Not the Day He Expected

by Alistair Acorn

Copyright© 2010 by Alistair Acorn

Fantasy Sex Story: An unexpected occurrence while attending a customer's home

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Coercion   Fiction   DomSub   Light Bond   Voyeurism   .

Jim woke up with his usual erection, but today was to be so different. Today, his girlfriend Joan was returning and he looked forward to soaking his nine inches of manhood in her body. He was also looking forward to his girlfriend's return, after her spending a month in prison for fine evasion, well not one, but six. Anyway, he had paid the fines for her, since they were fines from speed camera's sent to an old address. Yes! He was feeling on top of the world and looking towards their reunion.

So driving into Mrs. Henderson's driveway to fix her computer for the tenth time this month, he was whistling when he rang the bell at the front door. As he waited, he wondered why he was able to drive right in, usually he had to stop at the driveway gates and use the intercom before he was admitted.

Before he could think of anything else he heard the front door opening. He turned towards it, only to face a man answer it, not the sour faced Mrs. Henderson, or her just as bad grumpy old mother.

"Yea, what can we do for you," the man asked.

Strange, it was Mrs. Henderson who demanded that she was to have the first appointment of the day, so she could continue with her cook book for publication. "Mrs. Henderson arranged for me to come and fix her computer, first thing this morning." Jim answered.

The man took some time to answer, for you could almost see his brain slowly tick over. "Better come in then," he answered waving him in with a one handed thumb movement, the other no doubt holding the inside door knob.

When Jim turned to face the man, who was a head taller than he, he faced a sawn-off shotgun, held firmly in the man's hand. "Well Mr. Computer man; move into the room to your left, and don't think of any heroics, or they will be the last you will ever perform." Said the gruffly talking man, who apparently had watched too many third grade gangster movies; waving the gun towards the half open door.

"I'm not the heroic type, so anything you want I'll do" Jim answered, but cursing himself for not noticing the open front gates that something had to be amiss in the house. He knew the Henderson's were jewellers, who had a number of shops in the city and frequently getting held up.

"Place your cases down there," the man indicated on the floor of the hall, which Jim quickly complied.

Jim was prodded into the room, he could see two other men with guns holding the Henderson's hostage. Mr. Henderson was seated on a straight back chair with his hands secured at the rear; his legs tied by flex cord to the legs. His shirt had been torn off and on his chest it appeared he had been burnt with cigarette, even through his singlet. There was blood on his face, but Jim could see no reason for it, except maybe a bleeding nose.

Tied together across the reading table were Mrs. Henderson and her mother. Jim also noted that their legs were strapped to the legs and their arms tied together and linked under the table. The young daughter was seated in an easy chair, but perched right on the edge, knees together, hands on her lap, sitting straight and proudly up. She was in her school uniform which seemed to make the posture so correct for the young girl. She also wore large round glasses and Jim could guess that she also had braces on her teeth, even though her mouth was closed.

"Who is this bastard?" asked a fat man holding a gun, but indicating Jim.

"He says he is here to fix Mrs. Henderson's computer," Gruff voice answered.

"Since he is here, he can fix Mrs. Henderson. I was going to get one of you to do it, but, now, they can't pin the blame on us," he answered and the three of them started laughing at whatever joke they had made.

"Mr. Computer man, take off your trousers and underpants, that is if you wear them," another laugh from two of them.

"The name is Jim and no; why should I," Jim answered, feeling he had to show some sort of retaliation.

"I said so, and this said so," the man with the shotgun said prodding him to indicate who this was.

As the Police say, do what home invaders want and let them handle the rest that was the phrase, which was going through his head. The only thing was the Police weren't the ones being humiliated. Jim stood there almost defiantly until he took a hit with the barrel of the shotgun on the side of his head.

"You heard what the man said; off!" Was what gruff voice said standing behind him.

Jim firstly removed his work shoes and then his trousers and underpants, but his privates were hidden by his shirt front. He stood with his arms folded looking defiantly at the fat man. "Well does that satisfy you," he asked?

"Only thing, I need you with an erection, not a limp specimen. So we will have to change that Jim, and I know who will serve the purpose." Now the fat man had a leer on his face as he faced the girl sitting on the chair all prim and proper.

"You Primrose now is your chance to get a man excited, without any fear to yourself sweetie. Want to give it a try, then the big bad men won't hurt your daddy." He asked, but obviously would force her if necessary, with a sarcastic grin on his face?

"Don't be so base asking a young girl to do such a thing," Mr. Henderson called out when he heard what was said.

"The man won't hurt you any more if I do as he asks." The girl Primrose replied, but by her facial expression, it was obvious she wanted to do this.

Turning to Mr Henderson, fat man spoke. "You tell us when the next shipment is due in plus the combination of your safe and this need not happen. I hope the shipment is due soon, for we stay here until it arrives. It's up to you daddy!" the fat man asked him.

"These are two things I won't tell you," Mr. Henderson replied.

"Hold Jim and let's see if our little lady can get our Jim hard." Fat man said to gruff voice.

Jim's arms were grasped from the rear and Primrose if that was her name, came straight over without any hesitation and lifted his shirt front up.

"Well look at the little tramp; see dad!" Fat man again laughed and teased the bound man.

Her hands were soft as she grasped his inert penis, then to everyone's surprise she knelt down and sucked the circumcised head into her mouth and tongued the head. Her hands grasped the shaft and started moving up and down it.

"It looks as if our little Miss. Innocence isn't so innocent; she really knows how to give a head job." The other armed man said in a squeaky voice," I think I should get her to give me one also."

"You don't touch any of those females, don't want to get a rape charge added do you?" the fat man barked.

This young girl really knew how to bring a man on, she worked Jim's cock like a pro and it wasn't long before his thick nine inches was on display for everyone to see.

"Now Primrose that is enough, I can see you really like that, but maybe later. I want you to put this hard cock just outside your mum's pussy, but get her panties down first."

The little, maybe in stature, or age, but certainly not innocent, went straight over, lifted her mother's dress well over her hips. Primrose took the top of her mother's and pulled down the thin violet panties her mother was wearing, down to her knees. Squeaky voice drew out a knife and cut the fabric in two, leaving one leg free and the other with the remnants of the mother's underwear on the other leg.

Being pushed from behind Jim was placed between the woman's tied down legs and Primrose, now holding Jim's penis lightly brushing the puffy labial lip. This closeness, the distinct woman's smell was making Jim's penis even harder and though he didn't want to humiliate Mrs. Henderson, he knew he wanted to bury his cock into this woman.

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