Ashlee's Weakness

by pointless

Copyright© 2010 by pointless

Sex Story: Ashlee feels torn between the love she feels for Macy, her lover, friend and now roommate for her freshman year of college and the lust she feels for Carrie, an older girl with different ideas about sex and love that Ashlee can't help but find intriguing even though she doesn't want to. Will Ashlee be strong enough to resist or will her weakness win in the end?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   Cheating   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Slow   School   .

Author's note: This story is part of a loose series of stories I have written that begins with Ashlee and Naiya's Sleepover and Macy's Crush and is directly preceded by A Sudden Change. There are also other stories in the series that follow Naiya's path that I've already written (Naiya's Fresh Start and Naiya's Homecoming). Those technically come after this one, so if you feel yourself enjoying the story, but also a bit lost regarding the back story feel free to ignore Naiya's stories and just start from the beginning and work your way back.

I'd also like to point out that I edited this myself, so please be forgiving of any small errors you might find while also feeling free to let me know if there's any glaring oversights I've made either editing or just in the story itself. As long as it's constructive I'll be glad to read whatever it is any of you have to say.

That being said, I do hope you enjoy my incredibly long and at some points very slow story. If you do rest assured there will be more to come. If you don't, well ... that's okay too. Either way I thank you.

Ashlee loved Macy more than she'd ever loved anyone or anything in her life. She knew this was true without even having to think about it. It was just an indisputable fact that was beyond question just as it was a fact that Macy returned that love fully and truly without any reservations, qualifiers or any other such nonsense. Their love was beautiful and true and it was something that Ashlee cherished more than life itself.

Of course, it hadn't exactly been an easy love. After all, the beginning of their relationship had hardly been perfect, but that hadn't mattered then and it didn't matter now. So what if they had both been on the rebound from the first real relationships of their young lives? So what if they'd both discovered on that very same night when they first made love with so much soft passion that they'd both been keeping secrets from each other? Did it matter now that they were together? Of course not. All that really mattered was the new closeness they felt for each other and the comfort they felt in the other's arms and lips and so much else whenever they were together. The emotional and awkward beginning was nothing compared to that.

By the time they'd left for school the awkward beginning was barely an after thought. About the only awkwardness that remained was the strain their love put on Macy's relationship with her step sister Naiya, but even that hardly seemed to matter. After all, any strain there was a direct result of Naiya's actions and that made it easier for Macy to fall in love with Ashlee guiltlessly even as she tried her best not to let her relationship with Naiya completely fall apart. It would take quite a bit for Macy to succeed in doing that, but eventually she found something of an equilibrium when she discovered that Naiya realized that the fault for destroying the friendship and love she'd had with Ashlee rested entirely within herself, but that was another story altogether.

The love that had quickly developed between Ashlee and Macy was strong from the very start and even that seemingly significant hurdle was no true obstacle to their feelings by the time they'd left for college to start a new adventure together seemingly far, far away from the life they had back home. In fact, when they got in the car with Ashlee's mother to follow Ashlee's father and older sister Tabitha in the small moving van they didn't even bother wasting a thought on Naiya. Their thoughts were more focused on the frustration of having to control themselves during the long, tedious drive halfway across the state while also trying not to get frustrated with the constant stream of advice coming from Ashlee's mother about what not to do once they were on their own and out of the reach of direct parental supervision.

It was hard to do especially since Ashlee's mother made it a point to bring up the dangerous and foreboding creatures known as frat boys and their evil, lustful ways seemingly once every five minutes or so. A couple of times the girls had a hard time just trying to keep from laughing as she kept harping on the importance of making sure they didn't get themselves knocked up or infected with some horrible disease, but they managed to hold it in and Ashlee's mother was sufficiently embarrassed to not notice the knowing smiles Ashlee and Macy exchanged on more than one occasion through the rearview mirror.

There was one warning that Ashlee's mother had given, however, that they later learned was quite relevant despite the fact that at the time they just found it amusing to even consider the fact that living together would be anything but a paradise of endless Sapphic joy and wanton sexual exploration which, of course, it was in a lot of ways. Sadly, when Ashlee's mother had warned them their youthful arrogance had easily won the day even as Ashlee's mother had said wisely "Seriously girls, try not to get on each other's nerves too much. I know you think I'm just some old fuddy duddy hausfrau, but trust me, living with anyone, even your best friend, can be a major strain on a friendship. Heck, when I was a sophomore I lived with this girl Carmen who was my best friend in the world before we rented an apartment together. Six months later I was ready to strangle her every time she brought some frat boy home with her or left her towel on the floor after a shower. God, by the time our lease was up we weren't even talking. Hell, I never talked to her again."

"Mom," Ashlee had said at the time in all seriousness and with more than a hint of the usual teenage parental frustration evident in her voice, "That won't happen to us. We've known each other since like forever. I doubt we'll be strangling each other over towels on the bathroom floor."

"Yeah, that's what you think. Seriously, Ashlee and you too Macy, I want you both to promise me that whatever happens, whatever little annoying issue crops up that drives you mad with irrational rage or anything else you guys won't let yourselves hate each other. I mean it, promise me."

"Don't worry, Rhonda," Macy said from the backseat. She'd always called her friends parents by their first names even though only Rhonda had ever actually insisted on it, "I promise we won't kill each other."

"Thank you, Macy. I appreciate that. Your turn, Ashlee. Don't look at me like that. Promise your mother you won't kill your friend over something stupid."

"Cross my heart and swear to god," Ashlee said as she did as she said smiling widely at what she thought was the silliness of it all. Her mother ignored the smile before reminding Ashlee and Macy that she'd hold them to their word even though the look on her face told them she knew they weren't taking her seriously. She then reverted to talking about safe sex and making sure they didn't miss their classes before finally realizing she'd been lecturing them for over an hour. After that the conversation became far more friendly and light hearted until they arrived at the little apartment Ashlee's father had managed to rent them both and everyone became far too busy moving the rag tag collection of second hand furniture that had been clogging up Ashlee's parents garage and Macy's families basement for the last few months and all the hastily packed boxes into the cramped confines of what would be Ashlee and Macy's home for at least the next six months.

Rhonda had made sure to remind them of their promise before Ashlee's family left in flurry of hugs, well wishes, reminders to call regularly and other heartfelt family moments, but the bittersweet partings had dulled the sharpness of the warning even more than Ashlee and Macy's youthful arrogance had in the car. Then what Macy and Ashlee did once they were alone dulled it even more as they put unpacking on hold and instead did their best to "break in the apartment" by going down on each other on the couch. They almost did the same thing in the shower before they realized they needed to get to work. Of course, this didn't stop them from making love again anyway( on the couch again, naturally), but after that they managed to control themselves long enough to make the living room reasonably livable and assemble one of their bed's before they got hungry and ordered a pizza as they smoked a joint and relaxed on the couch.

By the time they were getting ready to call it a night they'd somehow managed to get most of the big stuff out of the way despite the fact that that first joint quickly turned into five and their ability to control their hormones lessened with each hit. Still, they managed to make the apartment look something like a home despite all the half emptied boxes strewn about every room except the bathroom. They'd even managed to hook up the cable and their computers before they finally gave up on the idea of testing out the capacity of the water heater and instead just fell on the couch to watch some random movie that neither was paying that much attention to as they smoked a little more and chatted lazily with each other.

Of course they weren't just sitting there vegging out. How could they? Just being close to each other while knowing that for once there was absolutely no chance that they'd be interrupted was simply too much of a temptation. Sure they were both tired, but when the movie ended and Macy, after getting up and grabbing the remote for her stereo out of one of the aforementioned half empty boxes, asked Ashlee in her cutest, little pleading voice for a foot rub Ashlee could already feel herself gearing up for another round of sweet, soft love making with her beautiful lover.

Being able to make love to her petite and wonderful girlfriend was nothing short of a blessing. Not just because she was beautiful, of course. That would be shallow and their love was too deep, too emotional and true to be labeled like that. No, there was a friendship there that ran deeper than any mere physical attraction. It was just a connection that neither really could put a label on, but it didn't matter. It was there and that was everything.

Still, Macy's body did drive her wild. Ashlee just loved her soft, shoulder length dark brown hair, her tiny nose, her perfect jaw line and her beautiful eyes which somehow seemed both just a little too big for her face, but also absolutely perfect. She also loved those small, perfect breasts, her soft, ever so bitable tummy and her cute feet with those perfect toes that occasionally just called to her even though she really didn't have a foot fetish. At least she didn't think so. Sure, the fetish she didn't think she had actually turned out to be the catalyst that got the ball rolling again, but that hardly meant anything. Seriously, Macy just had some cute fucking toes as Ashlee was forced to tell Macy when she teased Ashlee for kissing them as they rested on the couch in what passed for their jammies enjoying their buzz, their closeness and the music of Elvis Costello, a fetish Macy had picked up over the last month for reasons unknown to Ashlee, but which she was starting to get into despite herself. Of course, she wasn't paying all that much attention at the time and instead she was busy smiling in response to her lover's laugh.

"You're such a perv," Macy said, laughing that light, airy little giggle that Ashlee just couldn't help but love.

"Am not. It's not my fault your toes are so fucking cute," Ashlee said defending herself with a smile.

"Whatever, pervert. Why don't you stop wasting your time kissing my feet and get back to rubbing them?" Macy shot back, trying her best not to smile as she did so.

"But I like kissing them."

"Well, I like it when you kiss me in other places a lot better."

"Really?" Ashlee said raising her eyebrow as though intrigued. Of course, she was intrigued even though it was hardly a mystery where this conversation was going. Still, she waited to hear her lover's response before deciding her next move.

"Yes, really," Macy replied coyly letting Ashlee know that Macy was aware that she was waiting to be told where else she should direct the attention of her lips.

"Like where?" Ashlee said after a short pause even though she realized before she asked that Macy was going to keep playing the coy little girl. As she asked she decided that it was best just to give up the pretense of continuing the foot massage and instead guided Macy's foot off to the side before she leaned over and made to lay on top of her lover, but at the last moment she paused and instead crouched over her waiting for a response.

"Guess," Macy responded as she reached out and gently pulled Ashlee the rest of the way down to her until their faces were mere inches apart. She then tried to close that last gap as well only to find that Ashlee had decided that it was her turn to be a little coy.

"Maybe I don't want to guess. Did you ever think of that?"

"Maybe you should just shut up and kiss me. Did you ever think of that?"

"Hmmm, that is a good..."

"Oh my god! Shut up!" Macy said before craning her neck up to Ashlee and putting an end to their game. Ashlee didn't mind one little bit, she did consider resisting just for a split second. At least she considered doing that until she felt Macy's lips part against her own and instead she found herself forgetting all about it and just about everything else as she melted into Macy's arms and into those soft, loving lips.

Macy's kiss always seemed to have that kind of an effect on Ashlee. It was just so sweet and tender and there was always so much feeling in even the simplest kiss. This kiss was no exception to that rule. Even though it was more playful than serious that didn't mean that Macy didn't put every last ounce of her love and lust into it as she started to teasingly bite Ashlee's lower lip in a successful attempt to slowly draw out her passion. Soon they were both shifting on their narrow, lumpy sofa until they were both lying on their sides.

The maneuver was somewhat tricky, but they'd had plenty of practice. Since they had purchased their crappy couch for twenty bucks at the local goodwill it had been seen plenty of action late at night in Ashlee's parents garage (well, it was supposed to be a garage, but it hadn't been used as one ever since Ashlee's father got himself a job that paid him enough to build one that was actually attached to the house. Since then it had basically served as a place for Ashlee, her sisters and her friends to hang out and get stoned amongst the wreckage of her father's now abandoned hobby of working on old cars) In fact, they'd bought it despite it's dilapidated condition because it just so happened to be a pull out, but they'd yet to bother going to the trouble of pulling out the bed and instead usually just ended up either using it as a jumping off point before heading to bed or they just ended up doing it right there on the smoky and beer stained cushions. Of course, at that point it was as yet undecided where they'd end up making love as they took advantage of their new position to simply take joy in their closeness as hands freely began to wander under the thin, soft fabric of each others pajamas. Really, that in itself was exquisite enough to occupy them both for quite some time as soft hands caressed the smooth skin of each others backs while their kiss gained speed slowly, but with a persistence that was equal parts familiar, comforting and erotic.

It wasn't until Macy's hands found their way down the back of Ashlee's boxers that things started to get a little more passionate, but even then everything progressed with slowness. Even when Macy's small, soft hands began to gently knead the flesh of Ashlee's buttocks while at the same pulling her closer and sliding her thigh between Ashlee's legs in an obvious invitation to grind her pussy against the soft material of Macy's pajamas Ashlee knew better than to do so.

Not that it was a trap or a trick or anything silly like that, but because she knew that if she did she'd lose it right then and there and Ashlee didn't want that. Sure, she was tired and so was Macy, but the knowledge that there were no parents to interrupt them now brought about in Ashlee a seemingly natural inclination to try and draw out the whole experience from beginning to end even if it meant they'd both lose valuable sleep in the process. Even though her body screamed for her to take up Macy's offer of sweet, satisfying release so early on Ashlee forced herself to hold back and instead allowed her own hands to drift past the waist band in the rear of Macy's pajama's to return the soft caress and teasing exploration the forbidden crevasse that laid between those cute, little butt cheeks while teasingly biting her lover's lip.

"You're such a bitch," Macy said after the bite, but despite her name calling Ashlee knew she was only playing. Even without that cute, girlish grin that crossed Macy's lips as she spoke Ashlee would've known.

Still, that didn't stop her from returning the playful insult in kind as she said "I'm not the bitch. You're the bitch. What do you think you're doing trying to make me fuck your thigh? You know I like saving that for latter. Besides, maybe I just wanna make out tonight. Ever think of that?"

"No," Macy said with a hint of playful sarcasm as she once again pulled Ashlee tightly to her by kneading and grabbing her tight bottom before kissing her lips briefly then continuing by adding "I never thought of that. Besides, don't you ever think of my needs? Maybe I wanna come right now, hmmm? Did you think of that?"

"Oddly enough I did," Ashlee said enjoying the teasing, playful banter almost as much as she was enjoying the way Macy was squirming under her touch as she began to use her fingernails to lightly scratch Macy's back, "but I kinda decided I'd rather be a little selfish tonight and if you gotta problem with that you can..."

Suddenly Ashlee found herself being silenced by her lover's lips once again crashing against her own as one of those hands that had been caressing her butt found it's way quickly to the back of her head and pulled her back to Macy's lips. It was a quick kiss, but it was easily the most passionate kiss of the evening so far and Ashlee knew what that meant even before it broke and Macy, looking just a bit too proud of herself, stared into her eyes and said "So ... you're saying that if I did this," and she paused and Ashlee found herself sighing in both pleasure and surprise as she felt Macy's hand slide swiftly and easily from her butt to the front of her boxers and just as swiftly and easily slide it's way down until one of her fingers teasingly slid its way between Ashlee's lips before Macy continued saying "That you'd stop me?"

"Mmm, not necessarily," Ashlee said in a quiet shaky whisper as Macy's lips found their way to her neck while her finger continued to tease Ashlee with it's playfulness as Macy touched her just enough for Ashlee to feel it, but not enough to do anything else. At least, not for the moment. Really, she was almost just cupping Ashlee's pussy while rubbing her with maddeningly little force continuing to place light kisses that were now heading upward to Ashlee's ear.

"But you just said you wanted to wait. Were you lying? Hmmm, do you want me do this... ," and again Macy upped the ante by changing her soft caresses to something more adamant, more forceful as she let a finger slip between Ashlee's already wet, puffy lips to tease the inner lips more directly and even to ever so briefly caress her clit before continuing her verbal teasing by saying "Or should I stop? I mean if you want me to I will. I'm not cruel after all. If you don't want me to do this..." and now her finger began to slip easily into Ashlee's depths, but only just as she nibbled gently on Ashlee's earlobe before adding as she continued to call Ashlee's bluff "I'll gladly stop."

"Oh, you don't have to do that. I ... I don't mind," Ashlee said her, voice shaky with arousal as Macy's fingers began to slowly penetrate her pussy more deeply while her palm occasionally brushed against her hood.

"You're sure?" Macy said as she stopped her teasing of Ashlee's neck and ears to look into her lover's half closed eyes revealing her soft, teasing smile to Ashlee's eyes as she said "I mean, I'd gladly stop if that's..."

"Oh, shut the fuck up," Ashlee quickly before reaching up to pull her lovers smiling face to her own for another deep, passionate kiss. The charade was over. They both knew it, but neither of them really cared all that much. After all, this was the real point of it all. The rest was merely a game to make them both want it just that much more.

Of course, that being said, it wasn't long before Macy's fingers started to lose a bit of their dexterity as Ashlee couldn't help but want to make Macy feel just as good as Macy was making her feel. It was hardly instant, though. No, for a long, beautiful series of moments both lovers were satisfied with nothing more than a sweet, shared kiss as Macy selflessly pleasured Ashlee with loving patience and ease. Macy wasn't even actively trying to make her come. Sure, she wouldn't have minded one little if Ashlee did, but she knew that making love to Ashlee wasn't really about orgasms. It was about loving, soft caresses and sweet, passionate kisses and so much more.

There would be plenty of orgasms at some point, but there was no hurry and no need for parity. Still, when one of Ashlee's hands left its task of softly stroking Macy's cheek to slowly make its way down the front of Macy's monkey pajama bottoms until Ashlee's fingers began to mirror Macy's own ministrations she hardly protested. Instead she just sighed into Ashlee's mouth before using her other hand to pull Ashlee's mouth even tighter to her own.

The mirroring was exquisitely delightful game, but it was hardly new. In fact, it was one of the first games they'd taught each other when their relationship started to become serious. It was a mutual thing, a loving thing in which neither of them led but for a moment. Sure, they both tried to keep the lead, to call the shots as it were, in order to give the other the maximum pleasure without forcing anything or trying too hard to quicken the pace, but inevitably the roles would shift and change as the temptation to make the other come overcame one of them and momentarily they'd both lose control until some semblance of order would be restored by a softly whispered "Not yet, baby. Please not yet," or something similar until the urge to push left whoever was trying too hard at the moment.

At least that was how it worked at first, but when Macy felt Ashlee's fingers curling up inside her, searching for and finding that sweet, little spot inside that always made Macy scream that part of the game was all over. The mirroring ended even though Macy tried her best to keep it going. It just wasn't possible, however. Ashlee had learned too much in their relatively short time together for Macy to have any hope of holding off the rush she felt building inside of her at that moment.

"Oh shit, baby. You're ... Yeah, don't ... Fuck!" Macy said when the rush became too much for her to hold the kiss and instead she found herself forced to bury her face in Ashlee's shoulder to cover the long quaking vocalization she knew was coming. Sure, it was hardly necessary for her to do so. After all, their neighbors weren't their parents and they honestly didn't care if they heard them or not, but years of making love with curious girlfriends at sleepovers when parents were often just down the hall had left their impression on Macy's mind and habits.

Ashlee hardly minded though. Honestly, feeling her lover almost screaming into her shoulder as her arms instinctively wrapped themselves around Ashlee's body was hardly a bad thing. In fact, it felt great to have her quaking body pressed against her own. It made her feel so strong, so loved to know she was the source of Macy's pleasure. She didn't even mind when Macy's teeth found purchase in the fabric of her t-shirt and the soft flesh of her shoulder that lay beneath as she continued to shake and cream on Ashlee's fingers.

About the only thing she did mind was when Macy relaxed and reached down to pull Ashlee's hand away. Of course, she didn't say anything and her mild sense of disappointment was reasonably assuaged by Macy guiding her sticky fingers to her lips where Macy kissed them then licked her own come from them before sharing another kiss with Ashlee.

Obviously Ashlee got over it quite quickly as the kiss deepened and she found herself being guided onto her back as she felt Macy's hands begin to tug at her t-shirt. Any residual disappointment quickly dissipated as the t-shirt soon found itself flying across the room and was soon joined by Macy's even though Macy was at first reluctant to allow this saying "Stop it. It's my turn, you jerk."

"It's not about turns, dummy," Ashlee teased back then added "Besides, what's fair is fair. You get to see my boobs, so I get to see yours."

"Please, you see them everyday and besides," Macy teased back as she leaned down to place a kiss between Ashlee's soft mounds, "Yours are much prettier. Tastier too." With that Macy placed some kisses on Ashlee's chest, but this time it was much more direct as she took aim at first one nipple then the other before the kisses quickly gave way to soft licks and light nips temporarily quieting Ashlee down. Of course, the silence was doomed to be a temporary thing as that last line suddenly struck Ashlee as highly amusing and her laughter in turn caused Macy to look at her oddly as she asked "What's so funny? Can't you see I'm trying to seduce you?"

"Tastier?" was all Ashlee could say.

Macy frowned at her and said "Yeah, tastier. Like boobs. Yummy, awesome boobs."

"You're so immature," Ashlee said still laughing. She knew Macy was just being silly, but that didn't make it all any less amusing. Still, she quickly calmed down when Macy placed a slightly harder nip on her nipple causing her to wince and say "Ouch. Jerk!"

"Shut up and let me work, butthead." Macy said and cut off any chances of further laughter by instantly taking one of Ashlee's nipples between her lips to suckle it as Ashlee sighed and finally gave up on teasing her lover's playful nature. Instead she simply laid back, looked into Macy's eyes and let her hand find its way to Macy's long, soft hair to stroke it lovingly as seriousness returned to their lovemaking.

The shift from playful to serious really wasn't that hard to achieve. Macy, after all, knew Ashlee's body almost as well as she knew her own. She knew when and where to lick, to bite, to kiss and she knew all those little sweet spots that felt good and all the little spots that made Ashlee sigh as she continued to explore those soft, lovely breasts she'd come to know so well. At least, she continued until she noticed Ashlee relaxing and realized it was time to move on.

Honestly, her timing was perfect as was everything else. The way Macy kissed her way down her lover's ribcage and the way she kissed, nipped and licked the soft flesh of Ashlee's stomach never failed to send shivers up and down Ashlee's spine. As if that wasn't enough as her mouth approached Ashlee's navel Macy brought a hand to Ashlee's breast to squeeze and caress her there as well.

If Ashlee hadn't already been wet well before Macy started her downward journey the way she was kissing her belly button would have done the trick all by itself. Of course, Macy knew this just as she knew better than to let the way Ashlee was silently urging her downward affect her. Instead she just used her teeth once more and placed a loving bite on Ashlee's deceptively soft tummy and chuckled a bit when Ashlee squirmed and let out a soft sigh in response before saying "You're such a naughty little bitch."

"Thanks, baby," was all Macy chose to say in response as she kissed the spot she'd just bitten before continuing her downward trek. She didn't go directly to Ashlee's pussy however. Sure she took the time to slide those cute boxers down Ashlee's thighs and even bent her head towards that beautiful pussy she knew so well, but it was just a feint. All she did was place the lightest of kisses there before smiling at Ashlee's soft, expectant sigh before placing another kiss on Ashlee's inner thigh as she continued to head downward while ignoring Ashlee's complaints.

"Shhh, baby. Let me tease you," Macy said between kisses on Ashlee's thigh as she sat up between Ashlee's legs and made her way to the back of her knee.

"But I wanna come, Macy," Ashlee whined as her hand instinctively went to her cunt.

Macy saw her, but she only smiled before responding by saying "I know, baby." Ashlee whined again, but this time more softly as Macy kissed that sweet spot on her leg with tenderness before reaching for Ashlee's other leg. She then kissed the back of her lover's other knee before kissing her way back down again with the same slowness as before.

Ashlee just watched her through half closed eyes secretly wishing she'd just go down on her, but also enjoying the teasing. Honestly, she was deeply conflicted. A part of her even wished Macy would slap her hand away, but it was a dim thought that died when Macy kissed her way back to her inner thighs then placed a soft kiss on the hand Ashlee was using to play with herself. What she did next was even better however as she laid down on the couch and then took hold of Ashlee's hand and brought it to her mouth to lick her fingers clean before taking that hand in one of her own and leaning in to kiss Ashlee's pussy.

Ashlee could only manage to sigh in response as the kiss was followed by another then another before Macy's tongue entered the fray to lick Ashlee's dewy slit. She then did it again as her other hand came around Ashlee's thigh and reached into spread Ashlee's pussy open. The next lick managed to elicit another sigh from Ashlee, but this time it was more shaky, quavering as her lover's tonguing began to get serious doing things Ashlee still didn't quite understand, but which were already making her buck her hips sporadically despite the fact that Macy had thus far completely ignored her clit.

"You like that, baby?' Macy asked with a smile before cutting off Ashlee's attempt to answer with another series of teasing licks on Ashlee's pink and dewy flesh. She then laughed playfully at the soft, satisfied groan Ashlee let loose from her lungs before diving back in to delve a little deeper into Ashlee's opening. Ashlee groaned again with a little more power and then almost squealed when Macy's magic tongue found its way to her clit for a brief tease before adding "Is that a yes?"

"Fuck yeah that's a yes," Ashlee managed to say in a soft, breathless voice as she squeezed her lover's hand and her hips bucked again as Macy flicked her hooded clit once more. She then squealed for real as Macy's tongue did it again before wrapping her lips around Ashlee's sensitive nub to suckle it before adding her tongue back to the mix as Macy stopped her teasing and started to get serious.

Any ideas about taking it slowly and making it last that Ashlee had had earlier were forgotten as she held Macy's hand tightly in her own and found herself humping almost violently against her lover's mouth. She could tell without even thinking about it that Macy was going for the kill, but Ashlee didn't care. She was ready and at that moment she wanted nothing more than to come. Of course, at that point it was going to happen whether she wanted to or not, but that didn't matter. Nothing did. Nothing except the feel of Macy's mouth with that flexible dexterous tongue and the magic it was working on her pussy.

"Oh, shi ... Oh shi ... Oh fuckin'..." was all Ashlee managed to say as she felt the rush building in her rapidly and the explosion threatening to over take her even though it had only been mere moments since Macy began to lick, suckle and kiss her pussy in earnest. When in a second of clarity she felt her lover's hand migrate around her leg and realized that one of Macy's fingers was making its way inside of her Ashlee knew she wasn't going to be able to take it.

And sure enough almost as soon as that single digit slipped in up to the second knuckle the bomb went off and all was lost. With a quake that seemed to flow from her pussy to the center of her being and a deep, soulful groan followed by a series of almost panicky, panting breaths Ashlee's body froze. Her back then arched for the briefest of moments before she crashed into a world of pure ecstasy. Her grip on Macy's hand was almost painful for both of them, but Macy refused to relinquish her hold on it and instead just ignored the pain as she kept licking and fingering Ashlee as best she could all through her orgasm even adding another thin finger as she felt her lover begin to come down.

That extra finger proved to be all the difference as Ashlee found herself coming again what seemed like mere seconds later. She really had no idea. All she knew was that it was hardly any time at all before she felt Macy's fingers curl inside her and then it was over once again as Macy laughed proudly into her clit. Ashlee might have been angered a little by that laugh if the vibrations it sent to her clit hadn't helped make it all just that much better as she felt herself convulsing with joy thanks to her lover's ministrations until the ecstasy had passed.

Ashlee didn't even know that she had squirted until she saw Macy leaning in to kiss her moments later apparently satisfied with giving Ashlee two earth shattering orgasms in a row. Not that Ashlee was disappointed as she licked her cream off of Macy's chin. Still she knew she could have kept coming, but the night was still young and when, after sharing a taste of herself with Macy from Macy's fingers, Macy said simply "C'mon, let's go to bed," Ashlee knew that they wouldn't be going to sleep quite yet.

This knowledge hardly made her a prophet. The look in Macy's eyes told her everything she needed to know about her lover's intentions as they both got up and almost ran to the bedroom not even bothering to close the door as they jumped on the bed laughing joyously until they made eye contact and just seemed to merge together once more in a passionate embrace kissing lips, ears, necks, shoulders and even noses and eyelids as they shed whatever clothes they had left rolling on the bed that seemed almost huge after making love on their cramped, dingy couch.

It was hardly sad that the kiss seemed to kill the laughter. Now that they were finally fully naked and pressed so tightly together laughter just wasn't an option. The feel of their breasts mashing together, their nipples scraping against each other with delirious friction as their legs entwined and hands gripping and caressing every inch of naked flesh they could touch just seemed to sap the playfulness from them both and replacing it with a lust so intense that it was hardly any wonder that Ashlee quickly found herself no longer rolling on the bed but instead instinctively rolling Macy onto her back and softly grinding her hips against Macy to do what she had denied herself earlier.

The grinding was hardly graceful. At first Ashlee switched from rubbing herself against Macy's thigh then tried to bump and rub her clit against Macy's before going back to the thigh only to find herself being silently guided back to her lover's pussy. Ashlee almost protested but when Macy kissed as she spread her legs and tilted her hips just enough to allow Ashlee's clit to find purchase Ashlee finally felt that urge die out completely. Instead Ashlee just groaned into her lover's mouth and instantly went back to fucking her. She was rewarded for her efforts by feeling those deceptively strong legs wrapping themselves around the back of her own as Macy's hands went to Ashlee's face to hold her in the kiss. It was completely unnecessary gesture, but Ashlee didn't care at all.

It never ceased to amaze Ashlee how good it felt to make love like they were making love at that moment. Sure, it was awkward and occasionally frustrating (usually when they were drunk), but there was just something about the closeness of it all that made up for that. Add in the sweat, the friction and so much more that Ashlee couldn't quite classify and it was easy to understand that while grinding was hardly the best way to make love it was still just too damned hot to pass up.

It also helped that the feeling was mutual. Macy obviously loved it just as much as Ashlee even when Ashlee occasionally got a bit too excited and allowed her own selfish needs to take over at the expense of her lover Macy never complained. Instead she kept right on kissing Ashlee with hard passion while pulling her even tighter to her with her arms and legs until Ashlee's need to come yet again forced the kiss to break. Then Macy had simply switched to kissing, biting and licking whatever skin Ashlee bared to her while whispering her encouragement, egging Ashlee on by telling her how beautiful she was, how sexy it felt to have her body pressed so tightly against her own until Ashlee came for the third time that night and then collapsed into another kiss until she recovered and found herself rolled onto her back their lips and bodies once again seemingly locked together until Ashlee broke the kiss and looked deeply into Macy's eyes as she said softly "I want to taste you."

"I want to taste you too, baby," Macy replied in an equally quiet voice as she stroked Ashlee's cheek with her fingers before quickly kissing her again then adding "Wanna do it together?"

"That's a silly question," was all Ashlee could think of to say in reply.

"Is it?" Macy said and then kissed Ashlee's eyelid for no reason in particular.

"It is," Ashlee said and then returned the favor before kissing Macy's soft, lovely lips once more.

"So ... that's a yes then?" Macy added after that kiss broke.

"Stop asking and just do it already," Ashlee answered getting just a little frustrated at the banter, but not too much. Not that Macy minded really. No, she just smiled and did as she was told by turning around on the bed with the ease of one who had done so many, many times only to find herself squealing just a little bit in both surprise and pleasure as Ashlee craned her neck upward to almost attack her pussy before Macy had even settled herself into position. She then squealed again as Ashlee's aggression took a new turn as she rolled on to her side and taking Macy with her without even ceasing her attentions on Macy's lovely, wet pussy.

Macy would've teased her lover then one more time, but just as she about to she felt Ashlee's fingers enter her and decided that then was not the time. Instead she adjusted herself to the new position and buried her face into the space between Ashlee's legs to once again get a taste of Ashlee's honey. At least she tried, but Ashlee's skillful and aggressive efforts were already working their magic and for a moment Macy just found it easier to rest her head on Ashlee's thigh and just breath in the scent of her pussy.

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