by Prince von Vlox

Copyright© 2010 by Prince von Vlox

Sex Story: Melanie Stewart knows why a fellow worker at Hubbard & Assoc. is called 'Hook'. But the budding office romance falls afoul of another girl. She'll have to find Plan B. Fortunately that's easy in the office.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

"So why do they call you Hook?" Sasha Taylor asked.

"When I was in college I got caught up in a theater production," Hook Benson said. He was the tall, dark, handsome type of man with a day-old growth of beard that was featured on many book covers and women's magazines. "We were doing Peter Pan, and I played Captain Hook." He shrugged. "It stuck."

Sasha nodded, her eyes wide. Melanie Stewart watched, secretly amused. The trade show was in full swing, and Hubbard & Associates had sent her and several others to man a display booth and drum up business. Sasha was their 'booth babe', and her bright, blonde, well-scrubbed look seemed to be going over pretty well. She was relatively new at Hubbard, and worked out of one of the satellite offices.

Hook, his real name was Jim, wiggled his hands in front of Sasha. "See, they're real."

Sasha was still captivated by his charm, and his hot body. It was obvious nothing was penetrating into the fore part of her brain.

Melanie took Hook by the arm. She wasn't immune to his charms, but she wasn't an airhead, either. "We need to check out the competition," she said. And give Sasha a chance to get back to normal, she added mentally.

Hook understood, and they made their way out of the booth—there were quite a few people reading their literature—and worked their way down the crowded aisle. They passed the lunch line and finally found a clear space near the entrance.

"Do you ever get used to it?" Melanie asked.

"Used to it? What do you mean?"

"You know, the looks you get from the women. When you walk into a room I swear the temperature rises at least five degrees."

He chuckled, a deep throaty chuckle that went right through her and made her stomach, and other places inside her, flutter. "Yeah, sort of. Now I know what models go through."

"Somebody said you used to be one."

"For a while. It's harder than people think, and it all depends upon your looks. Lose those, and you're out."

"I don't think you've lost yours."

"I didn't. I just got tired of it. I wanted a job with some substance. Being a 'booth hunk' isn't quite it."

"You didn't have to come here."

"If I'm going to use my marketing degree I have to do something. Today, this show, is a test. I want to see if I can turn my looks into sales." He glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. "It works for women, does it work for guys?"

"Well, you won't sell to too many guys, I can tell you that."

"No, that's for you and Sasha. I'm here to sell to the women, though there are guys..."

"If you mean gay ones, probably you can."

"No, I wasn't quite thinking of that. Anyway, I'm here, we'll see how it goes." He looked around the crowded room. "You said we should check out the competition. I thought we did that yesterday."

"I just needed to get you away from Sasha. When she looks at you her hormones take over."

"There's a sure cure for that."

"Do you realize what you're suggesting?" she asked after a pause.

"Pretty much. I haven't seen her around the main offices."

"That's because she works out of one of the satellites."

"Oh. That could put a crimp in things."

"It could. Look, why don't you circulate a bit. I have a couple of things to do." She felt his eyes on her. "Girl things."

"Ah." He held up his hand. "No need for the details."

He ambled off, drawing every female eye in the place. Melanie watched too, but then forced herself to turn away. She'd gotten this assignment because she could get her mind out of the gutter and keep things above the waist. That wasn't always a common thing at Hubbard.

With Hook safely lost in the crowd, she went the other way, out onto the concourse of the Exhibit Hall. Cell phone reception was non-existent inside the place; in large part that was because of security. All sorts of wireless things didn't work inside the building.

It was a brisk spring day outside, too brisk for her taste. But there was one room set aside, sort of an atrium, that provided wireless connectivity. She grabbed a mocha and debated who to call. Finally she picked Sandy, the HR Manager for Hubbard. She would know what to do in a situation like this.

"Hi, it's Melanie. Got a question for you."

"Sure, what's up?" Sandy asked.

Melanie explained a little about Sasha.

"Should we ... do we dare, um, bring her in? Or could I, you know, pass it off as a one-time thing?"

"Good question," Sandy said. She sighed. "This has happened before, and the best bet is to make it a one-time thing. It's safer for everyone. I mean, if things got out..."

"So what role should I play? It'll be obvious he and I are rooming together, and we're only using one bed."

"How well do you think you can act?"

"You mean ... let her think we're having an affair or something?" She hadn't thought of doing that.

"Why not? Neither of you are married."

"You're a gem," Melanie said. "I know just how I'll play it. I just hope she isn't turned off by girls."

"The report we have on her says she was a college lez." Melanie could hear Sandy typing something on her computer. "You know, she tried it in college, and apparently it didn't repulse her. Just be careful. A little play is one thing, but going full-blast..."

"Yeah, that could screw everything up." She found herself nodding. "All right, I'll see what happens."

She made her way back to the booth. Sasha had recovered and was talking with several people, handing out literature and some of the 'trinkets and trash' everyone had as freebies. Melanie gave the woman a distant nod and set her sights on a booth at the end of the row. This was a competitor, and she changed badges so it wasn't obvious she was a vendor. She was officially there to sell Hubbard & Associates' services, but she had also been asked to see what their competitors were doing.

She did check in with Anne Taylor and Jack Bristow. Those two attended all of the conferences for Hubbard and were in charge of the team. She didn't socialize with them, they'd made it clear that she shouldn't, which she now realized was a smart move. Doing that with your immediate superior, and for this conference that was what they were, tended to be counter-productive.

"We've got the sessions covered," Anne said. "How are things going with the booth?"

"I'm glad we got the extra material done up. We would have run out by now if we hadn't."

"Do you think we need more?" Jack asked. "We still have two days to go."

"It might be a good idea," Melanie said.

"I'll take care of it." Jack took out his cell phone and walked off.

"Anything else?"

Melanie told Anne about Sasha. "I called Sandy at the office. She suggested a 'Conference Fling'. Hook and I are both single, so that might work."

Anne nodded. "I think so, too. Go ahead, let me know how it comes out."

Melanie agreed and walked back to the booth. There she got busy giving demos. She'd started at Hubbard as a summer intern working the phones, and her patience with customers had landed her this job. Now she put it to use as she explained how Hubbard used a telephone matching system to assure the right information appeared on the screen as the call came in. It took someone a little while to get the necessary mental agility to switch companies and products, but by now Hubbard's employees had all mastered the trick.

She and Sasha had dinner together while Hook manned the booth. Melanie had a glimpse of him surrounded by women. Over the main course she let drop the hint, dangling the bait.

" ... going to be a late night, and there's no one to talk to. That's the trouble with these conferences, they get so lonely."

"I could swing by later on," Sasha said. "Aren't you going to the keynote speech?"

"Anne and Jack will do that. I just want to get out of my heels. A little friendly conversation or something wouldn't hurt. I do have a couple of errands to run, swing by the copy shop and get more handouts, but I should be back to the room by 9:00."

"I'll bring something," Sasha said. "We can sit down and have a good old-fashioned girl gab fest."

"You don't have to put yourself out."


Melanie smiled and changed the subject. Sasha would be there, she was sure of it.

She did have her errands to run, and got back to the room she shared with Hook at 8:30. Sasha didn't know she and Hook shared the room, that was one of the surprises waiting for her.

"I thought you'd get entirely undressed," Hook said when Melanie stripped down to just her panties.

"I don't want to scare her off." She saw the confusion on his face. "Trust me, total nudity is out, but boobs can be okay." He still looked confused. "It's a girl thing. Some places on a girl's body are okay to accidentally see, and some aren't. Everyone sees boobs, especially in a locker room. Between your legs? That's too personal." She gave him a smile. "As for you, you need to change."

He'd been wearing an open shirt and trousers. She got him naked, and hard, and as someone knocked on the door, she wrapped a towel around him. It didn't exactly show the monster jutting out from his loins, but there was no mistaking what was there, or how big it was.

"Who is it?" Melanie called as she checked the peephole. There was nobody in the hall but Sasha.

"Oh, hi, Sasha. I didn't ... that is I..."

Sasha's eyes had widened at the sight of Melanie's near-nudity, and then they saw Hook and the front of the towel wrapped around his waist. As she'd expected, all thought evaporated from Sasha's head, and Melanie had no trouble pulling the woman into the room.

"I, uh, that is..." Sasha stopped, her eyes trying to see through the towel. She visibly swallowed.

"We were just relaxing," Melanie said. She slid Sasha's jacket off and tossed it on a chair. "Care to join us?"

"What? You mean ... That is..." Her voice trailed off as Hook moved and the presence pushing out the front of the towel did so, too. Sasha's eyes zeroed in on that, and whatever rationality she'd had vanished. "Uh, sure."

In the next few seconds Sasha's jeans somehow came unsnapped, her bra got itself unhooked, and her hands wandered over Hook's chest and shoulders. All without her appearing to be consciously aware.

Melanie could appreciate what Sasha was going through. She'd had that happen to her a few times at Hubbard, and not just with Hook. There were guys at work who made her want to be flat on her back with her legs open.

The moment of reveal was almost here. As Sasha tried to figure out how to glue her body to Hook's without quite touching his manhood—another 'girl' thing, part of the whole seduction she'd seen written about countless times in romance novels—Melanie concentrated on the basics. Sasha unconsciously stepped out of her jeans when Melanie pulled them down, revealing a tiny pair of bikini panties that just barely covered things. Her bra, already loosened, dropped to the floor, along with her tee-shirt.

Sasha plastered her naked skin against Hook's. She was breathing hard. Her nipples were already standing out, and, from the smell as she dropped a kiss on the girl's bottom, she was soaking wet. All in all, things were off to a good start.

She lost her own panties, and then captured one of Sasha's hands and hooked it in the waistband of the girl's panties. Instinct took over, and Sasha shoved the blocking garment out of the way quickly. That was the cue to loosen the towel that had been hiding Hook's treasure. It fell to the floor, and Sasha made a small sound as she truly felt what he had.

"It's so big," she whispered.

"And now you know why we call him Hook," Melanie added. She pressed her body against Sasha's—she wasn't sure the girl even noticed—and gazed over her shoulder at Hook's pride. His cock was a good 10" long, maybe more, and thick enough she couldn't get her fingers all of the way around it. The last couple of inches took a decided turn to the left, hence his nickname.

Sasha kissed him, pressing her body against his as if she was trying to take all of him into her through her skin.

Hook though, seemed to have a good idea of what was going on. He broke the kiss and started nibbling on Sasha's body, a little kiss and lick here, another one there. He slowly worked his way down her, stopping to feast on the girl's pert breasts with their long pink nipples. He pushed her onto the bed, draped her legs over his back, and zeroed in between her legs.

A lot of guys did that. Melanie preferred that they take their time getting down there, teasing her, building the anticipation, but only a few guys, the most experienced ones at Hubbard, seemed to do that. Of course part of it was that with only a few minutes for break you had to get to the main course, but still...

Sasha gave a high-pitched sigh when Hook's tongue slipped through the folds of her sex. Melanie had moved onto the bed and taken Sasha's head in her lap. Her hands went to the girl's pale breasts. A little awareness crept back into Sasha's eyes, and she reached for Melanies's, gently squeezing them. Melanie could tell it wasn't a gesture designed to inflame lust, more of a friendly something to do while the real drama occurred between the girl's legs.

Sasha's sighs escalated to a high-pitched squeal. She hunched forward, her whole body tense and quivering. For several seconds she stayed that way, then she flung her head back as she gasped for breath.

Hook took that as a hint. He slipped on a condom and guided his monster into her. Sasha jerked at the first contact, her legs trying to close protectively around her. He paused, letting her get used to his girth, and then pushed gently. More of his monster slid in. Sasha had started humming, and the notes rose in volume and pitch as he slid farther in. Her hands fluttered helplessly, and then gripped his arms hard enough to leave marks.

Hook paused, clearly trying to control himself. After a few seconds of steady breathing he drew back and thrust. He slid a few more inches in. Another thrust, and another; it seemed to take an hour before he had most of his hardness sheathed in Sasha's channel. He left it there, letting her get used to him. After a bit she began to make little moves, trying to take more. He grinned, and started moving.

Melanie caressed Sasha's breasts, playing with the nipples. If Sasha noticed, she gave no sign of it. All of her attention was focused on what Hook was doing. After a bit, Melanie eased away. She slid a pillow under Sasha's head, and then got off the bed to watch.

This was something that never got old. In the past three years she'd seen dozens, if not hundreds of couples doing it. There were the sessions in the rooms just off the break rooms where up to four couples could get involved with each other. There were the 'off-site' meetings that were giant orgies with couples doing it in every room, in the pool, and on the grass of the small resort they used, and the times in the meeting rooms, whether in the office or in some place where employees gathered. Men and women having sex in every position and style imaginable, and more than a few that she'd never thought of.

Hook had braced himself above Sasha, using his arms to take his weight. Her legs had come up until her knees were hooked at his waist, and her ankles crossed just above his butt. She could hear the rhythmic slap-slap-slap as his body hit her thighs. His balls in their fleshy sack swung back and forth, gently beating on Sasha's bottom. Sasha's body shook at the end of every in-stroke, accompanied by a soft grunt from him, and matching sigh from her.

He maintained his steady thrusting, obviously in control of his passion. Sasha clearly felt no restraint. Her sighs rose in volume and frequency. Her hands clutched his body as if afraid that he'd get away. And she began riding up on him, moving in counterpoint, her legs straining to pull all of him inside her.

Three years of experience, and two more from when she'd been in high school and having sex with her babysitting clients as 'payment' told her that neither Sasha nor Hook was going to last much longer. Sasha's eyes were glassy as she concentrated on what was happening inside her. Hook's eyes were hooded, but his body was moving with more and more authority.

Melanie was pretty sure Sasha had already come once, back when Hook had gone down on her. She didn't know if the girl would come from straight screwing. There were people who said that happened to only one woman in three. The percentage was a lot higher in the main offices of Hubbard, where as far as she knew every woman came from doing it. But Sasha didn't have all of that experience. She really didn't know at all whether she would. Melanie wet her fingers, ready to help if she had to.

She needn't have worried. Sasha threw her head back, her body arched, and she stopped breathing. After several seconds she slumped, gasping. Then she stiffened again, her fingers digging into Hook's back as her passions peaked.

That drove Hook over the top. He gave a final thrust, pulled out, ripped off the condom, and came all over Sasha's body. Spurt after long, ropy white spurt covered the girl from her breasts to her tummy while Hook bared his teeth in almost a snarl. Then it was his turn to slump.

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