House in the Woods: Jade and Jasmine

by Shakes Peer2B

Copyright© 2010 by Shakes Peer2B

BDSM Sex Story: Twins Jade and Jasmine owe Mike a debt for their acquisition of a couple of his former charges (See HIW:Kishi and HIW:Rhyslynn). This is how they repay their debt...

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BDSM   MaleDom   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Fisting   Sex Toys   Bestiality   .

This is a story about a sexual FANTASY written for consenting adults. If you're not both of those, don't read it. Characters in a FANTASY don't get sick or die unless I want them to. In real life, people who don't use condoms and other safe-sex techniques do get sick and die. You don't live in a FANTASY so be safe. The fictional characters in my stories are trained and experienced in acts of FANTASY - don't try to do what they do - someone could get hurt.

If you think you know somebody who resembles any of the characters here, congratulations, but you're wrong - any similarity between the characters in this story and any real person is purely coincidental, since all of these characters are figments of my dirty little imagination.

This is my story, not yours. Don't sell it or put it on a pay site. You can keep it and/or give it away with all of this information intact, but if you make money off of it without my permission, you're breaking the law and pissing me off.

House In the Woods: Jade and Jasmine (no-sex)
©Copyright 2010 - Shakes Peer2B
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I caressed the long, silken tresses of the exquisitely nude young Asian who knelt proudly before me, then turned to her equally exquisite sister - a three-dimensional photocopy of the one I had just petted.

"Lovely," I proclaimed softly. They were, but I had an ulterior motive for letting them hear me say so. These two were obviously proud of their beauty and used it to great advantage in their lives and in their enterprise.

The twins ran a business in San Francisco catering to the needs of business executives. Their clients included people whose names and faces you would see in Forbes and the Financial Times, but in the hands of these diminutive ladies you'd never know they were giants of the business world and pillars of their communities. Stripped of their clothing and their dignity, they reveled in the humiliation and pain administered by the twins.

These lions of finance must have been satisfied with the service they received, because they returned, time and again. Oddly enough, in the course of fulfilling the needs of these hungry men, flesh never touched flesh. Jade and Jasmine were so adept at their craft that they did not have to engage in actual intercourse to fill their clients' needs.

If the black-haired twins had a weakness, it was for submissive women. I know, because the two they currently kept had been former 'clients' of mine. Kishi adored the two and would probably be their slave for life. The hardware that pierced her large breasts, and would likely remain part of her forever, had been installed in my dungeon. (See HIW: Kishi).

Their newest acquisition, Rhyslynn al Kendra (HIW:Rhyslynn), had also gotten to the sisters through my dungeon, but that was only the first stop on a voyage of discovery, and unless I was badly mistaken, her ship would soon sail from the port known as Jade and Jasmine to pursue new adventures, but not until she had enjoyed all the painful pleasures the twins could provide.

Since I do not traffic in human flesh for money (and would not have entered into any bargain without the submissives' consent) I had made an in-kind trade with these lovely young ladies: For two days, they were mine to do with as I pleased.

I let them hear the compliment to their beauty because I knew just how much privilege they expected from those who worshipped their loveliness. If they expected me to go easy on them because of it, however, they would be very disappointed.

Many lovely young ladies passed through my dungeon, and I defy anyone to persuade any of them that their beauty had earned them respite from my tender mercies.

"My dear Jasmine," I said softly, taking a knee in front of the second of the pair. The sharply pointed golden spikes that covered their nipples and areolas were of my manufacture. I had also done the installation. "Have you enjoyed these little toys that I made for you and your sister?"

"Yes, sir," she said, hiding her face demurely between the waterfalls of lustrous, straight, black hair that fell on either side. The act did not fool me. The twins knew something of my nature and hoped to gain an advantage by seeming to capitulate from the start.

I knew better. The pride that these young ladies felt in their beauty and the things it had accomplished for them bordered on arrogance. They were natural born manipulative bitches, but having been married to the queen of manipulative bitches for a number of years, I was aware of the tricks that they would employ. I, however, have developed a few tricks of my own.

"I told you that they were permanent, did I not?" I asked, raising her head with a finger beneath her delicate chin. As I expected, she couldn't resist returning my gaze defiantly.

"Yes, sir," she answered, some of the belligerence I knew to be there showing.

I took a cup-shaped object from my pocket and fitted the inverted cone that I had milled into its flat side over one of Jasmine's nipples and its jewelry.

"Actually, if you recall," I told her, "my words were 'Only I can remove these without tearing your nipple', were they not?"

"Y-yes, sir," her bravado lost some of its fervor as a tiny click sounded inside her nipple cone, and it came away inside the cup-shaped device, leaving her nipple bare for the first time in more than a year, save the barbell to which the cone had been attached. The precisely placed magnets within the cup device had operated the release mechanism just as they were designed to do.

"Good girl," I told her, patting her head like a little puppy. "You've done a fine job of keeping them clean."

In spite of herself, Jasmine blushed at the praise.

I made short work of the other piece, then removed Jade's matching set without fanfare. Moving quickly, I placed a stainless-steel ring over each of their four nipples so that it caught behind the barbell and hung from nipple and jewelry. Using a pair of fine, stainless-steel chains that I had prepared ahead of time, I routed one chain through the ring on Jade's left nipple to Jasmine's right then fastened the loose end to the hook where the other end already hung. I then repeated the process with Jade's right nipple and Jasmine's left, so that they were now chained together, face-to-face, by their nipples, with the chains suspended from a hook above their heads.

I had many motorized winches in my dungeon that I could have used for this purpose, but I chose to operate this one by hand. It was designed like an industrial chain fall, but adapted to fit a smaller chain than that required for moving heavy machinery. It would still, if necessary, easily support the entire weight of both girls. Pulling down on one side of the loop of heavy chain that operated the winch, I began the process of raising and tightening the chains attached to the girl's nipples. As the ends rose, the length of chain between the stainless rings became shorter and shorter, leaving the twins with the unpalatable choice of knee-walking closer together or having a significant chunk torn out of their delicate brown nipples.

Toying with them, I inched the hooks higher, forcing the girls closer and closer together. Link by link, the chain between them slipped upward through the rings, each slippage leaving one fewer link separating them. All three of us knew how this tableau must finish, but the girls, who thoroughly enjoyed sex with other women, were extremely reluctant to enter into sexual situations with each other.

Finally, after half an hour of being forced together one chain link at a time, Jade and Jasmine knelt breast to breast, their nipples bound together at chin level as their tiny tits strained upward under the tension of the chain. All it would take to give them relief would be for one of them to stand, but both knew, from their own practice, how severe the consequences of such defiance could be. Not only that, but the winch was mounted high enough that with a flick of the wrist I could tighten the chains again, forcing them into the same predicament while standing.

I knelt behind Jasmine and whispered in her ear as the two of them strove to keep their faces as far apart as possible.

"Do you know what a sacrifice your sister made to acquire Rhyslynn al Kendra for you?"

"Y-yes sir," she strained away from her twin even harder.

"Then don't you think you should thank her for her selflessness?"

"Yes, sir," she answered reluctantly, knowing it was the only answer I would accept.


"Thank you, sister, for the sacrifice you made to acquire our latest slave," she said stiffly.

The riding crop made a white streak across her buttocks, which quickly turned bright red. Jasmine's shriek held as much surprise as it did pain.

"Lovely," I murmured mockingly. "Her sacrifice was physical. Do you think hollow words can repay such dedication?"

"What do you want?" Jasmine asked desperately, her tone flirting with anger. "We are bound, unable to move..."

I could see the light dawning behind her eyes even as she spoke. Both jet-tressed heads shook sideways in negation.

"Are you refusing my command, Jasmine? Will you, Jade, refuse this gift I give you through your sister?"

Their eyes locked for a moment, and the silent communication was almost visible between them. Jasmine looked away first.

"No, sir, " she answered in a low voice.

I looked expectantly at her twin. Defiance faded from her expression, and finally she answered, "No, Sir!"

Still, they had to take time to steel themselves, but when the crop smacked loudly across my palm, both of those exquisitely lovely faces jerked, then moved toward each other as if drawn by a magnet.

The kiss was tentative, at first, then, as the lovely ladies realized that it may not be the end of the world, after all, it became sweet and tender. Finally, as long-suppressed passion surfaced, the kiss became a ravening, hunger-driven thing that threatened to consume them with its primeval lust. Now, it was not only their lips, but their loins that joined in a frustrated dance, begging for release. Had their hands not been bound behind them, I daresay they would have been groping each other madly, even as tears of shame and humiliation fell from their eyes. It is devastating when long-held beliefs crumble, and the sisters suffered, even in the throes of their passion.

I am not a heartless man, and I would be the last to stand between two lovers, so I released their hands, which promptly took hold of each other as a drowning man would grasp a life-ring. A pair of large, chain-suspended hooks, whose tips were round, stainless steel balls, slipped easily into their anal openings and raised them high into the air at the touch of a button.

With legs and arms now free, the two tiny bodies writhed and twined themselves about each other. As a precaution, I ran a strap around their torsos and put enough upward tension on it to keep them from falling.

I positioned a small tripod under them. It was topped with a flexible fiberglass rod attached to a large U-shaped double-ended dildo. I don't think they even noticed the entry of the ends of the dildo into their tiny pussies, what with their natural lubrication flowing so freely, but it didn't take them long to make use of it.

Jade was the first to slam her hips forward onto the thing, driving it more deeply into Jasmine. Jasmine retaliated with a vengeance, and soon they were swinging back and forth on the ends of their butt-hook chains, being alternately impaled on the plastic monster.

As the power of their passion built, Jasmine changed her rhythm for just a moment, and now they were slamming themselves simultaneously onto the conjoined phalluses, their cries echoing through the dungeon.

As much as these two loved playing with beautiful women, I had always wondered at their hands-off policy toward each other, but both had declaimed, on several occasions, that they would never turn their attentions to one another. This did not seem to me to be consistent with their other interests and I had resolved, at first opportunity, to test that theory. The acts that were playing out before me confirmed that all they had needed was a little incentive. Once the floodgates were cracked open, the dam burst and fell asunder.

I let them bring each other off several times before removing the dildo tripod and releasing their nipples. As I lowered them to the floor, they stepped quickly apart, faces red with embarrassment. I took two handfuls of black silken hair, one on each tiny head, and passionately kissed, first Jasmine, then Jade.

"The cat's out of the bag, babies," I told them, not unkindly. "Neither of you can go back to pretending that you do not lust after your sister."

Jade shot her twin a sheepish look, and Jasmine, head down, shyly put her arm around her sister's waist. I could have sworn I saw Jade's pussy grind itself into Jasmine's thigh.

"H-how did you know?" Jasmine asked. "We did not even know this about ourselves!"

I tucked a knuckle under her chin and lifted her gaze to meet mine. "Yes, you did," I told her, "but you had told each other the lie so often, you convinced yourselves that you believed it. How could two who appreciate beautiful women as much as you and your sister ignore such beauty in each other? I had a theory, and I tested it. It would seem that my hypothesis was correct."

"So is this the price you intended to extract in exchange for our submissives?" Jade asked.

"Oh, no," I told them. "This was a service provided to you out of the great goodness and generosity of my heart. It was just cruel for two such beauties to stay in close proximity without enjoying each other's charms. No, we will get to my payment in due time. First, however, I have a question for you, Jade, and I demand an honest answer."

"Yes, Sir," Jade answered demurely, still hoping to use her feminine wiles on me.

"Do you believe that your sister has done enough to repay you for the sacrifice that you made to acquire your newest slave?"

I could see it deep in the dark wells of her eyes. She wanted, oh so much, to spare her sister the price she knew I would exact to bring them even, yet she feared the price I would exact from her for a lie. I had to give her points for courage when she answered, "Yes, Sir."

A broad smile creased my face as I replied, "I had so hoped you would say that, especially since we all know it to be a lie. Now I shall punish you for the lie and give your sister what she deserves."

Fear swept across Jade's tiny, lovely features as my expression hardened, but I ignored her as I captured Jasmine's wrists in a pair of fleece-lined leather cuffs and suspended her from the ceiling with the tips of her perfectly manicured toes just brushing the floor. With another pair of cuffs and chains, I forced Jasmine's shapely legs far apart, leaving her open and vulnerable.

I took a rubber object shaped like a dumbbell with a hole through its long axis, and forced one end past Jasmine's sphincter. Through the hole in the object, I inserted a rubber tube whose thick walls gave it a certain amount of rigidity. The end of this tube was rounded, and the passage through the tube's center emerged on each side of this rounded tip. Twisting and turning the tube, I was able to force more than a foot of it into Jasmine's colon.

I turned on the valve that admitted the warm enema solution to the tube, then positioned a barrel with a large funnel between Jasmine's legs. While her lower intestines filled with solution, I turned my attention to her sister.

"Since you were so concerned about your sister's well-being as to lie for her, it is only fitting that you administer her punishment," I told Jade. "Step into this harness."

Jade knew it was a harness that would accept a dildo, but since there was none attached at the moment, she readily donned the harness. I took great pleasure in helping her adjust its position and tighten it to ensure that there would be no slack. The mounting for the dildo was centered on her pubic bone for better control, and as far she could see, the inside of the triangle that covered her little pussy was featureless.

I left Jade standing there and turned my attention back to Jasmine, who, by this time was moaning and squirming under the cramps caused by the deep enema she was receiving. Her abdomen bulged like she was in her third trimester of a difficult pregnancy. I turned off the fluid and let her 'soak' for a few minutes as her bowels continued to complain about their inability to empty themselves.

"You know, of course, what this harness is for," I said to Jade.

"Yes, Sir," she answered, sardonically.

"Good. Now we must choose the phallus that you will use to administer your sister's punishment."

So saying, I flipped back the linen that covered a tray, exposing the bases and about six inches of a number of dildos. The business ends were covered by the rest of the linen and a metal lid that left no clue as to their relative lengths.

"Choose," I ordered, standing back to give Jade a better look at the exposed portions.

She moved to raise the cover, but I grasped her wrist and waggled a 'no-no' finger in her face. Flushed with embarrassment, she examined the exposed portions of the instruments, finally choosing the slenderest of them all. This one would still rival the diameter of my own penis, but would not stretch her sister's sphincter nearly as much as the others. I watched dismay creep across her face as I began withdrawing the chosen phallus from beneath its cover; and continued withdrawing until its full eighteen inch length was exposed.

"Good choice!" I whispered in her ear as I fastened the dildo's base to her harness, then flipped back the cover to show her that none of the others, though thicker, were more than eight inches in length.

Jasmine was too preoccupied with the sensations in her abdomen to notice what I was doing with Jade, so when I led Jade behind her, she still hadn't seen the instrument of her punishment.

Finally, I removed the rubber plug from Jasmine's ass and positioned the funnel to catch her dirty discharge. After a quick cleanup, I reinserted the barbell plug and shoved another tube through its axis, this one not going quite so deep.

Once again, I allowed her belly to fill to overflowing, but this time, I set Jade to work stimulating her sister orally as her abdomen grew and stretched under the pressure of the fluid.

Jasmine, in spite of the cramps, or perhaps because of them, came even more vehemently than she had on the shared dildo earlier.

After emptying her again, and again cleaning up her nether regions, I inserted a longer, more slender tube into her colon, twisting and turning it to ensure that it snaked all the way to the end of her lower bowel. I then turned the valve that started the flow of lubricant and slowly withdrew the tube, copiously lubricating the entire passage as it went.

With Jade still at work between her legs, Jasmine flew through climax after orgasm, driven in part by the humiliating strangeness of the extraordinarily deep penetration of the tube.

"Now, we begin," I told the sisters.

I positioned a padded leather horse in front of Jasmine and lowered her wrist chains until she was, perforce, bent over the horse at the waist. Standing behind her sister, I whispered, "Begin."

Jade shot me a stricken look, but having experienced the deviousness of my retribution, dared not hesitate too much. Steadying the snakelike phallus with both hands, she inserted its bulbous tip into her sister's anus. Jasmine was fully aware of the purpose of her preparation and prepared for the insertion. Since the plastic phallus was not much bigger than the barbell plug that had recently penetrated her, she had little trouble with the initial insertion.

With about six inches buried, however, Jade apparently hit a barrier and turned to me. "That's as far as it will go, Sir," she said, hopefully.

Behind her, I had already lubed myself, so I stepped into position and bent my knees.

"Perhaps you just need a little help," I told the diminutive fairy, nestling my well-lubricated cock head into the dark depression between Jade's buttocks. "Keep going, my dear."

Desperate to avoid the pressure I was putting on her own ring, Jade stiffened her plastic shaft with her hands and pushed forward, helped by my own push into her resistant sphincter. The barrier inside Jasmine yielded at the same time as Jade's sphincter, and the sisters sang in harmony of their pain and outrage.

Several more inches of the dildo penetrated Jasmine before it came to the inevitable bend in her colon. She shrieked at the cramps caused by the unnatural stretching of her lower intestine, and Jade, empathizing with her sister, said, "Please, Sir! It's killing her!"

Instead of answering, I gave her even more reason to empathize by breaching Jade's colon with my own cock.

"Keep going," I commanded, swiveling my hips, which caused Jade's hips to follow.

The motion transferred to the embedded shaft and caused it to worm its way past the point of restriction, straightening Jasmine's colon inch by inch, and rearranging her intestines in the process. With another agonized duet from the sisters, the plastic phallus continued its slow inward journey. Provided with both incentive and impetus by my cock in her own rear, Jade continued her inexorable progress deeper into her sister's body. In fits and starts, the dildo writhed its way fully into the helpless young victim, finally ending entirely embedded, as Jasmine's buttocks flattened against her sister's softly rounded belly.

Unbelieving, the twins held their pose, the one struggling to absorb the reality of being penetrated by a foot and a half of thick plastic, while the other tried, with limited success, to believe that she had been the one who accomplished that obscene skewering of her twin.

"Oh my God!" the sisters whispered in unison.

"It feels like it is pressing against my diaphragm," Jasmine gasped, restricting herself to short breaths.

"Are you all right, sister?" Jade asked fearfully.

"I am ... astonished!!!" Jasmine gasped. "I have the most fearful cramps, and expect to feel the end of that ... thing in my throat at any moment, and I have never been so extremely humiliated and outraged and... excited!"

"Sounds to me like she wants you to fuck her," I whispered in Jade's ear, giving her an extra little push for emphasis.

"But ... Sir!" Jade began.

"You don't want to?" I asked, then without waiting for an answer, "Very well, I shall fuck both of you."

Grasping Jade's slender hips, I pulled her back with me, then, with my hands, pushed her forward until my cock almost slipped out of her. At the exact instant that Jade's hips slapped Jasmine's buttocks, I drove my own pelvis forcefully into Jade, causing her, at least momentarily, to penetrate her sister even more deeply. Both cried out involuntarily, but I didn't pause.

Gaining momentum, I gradually increased my speed, perfecting my rhythm, until we were slamming into each other at a good clip. Jasmine surrendered to the plundering we were dealing her, and began shouting hoarse obscenities at both of us. Jade, understanding now her sister's surrender, stopped worrying about her twin and began cooperating in the rape of Jasmine's intestines.

With the rhythm established and almost self-sustaining, I introduced Jade to one of the additional features of the harness she wore. Triggering the remote, I started the vibrator that was positioned against Jade's clitoris.

Jade cried out in surprise and slammed even harder into her sister in an instinctive attempt to increase her own sensation by pressing her clitoris against the inside of the harness. Jasmine, surprised by the violence of this new assault, gasped and tried to draw away.

The horse over which she was folded would not allow this, of course, but it did not seem fair to me that Jade should enjoy more stimulation than her sister. Fortunately, I had a ready solution to this little inequity.

With a silent hand-signal, I gave Caesar, one of my half-wolf companions, permission to enter the fray. Bushy tail wagging, the brute homed immediately in on the delightful aroma emanating from Jasmine's pussy. His long, rough tongue swiped along the entire length of her labia, scrubbing a violent, involuntary climax from her clit in the process.

Jade, meanwhile, had forgotten her concern for her sister in her demonic drive toward her own completion. Her tight little butt gnawed and nibbled at my erection, and I no longer had to move to reap the rewards it offered. Still, I thought, Jade could use just a little extra incentive.

Using the slider on my remote, I activated the electrical stimulation feature of her harness and slowly increased the magnitude of the stimulation. This circuitry, though hidden within the fabric and straps of the harness, was almost a replica of the circuitry in a basic TENS unit like the one I had used on Rhyslynn al Kendra.

As I advanced the slider, the pulses grew stronger, especially when Jade ground her pelvis against the inside of the harness in an effort to enhance the sensation from the vibrator.

Jade shrieked and jerked spasmodically as this new sensation invaded her senses. Too far gone in her pursuit of the ultimate orgasm, she continued to slam the dildo deep into her sister's ass in her effort to maximize the sensation. I obliged by turning it up even higher.

Jade lost all sense of the here and now as she savaged her sister's ass and colon, slamming in hard as she twisted and turned her pelvis on each impact, searching for that spot that would stimulate her in just the right way to send her over the edge.

I considered turning the electrical control higher, but more is not always better, especially when you're talking about electrical current. Instead, I changed the angle of my own attack on her tender anal tissues, forcing the head of my cock to gouge deeply into the tender membranes separating her rectum from her vagina. It must have felt to her as if she was being violated from front and rear at the same time. I can only speculate, since I do not have the anatomy to conduct experiments that might confirm my theory.

Whatever the case, Jade's body chose that moment to explode violently into a spasmodic orgasm that left her in rictus, deeply rooted in her sister's body as her own shook and trembled convulsively. Jasmine, aided by Caesar's talented tongue, went off like a secondary explosion from a bombing run on an ammo dump, the twin's voices once again harmonizing in an ancient, wordless song of lust, surrender and fulfillment.

What could I do but enjoy the ride? When a tight, lovely ass like that devours one's cock so eagerly, despite the seeming impossibility of the fit, one has little choice but to cum, and cum I did, deeply, strongly, and for a very long time.

So caught up in my own pleasure was I that I almost forgot the remote that was sustaining Jade's orgasm far longer than was natural. Finally, I hit the kill button and the dungeon became suddenly silent, except for two sounds: The rasping of our mutual stertorous breathing, and the lapping of Caesar's tongue.

I considered letting him continue, but I was not yet done with the lovely ladies and I didn't want either of them passing out on me just yet. I tapped Caesar on the snout to get his attention, then signaled him to back away. Reluctantly, he obeyed, consoled by the knowledge that I would, eventually, let him have his way with one or both of these human bitches.

"Now," I asked, as I withdrew from Jade's delectable rump, "do you think your sister has paid for her half of Rhyslynn al Kendra?"

"If she has not," Jade answered breathlessly, "I do not know what else I could collect from her to balance the books."

"Perhaps you are right," I smiled. "In which case, it is time for the two of you to begin paying me."

Two pairs of almond shaped eyes turned in my direction as both mouths dropped open in surprise.

"What?" I asked. "Did you think I would accept this as payment? No, this was simply the two of you settling your own account with each other."

"But ... you just sodomized me!" Jade protested.

"Why, yes," I answered thoughtfully, "and if you lie to me again, I shall think of an even harsher punishment for you, but that was simply reminding you of your position in this deal you made. Surely you are not suggesting that your punishment be considered as payment for your debt."

Jade's face fell as she answered, "No, sir."

"Very well," I said, releasing Jasmine from her bondage as Jade gingerly backed the long, long phallus out of her tender backside.

I waited for Jade to remove the harness, then, holding a coin where she could see it, I turned to Jasmine. "Your call, Jasmine: Heads or tails?"

"Heads," she answered without hesitation.

"Heads it is," I said returning the coin to my pocket.

"But you didn't flip the coin!" Jasmine cried.

"No, I didn't," I replied, smiling.

Taking a handful of Jasmine's long, silken tresses, I steered her to lie on her back on one of the ubiquitous low, padded benches that populated my dungeon. With my other hand between her legs, and two fingers buried in her tight, wet interior, I moved her body until I was satisfied with her position, then I strapped her in place and bound her hands along her sides.

Jasmine's position left her head hanging over the end of the bench.

I then turned to Jade, who stood trembling, wondering what new horror I would visit upon her and her sister. Any notion of leniency due to their beauty had long since fled, and without her primary weapon, Jade was a frightened little girl.

"Since your sister chose 'heads', you get tails," I told her, leading her by the hair to another bench set parallel to her sister's, but a couple of feet away.

I bound Jade face down with her legs hanging over the end of the bench. She was so short that her knees didn't quite reach the floor. Oh well, the bench would support her sufficiently for what was to come.

"Now, ladies," I told them, once they were both secured, "you both know me and my ways, so which of you can tell me what happens next?"

"T-the dogs?" Jasmine stammered.

"That's right," I said, "For answering the question correctly, you get to choose: Which of these two magnificent studs will be your lover for this evening?"

Both had seen the boys in action, and Jasmine was no dummy. Knowing what her position and her choice of 'heads' implied, she chose Caesar.

"A wise choice, indeed," I told her. "Caesar's knot will inflate rapidly, reducing the chances of it getting locked behind your teeth."

"And you, Jade, get Czar. Before he is done with you, I believe you, too, will think your sister's choice wise. Before knotting with you, Czar will stroke you long and hard, then he will lock himself inside your body and let you know, in no uncertain terms, that you are now and forever, his bitch."

I signaled Czar to begin, but knelt beside his bitch-to-be to ensure that he found right hole. Jasmine's implied choice for her sister was, after all, 'tails'. Fortunately for Jade, she had not closed up completely from my earlier use of her, and was still well lubricated.

The lovely chinese girl grunted at the suddenness of my companion's entrance, despite the fact that she had known it was coming. She continued emitting guttural sounds as Czar made a final adjustment to his position and began 'treading', forcing himself even deeper as his cock grew and lengthened. Fortunately for the girls, I kept the boys' dew claws rounded off. They still dug into their bitches' flesh, letting them know who was in charge, but did not leave scratches or permanent marks.

Satisfied that Czar was well taken care of, I gave Caesar his signal and waited as he mounted Jasmine's face, gripping her head between his forepaws to hold it in place for his assault, the same way his brother gripped Jade's hips. I kept an eye on him until his knot had grown too large to fit between Jasmine's teeth and only battered her lips from the outside, then stood back to watch as the girls became the vessels for my boys' pleasure.

Jasmine's throat stretched horribly as Caesar's enormous cock forced its pointy tip further and further inward, and she had trouble getting her gag reflex under control, thanks to the rapidity of his strokes, but this was clearly not the first time she had been throat-fucked, and soon she found her lover's rhythm, and managed to breath as my boy took his pleasure from her. To add to her humiliation, I fitted a butterfly vibe around her pelvis, centering it on her little clit, thus ensuring that she would cum at least once while servicing my pal.

Jade was lost. Until Czar's knot arose, all she could feel was the rapid shuttling of his cock in and out of her already stretched colon, and the involuntary rubbing of her clit on the edge of the bench in time with her lover's strokes. I gently stroked the sweat-soaked hair away from her face and planted a soft kiss on her cheek.

"You are quite beautiful, you know," I whispered into her ear, "but Czar cares nothing for that. He does, however, appreciate the tightness of your cute little ass. You can tell by the way his hindquarters try to follow his cock inside you with each thrust. He wants you for his bitch, and he will have you. When you return to San Francisco, you will find yourself daydreaming of the forcefulness of his fucking, and the feeling of being completely possessed by his cock, especially after his knot inflates and locks you to him. It is a feeling of complete and utter subjugation that you will know you can never ever instill in your clients."

As if to emphasize my point Czar's knot began to inflate and Jade's eyes took on a stricken appearance as the knot shuttled several times through her sphincter before growing so large that her sphincter would no longer allow it egress. Czar's strokes shortened and he concentrated on forcing himself as deeply as possible into Jade's colon, unaware that he could not impregnate her.

I chose that moment to reach between his legs and give her clit a pinch. It wasn't all that hard, but it did the trick.

Already humiliated by being forced to accept a dog as her master, Jade was devastated by the orgasm that overtook her as Czar's white-hot seed inundated her colon.

Returning to her sister, I was just in time to watch Caesar pump her esophagus full of his potent seed. Put off by his knot banging against the hardness of Jasmine's teeth, however, Caesar did not strive so hard to penetrate to maximum depth. In fact, once he began ejaculating, he was done with the whole teeth-around-the-hole thing, and pulled his cock out in mid-spurt. He was in no hurry to dismount, however, and Jasmine was forced to cope with several minutes of doggy facial.

"Open up," I told her, as she tried to close her lips against the tide of his discharge. "Caesar is giving you a gift, lovely Jasmine. Granted, it's more a testament to the warmth and tightness of your throat than to your beauty. Still, he has condescended to bestow it upon you, and the least you can do is not let it go to waste."

Jasmine's face turned a deeper shade of red under the slime of her lover's cum than it had been when Caesar forced his cock down her throat, but she did as I commanded, taking the rest of Caesar's nectar into her mouth. I didn't even have to tell her what to do with it.

When Caesar's spasms had finished, he joined his brother in the corner, gingerly nursing with his tongue the tender ring at the front of his knot that had been so abused by Jasmine's teeth.

I released the sisters and allowed them to clean up in the dungeon's shower, but insisted that they wash each other. This, of course, led to petting, then kissing, etc. At first, it was a show they put on for my benefit, perhaps hoping to win a bit of leniency in whatever was to come next, and I have to admit that watching two tiny, wet, shapely ladies please each other was not unpleasant. I allowed it to continue and when the pretense slipped away and they became serious about loving each other, I ordered them apart.

Panting and looking a little sheepish, the sisters took the towels I offered and began to dry off. With their hair wet and their makeup removed, they were still quite attractive, but in a more girl-next-door sort of way. I kind of liked that naive, innocent look on them and didn't give them a chance to discover the hair-dryer or to re-apply their makeup.

I wrapped an arm around each slender waist. Their skin was flawless and satin smooth; a rare pleasure just to touch. Touching, in fact, was what I wanted them to do next: to each other.

I gently guided Jade into a recumbent position on one of the larger padded mats, then urged her onto her side. I gave her a double-ended dildo and some lube and instructed her to get it started. She looked at me speculatively for a moment, but decided that the lube answered the question she was about to ask and proceeded to insert one end of the phallus into her posterior.

I smiled my approval, then positioned her sister behind her, feet toward Jade's head and facing away from her. When I took the lube from Jade and handed it to Jasmine, she did not have to guess what I wanted her to do. Since both had been recently sodomized by much larger objects, it was no trick for each of their little derrieres to receive approximately half of the plastic phallus.

The two lovely twins lay butt to butt, inverted from each other, and began undulating their hips, thinking I wanted to watch them screw each other with the dildo. No such luck.

I knelt and whispered, first into Jasmine's ear, then, after getting her nod of understanding, went to her sister and whispered the same instructions in her ear. Two fingers from each girl's hand, speared into her sister's pussy, soon joined by a third and a fourth as they became more excited and accepting of the penetration.

I could easily hear the slopping of self-lubrication as the two fucked each other, the finger action in their pussies enhancing the undulation of their tiny butts on the ends of the dildo. On my nod, each girl joined her thumb with her other fingers, and began spearing the bunched fingers with greater and greater force into their moist target.

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