Where Is the Love?

by Micahe7l

Copyright© 2010 by Micahe7l

Fantasy Sex Story: Me and Fergie on a beach. Completely false but a guy can dream can't he.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

I had decided to go on vacation nowhere to extravagant just down to Miami for some sun and a bit of surf. I wasn't going to surf or at least I didn't think so but I'll get more into that later. I left Chicago late on the 17th of June and arrived even later in Miami. I decided the beach would still be there on the 18th so I checked into a hotel and went right to bed even though it was 9 o'clock it felt a lot later. I had checked with t the desk clerk to see if there was anyone famous staying at the hotel as was often the case He informed me that The Go-Go's had left the week before I checked in and someone else had checked in about half an hour before me. I asked who it was and he said that he couldn't tell me. I was a bit upset but I understood.

I woke up the next morning around 7:30 and began packing my beach bag. I threw in a light t-shirt and suntan lotion. I had opted not to bring swim trunks and decided I'd buy swimwear in Miami so when I went into a shop and looked at the swim I decided to be daring and bought a thong speedo. It was Miami after all and I know I wouldn't be the only person o the beach in a thong. Most the people wearing thongs on the Miami beach would be women but there'd also be the occasional male thong wearer. Before I headed out for the beach I put shorts on over the thong not because I was embarrassed or anything like that just so I didn't offend any guest in the hotel I may pass while heading to the beach. When I stood at the top of the beach and looked at it the beach seemed in bad shape. The public beach looked like a wasteland. There was trash blowing around and charred pieces of wood probably from fires the nights before. I looked at the privately owned resort beach and it was beautiful. It was soft white sand and crystal clear water that reached as far as you could see. Miles off shore you could even see large ships no doubt off on some cruise (or just returning). A bit closer you could even see some speed boats zipping back and forth beyond the buoys. It was no surprise I chose the resort beach. I didn't want to take the first spot I could find. I wanted a nice spot maybe near an attractive woman or group of women. I began walking down the beach and quickly came upon a very attractive woman who was sunbathing topless (quite common as I understand it). As I got closer there was this guy near her that was a very big guy. I figured maybe it was her boyfriend or husband. Maybe he and she were on their honeymoon. If that was the case he was a very lucky guy. Although after watching them for a while they didn't seem like a couple. I continuously watched this couple and then something clicked. She looked familiar but how? I thought about it for a while and I couldn't figure it out. I just began to think I had seen her at the hotel in passing. I had hoped to leave it at that but something inside me kept nagging at me that she was more than a typical hotel guest. The more I thought maybe just maybe she was that famous guest staying at the resort. At that point I couldn't get close enough to see who it was. I figured I had to get closer to figure out who this goddess was but I couldn't just move my towel closer. And if I got to close then The human house would move me far away from her so I just kept Waiting to see if she'd turn over or sit up. She did turn over on to her back and suddenly I was not the only one in a thong. She was too and given she wasn't a guy but she was in a thong regardless. I heard the unmistakable sound of a cell phone ringing and checked to se if it were mine. I looked in my beach bag and it wasn't mine. I turned and looked down the beach to see several other beach goers check there phone as well. I checked the hottie to my left and she was on her phone it must've been hers.

I heard her conversation, "Hi Bill. Sorry Will.I.am." That's when I realized who that beach goddess was. That perfect ass and beautiful tits belonged to Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas. I sat here stunned and missed the rest of the conversation. I regained my bearings and reached into my beach bag and took a notebook I had and a pen and got up and walked over to her. I kneeled right next to her and asked for an autograph. Before anything more could happen an eclipsed sized shadow covered me. Fergie put her hand up and her Godzilla sized body guards backed off thank God.

She said. "Sure as long as you don't tell anyone else I'm here." I did that thing were u do the motion of a zipper across your lips and then threw away the key. She laughed and began signing. She wrote a simple message of to: Michae7l love Fergie.

I had to ask her, "How did you know I spelled my name like that?"

"Honestly I didn't I took a letter and inserted it in your name like in the movie, she replied. I knew the movie she was talking about was Bandslam with Vanessa Hudgens and Lisa Kudrow

As I got up she said, "Why don't you grab your stuff and sit up her next to me?" Like there was a man on the planet that would turn her down. I grabbed my bag and towel and laid it out right next to her. Mike she said, "I want you to meet my bodyguard Bruno. He extended his hand to shake mine and with his size I thought he was gonna crush my hand but he had a surprisingly weak grip for guy that size. He spoke with that expected Michael Clarke Duncan deep voice. Fergie asked, "Are you uncomfortable with me topless and in a thong."

I said, "No I'm fine with it." I heard Bruno give a knowing laugh. We began talking but before she said anything she questioned my swimwear which was just a pair of shorts. I tentatively stood up and drooped the shorts exposing that she was not the only one in a thong. She looked at me with a stunned look on her face but that look slowly changed to a look I couldn't quite read. She said, "Oh my God I never thought a guy could look so god in a thong but you are proving me wrong."

"I didn't even think it might offend someone if I was wearing a thong. I almost offended Fergie but she seemed okay. We laid there for a while and after a while she sat up and said, "I think you and I got enough sun. Do you wanna go back to the resort? We could hang out in my suite?" I thought that'd be so cool so we grabbed our stuff or at least I grabbed my stuff and Bruno grabbed her stuff. He went first then Fergie followed up by me in back. Watching her ass sway back and forth in that thong was such a turn on that I started to tent my own thong. We got to her suite and went in. I took her stuff from Bruno and he stayed and stood guard out side the suite. I looked around and the place was huge. Of course there was the bedroom with a king sized bed, a closet and a couple dressers. There was a flat screen TV mounted on the wall. The TV had to be at least 60 inches and no doubt High Def probably 1080p. On the TV a Black Eyed Peas Video was playing. It just turned out to be my favorite song by them. Where the Love is was the first song I heard from them and it was my favorite.

Fergie said, "I'm going to go soak in the whirl pool. Would you like to join me?" I decidedly jumped at the opportunity. I figured I could tell my friends that I got to take a bath with Fergie. They didn't have to know that she was still partially dressed. I got up still in only my thong and walked in to the bathroom. I looked around the bathroom in astonishment. It was bigger than my entire apartment. It seemed to me like Fergie was wiling to spend some money but was still down to Earth like she sings about in her song Glamorous. She got up realized I Had stopped moving and grabbed me by the hand and dragged me over to the whirl pool. Her hand was so soft and yet she still had a firm but not overly strong grip. I was about to step in to the whirl pool when she stopped me and said, "In the whirl pool there are no closes allowed." I didn't mind going nude but Now I was going to see quite possibly the hottest singer on the planet completely naked. This was a dream come true and she pulled the side strings on either side of her thong. It dropped to the floor and for the first time ever I saw her tight shaved pussy. I was already but once I saw her thin toned body slide it the steaming water I pulled off my thong only to realize then that I had an incredibly hard erection. Fergie laughed as she saw it and asked mockingly, "Did I cause that?" she finished that question with a laugh. "Maybe the hot water will make him go back down," Fergie said. I highly doubted that. In fact I was sure that wouldn't happen after all I was getting in a whirl pool with quite possibly the hottest girl on the planet. The truth is to get it to go down I'd have to cum someway or another. Of courser I could jack off but I would prefer having Fergie relieve it in someway or another or another. Anyway sitting in that waster was not helping in spite of the intense calming effects I was feeling. I felt movement I and thought maybe just maybe it was going down. I looked down and was wrong it had a actually grown quite a bit and it was now Poking up from under the water. I am not an overly endowed man or anything I get to about 7 inches long when hard but this had to be a t least 10 inches long for it to peek out above the water. Fergie followed my eyes to what I was looking at and gasped loudly.

"Oh my God that is the biggest one that I have ever seen," she said, "How'd you get it so big like do you take pills or something?" I always saw those ads for those pills and what not in the back of magazines and in some cases was even tempted to buy them but never did.

"I can honestly I have never used pills or anything to enlarge myself. I have no idea what is causing it to get this long other than arousal of course," I answered her. "I know how to get it to go down though." I grabbed it and began jacking myself off.

Fergie watched for a minute before stopping me and said, "No way in hell am I letting something that size go to waste." She stood up and I admired her bald pussy once again. My cock pulsed when I saw that gorgeous thing. She dragged me to the bed and threw me down even though I was still soaked from the whirl pool. She just looked down at mm painfully hard dick and dropped down in front of me and opened her mouth to suck me off. The second my dick entered her mouth I could have blown my load but I used every ounce of will power to avoid coming so soon. I mean how often you get the chance to get a blowjob from Fergie. Even though I was able to stop myself from coming in that first minute I was not so lucky in the second minute. I came and came and came and although Fegie swallowed it I knew some would seep our of her mouth to her cheeks or chin. When I finally stopped coming after what felt like an hour and about 8 gallons I had to get some food. I stood and instantly fell down. After that orgasm I had no energy left. I used all the strength I had left to pull myself into a sitting position on the bed. I had to regain some strength and energy before I could do anything else.

She turned towards me and pulled me towards her face. I though we were gonna kiss but before I got to her lips she said, "Lick your cum off my face but don't swallow it." I was not looking forward to this but who was I to turn down Fergie. I gently licked my cum off her beautiful face. Once I was down she pulled me back towards her and this time se did kiss and she sucked every bit of moisture out of my mouth whether it was cum saliva or any other fluid I had in my mouth. It was like having that dentist sucking thing in your mouth times a million. The suction she had would be like having a vacuum in your mouth. I felt I had regained my strength so I had to get up. I was able to stand up and stay standing up with little help from things in the room. I got dressed and before leaving she said, "Let's meet at Stake and Shake in about an hour."

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