Mrs. Laforte

by A Purvversion

Copyright© 2010 by A Purvversion

Erotica Sex Story: A horny newlywed teacher is set to tutor a troublesome young teenage boy at her home. Catching him in the bathroom, smelling her panties while masturbating, sets her off for her first fling with a student.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Pregnancy   Teacher/Student   .

Damon Matthews was one of those boys who were borderline trouble makers. Already he was being looked up to by some of the other potential problem boys. Next year, he'd be in High School and chances are if he didn't begin to turn it around now, he might end up being a drop out candidate.

The Principal, school counselor, and his teachers were each trying their best, though he didn't realize how concerned they were, offering him extra help, and even private tutoring. He'd turned down every effort until now.

Damon really didn't want to go for the extra help, but being that it was being offered and the teacher was to be Mrs. LaForte, he couldn't turn it down. The teacher had come to the Middle School this term and was the talk of every boy that was old enough to get a hard on ... and all the male teachers too, though they kept their lusty opinions to themselves.

The teacher was only 24 and was a stunning blonde beauty, more along the lines of an actress and a far cry from the 'old maid' teacher of yore. Indeed, a total opposite. She was extremely pretty, with a body to die for. If nothing else, he could lie and tell his friends that he guessed that she had the hots for him. Because he had his share of girls in the school, that would probably be believed.

Damon arrived at the teacher's house a half hour too early on this Saturday. Mrs. LaForte's greeted him at the door, she was still in a robe. Her husband Clay hadn't yet gone off to play golf. She directed the student to the living room, while she and her husband finished breakfast in the kitchen.

While he was waiting, Damon had to go to the bathroom. It was when he was in there that he boldly rummaged through the hamper. He didn't really have to dig around to find the panties that he was hoping to find, they happened to be right on top of the other unwashed things. Before coming here, this was his one hope. He didn't think he'd get lucky, but he figured even if he did, it would take a while. Now he found these right up front.

His friends knew of him as a cunt man, an opinion which he promoted. What he never let on was that he also had some funny quirks, like with panties. With some girls, like his sisters and cousins, and women like his mom, whom he thought of fucking but knew that he couldn't, he loved to smell their panties while he masturbated and fantasized that he was fucking them.

Now, he was holding Mrs. LaForte's panties in his hand. Strangely his heart was beating faster just from the illicitness of what he was about to do. Eagerly, he sniffed at the crotch, busy filling his lungs with the smell of her wet pussy hole. It was an awesome smell; similar to others he'd done in the past, yet possibly even more wonderful, though he suspected it was knowing on whom they had been that made the aroma that much more exciting.

And as he sniffed the crotch of the hot looking Mrs. LaForte's dirty panties, his tongue began probing. It touched the thin fabric. He moaned. The taste was salty -- mind-boggling for the aroused boy. As Debra's unseen pheromone worked its magic, he began sniffing and licking hungrily.

The teen was totally absorbed as he sniffed the teacher's panties, rubbed their moist crotch against his lips and all over his face. His blue eyes appeared to glaze over. "Fuck," he moaned. "Oh, Jesus Christ, fuck!"

He was pushing her panties to his nose and sniffing desperately, while at the same time his free hand was eagerly pulling down his zipper and fishing out his swollen cock, while at the same time moaning softly into the garment and was too caught up in the excitement of the moment to hear his teacher call out to him when her husband left.

He had just begun to stroke his throbbing flesh when his teacher walked in on him. She had only been going to tell him that she was going to get out of her robe and would be back as soon as she was dressed. She immediately gasped and froze in the doorway, while Damon dropped the panties and frantically pushed his cock back inside his pants. In addition to what he had been doing, Debra was shocked at the size of the cock the boy had.

"I-I, er I-I'm s-sorry Mrs. LaForte ... I-I didn't kn-know ... I mean I thought..."

Over her initial shock, Debra smiled. Caught in the act, Damon was immediately in panic mode. The boy looked desperate as he tried to come up with some kind of an excuse or explanation, no matter how unbelievable ... as long as it was something.

"It's okay, Day," she cut him off. "Don't even try. You'll only end up lying and that's the one thing I couldn't take. I'd rather you not say anything; at least I know you're honest with me."

"B-but ... I-I..." he paused to gather his thoughts and words. Then he murmured, "I really am sorry, Mrs. LaForte."

She looked at him and asked with a strange grin, "Sorry you did it, or sorry you got caught?"

For thirty seconds or so, student and teacher stared at each other, then he sheepishly grinned and whispered, "Sorry I got caught."

She nodded knowingly. She turned to go back out of the bathroom and he followed.

Debra suddenly realized that her pulse had speeded up. It had actually excited her seeing Damon, especially how big his cock was. Her mind quickly began thinking. For months now she'd been getting horny and her husband was giving her so little sex, she had actually begun to fantasize about having one of her students satisfy some of her itch. She was well aware how attractive she was, and how excited so many of the boy students got around her. In fact, that seemed to add to her feelings of sexual need. In a strange way their eyes were caressing her like invisible hands.

"Are you gonna tell on me? Am I gonna get in trouble?" he asked as he trailed behind her.

Her mind was racing. She was sure that he was so frightened now that she'd be able to secure his silence if she dared to take a chance of propositioning him. She knew that if it ever came out that she'd be looked on as a child predator even though she herself was only 24.

"No, you're not in any trouble," she assured him, "it'll be our secret."

They were now outside in the living room. Although she didn't have a piece of clothing on underneath, she felt tremendously warm inside the terry cloth robe.

"Thanks Mrs. LaForte."

She nodded, then asked, "Do you do that often."

His flushed red, tried to answer, then shrugged.

Debra understood. She then told him, "It's nothing to be ashamed about; millions of guys do it."

Damon frowned and then looked into his teacher's eyes to see if she was serious. When he saw that she was, he asked, "Really?"

"Nothing wrong with it, is there? I guess you were fantasizing hah?"

He nodded, them murmured, "Uh huh. Yeah."

"You do that a lot?"


"Do you ever do the real thing?" Her heart was racing now, knowing that she was about to cross a line. "Have you ever sucked a girl's pussy, Damon?" she asked.

"Sure," he nodded. "Lots of times."

"So why my panties, were you imagining doing that to me?"

Their eyes met. Nervously, he nodded again, whispering, "Yeah."

"I had just taken them off you know?" she teased him. She saw his eyes look over her robe and she guessed that he was now wondering. Debra looked down at his pants and saw that he was as hard as he had been inside the bathroom.

"Would you like to suck mine?" she said. She was so close to him that she lowered her hand and turned it so that her palm was now against his crotch, gently rubbing his swollen cock. She watched his eyes widen and his face show his surprised shock. When he didn't answer, she then softly confided, "I'd like that a lot, if you want to do it."

She watched his mouth, waiting for him to answer. She knew some boys didn't like the taste of pussy, and she didn't want to push him, in case he didn't really ever do it. She noticed for the first time that he had a jutting lower lip. Exactly the kind of lip that felt good on her clit. The thought of having that mouth suck her cunt made her shiver with lust. She craved it. Thinking about it now, she wondered if maybe she'd picked up on that in school, and subconsciously chose Damon for her tutoring. For sure there were a couple of other kids she could have selected.

As she waited, her mind raced. This was crazy. Here she was a 24 year old teacher; without a doubt a total knockout. Indeed this middle school had never had another as pretty and as well built. She was a married woman, still a newlywed. Obviously she shouldn't be with another guy, and most definitely she shouldn't be having sex with any student. It all seemed so crazy, especially that she should proposition a student to get her pussy sucked!

She squeezed the boy's cock to tantalize him. He groaned and closed his eyes.

"Don't want to?" she asked.

"I will, if you want me to, Mrs. LaForte."

Her heart was now pounding in her chest, knowing that she was now about to seduce this young teen. Slowly, she untied the robe as he watched eagerly. Then she hastily pushed it off her naked body and let it drop to the floor. Quickly she turned and softly said, "Let's go into the bedroom. We'll be more comfortable on a bed."

She led the way, walking in front of him and aware of his eyes on her bouncing ass cheeks. She trembled at the lewdness of what she was doing. The beautiful blonde teacher was walking through her own house naked in front of one of her students.

Debra was naked as a jaybird and every inch of her was turned on. She was more excited than she'd been in ages. This was a lot more exciting that posing nude for those internet pictures. The anticipation of having this boy suck her cunt made her tremble and made her pussy cream.

She knew he probably wasn't very good at cunt-sucking. A boy his age was still wet behind the ears. Still, there was a certain innocence in the boy that was a turn-on, a certain sweetness. Kids nowadays knew all about sex, but how much practice did they actually have with cunt-sucking? Well, by the time she was through with Damon Matthews, he'd know the girls from the women. Part of his education, she thought with a smile. After all, he did come over for tutoring.

Her husband's loss, she told herself.

As they walked into the bedroom, she told him, "If I'm going to be naked, don't you think that you should be too?"

Damon didn't need any excuse to strip. As his beautiful teacher moved forward to her bed, he quickly began to drop his pants and pull off his shirt. By the time he was naked, the pretty blonde beauty was atop the mattress.

Debra lay down on the bed with her knees up and her legs spread wide open. Damon hadn't really seen her cunt yet, and now he took a good look at it. She knew she had an hot looking cunt, one which she kept cleanly shaved. Damon's eyes told her that her student found it exciting. She lewdly ran her fingers along the insides of her white thighs, and opened her knees wider. She teased him by opening and closing her legs.

His eyes glittered as he gazed down at the ripe meaty flesh of her pussy. He stared down at her shaved naked cunt-lips, hanging open now, and at the reddish-purple interior of her cunt mound. His prick was pulsating stiff, hard as a rock and standing at attention.

Debra feasted her eyes on his big cock, fascinated that a teenager's could be almost twice as big as her husband's. She pried her cunt-lips open with her fingertips.

"This is my clit," she said, pointing to her passion button. "You know what that is, don't you?" The lust in the boy's eyes fascinated her. She added, "Well, mine needs some attention right now, honey."

The boy stared down at her steaming, seething hole. Every boy that he knew had the hots for Mrs. LaForte, and she was actually giving herself to HIM. He climbed onto the bed and shifted forward, moving his fingers between her slimy cunt-lips. He rubbed some of her thick cunt-cream over her clit and massaged her quivering little bean in circles. He pressed back and forth over the little nub until she gasped and cried out.

Debra's crotch was flooded with cunt-cream. It oozed out of her slippery gash and ran down to her ass-crack.

"Lick it!" she hissed, getting impatient. "Get your mouth on my cunt!"

The aroused boy quickly stretched out on his belly with his mouth close to her cunt. He slid his hands under her thighs and grabbed her ass cheeks. Debra groaned and shuddered as he lowered his face to her crotch.

He tongued all over her pussy, slowly lapping her outer cunt-lips. Then his long thick tongue pushed between her inner slimy cunt-lips, and dipped inside her yawning cunt-hole. She instantly began to writhe, surprised that he was so good. She wailed and squirmed, humping her crotch at his face. The feel of his tongue sawing in and out of her fuck-hole drove her wild.

"Oh, God, yes!" she moaned. "Oh, yes! Do my cunt! Tongue my clit!"

The youngster began a vigorous licking of her clit while she squirmed and writhed under him. How wonderful it was! There she was, lying on her own bed and shoving her cunt at this teenage boy's face! The student seemed to be totally turned on by the sucking. The realization that her pulpy ripe cunt could turn a boy like this on made her shiver even more. Her husband only did it twice and each time he was reluctant.

Debra didn't have to tell Damon what to do anymore. He was licking like a pro now. He used his tongue like an expert on her swollen cunt-lips. He used it to vibrate her cunt until she thought she'd go mad with pleasure.

Her belly heaved and she moaned out loud like a wounded animal. He sucked her cunt with relish. Any hesitation he'd had had dissipated. His mouth was open wide, and his lips were clamped to her cunt-meat. He dug in, rubbing his nose and chin and cheeks over her slimy pussy-meat. The slobbering slurping sounds he made brought Debra to a peak of ecstasy.

She moaned and begged him, "Mmmmm oooo suck harder, Damon..."

He complied, his tongue drilling into her cunt-hole and exploring the depths of her fuck-channel.

He mashed his face against her cunt and lapped his tongue in and out of her fuck-hole. He sucked in a frenzy at her furry muff. She pulled her knees back against her tits and raised her ass up off the bed to give him more room at her white flesh. Her crotch was now turned up, and she shivered when she felt his tongue tickling her shitter. She was delighted but shocked that a boy would do that.

Then there was those wonderful and powerful explosions. She grabbed his head and pulled his face more firmly against her steaming crotch.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Ohhhh gahhhhhd!" She wailed and arched her back and came hard, flooding the boy's mouth with cunt-cream.

She spasmed again and again. She hadn't come that hard in years. Clay had made her come this hard before they were married, but not for over a year now ... and never by mouth. Damn him, anyway! She lay still until the last tremor of her orgasm left her body.

Damon stretched out on his side, a proud look on his face. Debra glanced down at his prick and saw that it was as hard as a rock. His eyes glittered and he licked his lips lewdly.

"That was wonderful, Damon," she murmured. "As good as any man could do."

She shivered with pleasure and satisfaction. He grabbed her full tits and began playing with them. Her nipples stiffened immediately and she moaned when he took a pink nub in each hand and gently squeezed it between his thumb and forefinger. He obviously hadn't lied about his not being innocent.

She squirmed on the bed, the hot tip of his prick against her thigh. She wanted his fuck-pole reaming her cunt. She wanted to feel his hard cunt-spreader stabbing into her pussy. She wanted his male-meat thrusting in and out of her hungry cunt-hole. She wanted his hairy balls slapping against her ass cheeks. She wanted to get fucked!!!

He kissed her now, his mouth young and sweet and passionate. His lips moved over the swells of her tits, his lower lips feeling wonderful on her boobs. He licked and sucked her tit-flesh, and then abruptly sucked one of her long pink nipples into his mouth.

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