The Claiming of a Pet

by Dantine

Copyright© 2010 by Dantine

Sex Story: He was going to meet her at the airport, give her a big hug to reassure her that the mutual attraction was as real in real life as it was on the internet, and then ask her if she still wanted to give up her individuality and become his pet for a week... But then he changed his mind. About asking.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   .

"I will meet you at the airport, be waiting for you as you come through those doors. And before you have time to doubt yourself, or what we have between us, I will embrace you, hug you hard to me and show you how much I care for you with my touch. Then you will know if what we have online will translate to real life ... So then I will ask you, ASK for the very last time, whether you wish to be my pet. This will be your last chance to choose for yourself while you are here, so consider it carefully. If you say no, we'll just be friends ... if you say yes you will be given two safewords — one to stop, and one to slow down. For the rest of the week, that will be the only power you have left, your only way out. Do you understand?"

She had understood, perfectly fine, and she had dreaded that moment. A small part of her worried that she might not feel the chemistry in real life, but far more worried was she that perhaps she would indeed feel it, but feel too nervous to accept it ... too nervous to say yes.

But then things changed, as they do in life. Her visit was delayed, over and over again, their conversations took a pause for a while, and she tried to push it all from her mind. And then there he was, back again, talking to her, telling her what he would like to do to her. Their conversations grew to be more and more sexual in nature, without either of them ever stooping to actual cybering. And she ached for him. When she pleased herself it was with thoughts of his hands controlling her, and it felt so good ... Eventually it became inevitable that they would meet.

She had never been as nervous as she was on that trip. Flying itself, which usually scared her, seemed little more than a vague distraction from the butterflies. Her mind kept jumping from thoughts of how this all could go wrong, to images of how he would take her if it all went right.

He couldn't meet her at the airport, but she found the train fairly easily. All the signs were in a different language, but around the airport a lot of them were repeated in English. Being in a foreign country didn't exactly ease her worries, and she wasn't sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing that the train took almost as long as the flight had.

A slight smile danced on her lips as she spotted him. He was wearing his old military jacket and that weird hat that she had told him she didn't like. He would have looked less out of place in the middle of the woods, but here he stood out. She swallowed hard and almost closed her eyes as she walked over to him.

And it was as he had said. This part hadn't changed. He swept her into his embrace and squeezed her. She felt uneasy at first, but soon she relaxed into it and wrapped her arms around him, holding him close. The world spun around them, and for a moment nothing else mattered. But then she remembered ... he was supposed to ask her now ... she tensed up slightly, her breath quickening.

"Okay, let's go ... I borrowed a car, so we don't have to walk all the way through town. Although we should probably do that some other day so you can snap some pictures to show your family."

He grabbed her hand and dragged her along with him to the parking lot, and she was safely buckled in and well on her way to his home before she really started wondering what it had all meant. Why hadn't he asked her? Didn't he like her enough? Wasn't she worth it? Was this just going to be a trip to see the sights? She stared out the window, but didn't see much. A few old houses, a lot of new ones ... Pretty trees, pretty lake ... and then they pulled into the parking lot, and he grabbed her bag, opened her door...

She didn't really know how to act, but he removed the choices by grabbing her hand and pulling her along again, not letting go of her until he closed the door to his apartment behind them, and locked it. She stared at him, not knowing where to go from here. He smiled back, but as she watched the warm smile turned into something else ... Something more ... wicked.

He closed the distance between them in but a moment, and hugged her close again. She responded more slowly this time, but eventually sighing she gave into the warmth he showed her and hugged him back.

"I've changed my mind," he whispered. "I won't ask you how you feel about this; I won't give you the chance to say no. The door is locked ... We are on the third floor ... you are in a foreign country where you don't speak the language. You have no choices left, no ways out. I have decided I want you, and so I will have you, whatever you might feel about it. From now on, you are my pet. And I will claim you, right now."

She blinked. Her breathing quickened. Did he mean... ?

He grabbed her by the hair and forced her down on her knees.

"You are now only my pet. Who you were before you walked into this apartment is gone. Your past doesn't matter. What you like or dislike doesn't matter. Your plans, your future ... forget it all. Right now, right here, I am your owner. You are my pet. You belong to me. You will do as you are told, and you will not speak unless spoken to. Any disobedience will bring punishment. Understood?"

Part of her wanted to scream, to run, to fight ... and part of her was starting to feel the excitement. She nodded slowly, and he smiled at her. She heard the zip and the shuffle as he opened his fly, and then his hard cock was pressing against her lips. She swallowed hard, not wanting to open her mouth. But what option did she have? He yanked on her hair, making her gasp, and pushed into her. She instinctively closed her mouth, and got another hard yank as her teeth rested against his skin.

"I know this is the first time you've had a cock in your mouth, so I don't expect great things ... But if you hurt me, I promise you, I will forget where I put the lube when I get ready to rape your fucking ass. Do you understand pet?"

She tried nodding, carefully now, keeping her teeth hidden behind her lips.

"Suck on it gently, not too hard, and play with it with your tongue. Feel it, taste it, want it."

She followed his instructions carefully, trying to make sense of what was happening. It felt unreal, yet still part of her was realizing that this was real; this was her getting raped ... Finally.

She could feel him growing harder in her mouth, and wondered how big it would get.

"You're lucky my cock is average sized, pet. If I had a huge cock I might have been tempted to let you choke on it for all the teasing you've done. Not to mention how happy you will be that I am not larger once I decide to ram this up your ass."

She shivered again at the reminder of what he had planned. She felt sure that he was going to take all her three virginities today.

She cringed as she felt her tooth just slightly touch skin. The reaction was immediate as he yanked her up by her hair, forcing her to scramble for her balance. Before she found it he shoved her against the wall and grabbed her by the throat, making her gasp for air.

"Good for you that didn't hurt much, pet ... but you'll still pay for it. You're going to turn around now, bend over, and lean against the wall..."

His hands helped direct her to turn around, and then reached around her and opened her jeans up, pulling both them and her panties down with a yank. She gasped as she felt the nakedness of her behind. He was rubbing her ass, running his fingers all over it, even between the cheeks, making her blush a deep red as he circled around her asshole.

And then he touched her pussy, spread her lips apart, and ran his finger right over her clit and hole. Her legs grew weak with pleasure and desire and she hoped he would fuck her, right now, take her virginity once and for all...

His dick pressed firmly against her asshole and she jerked, trying instinctively to get away, but his hand forced her into position again with a force she couldn't argue against.

"No, Please..." she said, and he grabbed her hair again and slammed her forehead against the wall. Her world was spinning, and she felt her ass clench trying to keep him out ... and his cock just rested there, pushing but not forcing.

"I'll tell you what, slut ... One good push from me and your ass will give up and let me in. One good push and I will rape your ass hard ... It will hurt, it will make you scream, it will bleed ... It will break you. I should do that, because you don't seem to understand the rules very well. But I'll give you ONE more chance, if only because I hate cleaning blood off the floor..."

He moved his cock down to gently push against the opening to her pussy, and she held her breath waiting for what would come.

"I'm going to take your virginity now. No romance, just rape. It's all you are going to get, as the slut you are. And then you are going to take a shower, clean up, clean your ass out as best you can, get dressed again and come meet me in the living room. If you do this quickly, well, and without arguing, I'll lube up before I rape your ass. Understood, pet?"

She nodded slowly, intently concentrating on the feeling of his cock against her delicate folds. She wasn't sure if this was the best way to lose her virginity, maybe the romance would have been nice, but ... she couldn't deny that she was getting wetter just thinking about it.

She gasped as she felt him start to push. He entered her slowly, spreading her open inch by inch until he was pressed hard against her, and then pulled out, just as slowly, repeating it over and over again. She groaned. It felt wonderful, and oh so frustrating.

And then she realized something. Her eyes snapped open.

"Condom!" she said, and got her forehead slammed against the wall as a result. The world was spinning again, and he picked up pace, fucking her harder.

"You dumb fuck. You need to learn to think about what you are going to do, before your mouth gets your ass in serious trouble. I'm your fucking owner, and if I want to breed you, I fucking will. You don't have anything to fucking say about what happens to you. Every breath you take is one I let you take. If you are still alive next week, it's because I chose to let you live. This is not a fucking game, not a fucking kink, this is me fucking OWNING you, slut...

She shivered and almost came at his sudden onslaught, but then he slipped out and his cock once more pressed hard against her ass. He was so much more slippery now, and she could feel her tight ass almost surrendering to him. But he pressed her entire body forward, until she was pressed against the wall with his body covering her from behind. He leant in and talked softly.

"Now, pet ... if I want to rape your ass for hours and hours without lube, am I allowed to do that?"

She tried nodding, but he was pressing against her so tightly that she couldn't move.

"Yes..." she said, "Yes sir."

"And why would you allow me to do that?"

She swallowed hard, her mind spinning, trying to come up with the best answer. The right answer. Yes, she thought ... whatever he wanted to hear, that was the right answer.

"Because you own me, sir ... and ... and I'm a slut. Your slut. Your slut pet."

He backed off softly, and she got her breath back. Then she felt him kiss her neck, and shivered.

"Good answer, pet. Now go shower ... hurry up, I'll be in the living room waiting to fuck your ass. The longer I have to wait, the more brutal I will be."

She felt him move away, and slowly regained her own balance. She looked down on her jeans bunched up around her feet. She had been fucked. Lost her virginity. She shook her head to clear it and quickly pulled her pants up before heading into the shower. She felt a bit better after washing the travel dust off, and hurried to clean herself out as best as she could for him. She briefly considered masturbation to take the edge off, but realized it would take time, and perhaps he would be upset with her.

As she once more got dressed she didn't bother to put on any panties. She glanced at her reflection in the mirror, and found herself staring. She was smiling without noticing it. She was being raped, and she was smiling. She shivered. He was right, she was a slut. She was a slut, and this was exactly what she needed ... The only nagging worry that danced in the back of her head was if this would be only for the week she had planned, or if he had decided to keep her. She knew that nobody knew exactly where she was. She didn't have any friends that would check up on her, and her parents thought she was in another part of the country altogether. If she went missing from here ... nobody would even come looking. And she knew that he knew that.

He knew that he could do whatever he wanted to her. For as long as he wanted. And she couldn't stop him.

She snapped herself out of it and hurried on before she would have time to have second thoughts. As she entered the living room he was sitting on the couch and made a quick gesture towards the floor at his feet. She kneeled obediently.

He took his cock out again. "Suck it."

She wrapped her lips carefully around her teeth this time and eagerly took him in. She started out trying to fake enthusiasm, but soon realized that deep inside she felt the pleasurable stirrings again. She actually did like this. She liked being forced to service him. He was using her, and she got off on it. She glanced up at him, met his eyes, and slowly moved one hand down to her crotch, rubbing herself through her jeans. He smiled at her, and she closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation if her fingers on her clit and his cock in her mouth.

She was enjoying this. She was enjoying being his. She was ... happy.

She stopped sucking and looked up at him.

"Please sir, will you fuck my ass now? I want you to."

He smiled and tapped her cheek, more of a reminder than anything. Then he stood up. "Kneel on the couch, pet, lean over the backrest."

She scrambled into position dropping her pants down around her knees before she bent forward. She blushed at how brazenly she exposed herself to him, but his soft touch on her ass distracted her.

"No panties huh ... good girl."

She smiled and then gasped as she felt the cold lube being squirted between her cheeks, and then rubbed in. With this much lube she couldn't even try to resist as his finger simply slipped inside of her, rubbing, massaging ... It felt weird, full, different ... And then it left her and she felt his cock press against her virgin ass. She gasped, and he pushed in, penetrating her completely in one determined shove.

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