Escape From Singapore

by Sirdar

Copyright┬ę 2010 by Sirdar

Sex Story: Tony finds himself trapped in Singapore and the story is how he escaped capture and survived the war

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Historical   Interracial   .


This is a story based on historical events and dates although the main story is fictitious. I served in Singapore and I visited Rangoon in Burma shortly after the war, and saw for myself some of the atrocities that were committed by the occupying Japanese. I was in Singapore to see the Japanese loaded on to the ships to return to Japan. One ship I remember well was the SS Satsu Maru. We loaded the prisoners on until there was no more room. During the war the Japanese dropped small garrisons on to Pacific islands, and left them to live off the land. When efforts were made to repatriate them years later they could not believe that Japan had surrendered and very often attempted to fight their rescuers.

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I have done in writing it.

I joined HMS Squirrel a shallow draft gunboat working out of Singapore as the Leading Signalman in November 1941, which with other similar gunboats were engaged on regularly patrolling the East coast of Malaysia. I was very happy to come to Singapore as I personally was glad to get away from the continual Atlantic convoys, so a surprise drafting to Singapore was a lovely surprise. At the time it seemed like a golden opportunity to have some relief to get away from the nastiness of war, and the devastation caused by Hitler's marauding U Boats on our convoys and the dourness of war time rationing, plus the nightly bombing of England. I had been slightly wounded in the fighting in Crete, and following my return to the UK and my subsequent promotion to leading Signalman, I had to leave my crack Tribal Class destroyer for this new posting, as I would have been surplus to the establishment.

The passage to Singapore on a trooper had been a sort of holiday in a way, seeing new places, meeting new people and not being tied down to watch keeping duties, but of course on arriving in Singapore, I soon found that the gunboat was a big change from a Tribal class destroyer, but after the initial shock I soon settled in, and began to enjoy the more relaxed life of coastal patrols, which included visiting local Malaysian communities, followed by a short rest periods in Singapore to refuel and reprovision, with the chance to enjoy the night life for a few days and then back again for another patrol.

Life in Singapore at that time was so different from the cold bitter winters of the Atlantic and escort duties, of seeing ships sink of losing friends and the bombing of the cities and food rationing. Half our crew were local Chinese or Malays, recruited locally. When the Jap's attacked Pearl Harbour in December most British people were glad that America had at last joined in the war, but the partying and night clubbing in Singapore still went on, even when the Japanese invaded Malaysia, and Singapore came under threat they refused to take the war seriously. But the complacency of life was soon shattered as the Japs swept through Asia and down through Malaysia to the very doors of Singapore.

Life had been good for me in Singapore, as one of our Chinese ships company quite soon after my arrival had introduced me to his sister. His sister Lin was a very special lady, and it was not long before we became romantically attached, and started an affair. I went out with Lin whenever I could, her name in Chinese means 'Beautiful Jade.' Lin was a very pretty, and a very intelligent girl. She was a teacher at a local school, and she spoke perfect English with a slight accent, she was however extremely shy.

One night she said. "Tony will you be able to look after me if the Japanese come to Singapore." I told her "Lin darling I think I am in love with you, and, if you marry me I think there is no doubt I can get you out on one of the ships for evacuees, if the worst comes to the worst they will surely arrange for garrison personnel's families to be evacuated."

Then she surprised me when she said to me the following evening. "Tony you really don't think a Chinese girl would marry, or enjoy making love with an Englishman. Is that what you are frightened of, and is that why you have never made a pass at me. I love you too, but I don't want to wait any longer I want you to make love to me please now tonight.?"

Without waiting for my answer she started to undress, looking at me for my reaction, yet she continued to undress until she was stood in front of me in nothing but a pair of snowy white panties. She had not been wearing a bra, I realised then that no-one would know as Chinese girls are not normally renowned for large breasts, and as she normally wore a leather jacket anyway, no-one could ever tell. She was beautiful, but I had appreciated her companionship and did not want to spoil it by making a pass at her and risking upsetting her. I was in no doubt that I loved her dearly.

When she was undressed she went and lay down on her bed, and as she lay on her back, her hands under her head just looking up at me. Her breasts were small but she had lovely firm nipples that seemed to be extraordinary long and hard. I quickly undressed and walked over to the bed. She just lay there, and I knelt down on the bed, and fondled her left breast, while my mouth went to her right breast. The nipple was hard, it was so different from anything I had experienced before.

As I did so, her hand grabbed my cock which was now in an advanced state of excitement. Then one hand went round my neck, pulling me away from her breast her tongue boldly started exploring my mouth, in a long exotic kiss.

She looked up at me. " No need to rush darling is there, I presume that you can stay the night?"

"Of course I can! " I said and went back to kissing her.

I was almost intoxicated by the perfume she was wearing, it was very strong and very erotic. Slowly I ran my hands down her beautiful body, pulling her close to me and covering her with kisses as I went. I barely got to licking her when she sat up, and pushed me back on to my back as she straddled my body. Her hand went down and guided my cock into her waiting pussy.

She gradually sat down on me and I felt my cock pushing up into her warm wet love tunnel. We started moving together, and I knew that I could not last very long. She seemed to have incredible muscle control and I felt as though I was being massaged and milked all in one. We came together in one long mix of passion.

"Well Tony dear that's just for tasters. We have the whole night ahead of us.

For the few weeks after that, whenever I was in Singapore we had a regular and very satisfying love life. I asked permission from the Captain to marry her, and as I was over 21 the navy agreed, and I arranged through the padre to get her a passage to Australia in the event of Singapore falling. It was on the 11th February that the situation became so critical in Singapore that we decided that we should marry immediately and get her evacuated.

Our patrols gradually got involved in the war by ferrying troops or taking supplies in after dark to beleaguered garrisons. We had seen at first hand the atrocities that the Japanese had carried out in some of the villages that we had visited after the Japs had been there. Whole communities were butchered. Women were raped and then killed. Soldiers that had surrendered had been beheaded, so I was in no mood to let Lin stay behind.

I quickly arranged the wedding details with the padre, and that morning on a trip to GHQ I made a diversion and called at her school, to tell her the news of our impending marriage arranged for later that day. We were so happy that we were to marry, and I had arranged for passage from Singapore to Australia for her. We arranged that she should meet me later that afternoon for the ceremony, but fate took a hand and I had only just left her school and walked about fifty yards down the street when without warning of any kind, the bomb struck with a direct hit on the school. My whole world collapsed around me. My future wife Lin was dead, and I was devastated.

I was sent to the sick quarters at HMS Terror the naval base for initial treatment with a large gash in my arm, before being transferred to a military hospital at Changi. By then we knew the causeway had already been blown, but now, I had to begin to worry about my own situation. We soon realised the Japanese had found few problems in making it on to the island. On the Johore side of the island, they could virtually walk across to the island at low tide. I had also learned to my dismay that my ship had left without me during my absence in hospital which left me rather "pissed off" to say the least.

In the hospital we would gathered round the radio every day to listen to the news. But on the 13th of February we listened with growing alarm. The news of a possible surrender was now being mentioned. Many of the troops were very despondent, as they had already experienced the atrocities for themselves, and were now in fear for their own lives, which was also supplemented by the stories of wounded troops coming into the hospital, who were all saying that the radio was not telling the whole truth. The situation was much worse than the public were being told.

We were also being assured that in the event of a surrender the Jap's had agreed to treat us according to the Geneva convention. As I stood listening to the news I was joined by an Australian Lance Corporal whose name was Trevor. He was due to go back to his unit shortly, but the talk of surrender had made him determined not to attempt to rejoin his unit, as he did not know where they were, or how many of them were left alive.

Trevor gave a cynical laugh as we listened to the news with the order that in the event of a surrender being negotiated, all resistance must be stopped immediately and all servicemen should lay down their arms. Assurances of good treatment for prisoners was not believed by any of the troops that had been in action. "Like fuck they will treat you well. I have seen women that have been raped and bayoneted with their babies, and squaddies that have been beheaded after surrendering to the Japs up country. I'm going to make a run for it. I am not stopping here any longer to be butchered." I too had already seen the results of Japanese atrocities and so I decided on the spot.

"I will come with you - you never know you might need the navy." I told him. We stocked up on chocolate, fags and some packs of food from the hospital NAAFI with the last of our money and set out for the city. Trevor still had his rifle and some ammo, and we set off for the docks.

I was given a Sten gun and some ammunition by a soldier and so we set off. We managed to hitch a lift into the City and when we arrived it was a scene of utter devastation. The city was burning, and the news was telling us that talks of a surrender to the Japanese was now taking place, and that surrender was virtually inevitable within 48 hours.

The City was in utter chaos with shops and houses being looted, fires everywhere, while the police just stopped and watched or even joined in with the looters. Many of the police were wearing Japanese flags on their tunics, in the hope of appeasing their new masters. British servicemen were being abused by local civilians who thought that the British had let them down. In particular the Chinese were the most frightened, as it was common knowledge that the Japanese regarded Chinese people as being on a lower level than dogs, and if the stories from Manchuria were correct they could expect to be treated with little if any humanity. The rumours of atrocities were widespread, and news was filtering back of ships with evacuees being sunk or attacked with horrific loss of life, and the survivors being machine gunned in the water.

In the dockyard everything was in utter chaos but we found an old coal burning Paddle Steamer the SS Majestic which was just finishing some late repairs on the slipway on her damaged rudder being carried out by some Navy Engineers. The Royal Engineers, had also been helping in the repairs, in return for a passage out of the island. She was very old, and had been built before the first world war. She was built of wood which was rotting in places. There seemed to be about a hundred of us working frantically to get her stored, and loaded with coal wood and water for the boilers, all of us seeing her as our last hope for escape, or at least an attempt at escape.

We knew that it was a last forlorn hope, but anything was better than staying in Singapore to be butchered. About twenty Navy ratings plus two officers were given priority to join the party to work the ship, and I managed to get some Naval overalls for Trevor and a cap to get him a place on board this floating tomb. I did not think much of our chances of keeping this rotting pile of wood afloat in a rough sea, but we had no other choice, it was better than nothing.

Looking at the ship I suggested to the acting Captain that our best chance would be to go up the coast about 150 miles to the Talang river area and consider breaking back into Malaya where there were a number of islands and we could hide up. I knew the area I was talking about well. I thought that perhaps we could start some sort of resistance movement, rather than die on this floating wreck in the open sea. He basically agreed with me, but we lacked arms and to be quite honest our morale was at a very low ebb.

My arm was still in a sling, and I was getting some discomfort from it. Trevor and I were all for giving it a go, but the other passengers mainly civilians seemed to have more faith in this floating wreck than I did. However Lieutenant Forbes in command discussed it with me, as I knew the coastal area fairly well, and he said. "We will just have to see how we go when we get clear of the island into open water. I will make a decision then." But like me he did not think that we stood much of a chance of staying afloat in rough seas, especially as we were so overloaded. But there was no way we could turn anyone away to face certain death.

Before we slipped we set fires in the adjacent workshops and damaged as much machinery as we could. We with the aid of the Sappers blew up a local power station. Singapore was burning fiercely as the SS Majestic slipped from the quay just after dark and chugged its way out towards the open sea loaded to the gills, with only about nine inches of freeboard. We were so badly overloaded that I suspected that any sort of sea would sink us.

My worst fears were soon realised a soon as we hit a small ocean swell, we stood little chance, we did not need the Japs to sink us, we could probably achieve that ourselves. I knew that as soon as we encountered any sort of rough sea we would not last long. The Captain turned the ship to follow the coast and kept to, shallower waters. Volunteers were manning the pumps, as the hull was leaking water badly. But I was not surprised when twenty hours after sailing and having made very good time in the calmer coastal waters that had helped us make progress, we had made quite good progress, but not long before sunset our luck changed for the worst, and we were caught by a lone Japanese aircraft which came out of the setting sun and machine gunned the ship, setting it on fire, and leaving nearly every one dead, or in the water, many without lifebelts, as it ruthlessly machine gunned the survivors. Our one hope of escape was now burning fiercely and sinking fast.

I had noted that we were in sight of some islands and I had hopes that I could somehow swim towards them, but I only had one fit arm, so swimming any distance was really not possible, but at least I had taken the precaution of wearing a naval issue life belt, and so that kept me afloat while I hung on to the side of an upturned life boat. I still had an army Sten gun slung over my shoulder which I had acquired in the hospital, and some extra ammunition that I had been given by a soldier in Singapore. I was debating ditching it when a Japanese Submarine surfaced on the far side of the boat, and started cruising through the wreckage, methodically machine gunning the few remaining survivors. Fortunately I managed to keep out of sight of the Submarine, which was the only reason I was not killed. I had lost touch with, my mate Trevor, and to my regret I never saw him again, but I decided to duck under the overturned boat in the hope that I could at least hang on and somehow survive.

I waited for a long time until after the firing had stopped before venturing out to have a look. The water was filled with bodies, and the wreckage was gradually dispersing in a stiffening evening breeze, and as far as I could see I was the only one left alive. Fortunately my upturned boat seemed to have suffered no obvious damage, but I was not strong enough to right the boat with one good arm, and then I thought that if I had, I would, or could, once again become a target from marauding aircraft. So I decided to wait until it was completely dark before I tried anything too adventurous. There was a pocket of air trapped in the overturned boat, so I hung on to a thwart with my one good arm and with the upturned boat to hang on to, I started kicking out for the nearest land with my feet. I could I thought, just see a tip of land on the horizon when I took a peep, and so I tried to head in that direction.

The drift fortunately took me in the right direction, and sometime later it may have been a day or two days, I don't really know, but it was a long time, my dangling feet touched solid ground ... I roused myself, and wearily pulled myself ashore to collapse on the beach enjoying the warm sunshine as it beat down on my chilled body.

I woke up some time later to the sound of female voices, and I felt myself being lifted and taken to a hut somewhere away not far from the beach to the background sound of women wailing. I was given a hot drink by a young lady, and I felt myself being carefully washed, and ointment being applied to my wound which was redressed. Some time later I came to my senses from a deep sleep. I hauled myself to my feet rather unsteadily, and left the hut where I was met by a group of about thirty women and girls of all ages some with children. Initially the wailing stopped, and I was met by a brief silence as they all turned and looked at me, then as they obviously did not see me as a threat, the wailing started again...

A young very attractive pregnant Malay lady came towards me, and in broken English she said. "Hello my name is Da. I have to tell you that the Japs are here on the island, they have taken all the men, and also taken three young girls with them. They are here to occupy the island we think. None of us are safe. Some of us managed to hide as soon as we saw their boat, but I think they will be back for more of us later to satisfy their carnal appetites when they have built their camp."

"How long ago was this?" I said

"About four hours ago: She replied

"How many of them are there?

"About eight I think" Da said.

"Where are they now" I asked.

They are camped about half a mile away by the pier, they have set up camp and it looks as though they are here for a long time, they have a big boat and they are erecting tents."

I thought about this situation quickly and after having a quick briefing on the island and the general situation. I asked Da

"If you can help me with my arm, will you show me the way to their camp after dark please?."

Strangely apart from my shoulders aching my injury did not seem to be much worse for the wear and tear that it had suffered in the water.

I asked without really knowing why, but at the back of my mind there was an urge to kill a few Japs, or at least go down fighting.

"If they find you here they will probably kill us all as well."

She said obviously terrified.

"They will probably kill you all anyway after raping you, but not if we can kill them first."

I said grimly, as my mind was ticking over with the possibilities.

Da seemed to like the idea of killing Japs, and so she too thought that it might be a good idea to go down fighting

I looked closely at my Sten gun and I could see that it was very similar to the Naval Lanchester with which I had recently become familiar, but I had no idea whether it would fire, or whether my ammunition was still OK after its long stay in salt water. I dare not risk firing a test burst as it may well be heard by the Jap soldiers, but I saw that one of the women had a long curved knife used for cutting bamboo, and I asked Da whether I could have one, as well as a short butchers knife of which there seemed plenty lying around.

I then asked Da to lead me towards the Jap encampment, although as we got nearer we could hear female screams, and a lot of drunken laughter and I could probably have found my own way there with the noise they were making. Eventually, we got close to the camp taking care not to be seen, and I could see that they had their small tents in a circle, and their was a large camp fire in the middle with several soldiers gathered round taking turns raping a girl on the ground, there was also a sentry of sorts at on a rock higher up overlooking the beach, looking down and enjoying the scene taking place below him. Looking round near the beach I could see a pile of male bodies many of them bayoneted with the bayonets and rifles still attached through their bodies, while others had been brutally beheaded.

As far as I could see as Da had said there was only about eight soldiers with an NCO in charge. Working myself round behind the sentry. I used the short butchers knife to good effect, with one hand over his mouth, and with the knife deep in his back he was soon out of action for good. I got Da to sit in the sentries place with his hat on, and a stick across her lap, I guessed that from the fire they would only see a silhouette which is what they would expect to see sitting on the rock after being blinded by the firelight.

The Japanese machine pistol we took from the sentry was fairly easy to work out, and I guessed that the Japs had no fear of being attacked by the women, and so they had been drinking heavily, and amusing themselves with their captives. My main concern now was not hurting any of the girls. If I opened up on the remaining Japs I would probably kill or wound them all. There was no sign of the other girls, we could only see and hear the girl they were having fun with.

I could see that moored alongside the small jetty was a quite large steam pinnace with the Japanese flag flying in the stern, suddenly the idea came to me that there was a chance that the other two girls may well be imprisoned on the boat. I had also noted that there was a heavy machine gun mounted on the bows, with a belt of ammunition loaded ready to fire.

There seemed to be no sentry, and I guessed that the machine gun would be much more useful than the light weapons that I had if we could get our hands on it, and so I told Da what I intended, and I waded and swam out as best I could, to the launch as quietly as I was able, as far as I could tell the launch was totally deserted. I climbed quietly aboard after a struggle with my sore arm, and I found the main cabin had a locked door. I heard the sound of quiet sobbing from inside. A key was hanging on a nail near the door, so I opened the door and to my surprise I found three women in the cabin, they were tied and gagged, one was a very pretty white woman of about 23 whose clothes were badly ripped and who later told me her name was Carol, and she told me that she had been on the paddle Steamer and the submarine had pulled her out of the sea, she had been raped by the captain and one of his officers, and later they had handed her over to the soldiers in this boat, obviously for their amusement, with her were the two young Malay girls which had been taken from the village.

I released the women and the two village girls telling them to keep quiet. I told Carol that I intended to kill the Japs, but I did not want to kill the girl they were raping if it was possible.

Carol said. "Be sensible, that poor girl will have to take her chance, anyway, she will probably welcome death after what they have done to her. If you don't do the job properly you are putting everyone else at risk including ourselves.

Reluctantly, I saw the sense of her argument. Carol said. "Give me a gun I have a large debt to pay" and as there were several spare machine pistols on the boat. She took one from me, and she amazed me with her dexterity. "My husband was a soldier so I got a fair idea of how these things work" She told me. I crept up to the bows and checked the machine gun and at my signal we both opened fire

With two prolonged bursts from the two of us we soon we took them by surprise and they were all killed or wounded. It was much easier that I had anticipated. Da came down from the sentry position and between us we checked each of the bodies. I shot two of the men who were only wounded in cold blood. But in doing it I felt no compunction whatsoever.

The poor girl who had been raped we carried back to the village, but she died later that night. Carol who claimed to have previously been a nurse, thought it was probably a combination of shock and her horrific sexual injuries.

The next day with the help of the younger women we buried the dead and disposed of the naked bodies of the Jap's into the sea. It was my idea to strip them of their uniforms and empty their pockets as we never knew when those uniforms, and their firearms would come in useful. We found the usual things that men carry including things like cigarette lighters watches, some money, all of which may have a use for us later.

The boat itself had got a stock of tinned food, lots of ammunition and a large box of hand grenades with two tins of detonators and to my delight a well maintained snipers rifle with a telescopic sight with ample ammunition. We then had a Council of war with Da acting as an interpreter, I told the villagers what I had learned a lot about the Japanese atrocities in Singapore. I suggested that we set up lookouts, and developed a temporary strategy for hiding against the possibility of more invaders coming ashore, plus I later gave some cursory instruction on how the machine pistols and rifles worked without using any ammunition which gave us some defence if that was needed.

When I suggested that I should strip the boat and then sink it. I had a fierce objection from Carol who said loudly. "That boat is our means of escape from this bloody island."

"Escape to where Singapore, Java, Sumatra all Japanese held territories? "I asked.

"We could make for Australia." She insisted.

"We can carry enough fuel in the boat for about 150 or 200 miles if we are lucky." I told her, "That is if the Japs don't see us first."

If we stop to cut wood for the boiler it will have to be on Japanese held islands, and we would soon be nabbed - do you want to risk being raped again?"

Carol reluctantly saw the sense of what I was saying.

The islanders did not understand our heated exchange until Da interpreted, and they started getting a little agitated. As far as I was concerned, the safest place for all of us, was on the island. There were no other logical options.

I pointed out that there were a large number of adjacent islands, one of which was only about half a mile away, all of which will also have a small Japanese garrison, and if we were seen steaming away in the boat, it would raise the alarm, and we would have no chance of escape. The next day I looked closely at the boat, and I decided that with the agreement of the villagers to strip her of anything that could be useful, for instance the portable radio was one obvious item for salvage together with the batteries, guns and processed food etc and then just leave the hull at the jetty with the flag flying so that passing Japanese boats would not get too suspicious.

Meanwhile the women were obviously grieving over the loss of their men folk and having to take over much of the traditional male work like fishing and planting. But much discussion was taking place on what we should do if the Japs came back. At that time we were certain that they would be coming with supplies for the garrison in due course and to relieve them. I had several ideas in my mind, but I sensed the women needed time to adjust to their losses and to get over their grief.

Carol and I, much to her obvious disgust had been put together in the same hut to live. I did have thoughts about us getting much closer, as we both were marooned, but she killed any thoughts in that direction by insisting that she was a married women, although she was almost certain that her husband was dead, and anyway he told me that it was not in her nature to have sex with a common rating. At the time I thought that having been brutally raped the idea of sex was abhorrent to her.

Increasingly I found Da and her mother Bashir good friends to me, and her mother was a great help with several other ladies in helping to strip the Japanese pinnace with a friend of hers called Nadja, and one or two elderly men who had been away when the Japs gad called ... Increasingly Da and I became much closer. Much of the Japanese loot that we recovered from the boat we had no immediate use for so we carefully wrapped in sacks and buried it under the floor of one of the huts.

Carol did however help me by redressing my arm, and she helped by setting up a local clinic to look after the few remaining inhabitants. The women now had to take over the fishing and much of the men's work if they were to survive. The older women looked after the children while I concentrated on arranging our defence. In addition we made up a rota of lookouts from a high tree and a local high point on an adjacent hill top.

Da was a beautiful young lady, she had a lovely figure apart from her obvious pregnancy with perfectly rounded breasts, perfect small sexy buttocks, and beautiful legs. She was a beautiful lady and pregnancy seemed to suit her. Her long black hair fell straight down her back to her waist and she had lovely coffee coloured features, but above all she was intelligent, and very down to earth which was a big help in the situation we found ourselves in. At times during the coming months I almost gave up, but Da somehow kept my spirits up and kept me going pointing out that everyone was relying on me...

I had appreciated that the women were relying on me as the only young male and a trained serviceman to organise their defence. However we had daily meetings every evening during the first week after the evening meal. The village had an ample supply of free range chickens, goats and one or two head of cattle, and together with coconuts, seasonal fruits and dried fish we thought we should be able to manage to survive. We had very little in the way of medical supplies. However I was convinced that the Japanese would soon re-supply and want to replace the soldiers we had killed, for that reason I was convinced that we had to organise ourselves, either to convince the Japanese we were not here, or to go down fighting

Da came to my hut one day in the second week after we had finished work on the boat, and sat on my sleeping mat with me. Fortunately Carol was not there at the time.

"Tony we need to talk. I gather that you and Carol are not exactly getting on very well"

"That's putting it mildly.'


"She thinks we should have used the boat to try for Australia. But now its too late so we are stuck with her. She is also very 'stuck up' and thinks that she is socially much higher than we are."

"Are you two having sex"

"No - I think that being raped has put her off the idea."

"But how can I help you Da"

"What are your plans Tony?"

"As far as I can see we only had two options, the option of staying here, and organising some sort of defence just in case, or buggering off in the boat, and getting nabbed by the Japs"

So as far as I am concerned, staying here is the only realistic option. I think the Japs will look for their missing troops eventually, but if they can not find us and we can make them think the island is uninhabited we may well be left alone. So we have to get cracking and work out what we are to do. We may well have another garrison posted here eventually."

At the time we were unaware that the Japanese would leave these small garrisons to live off the land and many of them would never ever be relieved until long after the war was ended. But at the time we had to do the best we could to defend ourselves. We were of one mind inasmuch that we preferred to go down fighting than be captured. The woman were convinced they would be raped if they were captured.

She said. "I have been studying at the University in Kuala Lumpar and I just got home just before the Japs landed on the mainland, as I wanted the baby to be born here in my home. My husband and my father were two of the men killed by the Japanese soldiers. Though I never really loved my husband, he was a nice man, but I miss my father, so I am not really shedding tears for my husband, and I know I have to move on. I only married him because of his money, and the chance of a proper education. He was a good man but I did not love him. But now we are in a situation where you are the only man on the island, and you have about fifteen women left of child bearing age, who have lost their husbands. Do you see where I am leading?".

"You want me to become the resident stud.?" I asked

"To put it crudely Yes, but that's not all. The girls are getting a bit restless, they miss their men, but they are also now are beginning to want to look to the future. You have given them hope. Some of them will soon need a man in their lives, and they will also want children. But above all they are looking to you for leadership."

"I see the point..."I told her.

"But I thought that if you and I lived together, you and we could become partners and I could start teaching you Malay, and we could start teaching the girls English. I like you Tony and I am not going to play the grieving widow, so will you move in with me, and I will try not to be jealous of you helping the other women if it comes to that. I will be a good wife. That is if Carol has no objection, and you have no objection to living with a pregnant woman.?

"Carol can go and whistle as far as I am concerned, so OK I agree. I think pregnancy makes a woman look more beautiful" I whispered as I boldly put my arms round her and started to kiss her and caress her.

"In fact if we do sort of marry I will probably want to keep you pregnant all the time."

"Wow that sounds promising." Laila said with a cheeky smile on her face.

"I think that you are lovely Da, and I went on to tell that only a few weeks ago I was supposed to have been getting married. "I don't think that you and I are passionately in love or anything yet, but I certainly like what I know of you, and I think that together we can start fighting back."

Da started to unbutton my shirt and I slipped out of my Sarong, as I was doing that, she was stroking my skin and intermingling her actions with little soft kisses. We lay together on my sleeping mat, and I said with a little giggle. This must be the quickest courtship on record.

Da did not answer instead she put her hand down and grabbed my cock gently, she looked at me and smiled happily. I rolled her over onto her back and put my head between her legs and started to lick her pussy. The soft flesh of her chocolate coloured thighs enveloped me. She tasted the way she smelled -- innocent, yet sensual. She clawed the back of my neck and screamed, "No! No!" as she climaxed. I kissed her thighs

Before I could change my mind she had my cock and was telling me to make love to her. I wanted her badly and who was I to refuse such an invitation. I pushed in gently she was very tight very wet and very warm. She pulled me very close to her and I felt her long nails digging into my back

I kept a fairly slow pace as I concentrated in pleasing her. With each stroke, I felt myself getting closer and closer to coming. She moved very expertly with me

"Faster..." she whispered.

I closed my eyes and pounded into her. The image of her beautiful pregnant body lying beneath me, her hot breath on my face was quickly bring me to a quick conclusion Yet, I continued to pound her until I came hard. She breathed deeply and twitched a few times.

I pulled out--exhausted and sweating. She was smiling. I took her in my arms, and held her close. She lay back resting her head on my shoulder. I could feel our juices running out of her and making my lap damp. We lay there hardly speaking.

"You ready again honey?" She asked quietly

I wanted her badly and she started kissing me tenderly. She grabbed my cock. And she pushed me on to my back and then got on top of me. Suddenly, I was powerless, yet, it felt right. She was definitely the boss and knew exactly what she wanted She took my cock in her small hands and started to play with it and then with an expertise that was quite astonishing she jumped on top of me and slid it into her love tunnel.

I tried to grab her to slow her down a bit, but she was already gone on her wild ride and I figured it was best to let her enjoy it. All too soon, she started to moan and twitch. I felt myself about to come as well. Suddenly, she screamed and collapsed head-first onto my chest. I grabbed her by the waist and held her. She was sweating and spent. I pulled out slowly and she eased herself off of me. We lay together on her bed for several moments without saying a word.

Then she said "Tony. Can you really be a good father to my baby do you think?"

"Yes. I am sure I can. I will certainly try"

Then she said "Good. Tony my dear husband from now on let us consider ourselves well and truly married."

"This is a Muslim community Tony, and if you become a Muslim you can have four wives, but as there is no-one here to marry us, we shall just have to make our own vows to Allah in our own way. Fortunately you have been circumcised, so in that respect all is well."

It was just then that Carol came into the hut and she stopped in the doorway. She let out an expression of disgust as she saw that we had obviously been having sex.

"How can you fuck a native girl?" She asked.

I felt the anger burning up inside me at the insult to Da.' "Perhaps we should have let the Japs keep you after all Carol. It would serve them right. But for your information Da and I now consider ourselves married?"

I was furious at the insult to Da, and I stood up and rolled up my sleeping mat and my few belongings, and I moved in with Da and her mother Bashir. By this time I had got to know and like her mother quite well after the hard work on the boat, and after the evening meal. Bashir suddenly brought up the subject of the Japs returning.

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