Dinner at Soraya's

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2010 by sonyaesperanto

Mind Control Story: Tim and Nita have dinner with Soraya. Tim finally sees his friend Patrick, and what has happened to him ever since he ended up being his ex-girlfriend`s MC slave.

Caution: This Mind Control Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Slavery   Humiliation   Oral Sex   .


Tim and Nita were holding hands together until they finally reached the front door to Soraya's place. Nita let go of Tim's hand.

"Ring the door bell," Nita told Tim. Tim sighed, as he rang the door bell.


Why she always does this to me, he thought.

"Tim next time you make a sound like that I am going to ask you to tell me what are you exactly thinking of," Nita warning Tim sternly.

The front door opened. It was Patrick, dressed up as a French maid.

"Tim??" Patrick was shocked.

"Hi Patrick. We are joining you and your Mistress for dinner," Nita said, as she pushed Tim aside.

Nita pushed Patrick aside and when she saw Soraya by the front hallway both girls burst out in excitement.

"Nita," Soraya screamed in excitement.

"Soraya," Nita screamed too.

Both girls ran to each other and exchanged hugs.

While both girls were concentrating on each other and exchanging hugs, Tim looked at his friend Patrick.

She has destroyed my brother, he thought.

Tim went over to Patrick, giving him a hug, whispering to him, "I miss you my German brother. Hang in there. Just know that I always think about you. I and your two other brothers."

Tim had to lie about his two other enslaved brothers, that they were thinking about Patrick all the time.

"Tim get me out of here. I beg you please," Patrick pleaded.

Patrick sounded scared. Patrick wanted to hug Tim but he was scared that his "Mistress" would see this and then shout at him for his incompetence.

"Slave come here right now," Soraya screamed at Patrick.

Tim let go of Patrick. Patrick hurried to his Mistress's side. Nita looked at Tim angrily.

"Yes Mistress," Patrick responded to his Mistress with fear in his tone.

He really is scared of Soraya, he thought to himself.

"Dinner will be served at the dining quarters," Soraya screamed at Patrick.

"Yes Mistress," Patrick nodded with fear. He hurried into the kitchen.

Soraya motioned for all 3 of them to come and sit down at the dining table. Soraya sat at the head of the table. Nita and Tim sat together to Soraya's left.

"So Tim your Mistress has been treating you very well I heard," Soraya spoke to Tim, even smiling at him.

Tim looked at Soraya. A part of him wanted to go over to her and give her a tight slap on the face for having turned his "brother" into a scared wreck.

"Yes Nita is always good to me," Tim answered in a humble monotone.

"I can see that," Soraya giving him a smile.

Soraya looked at Nita.

"He even refers to you by your first name Nita. You treat him like an equal even though he is your property. You are too kind Nita," Soraya chuckled.

Tim felt unhappy about Soraya saying all these things but underneath the table Nita was holding his hand, as if telling him that he was lucky to have a loving caring girlfriend like her who loves him despite the fact that he did something as stupid as dumping her before ending up as her slave.

"He always does what he is told and he never leaves my sight. What else could a girl want Soraya," Nita said.

Patrick entered the dining hall, in his French maid outfit, placing their food on the table. He was bringing them one by one.

"You know something Tim. Consider yourself lucky. At least my slave here knows his place. Isn't that right slave!" Soraya spoke to Patrick.

She was obviously humiliating Patrick, all because he hurt her by telling her that he wanted to break up with her.

"Yes Mistress," Patrick responded, bowing his head low and not looking Soraya directly to her eyes.

"Lick my feet slave," Soraya commanding him.

"Yes Mistress," Patrick responded fearfully.

Patrick quickly dropped down on all fours, lapping his tongue away at Soraya's right feet which she moved forward towards his face.

"Ahh see Nita this is how you should be living," Soraya smiled towards Nita.

Soraya looked at Tim. She could tell that he hated Patrick being humiliated this way.

"Maybe Tim can lick your feet too. I mean every Persian woman should have her feet licked by a German man. You know you started something good here Nita," Soraya smiled, while enjoying having Patrick licking her feet.

Tim knew that if not for Nita there was no way in Hell Soraya could have had Patrick end up being her slave.

"Sor ... you can have him lick you later. I'm hungry," Nita told Soraya.

Soraya made Patrick stop and continue dishing out their food. When they were all having dinner together, Patrick ate beside Soraya ... on the floor like a dog eating from a dog bowl.

"My doggy always keeps me company," Soraya chuckled towards Nita, and Tim.

Soraya turned her attention towards Patrick who ate on all floors beside her like a dog. She patted him on the head.

"That's a good German doggy. Good boy," Soraya making her "babying" sounds.

Tim hated the way she talked to him and using the word "German" for ridiculing.

Tim could see that Soraya bent over and whispered something to Patrick's ear. He heard Patrick barking now like a dog.


"Guess your German doggy really loves you Soraya," Nita laughed.

"He sure does," Soraya said to Nita.

While Tim was allowed to eat like a human being, Nita and Soraya got carried away in their own conversations. What disturbed Tim was that he could hear their entire conversation and what they spoke about.

Soraya was telling Nita about other Persian-American girls throughout the country, beyond Los Angeles. Many of them dated German-American guys whom they all broke up with and had fights with.

"Maybe you can put them all under Mind Control and make them our sisters' slaves. It will serve these Blond assholes right. Germans were born to serve Persians," Soraya cried with excitement.

"Couldn't agree with you more my sister," Nita said.

What Nita said just now "scared" the daylights out of Tim.

Tim was imagining German American male students across America being turned into MC slaves and handed over to their Persian ex-es. It scared him if any of them were as ruthless and aggressive as Soraya or perhaps even worse.

Nita had been drinking red wine, getting excited from it. As for Tim no matter how much wine he drank he would automatically obey Nita and always be fully aware unless she wanted it otherwise.

Nita then looked to Tim saying to him, "I want you to go down on me and lick my pussy."

Tim went down the table and pulled her skirt up and pulled her underwear down, shoving his face into her pussy and then licking her pussy.

Tim was licking Nita's pussy below the dining table. Tim did enjoy licking Nita's pussy and Nita enjoyed having her clitoris licked.

Tim had been on his knees licking Nita's pussy for probably more than an hour until Nita told him to stop and join her once more on the table.

When dinner was finally over, Nita and Tim joined Soraya by the lounge. Once in the lounge Soraya made Patrick take off his top outfit revealing his pierced nipple rings which were attached together by a chain.

Soraya was pulling on his chains which hurt Patrick's nipples a lot. Soraya just chuckled at the pain she was inflicting upon him.

"What are you?" Soraya asked Patrick."

"I am a German slave for a Persian Mistrss," Patrick answered in a faked-up robotic tone.

Soraya then made Patrick go on all fours in front of her so that she could rest her feet on his back.

Soraya sat by a single arm chair facing a larger sofa where Nita and Tim were sitting on. Tim could see that if Patrick had been allowed to cry he would have been crying down tears by now.

"Hey Tim do you like my new foot rest. It's German made. I don't know what is it about you Blond German men? First you have it nice when you start dating our Brunette Persian sisters. Then you break up with them and hurt their feelings. Do you think you are the Master Race or something! You insulted Americans before by saying they are a weak race. Then you say that Native Americans are weak because they lost their lands to the White Europeans. At one point you stupid Nordic morons dare to tell Iran not to have nuclear weapons and your stupid Hitler, a fucking Blond serf, alongside his other fellow Blond serfs like Madison Grant dare to say that Germans were the ruling class in Russia and Poland when historians themselves said that Sarmatians, a Persian tribe, ruled all these lands since time immemorial," Soraya screaming on the top of her lungs towards Tim.

Tim gulped.

"Please don't talk like that to me," Tim pleaded.

Tim felt that Soraya had "hate" in her tone of voice.

"It's pathetic. Throughout history Iranian women always beat and conquer German men and have ruled most of Europe before the dark Ages," Soraya said to Nita.

Soraya lifted her leg and purposely banged it on top of Patrick's head.

"His head makes a good sound when you bang it," Soraya chuckled.

"Please Soraya stop hurting him. I beg you," Tim said.

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