Sharons Slide Into Depravity

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2010 by SW MO Hermit

Erotica Sex Story: A teasing, ultra sexy flirty wife samples her wild side and loses her marriage.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   .

I was setting under the canopy, slowly dieing from my despair. I watched the casket holding my lover and friend being lowered into the cold ground. I wondered why I was destined to go through life without a loving wife and companion. Why was I denied the happiness others took for granted? As I considered once again the end of my loving relationship with a wife, my memory was drawn back to my first wife Sharon, my first and strongest love. Would things have been different if I hadn't loved her so much I wanted her with me at every opportunity? I didn't know.

I felt my eyes tearing up once again and I wondered if I was crying for the wife I had just buried or for the loving wife I had lost because I wanted to make her, us, happy with exciting, on the edge sex. I moaned and bent forward as I felt my oldest daughter Samantha put her arm around me and hug me to her side. Why me?

I still remembered how I lost my first wife and my part in that sordid affair. As I let Sam hold me to her I went, once again, over all the pictures and tapes I had been provided to document Sharon's slide into depravity. A depravity I wanted so badly to blame on her and her alone, yet one that I had a key part in initiating.

It all began when Samantha was a precocious girl of eleven. She was really beginning to lord it over her brother Sean, age 10 and the baby of the house Twila age 7 when I convinced Sharon to accompany me to a training seminar in Los Angeles. My beautiful Sharon was so wild and sexy and I loved her so much I couldn't bear to be away from her for any length of time. This was only the second time in our 12 years of marriage that I would have been away from her over night (excluding her hospitalizations when the children were born) and I just couldn't make myself accept that.

Sharon had always been a flirt and tease. I don't know if that was what first drew me to her or if it was just her beauty. Sharon was 5'10" of pure sex. She was so slender at 135 pounds and 36 C breasts you couldn't keep your eyes off her. Her womanly butt topped the most perfectly shaped legs you could ever imagine. She always wore such sexy, revealing short skirts and low cut thin tops that no male of any age could ignore her. She even got most of the females to notice her too. If she had decided to participate there is absolutely no way she would have failed to win the Miss America or, after we were married, the Mrs. America contest. Her wit and intelligence along with her ready smile and love of life made her the most exceptionally beautiful woman in the country.

Sharon wasn't a "party animal" but when we went out with a few friends or to a social function, she couldn't restrain herself. She loved to dance and interact with people and had never met a stranger. At first I had worried about this because when she was in "party mode" she would let her dance partner go as far as he wanted in public. I don't know how many times I caught her letting them kiss her or feel her up through her clothes. At first I was insanely jealous but over time she proved to me that it was only her natural teasing nature that she let loose. She knew when she was on the edge of doing something totally inappropriate and would gently break away from all the males clamoring for her attention and come to me. She would touch me and look into my eyes, then plead with me to take her home right then. I knew I had to take her home to keep her from going that final distance and giving herself to a man other than her loving husband.

These times she teased so blatantly always resulted in us going home and having mind-blowing sex. It seemed each time was better than the last. Sharon never allowed herself to flirt and tease unless I was there to rescue her and take her home to my bed. As I came to understand this side of her I fell into the trap that was to lead to our downfall. I began to think if sex with her could be so outstanding after her playing the field near home where she had to be more proper, what would the sex be like if we were far away from home where she could become more adventurous without fear of our families and friends finding out about it?

That, my friends was my contribution to the break up of this perfect marriage. I wanted a solid week of that kind of sex, uninterrupted by children. I wanted to be with my sexy exciting wife and to watch her tease and flaunt her wonderful body before I took her back to my room and loved her to exhaustion. I made the plans to get this pleasure.

The night I had to tell Sharon of my trip I brought home a dozen roses. I told her of the trip and handed her the roses, then held her as she cried, missing me already. I held her to my chest and calmed her down then I told her about my brainstorm. I asked, "Why don't you go with me? I have already got your parents to agree to watch the children while we were gone. This could be like a second honeymoon."

I said to her, "Without the children and over 2000 miles from home you can act as immodest as you want. You can wear revealing clothes and drive all the males over puberty into a sexual frenzy."

I watched as her eyes began to glisten and I heard her breathing deepen. She pulled away from me and looked into my eyes, then said "Oh, honey. That sounds soooo good but I just couldn't. You know how wild I get here when I let go. I might get into real trouble if I don't have you and all our friends and family to force me to control the sexual demons that I have to fight almost daily."

She said, "I am just too afraid I would go too far if I am somewhere where I can totally let go."

I pushed it and begged her to go. She finally decided to think about it and gave me a short kiss, then said, "I'm going to shower."

I started to follow her to our bedroom but she smiled and said, "No Honey. Please wait here until I come back down. I need to think about this in private."

I heard the shower cut off finally, and then looked up a few minutes later to see her come into the living room. She was dressed in nothing but a see through crotch length nightgown. I could see her thighs glisten with the juices of her sexual excitement. I heard the smacking sound of her cunt as she straddled my knees and slid herself onto my lap facing me. Her face was glowing and her eyes sparkled as she bent to kiss me. I still remember how my heart leaped when she said, "OK John. I will go with you but on only one condition. I am totally in control of what happens. All I want from you is your willing tongue and stiff prick. Well those things and your support to help me control my urges. I will leave you and come home early unless you promise I and only I control how far we will go. If you can't agree to this, I will stay here and you can go alone."

Oh, how sorry I am that I so senselessly agreed with her demands.

The day of our flight, I was so surprised and sorry to see how she dressed. She came out of the bedroom wearing blue jeans and a sweatshirt. When I asked her why she was dressed so poorly she frowned and looked at me. She reminded me I had agreed to her demands that she was in control of this part of the trip and if I wasn't going to live up to my agreement she would just stay home.

Well, naturally I quickly agreed she was right and helped her take the rest of our bags to the car. Our flight had a two-hour lay over in Columbus, Ohio. After we had deplaned, Sharon took her carry on bags and leaned to me, giving me a slow, sensuous kiss then whispered "John. I'm going to the rest room. Be right back."

I watched her walk away from me and had to adjust myself as I began thinking what I was going to do to that so sexy ass when we got to LA. I was staring out the window at the planes when I felt someone sink into the seat beside me. As I was turning toward the seat I smelled the most wonderful feminine smell then Sharon leaned into me and gave me a short kiss on the cheek.

As I turned fully to Sharon, I gasped and my cock inflated immediately into the strongest erection I had had in weeks. Sharon had changed out of her jeans and into an outfit I had never seen before. She had on a really short black mini skirt and a black see through blouse. There was definitely no bra because I could see her perky nipples tenting the top. Within a very few minutes I knew she had on no panties either because I had slid my hand up her thigh and felt her oh, so wet pussy! I was in such a sexually excited state it felt like a year before we were once again in the plane and on our way.

After arriving at LA we picked up our luggage and went to the car rental desk. I couldn't help but notice the men watching Sharon. I even saw one or two walk close enough to look down her loose fitting top and gaze at her beautiful tits and engorged nipples. My cock would twitch each time. All I could think about was getting her alone and making slow sweet love to her.

As we drove out of the airport Sharon completely unbuttoned her top and asked me to put the convertible top down. I told her I didn't think I should with her top undone, as it would blow too much. She looked at me with her angry look and asked me if I remembered her conditions? I still hesitated and she turned to the back and began pulling her jeans and sweatshirt from her bag.

After they were in her lap she looked at me once more and said, "Last chance. The old dull me or the sexy me? You only get this one more chance and whatever you choose you live with the rest of the week."

I stared at her in abject terror. I could see all my exciting sexual dreams going down in flames and I caved in. I didn't say a thing, just began lowering the top. Sharon smiled at me and said, "That's better. See that you remember Sharon Rules and I promise you will have a week to remember for the rest of your life." She then threw the clothes back into the back seat and leaned her seat back, letting her bare tits flop in the breeze.

After a few minutes, Sharon pulled her short skirt up and splayed her legs, putting her right leg on the dashboard and her left one in the seat with her foot up near her ass. As I watched in surprise, she began diddling herself. I could hear the juice from her cunt and her moans as she came closer and closer to her first orgasm. All at once, she screamed and her pelvis began a mad thrusting motion as her juices gushed from her cunt. I almost had an accident as I watched her slick cunt contract repeatedly as her orgasm ran its course.

Sharon sighed and laid her head back, leaving her legs splayed for all to see her glorious cunt. After a couple more miles she turned to me and said "Quick. Pull over there." She pointed to a secluded parking area overlooking the beach.

When I stopped and turned off the car she opened her door and put her legs out. "Get over here NOW." She said. When I was standing in front of her and between her splayed legs she unzipped me and pulled my hard cock from my pants and took it all in her mouth in one lunge. Within just a few moments I was about to blow my load and I warned her. She pulled me from her mouth and pushed me away.

I backed up and she stood and walked to the hood of the car, then bent over it and raised her skirt and spread her legs. "OH, GOD," she said. "Hurry and get that cock into me. Oh, please John, hurry and fuck me. I need it worse than I have in ages."

I didn't need another invitation; I stepped up to her and took my cock in hand. I rubbed it across her slick lips a time or two to get it wet, then stooped slightly and slid it into her lubricious cunt. I was savoring the slick, wet wonderful cunt moving slowly in and out, afraid I wouldn't last long when Sharon turned her head to look at me. She said, "Damn it, FUCK ME. Please, just pound me HARD. I need to get fucked now. You can make love to me tonight."

That was all I could take and I grabbed her hips and began pounding into her as hard and fast as I could. She was moaning and thrusting back at me, then began to scream as her orgasm hit her. As I felt her cunt clench around me I lost it and slammed as deeply into her as I could, holding her hips back against me so tightly I was afraid I would bruise her hips.

As we came down from our high, we saw three young studs watching us from the path to the beach. One of the two black ones looked at us insolently and said, "GO Momma." He grabbed his obviously erect and huge cock and said, "Hey Momma. You want some real cock now?"

Sharon and I looked at each other and she blushed. Without a word we got into the car and drove off as the boys laughed loudly.

We arrived at our hotel about 7 p.m. and checked in. I had upgraded from the single room my company would pay for to a nice suite. When we entered it I could tell it was the right thing to do. Sharon was so impressed and happy I didn't think I was going to get her out to eat. We kissed and I played with her dripping pussy for a while then, to my surprise, she didn't even clean up or put on underwear, just walked to the door and asked, "Are you ready to go eat?"

We ate in the hotel dining room then went into the bar for some drinks and dancing before we went back to the room. I don't like to dance very well but like most women Sharon loves it. I did try but it was obvious I really wasn't into it. Finally, I had to go to the rest room and when I got back Sharon was gone. I thought she had gone to the rest room too but after several minutes she still hadn't returned. I was beginning to worry when I caught sight of her on the dance floor. She was dancing with a very large man. As I watched he ran his hands up and down her sides, then slid them around her back and pulled her to him.

Sharon and her new friend danced the next three dances together, her head laying on his chest and the last one his hands cupping her fine ass cheeks, pulling her against him. When the dance ended, she turned toward our table and he held her, pulling her back to him. I saw him say something and she shook her head no. He said something else and she shook her head no again, then leaned into him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. I felt my cock throb as she turned from him and started toward me. As she turned, his hand pulled from her waist and he raised it enough to draw it across her breasts and very prominent nipples.

Sharon grinned and looked him in the eyes, then winked at him. By now my cock was as hard as it had been this afternoon when I fucked her in the parking lot. Sharon came up to me, leaned across the table and gave me a very sloppy, wet kiss, devouring my lips and tongue. She whispered to me, "Take me back to the room now. RIGHT now before I do something I shouldn't."

I felt my heart lurch and my stomach felt queasy as I stood and took her hand. I turned to lead her from the club and almost ran into the man she had been dancing with. He stared at me, then licked his lips and gave Sharon the most hot and sexy look I had seen anyone look at her in years. I was afraid this was trouble but what could I do? I had to stay here for the next week and I knew I would have trouble if I tried to send Sharon home now. I was already wondering if I had done the right thing telling Sharon she could come and play.

By the time we got back to the room Sharon had gotten me so excited I forgot about the man in the bar. We almost tore our clothes up getting undressed. I pushed Sharon back onto the bed and dove between her thighs. As I lowered my hungry mouth to her pussy I could see her thighs covered with her juices. I watched as my seed from this afternoon oozed from her cunt mixed with copious amounts of her lubrication. I reached my tongue out and touched her hard little clitty. That was all it took. She slammed her hips against my face and thrashed around in a deep orgasm. She screamed and pulled my head tightly against her crotch as she violently came. That night we had some of the best, most violent sex we had ever experienced. Finally, near dawn, I woke and began to make slow passionate love to my wonderful wife.

I was licking and kissing her still turgid nipples when Sharon woke. She looked down at me and smiled, then reached out to push my head toward her already dripping cunt. After her first orgasm of the morning I crawled between her splayed legs and gently eased my cock into her cavity. It was so slick and so warm and comforting. We just held ourselves tightly against each other while she gently caressed me with her internal cunt muscles.

After several minutes we began to slowly move back and forth, increasing our rhythm as our passion built. By the time her hips where thrusting rapidly against me I felt her cunt muscles clamp down on me. "NOW. OH, NOW. Please fuck me hard." Sharon pleaded. That was all it took for me. I was slamming into her hard as I could. I felt the juice begin to boil out of the end of my cock and splash into her pulsating cunt. Once again, we peaked at the same time, and then collapsed back to the bed, asleep almost before we fell apart.

The next day, Sunday, we spent enjoying the sun and sight seeing. Again, Sharon went out in a very short skirt, button blouse just tied below her braless breasts and no panties. I don't know how many men she showed her charms to but every time I touched her cunt it was soooo wet!

When we returned to the hotel, she went to the information rack and picked up several pamphlets. She said she would sight see while I worked and she wanted to see what was available. In our room, she pulled the wastebasket beside her chair and sorted the pamphlets. The ones she wasn't interested in went into the round file. When she was done, she had 4 pamphlets left. She said she would do one of the pamphlets each day, Monday through Thursday while I was in the seminar, then each evening we would play together.

I looked at the things she planned to do and began to wonder again if I had made the right decision in having her stretch her limits so far from home. The first pamphlet, the thing she planned to do Monday, was talking about a club that had amateur stripper night on Thursdays. They held classes Monday through Wednesday afternoons for the girls that were interested. The 5 best girls in the classes were given the opportunity to strip for the clubs patrons Thursday, winner to get $1000.00.

The other pamphlets weren't so frightening to me but still left a lot of chances for her to get into trouble. One was a tour of an actual working bordello across the border in Nevada, and the last one was an evening tour of the strip club district on Wednesday night.

At least I would be able to be with her on the evening tour and the night she stripped if she made the cut. I was still beginning to be very worried though.

Sharon was still in bed when I left for work Monday morning. I called her at noon and she took a long time to answer. I was wondering if she was gone somewhere but she finally answered her cell. She said she had been in the bathroom shaving and cleaning up for her 1 p.m. strip class. Again I felt my heart lurch. I had known she would have to shave but I hadn't really considered it. I told her I loved her and to have fun, that I would see her about 530 and hung up.

I didn't think the afternoon would ever end but it finally did. I rushed back to the hotel and up to our room. I slammed the door back and saw nothing but an empty room, no Sharon. I showered and dressed in evening clothes and Sharon was still not back. It was 630 now. I checked. No messages. Finally I decided to call her. She didn't answer her phone so I left her a message that I would be in the bar at the hotel. I also decided to leave her a note in the room, and then with a heavy heart, I went to the bar.

When I entered the bar, the first thing I saw was Sharon sitting in a booth with the same man she had been dancing with the night before. She was on the inside and he was turned to her, his hand in her lap. My cock twitched but I was again worried. Where was this going? She was an hour late to meet me, yet she was sitting in the bar with a strange man's hand under her skirt? I didn't know what to do. Finally, I walked up to the table.

"Sharon," I said. "I've been worried about you. I tried to call and you didn't answer your phone." She looked slightly guilty and blushed.

I noticed the man's hand not only didn't come out from under her skirt but that it was moving rthymically. As I looked more closely at Sharon I saw her chest was flushed and she was breathing heavily. Her top was completely unbuttoned and her nipples were as hard as bullets. Her hips were slightly thrusting as the stranger worked his hand in her crotch.

All at once, she grabbed his hand with her right hand and pulled it tightly against her. She moaned and grabbed his head with her other hand and pulled his mouth to hers and gave him a deep kiss as she had an orgasm right there in the bar. When her orgasm passed, she relaxed back against the seat a moment. He looked me in the eye and smirked a little then leaned to her and gave her a gentle kiss. "Have fun tonight honey," he said. "I'll see you tomorrow."

With that he got up and left the bar. I sat down across from Sharon and looked at her for a moment then said, "What was that all about and who was that son of a bitch?"

"Huh?" she said. "Oh, I don't know his name. He was just a guy I danced with last night. I came in here for a drink before I met you in the room and we began talking. I was just so horny and tired after my lesson I felt like I just had to sit and relax a moment or two before I saw you. His touch was so gentle I didn't even realize he was playing with me at first. Then he began kissing me as he slid his fingers into my cunt. I just couldn't stop him. I was just so horny and it felt so wonderful I had to keep his fingers in my cunt until I came. OHHHH, it just felt soooo gooood! And he is a really GREAT kisser. My god, his fingers went into me so deeply and stretched me out so well, he brought me off as good as many cocks I have had."

I moved to the side of the booth Asshole had been in with Sharon and gave her a tender kiss. "Well, I don't care. I don't like that asshole and don't want him around any longer. Every time I have seen him with you he has given me an insolent smirk as he worked you."

"JOHN! I'm warning you. Now drop it!" Sharon said.

It was all I could do to restrain myself. Damn, I didn't know what she saw in that Bastard. I guess it is the "bad boy" attitude that he has. Must be turning her on too. I was so worried but I remember deciding to let it drop. Hind sight being what it is I sure wish I had made an issue and either caused her to quit her game or maybe I should have tried to get rid of him by myself. He was so arrogant I probably couldn't have though. He would have sneaked around behind my back.

After we had a drink and I played with Sharon's very wet twat for a short time, I helped her from the seat and we went back to our room. In the elevator Sharon turned to me and began giving me the hottest, most needful kisses of the trip to date. I asked her to tell me about her day and she promised to do so in our room.

We entered the room and I led her straight to the bed, undressing as we went. Even my not liking the asshole that had been diddling Sharon, I was so horny from seeing it I just had to have her right then. She collapsed onto the bed and pulled me to her. I immediately began kissing her and alternating my attention between each nipple and her sweet mouth. Every time I reached for her cunt though she stopped me. I was informed it was off limits until after our supper. She did agree to tell me about her day before we cleaned up and went out though.

After I had gone to the seminar, she went back to sleep, getting up at about 1030, had a leisurely soak in the tub, then ordered room service lunch before dressing for her 1 pm strip dance class. She giggled and asked me if I wanted to know about the lunch. I told her no but she looked at me and grinned, then said she thought I really should know.

When the room service waiter arrived, she was wearing nothing but her short satin robe tied loosely at the waist. The robe barely covers her crotch and gaps open enough it is very easy to see her nipples. She said she made sure the waiter got several glances at both her cunt and tits as he sat up the meal for her. She told him she only had a $50.00 bill and could she either owe him a tip or could he change it? As she said that she walked right up to him and let the robe "accidentally" open. When she was sure he was looking, she giggled again and held his hands to her erect nipples and asked him if maybe two small tips would take care of him. She said he told her he thought they could work something out along those lines, then bent his mouth to her nipples and sucked them alternately as he fingered her to a nice little orgasm.

He then tried to lead her to the bed but she said she refused him that and he finally left. Her meal had gotten cold by then but she ate a little, dressed and went to her class.

She said the class wasn't what she thought it would be at all. It was really pretty hard even considering she did aerobics three times a week while we were at home. She said they were teaching them how to climb the pole and display themselves as they slid down it as well as how to stand, spread and hold their bodies. She said they were using muscles she didn't normally use but she was learning a lot. She had gotten so hot because the instructors-two females that were really hot, and one hunk of a male-were constantly touching their bodies to help position them or to "walk them through" a move. This was why she so easily allowed asshole to diddle her right in the bar."

By then I was so horny I almost raped her but she held me off and ran into the bathroom to soak. I was going to follow her in but she locked the door on me. I was a little angry and it lasted through most of the meal.

After a really nice meal, Sharon insisted we go to a nice club she had heard about during the class. I thought we would dance a couple and go back to the room for some drastically needed sex but every time I tried to get her to leave she refused. She introduced me to two of the girls from her class and they had introduced her to several men. I only got my couple of dances because the men she had just met kept her on the dance floor. I watched with growing frustration and, truthfully some anger and jealousy as they twirled her in the fast dances and shamelessly ran their hands over her during the slow dances. One tall black man even went so far as to run his hand under Sharon's short skirt and finger fuck her during a two dance set.

I watched as she nearly collapsed when she had an orgasm. After that dance, I went to the dance floor and pulled her to me. He started to get angry but Sharon said, "It's ok Reggie. This is my husband John and I have really been ignoring him too much tonight." I remember Reggie glaring at me but he backed down. I told Sharon I thought she had done enough that night and it was late. We needed to go back to the room.

I remember her telling me she would decide when it was enough and if I didn't want to play any more I could just go back by myself and she would stay with Reggie and Charles. I remember clenching my jaws and holding back a retort. We danced another dance and she led me back to the table and disappeared into the crowd again. As she walked away twitching and moving her body in such a sexy way I felt my love for her expand so. I hurt with my need and love for my beautiful, sexy Sharon.

I only caught glances of Sharon off and on for the next hour, but, finally she returned to my table, staggering she was so plastered. I could see a hicky on the side of her neck and her top was buttoned wrong. I had never seen that happen and my heart lurched again.

When we got back to the room Sharon was too drunk to let me fuck her and I went to sleep with blue balls. I had to undress her and I inspected her panties and crotch closely but unless they used a rubber I could find no evidence of her fucking anyone at the club. At least that was something I supposed.

Sharon was still sleeping when I left for the seminar Tuesday. I had to leave my phone off during the seminar so missed her call at 10:00 a.m. Sharon left a message reminding me she was taking a tour that day and it would be late when she got back to the hotel.

I was so tired Tuesday night I could hardly stay awake but I tried. I so wanted to make love with my wife. Finally at 11:00 p.m. I gave up and went to sleep. Sharon woke me at 4:30 Wednesday morning coming into the room. She was with someone but all I know is it was a man. The voice sounded somewhat like Assholes but I wasn't sure. She didn't let him in the room but I did hear her kissing him.

I waited until she went into the bathroom and turned the light on then followed her. My stomach lurched when I saw Sharon. Her top was unbuttoned to her waist and she had no bra. Her nipples were raw and engorged, deep purple. There were red splotches on her breasts and two hickys on the side of her neck opposite the one she had obtained the night before. It appeared she had sperm on her chin, in her hair and on the tops of her breasts.

When I followed her into the room she got angry and told me to get out.

I remember pleading with her to let me hold her and telling her how badly I needed her but all I got was a cold shoulder. She told me I was too late. "Dirk diddled me to three really wonderful orgasms and I'm just too tired and a little sore. Now please just go back to bed and if you're good I will take care of you tonight. All I plan to do tomorrow is take the final class and rest up then we will take the tour of the strip district. If we get back in time we can make love tonight. Now, get out."

Sharon pushed me from the bathroom and I watched as the door closed, then I heard it lock and the tub began filling. I never knew when she came to bed.

Wednesday morning was a repeat of Tuesday. I got up, showered, dressed and left without waking Sharon. I did raise the covers to check out her cunt and once again I heaved a sigh of relief. I found no evidence of her being fucked, but, once again, she could have made them use rubbers. I was upset over the sperm on her face and breasts the night before and resolved to put a stop to that when I got back that evening.

When I returned to the room Wednesday night I found a note from Sharon. She said the dance class had decided to go out together and eat, then party. She told me not to wait up for her and promised to make it up to me later. By now, I was really angry. This whole thing was getting out of hand. After all, the idea of her testing her boundaries was to make our sex more exciting and to put the pizzazz back into OUR love life yet she was the only one getting any benefit from all this.

Again, Thursday morning about 5:00 a.m. I heard the door open and Sharon was giggling and making shushing noises as she came into the room. A man followed her but she stopped him right in the door. I watched as he bent his head to hers and they began madly kissing each other. I was seething as I watched him unbutton her blouse and remove it. He just dropped it to the floor. He then took off Sharon's skirt and I saw these two items and her shoes were all she was wearing. Had she gone out with nothing else or lost it during the evening?

I was getting ready to get up and put an end to this when I heard that voice again. It was the asshole and he asked if he could come in and make love. He said he was so frustrated and horny he just couldn't wait for her to decide the time was right.

Sharon gave him another kiss and pushed him out the door. As he was leaving I heard her say, "SHHH. Maybe tomorrow Dirk honey. Now go on. I don't want to wake John."

I sat up and turned on the light. I remember saying, "Don't worry about waking John. I'm awake. Honey, we need to talk. I think this is getting out of hand. Let's just forget everything and just enjoy our last two days here. I am really worried about that asshole and I am afraid if you don't stop we'll regret it more than I do now."

Sharon looked at me and I recoiled from her expression. She said, "NO. We will NOT forget everything. I will NOT stop. I have worked really hard practicing for this strip night at the club and I was selected to dance. I really, really want this night. I NEED this night. I'm going to do it. You can either deal with it or you can stay here and I will go alone. I told you when I agreed to do this that I made the rules if we once started and you agreed."

I told her yes that she was right but I remembered her asking me to help her control her urges and I thought her urges were getting out of hand. I begged her to reconsider but all I got was an extremely angry gaze.

I was watching her face and saw a hard, angry look appear. Her eyes were flashing. She said, "OK, That's it. You just blew it buster." And stomped into the bathroom where she once again locked me out while she cleaned up. I couldn't go back to sleep and was waiting on her when she finally came out about 6:30. I couldn't talk to her then because I had to shower and get ready for work. It was a really bad day. I was tired and couldn't concentrate. I kept missing important points and making a fool of myself. Finally the day did end though and I rushed back to the hotel.

I went straight to the room and found Sharon already gone. The dress she planned to use for the dance was gone too so I knew she had left without me. I had no idea where she was or what the name of the club she was dancing at that night but I quickly changed clothes and went to the entertainment district looking for her. I went from club to club and spent I don't know how much on cabs, asking me to take me to strip bars and asking if anyone knew where they were having amateur night? I never found her so finally about 2 a.m. I gave up and returned to our room.

I was dressed Friday morning and getting ready to leave when I once again heard giggling and the door opened. Sharon stumbled into the room and stopped staring at me. She had the guiltiest look I had ever seen on her face. Her clothes and makeup were in disarray. That damn Dirk followed her into the room and walked up behind her. He reached around her and cupped her breasts, pulling her to his chest as he leaned his head down. She turned her head back and they kissed. I heard Sharon moan as he massaged her nipples, and then Dirk mumbled something. She shook her head no, then I heard her say "It was wonderful and I will remember this week the rest of my life but I am married and I need my husband, not just the wonderful excitement I have had with you.

I was still angry and hurt but I was feeling happy-happier than I had been all week when I saw that smirk come over Dirks face again. I heard him say, "You sure that's what you want baby? We both know you're a little slut. I bet your cunt is just drooling and throbbing, begging for more cock. I felt my temper rise as I thought MORE COCK. What the hell was that all about?

With that, he turned her to face him and as he kissed her deeply, he ran his hand under her dress. Sharon melted against him and moaned "OH Yessss." As they continued kissing, she pulled him toward the bed. They stopped beside the bed and before I got to them they were already undressed. Sharon turned toward me slightly and I saw her now completely shaved crotch. It was covered in dry sperm and I saw sperm draining from her swollen cunt. She was wet nearly to her knees. Dirk had pushed my wife back on the bed. As she hit the bed on her back, her legs came up and spread. She was tilting her pelvis up, inviting him into her.

I lost it. I rushed toward him as he was lowering himself over her, nestling between her thighs. As I reached for him I saw once again this wasn't the first time he or someone had fucked her this night. Now that she was spread I could see how loose her cunt was. The sperm was even more noticeable as it continued draining from her cunt.

I grabbed Dirks arm and he turned his head to me and smirked again, then yelled, "Reggie, Charlie. Escort this asshole out of our room please. NO, Wait. Let him watch his little slut cum first."

I was hit in the back, then the black man Sharon had been dancing with Tuesday night and his partner each grabbed one of my arms and backed me away from the bed.

As I watched, Dirk nudged his cock up to her parted vaginal lips. Sharon grabbed his ass with her hands and pulled against him as she thrust her cunt toward his invading cock. "Ohhhh, GOD. Please hurry", She moaned.

I couldn't take it any longer. I yelled and screamed at Sharon begging her to not do this. I told her how I loved her and we had agreed this was only a teasing and flashing trip. We hadn't wanted to have sex with others, only spice up our sex life. She looked at me and I heard her say "I love you but I NEED this right now. Please honey. Just go."

Dirk grinned at me, and then slid another inch or two into my wanton wife. By now she was thrusting back and forth rapidly. I watched as he set himself, and then slammed the rest of his cock into her in one thrust. "AHHHHH", she screamed as she locked her heels around his thighs and began making rapid pelvic thrusts as she had her first orgasm. That set Dirk off and he made a couple more fast, deep thrusts, then I watched as his balls drew up against the base of his cock and began twitching, pumping his spunk once again into Sharon's' dripping cunt.

After they relaxed a little, Dirk bent forward and he and Sharon began gentle, lovers' kisses. I felt myself slump in defeat and saw the two men holding me look at each other. Reggie said, "Let's get him out of here. You heard her ask him to just go." They took a tighter grip on me and walked me through the door and into the hall. They then stood guard and wouldn't let me back into the room. They took my key card from my hand as I tried to insert it into the key slot. Reggie smiled at me and said I should leave before I got hurt.

As I turned to leave, I heard Sharon scream out in another orgasm. That was a sound I could not mistake. I had heard it for years as she and I made love. My heart broke. On the way to the lobby I decided to break this up. I called work and told them I was having trouble getting a cab and I would be a little late.

I went to the front desk and told them who I was and that some men had my wife trapped in our room. I needed the police now. He asked my name then said he couldn't help me that the lady had just phoned him and told him I might try to cause trouble and I was just upset because we had an argument. Under no circumstances were they to let me back into the room until that night after I had cooled down. As he said this, he gave me a smirk too.

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