Visual Pleasures

by Thesandman

Copyright© 2010 by Thesandman

Sex Story: David and his wife Marcy hook up with a very interesting couple, and from there embark on a whirlwind adventure together with them.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Group Sex   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Authors note: There is a very brief bit of bi-sexuality between two of the male characters in this story, towards the end. I've included this at the request of several individuals (mostly women in fact) who've asked that the next time I did a story similar to this, I would do so. It is for them that I have. I would ask that if this isn't your cup of tea, brief as it is ... that you then bypass this story entirely, or skip through the short few paragraphs where this action takes place. Please do not condemn or destroy this story entirely on that basis. I would much rather, and prefer you not even bother reading it then if this type of sexual activity is such a turn off for you. For those of you who might otherwise enjoy it, or have a bit more of an open mind, I hope you'll enjoy the entire story. And as always, your votes/comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated.

I had looked up across the way in the small cafeteria where I usually went to grab a bite to eat during the lunch hour. It was one of the perks working for the financial investment firm where I was employed. Good food at a reasonable price. Everyone knew of course that by doing that, it ensured people were hardly ever late getting back to their desks, thus ensuring the company was even more successful and profitable.

My thoughts weren't really on that however, but at the moment, on Carol, a sexy, sweet looking brunette with smoldering blue eyes who sat off to one side at a small table just across from where I was sitting. We had rarely talked, usually just nodding heads or saying hello if we happened to pass one another in the hallway, or upon riding the elevator up or down together as we came, or went home during work. As I did that, I caught a similar look from her my way, and then followed that up with a friendly smile, a most friendly provocative smile. I was married, so was she..."happily", I reminded myself, but I didn't see anything wrong with a little harmless flirting. Though a slight friendly smile could hardly be considered that now could it?

I had always considered myself reasonably attractive. A full head of dark hair with just a sprinkling of a few gray hairs now having recently hit the dark side last year turning forty. Though Marcy, my wife continually assured me I didn't look a day over thirty-nine. In truth, though she was only a year younger than I was, she didn't look a day over thirty, sexy sweet and damn attractive in her own right.

So why was I sitting here entertaining these lustful thoughts about Carol? It's not like Marcy and I didn't have an active, and very satisfying sex-life, because we did. I chalked it up to just simply being horny. Plain old horny ... as I usually always was.

Like me, Carol was sitting alone at the moment. She returned her attention back to the salad she'd gotten, forking a few lettuce leaves, moving them about without eating them. As she did, she shifted in her chair slightly, and then crossed her legs over the opposite way.

Yeah ... I was reminded of the scene with Sharon Stone. Maybe it wasn't as flagrant or as obvious as the way she did it, but for the briefest of moments, I was indeed treated to what could only be the whiteness of the panties she was wearing beneath her short denim skirt.

"Had she actually flashed me? Knowingly? Accidentally? Did she even realize just how short her skirt was as she sat there seemingly playing with her salad rather than eating it?"

I felt my cock start to harden, reminding me I'd best avert my eyes and focus on my own lunch before I allowed things to become even more uncomfortable than they already were. I now found myself chasing a few kernels of corn around my plate, though my eyes inside my head were allowing certain thoughts to once again monopolize my reasoning. I glanced up once again, looking her way, intending to do so quickly, just in passing, looking nonchalant. She was staring at me, her eyes locking onto mine. I locked mine onto hers, intending to smile once again, nod my head ... something that would no doubt break the odd little moment we were having. And then she uncrossed her leg again, only this time placing it down fully onto the floor, turning in her seat as she did. As her legs opened.

There was no way in hell she didn't realize or know what she was doing. Even her wider, broader smile said that. I could clearly and easily see the crotch of her white panties now, her legs opening even a bit more, displaying herself to me. She glanced up, looking about quickly. The cafeteria already near empty now as workers had already begun leaving minutes ago in order to return to work. There were just a few people remaining, and none close enough to us where we sat to have noticed much of anything, certainly not this, not her ... not Carol as she gave me a wickedly erotic glimpse into heaven.

And then she moved her hand away from the fork she was holding, laying it down on the napkin. I watched it as though seeing her do so in slow motion. Suddenly she reached down, once again quickly glancing about, and then slipped it down between her legs. If I hadn't been hard before ... I sure as hell was now. The subtle movement told me what she was doing, albeit only briefly. But then she took her hand away, once again glancing about, slipping her extended middle finger into her mouth, and then sat there sucking it slowly off.

"Fuck me!" I said to myself, eyes probably as big around as saucers now as I sat there watching her do that. She then giggled, which I could easily hear her do over the short distance between us. And then stood. She gathered her tray, put her dishes on it, and then slowly walked past me on her way over to drop off her dishes in the return area.

"Meet me in the copy room in forty-five minutes," she said simply only loud enough that I could hear her. I couldn't believe that she'd said that, hinted at that..."at what?" I again asked myself. "What was she suggesting anyway?"

I watched her leave, turning at the door heading down the hallway disappearing from sight.

I was going to be a little late getting back to my own desk. No way in hell could I stand up now, not until this damn fucking hard erection went down just a little at least!

Forty minutes later I opened the door to the copy room. Carol was standing in front of it making copies. I stood there holding a file folder of my own. Not that I had any to copy myself at the moment ... but I certainly needed a reason for being there in the event anyone else came walking in. And of course ... I was curious.

"I've only got a few," she said business like, smiling at me no more than she very often did whenever we passed one another in the hallway. Her aloofness threw me off for a moment as she stood there making copies. I began wondering if I'd misinterpreted anything, replaying it once again inside my head. No ... not possible. I'd seen what I'd seen, she'd done what she did, there couldn't be any other explanation for it. She turned slightly looking back over her shoulder towards me as she stacked a few more sheets into the copier for collating. "There, that should keep going for a few minutes she said ... drown out our voices some, just in case." Once again she grinned, this time the naughty grin she'd given me before. "Stand in front of the door," she now added. I knew why ... it couldn't be locked, nor should it for any reason. But doing so, would definitely alert us to anyone else attempting to enter. I stood firmly in front of it ... again curious.

"You are married yes?"

"Yes," I responded back easily. "Happily too," I then added, though for the life of me I don't know why I felt it necessary to include that, though I did. She grinned, nodding her head.

"Me too ... happily. But the reason why I am ... is this," she said reaching down, grabbing the bottom of her pullover lightweight sweater, lifting it up. As she did, she included grabbing the cups of her bra, lifting them as well, standing there showing me her magnificent tits. "Jacque ... my husband and I, enjoy doing this ... teasing one another, or on some few occasions, other people. Other people we can trust. There's no touching ... just showing, playing. Then later, we tell one another what we did ... where, with whom," she informed me. "Keeps things even more erotic and exciting between us."

"I can see why," I said drooling over her boobs as she stood there flaunting them at me.

"So ... you interested in playing once in a while? Under those conditions?" She asked me pointedly.


"Yeah, you know ... I'll show you mine, if you show me yours," she giggled as she now stood there fingering her rock-hard nipples for me. "That sort of thing."

"When? Where?"

"Where ever we safely can," she stated emphasizing the word. "And again ... no touching one another, just watching, looking ... you be ok with that?"

I would be yes. For some reason, this didn't feel to me like infidelity. Even if it was in the shaded gray area, I felt like something like that ... as long as it didn't go beyond that, might be permissible. Well ... to me anyway. Not that my wife might find it totally ok, but I seriously doubted she'd throw all my clothes out into the yard if she were to find out about it. Though in hindsight, maybe she would.

And besides ... I was standing there with another hard-on again, so my reasoning wasn't exactly where it might should have been at the moment.

"Oh yeah, no problem," I said instead.

"Glad to hear that," she told me. "Let me see your cock."

With the possibility, though highly remote as it was, as very few people except for Carol ever came in here, the thrill, danger and excitement of doing that had me aroused on a level I hadn't been at for a while. Even as good as my sex-life with Marcy was. I unzipped, slipped my hand inside, fishing my erection out, nervous as I did so, exposing myself to her.

"Nice swollen head," she said appreciatively, though she covered her breasts up once again. To my delight however, she placed one foot down on the stepping stool that was very often used to reach up and retrieve packages of copy paper from the shelf. As she did, she lifted up her skirt once more, hiking it up considerably. This time however ... she wasn't wearing panties. Between lunch and now ... she had taken them off!

"Damn!" I moaned appreciatively looking at her, looking at her as she openly reached down spreading herself. She was shaved ... completely. Her lips glistened, obviously wet and aroused as she was. She toyed with her clit, tickling it. She stood purposely showing it to me, skinning back the sheath that would normally protect it, revealing the pink swollen little head of her shaft as she spread herself apart for me.

"Squeeze your dick for me," she asked. "Let me see some precum."

I did. There was plenty of it. And it felt nice, silky nice ... as I smeared it around and over the head of my prick.

The copier stopped, the collating finished. The moment it did, Carol took her foot off the stool. "You might want to put that away now," she giggled hotly. I did so ... reluctantly I might add, now clearly showing a bulge inside my pants as I tried straightening up too. "I leave around five-fifteen, five twenty," she informed me.

I knew why. By then, most everyone who wasn't working later would be gone.

"Meet at the elevator?" She now asked.

I nodded my head grinning.

"You ah ... might want to make a few copies for a minute or two," she giggled still looking down at my crotch. "See you after work then," she finished, and then slid past me out the door.

I made several copies of things I already had.

The day crawled as I sat at my desk periodically glancing up at the clock. Finally five o'clock arrived, and most of the guys I usually walked out with were already grabbing their stuff heading out. I pretended to still be finishing up a few things, saying goodnight as they walked by. Soon, most everyone had left that would be. I waited a few more minutes, and then grabbed my stuff heading off towards the elevators. I saw Carol walking towards me from down the hall the other way. Once again her demeanor was pleasant, courteous as she smiled nodding her head hello, just as she'd always done. We stood together at the door waiting for the elevator to come back up to our floor. I found myself praying no one else would show up and want to ride down with us. No one did.

I was curious as to what might happen on the way down, almost holding my breath as the elevator doors closed. "Just in case you're wondering ... not here," she said looking at me. "In the garage."

We strolled out together, once again most of the cars had left, leaving only a sprinkling of a few still working for a while yet. I knew what car she drove, I'd seen it before. I had parked closer, much closer. "Drive me over to mine," she told me. "Park next to it."

It was a perfect spot, on the other side of a cement wall dividing a service elevator that was rarely used. I pulled in next to it, effectively shutting off both cars from being seen very easily, and none others even nearby that would cause any real concerns.

"When do you need to be home?" She asked.

"I've got plenty of time," I responded back. "Marcy, my wife ... won't be home tonight until after seven."

She smiled at that. Unlocking her door, and then triggering the release on the passenger door as well. "Get in."

I slid in to my seat, turning slightly, just as she had. Once again she lifted up her sweater, this time ... no bra either. Nor had she put her panties back on as she now bunched her skirt up considerably, revealing her bare pussy in all its magnificent glory to me once again. She now reached for her purse, opening it ... and much to my surprise, removed what was obviously a toy, life-like ... real looking. A thick, veined soft pliable cock, though also a vibrator as she turned it on.

"Take it out ... play with it," she again told me, waiting on me before doing anything. I hurriedly unzipped, this time undoing my belt as well, finding the sensation wickedly delicious as I pulled my slacks down around my ankles, now sitting there with my rock-hard cock sticking up. I began pleasuring myself while she watched, while she in turn began teasing her clit first with the toy, long before slipping it deeply inside her, fucking herself. Once again she toyed with her nipples too, teasing them as I sat watching, finding this to be an enormous thrill, seeing her do that, knowing that neither one of us would be doing anything to one another except for this. "You like watching a woman masturbate? Does ... your wife do this for you?"

"I do yes..." I said finding it difficult to speak, my mouth dry at the moment. "Sometimes," I then added, as she did ... though not as often as I would have liked.

"Good," she responded back. "Masturbation, especially mutual masturbation, either with one's own spouse, or a near total stranger, can be wickedly erotic."

"You can say that again," I told her watching her as she now slid the fake prick deep inside her cunt, fucking herself with it. The sounds her now liquid pussy was making, additional music to my ears, though so were her comments.

"I like to make myself nice and wet. I love to hear the sounds my pussy makes when it's nice and creamy, slick ... and nasty," she purred her eyes glued on my prick as I sat stroking it in the seat next to her. "Go on David ... make it squish for me, let me hear it, let me hear you pleasure it while I watch you," she stated sounding hornier and hornier with each passing moment.

It was easy to do. My cock was leaking profusely at this point, my balls already growing tight with the inevitable eruption that would eventually take place, only minutes away now. Which then gave me pause. She could see by the expression on my face I was getting close too, holding off now ... actually slowing down a bit, though I continued to fondle and play with myself.

"You got anything?" I asked. Because I didn't, not even a fucking hanky.

"No ... not really, but you can squirt on my tits if you'd like too. I enjoy that ... just as long as you don't touch me with anything else," she reminded. "But you can cream on them if you'd like ... when you're ready."

Squirting on her tits was an unexpected bonus. I'd love doing that, watching my spunk splashing against her breasts. She then leaned forward a little, cupping her tits for me in both hands, though leaving the toy deeply embedded inside her as she did, whirring pleasurably away. I sat up in her seat, almost kneeling ... aiming and pointing my cock in her direction, specifically now towards her breasts. I began to Jacque-hammer it pretty hard, working it up and down, looking at those tits, hard dark tan colored nipples, crinkled, puckered and so fucking horny looking.

"You come a lot?" She asked wondering. "You squirt good?" She asked teasingly. I know full well she was saying this to further enhance the moment, the pleasure I was feeling ... enjoying.

"Fuck yes!" I responded back. "Especially when I'm looking at tits as beautiful as yours are, and listening to the sound of that fucking toy inside your cunt!"

"I like watching a man come," she continued. "I love seeing his nice hard cock squirt, spurting out all that nasty, creamy fucking cum juice," she urged. "You like seeing a woman cum too baby? You like hearing a woman moan? Cry out? Maybe even squirt a little herself?"

"Oh fuck!" I exclaimed feeling the sudden churning in my balls, alerting me to the fact I was only seconds away now from orgasm.

"That's it baby! That's it ... go ahead, come all over my fucking titties!"

And then I began doing just that, watching as what felt like a gallon of sperm began to rocket out the end of my prick, spraying all over her magnificent breasts, coating them in what became a torrent of cream that soon ran down between them, soaking her skirt around the waist band even, though she certainly didn't seem to mind that at all. All she did was encourage me to keep shooting ... keep squirting, keep coming on her.

I collapsed back into my seat, my semi flaccid cock still out, a small dribble of cum running down the side. I started to reach for it, some effort in cleaning it up perhaps.

"No! Leave it! Just like that! That's what I want to sit here and look at while I come!" she told me.

So I simply sat there, watching the trickle of my own come slowly drip down along the side of my prick while Carol furiously fucked her cunt with the toy, simultaneously frigging her very exposed clit now with her hand and fingers, pinching ... pulling, even slapping it as she slid the toy in and out of herself. "Oh yeah ... fucking hard one, fucking nice one," she said a grimace suddenly coming into her face. She seemed to seize up for a moment, even holding still, and then simply exploded!

And boy did she!

Marcy got juicy. Really juicy, at times with this milky white froth actually leaking out of her and then even more so when she finally did climax. I was noticing that very same thing with Carol too, a nice white juicy flow of womanly nectar appearing around her pussy hole, but then as she seized up ... I saw something else. Three ... four, and then five little spurts, almost clear liquid actually shooting out of her cunt. Amazed, I sat watching, watching her spray, totally unconcerned that she was soaking the seat, the console between us. I watched her come, listened to her as she cried out, almost humping the air ... as though helping to force it out of herself as she ejaculated her own womanly joy-juice.

Finally she too collapsed, sitting back in her seat, tucking away her still cum-covered breasts again beneath her sweater.

"Did you ... enjoy seeing that? Doing that?"

"Hell yes!"

"Would you like to do it again sometime?"

I just grinned at her.

"So would I. Just one thing though."

"What's that?"

"Before we can again ... before we do again ... you have to tell your wife first."

I sat staring at her. "You're ... serious?"

"Yep ... only did this, this time, because I was exceptionally horny, couldn't wait to tell you, that you had to do that first before seeing me do this. But ... now you know that I want to, and we can ... she has to be ok with it too. Think she will be?"

That one I had to think about. "I don't know," I said honestly, wondering if she might ... if she could. We'd certainly shared a few wild fantasies with one another, things similar to this ... but we'd never once really acted on any of them.

"Well, talk to her ... find out. If she's ok with it, then we will. If not ... it was fun."

I couldn't imagine how though as I began straightening up, getting dressed again.

"Do this ... tell her that you and I happened to get into a discussion about such things, not swapping, or anything like that, because we don't. But ... feel free to tell her how we talked about, my husband and I ... enjoying, watching others, while they in turn watch us. See what she has to say about that. Maybe then, if she's interested, or curious about it, we can meet over at our place for dinner one evening, see how things go from there. How's that sound?"

I still wasn't sure, but at least that gave me some sort of a reason for even bringing it up, though even the timing there was everything. I decided then ... it was time for a really horny night, get Marcy really worked up, hot erotic naughty discussion time. And then mention it.

I slipped out of her car into mine, watching her as she drove away, realizing as she did so ... her gorgeous breasts were still covered thickly with my come. I knew then ... Marcy and I would be having that discussion soon. Very soon. Perhaps tonight in fact.

I got behind the wheel, and discovered I was hard again.

I knew just how to get my wife into a loving romantic ... and then very horny mood. I started cooking her dinner, after which, I would give her a nice relaxing back massage, which usually always led to other things.

The minute she walked in, she knew I was up to something, she could smell her favorite pasta dinner being cooked.

"And what are you up to?" She asked, though her smile told me I had a good chance of succeeding with her regardless.

And naturally as I'd hoped ... with dinner, the massage, and then driving her nuts orally for a considerably long period of time, only then did I put my plan into motion, continuing to caress, excite and arouse her even more as I teased her with my fingers.

"Tell me a fantasy," I told her. "Tell me something you've imagined doing, wondered about ... something that you think about maybe while you're masturbating."

She laughed. "It's actually been a while since I've even done that ... haven't felt like I needed to," she informed me, though I felt like she was just saying that in order to stroke my ego.

"Oh come on ... certainly you still do," I pressed. "I certainly do."

"Oh yeah? When was the last time?"

"Today ... at work," I responded vaguely, not going into any real detail, though that really didn't matter either. Suddenly she pushed my head away from her pussy, sitting up. "You did? Why?" She asked curiously aroused, not at all angry or upset with me that I had ... merely curious.

I then told her about the supposed conversation I had had with Carol. She'd met her a few months before at the company Christmas party, so remembered her.

"I don't know David," she paused thinking about it, though I was once again down between her legs, slowly tickling her clit with my tongue.

"They're not talking about swapping," I reminded her. "They're not into that ... just watching, being watched."

Marcy and I had of course discussed the possibility of having a threesome, another male, or another female ... both possibly. Though the opportunity had never really presented itself, and thus far ... had remained mostly erotic pillow talk. I reminded her of that.

"See ... the thing is babe, this might prove out to be even better than that. For one, all we do is watch, and play with one another, no one else ... though in turn, we get to watch someone else too. See how we feel, how it feels while we do that. If anything, it's safe, erotic ... naughty yes, but safe. Then ... if we like it, feel ok with it, we have a good time. Simple ... easy. No muss, no fuss!"

Once again she thought about it, though I noticed she had her hand on the back of my head now, grinding herself against me even more intently as she did that.

"Ok ... set it up," she moaned softly ... and then came.

I was even more excited when I got to work, leaving a bit early, hoping to catch Carol before she went inside the building. Figuring she'd park her car in the same exact spot again, I parked mine next to where she would. I'd been there less than five minutes when she pulled in, smiling as she did so, stepping out.

"I take it you spoke to your wife."

"In fact ... I did," I said grinning at her. She laughed.

"See? Not half as bad as you thought it might be now was it?"

"Easier than I thought," I openly admitted. "She told me ... to go ahead set it up, schedule a dinner together."

"How's Friday?" Carol asked.

"Almost not soon enough," I replied back. Once again she laughed glancing at her watch.

"I've got five, maybe six minutes before I need to go in and get ready for a staff meeting," she said as she began hiking up yet again another short skirt. "Think you can get yourself off in that amount of time?"

I didn't have the heart to tell her, I'd been jacking myself off, sitting there in the car for the past fifteen minutes waiting for her.

"Oh yeah ... I think I can manage that easily enough ... especially watching you."

"Then do it!" she said as she began rubbing her cunt through her panties, obviously not having any intention of taking them off ... understandably so. But even that was hot ... watching her tease her now slick lips through the thin material of her sexy looking briefs. "Oh, and David?"


"When you're ready to come ... just do it down here," she told me, and then stretched out the waistband of her panties, indicating where she wanted me to squirt. "It'll be deliciously wicked, feeling your hot sticky cream covering my pussy during the meeting," she then added.

"Fuck," I moaned already imagining her as she moved about the boardroom, sitting there watching her, knowing as she did ... it was my cum that was covering that delicious pussy.

Once again ... I came a gallon. And then she did, using it to further stimulate herself with after I'd stood there pouring my hot sticky spunk down into her panties.

It was more difficult than I expected. Sitting there at the table while Carol walked around the conference room handing out minutes from the last meeting was driving me nuts. And not once did she look my way, or even acknowledge me, just going about her work proficiently, and professionally, all the while I knew ... she was wearing my cum, sticking and clinging to her pussy.

By lunchtime ... I was ready to climb the walls as aroused as I was. Hoping once again for another repeat performance in the cafeteria perhaps. Once again looking at the clock ... waiting, and then the ding of my internal office email.

Carol White: "Not eating in the cafeteria today. Too nice outside. Thought I'd stroll down to the park instead. Interested?"

David Peterson: "Sounds like a plan ... meet you in the lobby then ... noon?"

Carol White: "Noon," she had typed simply.

I was down there five minutes before. Watched her as she strolled out of the elevator heading towards me ... wondering. We walked in silence out of the building, down the steps and then onto the sidewalk before she spoke.

"In case you're wondering ... no. I took them off, I'm not wearing any now," she giggled. "And did you like that? Did it excite you knowing that I was moving about the room with your hot sticky cum still clinging to me?"

"You know it did," I told her, trying very hard to suppress an erection while we walked the single short block away towards the park.

Reaching it moments later, we cut through on the path leading towards the middle where the fountains were. There were a few others walking about, as there were every day, some sitting just as we did, taking one of the open available benches. "Sit there," she told me, as I did, while she then sat at the far opposite end, a small distance between us, though semi turned my way. "You tell me if anyone starts to come up behind me ... and I'll do the same thing with you," she then stated. Upon saying that, she swiveled about some, going so far as to place one foot up on the bench, the other still on the ground. When she did, she gave me a very unobstructed view down her skirt again, her swollen puffy lips now winking at me.

Obviously it would be far more difficult for me to be able to do anything outside in the park like this, so I really wasn't planning on it now either. I should have known better.


"Well what?"

"Let me see your cock!"

"Here? Now?"

"Of course here ... now, why'd you think I invited you here in the first place? Just so you could see my pussy? I don't think so!" She said eying me. "Come on ... take it out chicken ... show me!"

We were reasonably alone, no one really close by, but I was still nervous, hesitant even then.

"It's warm out. Take your Jacket off, keep it handy if you like, just in case. But ... unless you want me to close my legs ... take it out. I'm not asking you to jerk it off for me, I just want to look at it. Touch it enough to keep it hard yes ... but I really do just want to see it."

Now I was hard. Though I took my Jacket off just as she suggested, keeping it handy across my lap, though I unzipped, fishing out my hard stiff prick. Surprisingly, it felt damn good ... very arousing, very horny just sitting there like that. The warm sun dancing around my cock, the small slight breeze in the air caressing it.

"See?" She laughed. "Nice isn't it?"

"Very," I admitted, looking over as she sort of opened and closed her legs giving me brief sultry glimpses at her bare cunt.

After about fifteen minutes of this she spun around in her seat, closing her legs standing up. "Ok, let's go, I have a surprise for you," she then added.

Making sure no one was nearby, I quickly stuffed my exposed hard cock back inside my pants, though not without some effort.

"Where we going?"

"Not far ... come on," she said leading me through the park again towards the opposite side. I followed trying not to look to conspicuous as I did, holding my sports coat at the side, ready if I needed to use part of it to mask my condition. She laughed at that. "I guess we do have it a little easier, sort of..." she stated looking down at her chest, where I noticed her nipples were indeed hard pressing against the thin material of the blouse she was wearing, even with a bra on.

Just down the street around the corner from where our office building was, stood an old now abandoned elementary school. She then led me through a torn opening in the fence heading towards it. I followed, looking about, but no one seemed to notice, or much care if they had. She led me down between two sections of the building, still outside, but well concealed from any passersby.

"You might want to take your pants off this time," she informed me.

"Off? All the way off?"

"Yes ... unless you don't mind getting them wet," she stated.


"Yeah wet ... I'm going to cum on you this time," she informed me, and then removed her skirt, standing there from the waist down, bare-assed naked.

I slipped out of my slacks and underwear, standing now with a dress shirt, tie, shoes and socks on. I think I looked ridicules, but it was sort of hot even then. Carol likewise lifted up her tight knit blouse along with her bra, baring her tits again. "Ok baby ... let's see you work it for me," she told me as she began frigging herself, fingering her cunt. I happily complied, standing there only a foot or so away from her, jerking off my cock for her, watching her ... as she again watched me.

I honestly had no idea that simply masturbating, even doing something like this, could be so erotic, so stimulating, and so fucking exciting. Sure, perhaps it was again the danger, and to some extent the silliness of doing it like this. In a strange way, I felt like a naughty kid again. It was fun ... it was hot, and yeah ... it was damn fucking nasty too!

"Don't wait for me," she said moments later, already the look on her face telling me she was getting closer and closer by the minute. However ... it was as though we'd planned it, choreographed it in a way, though seeing her facial expression, even more than her hot naked naughty body seemed to trigger it, for both of us. But suddenly, she began squirting ... spraying, her silky slick essence suddenly spurting directly against my prick, and then I was ... shooting right back at her. The two of us then, standing only a foot or so a part, me squirting on her, her pussy, her belly, and even a bit on her tits as I kept Jacking myself off. She in kind doing the same to me, the sensation of that hot warm feminine cum-cream of hers literally bathing my cock was almost too good to be true.

"Fuck ... that was,"

"Amazing!" She finished looking down at herself, rivers of cum clinging to her almost everywhere. "I'm a mess," she then added. "But it feels lovely too," she grinned.

I was a mess as well, pleasantly so. Though I wish now I had likewise taken my shoes and socks off. She had cum so much, my left foot was soaked, almost as though having stepped into a puddle or something.

"We'd best get back," she told me as we hurriedly dressed, heading off. "Five fifteen?" She asked.

"I'll be there ... with bells on."

"Just make it a hard on," she smiled. "That'll be good enough."

Once again I walked her to her car, though mine was sitting right there next to hers anyway. "Do something for me please?" She asked.

At this point I was ready to do just about anything she asked. "Name it."

She laughed holding out her panties to me. "Go ahead, jerk yourself off into them for me, so I can wear them home, show them to my husband after he gets there."

I realized as she said that, he certainly knew about all of this ... she'd basically already told me that. But even then, it felt strange knowing that he'd get off seeing another man's cum inside his wife's panties. Though I guess with the limitations that had been placed on all of this, there was no real threat or concerns there either. I found myself wondering how I'd feel ... how I'd react, if Marcy came home and shown me a pair of hers this way.

To my surprise, the thought of that excited me.

I stood there jerking off with her panties, finally spurting into them. She did nothing but watch me, informing me that she had already promised her husband she would be calling him on the way home, wearing my cum, masturbating for him over the phone, hence saving it, not playing with herself until then.

Once again I stood there watching her go. And decided on the spot, Marcy and I were going to have another interesting conversation this evening. I was curious, and wondering what she'd think when I told her about this. Didn't plan on telling her about the afternoon session ... not yet at least. But jerking off into Carol's panties might be a good place to start, see how she reacted.

But certainly not until I had her good and horny again first.

Before Carol left, we had stood talking about dinner Friday night, what time, where they lived things like that. We also discussed possible scenarios, Carol informing me the easiest way to sort of settle into the evening, being the hot tub they had around back. Secluded, private something that had very often worked in settling any insecurities. And one thing more she had mentioned, though they weren't swingers ... and didn't actually swap with other couples, on some few occasions, they did allow touching! We then discussed that. Again, it was entirely dependent on the other couple, how they felt about doing that in front of one another. There was nothing else involved or expected, but the eroticism of several hands and fingers, adding to the ongoing mutual pleasure everyone was experiencing, very often intensified the moment.

I could easily see that. On more than one occasion, Marcy had mentioned the fact she'd always wondered what it would be like to have both of her breasts fondled, sucked and played with simultaneously. Just large enough to press the two of them together, I had of course licked them at the same time, even sucking them a little that way. But it hadn't been easy, and I hadn't done it for as long as I know she would have liked. This then provided the potential for her to experience that ... that, and a lot more if she were indeed open to it.

The thought of having two pairs of hands stroking my cock sent a river of shivers racing up and down my spine. I drove home, both excited, yet apprehensive again. I'd already played "doing the dinner for her card," doing so again wouldn't have the same result as it had the last time. Especially if I was going to actually divulge this to her. No ... this time I needed to open the door for her in another way, see how she responded to that, what she thought ... more importantly, how she reacted!

I called Mike.

Mike and I had been the best friends for years. His family was from Sweden, so he had the look. Tall, blonde haired, fair skinned, and in reasonably good shape, especially since he'd lost quite a bit of weight most recently. For a time, Marcy and I had even gone out with Mike and his wife Stacy every couple of weeks or so. Unfortunately, Stacy and Marcy never really got along. She had always been suspicious, jealous of our friendship with Mike, always accusing him later of having flirted too much, or spent too much time chatting with my wife. She was an attention hound, which should have been a suspecting clue about her own life outside their marriage. In time ... Mike caught her fooling around. He was devastated of course, and eventually shrunk into himself having very little to do with anyone, including us. He had come out to the house a couple of times since then, seemed to be slowly getting back to his old self, which Marcy and I were both glad to see. The last time he'd been over, Marcy had off handedly mentioned that if we ever were serious about having a threesome at some point ... Mike would be her preferred candidate.

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