorry to make you disappointed, but I refuse to participate in this silly dirty game. I don't want you any longer. Go to your damn lover and stay there."

It was a terrible nightmare for me. I had always thought that Isabell and I had a happy marriage. But now it had only taken a few minutes for her to turn it to pure crap and the worst of all, she did it without any reasonable reason. I had never cheated her.

Now Isabell was crying loudly and sobbed, "Please calm down, please don't do anything stupid. Please let me explain."

I couldn't resist my anger and shouted, "Explain what? You have got rid of me just as you wanted. Why in the hell are you complaining now? Go to your damn lover and be happy."

"Your anger is based on misunderstanding, I don't have any lover, I never had any lover and I will never have any lover. I love you, only you."

"Why in the hell are you acting as a puppet on a string for some horny conning creep who wants fuck you? I can hardly think you alone created this silly game. Somebody must be directing you. I doubt you really want to know the truth about what happened in Denmark. Did you ask Kent, David and Seth? Of course not, but you ought to have done that to find the truth because I doubt that your story-telling seducer even knows in which Danish town we stayed overnight? Ask your lying so called witness if he knows that.

A still sobbing Isabell replied, "No, I haven't spoken to any of your friends. Now I understand how wrong and stupid I've acted when accusing you without searching for any real facts. I'm sorry for everything what I said to you. Please let me explain why I did what I did."

I nodded and Isabell told me an almost insane story about how her co-worker Catherine had asked her if she had forgiven Dan yet? When Isabell did ask, " forgiven for what?" Catherine tried to change the subject but Isabell had demanded to know the truth and been told the rumors about what I was supposed to done with some bimbo in Denmark. Catherine did comfort a now very sorry Isabell by telling how one of her friends in a similar situation had saved her marriage with ten "private nights". Catherine, who is single had even promised Isabell to take her out and fix a blind date with a handsome man during a "girl night out"

After her confession Isabell began begging me to forgive her and skip the divorce forms I had been filing. She promised me that I would never regret that.

My reply wasn't very kind, "Why should I skip the divorce? You humiliated me as hell by believing faked rumors better than a faithful husband. Why should I stay with you? I don't even get the sex I want in this marriage."

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