Poor Amy: Learning a Lesson


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BDSM Sex Story: Amy Jameson tries to steal another girl's man. Poor Amy learns that is not a smart thing to do.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   DomSub   Spanking   Humiliation   .

Poor Amy Jameson was lying face down on the table, arms and legs bound to the table legs. Her body was covered in cum, her pussy and asshole were enflamed and sore, her back, ass and thighs were covered in welts. Her breasts, her tender breasts, were dotted with the marks that the teeth of nipple clamps leave when pressed between abused breasts and the tabletop. Her mind was buzzing, in that place that was neither here nor there — just floating in a space that only the abuse that she had endured could put her in. And in that state, she thought back to how she had ended up in this predicament.

Amy had met him on New Year's Eve. She was at a Hogmanay party with two of her fellow nurses from the hospital, when she saw him and his mates walk in. She liked the looks of him, and she was feeling particularly slutty that night. "You two can fight over the two end blokes, but the middle one is mine," she informed her friends, pointing to her prospective conquest.

She didn't make a move right away, but she made sure that he saw her looking at him. That, combined with the way she looked - her long blonde hair, breasts bulging out of a black v-neck shirt, a skirt short enough that if she bent over, everyone would know that she wasn't wearing knickers, and a body that filled her slutty clothes most excellently - made sure that he was soon standing next to her, offering her a drink.

Amy found out that his name was Jamie, and close up he looked just as scrumptious as he did from afar. A few more drinks and Amy convinced Jamie to say goodbye to his friends as she dragged him back to her flat. Just inside the door he grabbed her and pushed her against the wall. Her pussy juiced as she realized that he was not going to be gentle with her. Jamie lifted Amy up, pushing her skirt to her waist and grabbing one cheek in each hand. His fingertips met in the crack of her ass, pressing against her asshole, sending chills through her body.

Jamie pressed her against the wall and pulled his right hand off her ass and under her shirt, roughly pushing her bra out of the way and scraping her nipple in the process. Then he abruptly pulled back, dropping her to her feet. He pushed down on her shoulders, making it quite clear what he wanted next from Amy. Luckily, Amy was quite pleased to accommodate him; she loved the feel of a hot cock in her mouth, almost as much as she liked the feeling of hot spunk trickling down her throat.

When Amy pulled Jamie's pants off, she wasn't quite as sure that she could be so accommodating. Jamie's cock was amongst the largest she had seen, and she just knew that he was going to stretch her all over. Amy lovingly kissed the head of Jamie's cock, licking up the bit of the pre-cum that was leaking out. She looked up at him with sexy eyes as she slowly trailed her tongue from his balls to the tip, and then slipped the head into her mouth. She started moving her head up and down, causing Jamie to moan in pleasure. Jamie grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock in deeply, deeper than Amy could comfortably take, but James didn't appear to be too concerned with making Amy comfortable; at that point his only care was what would make his cock feel good.

Apparently, what made Jamie's cock feel good was Amy's mouth and throat, and he was soon sending a large load of cum down her willing throat. Jamie ran his fingers through Amy's blonde locks and said, "You're quite talented, little girl."

Amy pulled his cock out of her mouth and with a final lick said, "Thanks. I like to keep in practice."

Jamie pulled her to her feet, and then pushed her back against the wall, kissing her hard. He started pulling off the few clothes that Amy still wore, and then stripped himself off. Amy giggled as he lifted her over his shoulder and wandered her flat in search of her bedroom. The giggle became a laugh when he tossed her onto the bed, which quickly turned into a moan when his tongue plunged into her bare snatch.

Amy was thrilled — she'd been with too many guys to whom oral sex was strictly a one way street; blow jobs were just fine, but they wouldn't put their face near a pussy. Jamie clearly had no problem with this activity, and in fact was quite practiced. In no time at all, he had Amy screaming her orgasm out loud, and he didn't stop until she came again.

Jamie crawled up her body, nipping at Amy's tits on the way. They were still quite firm and perky, and she had the loveliest pink nipples.

"Harder," Amy whispered as he nipped her left tit.

"Oh, you like it rough?" Jamie asked, looking up at her from her breast.

"Uh, huh," Amy breathed.

Jamie bit down hard, dragging a shriek from Amy, then scooted up and planted his wet mouth on hers. Amy licked her own juices from Jamie's mouth and face, frantic to be closer to him. She felt his cock nudging her dripping pussy and she asked in surprise, "Ready for more already?"

"You tell me," he said, pushing his cock in.

Amy groaned as the large cock stretched her out. Jamie started moving in and out, and Amy was pleased to discover that his tongue was not the only thing that Jamie was good at using. He moved in ways that scratched all of her itches inside, and she went crazy.

"Oh, fuck me! Fuck me so good!" she moaned, pressing her breast to his mouth so that he could bite her nipple again. Amy was about to cum when Jamie pulled out.

"No!" she cried, but he ignored her and flipped her over, grabbing her hips and slotting himself back into her dripping gash.

"Yes!" she cried.

"You ... like ... that?" Jamie puffed.

"Harder!" Amy shrieked.

Jamie slapped her ass hard, and Amy came again. While she was cumming, Jamie grabbed her hips and slammed himself deep. "Yes!" he grunted as he unloaded into Amy.

Jamie collapsed onto Amy's back, rolling her to the side as he slipped out.

"That was fucking fantastic!" Amy declared.

"Thanks, you're not too bad yourself," Jamie said with a smile.

Amy pulled herself out of bed and dragged herself to the bathroom to clean up. She looked in the mirror and saw the teeth marks forming around her nipple. Just seeing the bruises forming sent tingles through her body again.

When Amy was done, she went back to her room and lay down next to Jamie. Jamie looked like he was starting to nod off, not surprising given the workout that they had just been through.

"You're done?" Amy asked plaintively.

"For now!" Jamie sighed.

"But I still have one more hole," Amy said teasingly.

All of a sudden, Jamie didn't look so tired.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Well, you fucked my mouth and my cunt, but not my arse," she said.

"You do that?" he asked in amazement.

"Why, you don't like it?" Amy asked.

"I do!" Jamie said sharply. "I just haven't had the chance in a long time."

"Well, you have the chance now," Amy said, sliding down his body. "Don't squander it."

Jamie clearly did not intend to, as his cock started getting hard again almost immediately after she slipped it into her mouth. Amy worked it over thoroughly, revelling in the taste of their mixed cum. In no time, Jamie was ready for business. Amy reached into the nightstand next to her bed and pulled out a tube of lube. "Use lots," she said, getting on her hands and knees and wiggling her ass at eager partner.

Jamie knelt behind her and she felt his finger slip into her bum, the cold lube making her shiver. Jamie rushed through the preparation, clearly wanting to get to the main event.

"Oh, yesssss!" Jamie moaned as he pushed his cock into Amy. For her part, Jamie's was probably the largest cock she'd had in her ass, and it stretched her painfully.

"Oooo, it hurts," she hissed.

"Do you want me to stop? Jamie asked, clearly reluctant to do that.

"No, I like the way it hurts," she groaned. "Fuck me hard!"

And Jamie did. This was clearly a treat for him, and he was enjoying it. Having just cum, he took quite a while. He reached forward and pulled her up by her hair, wrapping one arm around and mauling her breast, while his other hand dipped to her clit.

"Again!" Amy cried as she came again.

Jamie pulled out and pushed Amy down on the bed. He manhandled her onto her side and spooned up behind her, pushing his cock back into her ass. He slowly fucked her, making Amy moan. He didn't rush, and a wonderfully pleasurable feeling coursed through Amy, convincing her that this one was a keeper. Amy reached behind her and grabbed his neck, pulling him closer. Jamie grabbed her nipples roughly as he started cumming into Amy's tight ass.

This time, he did fall asleep after he came, though that was perfectly OK with Amy. She was content, sated. He had ridden her hard, and she had loved it. She fell asleep, dreaming about the next time.

When Amy woke up in the morning, Jamie was still lying next to her, his well toned chest moving up and down with his breathing. She gently kissed his nipple, started moving down towards his cock, then she remembered the last place that it had been. She reversed course and snuggled her face into the crook of Jamie's next.

"Mmmmm," he moaned in pleasure, coming awake. He looked down at her, and then saw the clock on the bedside table. "Shit!" he swore. "I've got to go."

"Don't you want a quick shower?" she asked. "You did get kind of messy last night. Anyway, where do you need to rush off to so fast?"

Jamie had the grace to look a little embarrassed when he said, "My girlfriend's place."

Amy burst out laughing, in humour as well as irony. It had to figure that someone with moves and looks like Jamie had to be taken. Yet...

"She must not be that great a girlfriend if you have to look for it elsewhere," she said cattily.

"Well, she's OK, but she won't let me near her ass," he acknowledged.

Amy rolled over onto her stomach, waving the aforementioned piece of her anatomy at Jamie. "Well, you know I have no problem with that!"

"Mind if I borrow a towel?" Jamie asked, heading into the bathroom and starting the shower. "I'll just take a quick shower and then I'll head out."

He got in, but Amy followed shortly thereafter. "I made you dirty, it's only fair that I clean you," she said sexily.

Jamie didn't complain much when Amy gently washed his cock, nor did he utter as much as a 'No' when Amy took his cock into her mouth to check for cleanliness. And when Amy bent over, showing him what his prudish girlfriend never would, he made use of her ass one more time. He left Poor Amy lying on the floor of her tub, her ass leaking his cum as he leaned over and kissed the top of her head.

As he headed towards the door, Amy gathered up enough energy to yell, "Hey, my mobile's by the door. Call yours so that you've got my number if you ever need another piece of ass." She smiled evilly when she heard Jamie doing just that. She knew that her ass, as well as all the other things that she would do for him, would soon steal him from his girlfriend.

Jamie texted Amy two days later, and that Friday night he was knocking on her door. "What about your fat assed girlfriend?" Amy asked.

"She's a bartender at a pub on Friday nights, so I have some free time now," he explained.

"And you came to see your favourite ass slut?" Amy asked teasingly. "How sweet."

Jamie shut her up by the simple expedient of shoving his tongue down her throat. Soon Amy was screaming as Jamie's rock hard cock slammed deep into her ass. Jamie took no mercy, fucking her hard and fast, and Amy loved it. She tried moving under him, but he wasn't having any of that. This was his fuck, and he was going to use her as he saw fit, without regard to what she enjoyed. Luckily for Amy, what she enjoyed was a strong powerful man, using her as he saw fit. When Jamie left late that night, Amy could no longer move, her ass and pussy dripping from his cum, her body sore and happy.

Over the next month, the scene was repeated as often as Jamie could get away with it. Every time, he took her hard, and every time she happily took what he dished out. The only disappointment to Amy was the fact that she had so little time with Jamie. She wanted more, but she had to take the dribblings that he would give her when he wasn't with that prudish slag of a girlfriend. So Amy hatched a plan.

The time that Amy and Jamie had together were not completely spent with his cock in her. They did have some time to talk, and she learned that this was not the first time that he had strayed from his girlfriend. Jamie opened up to her enough that she was able to determine both who his girlfriend was, as well as the identity of one of the girls at his work that he screwed around with.

Amy plan was to go online, posing as a girl working in the same company as Jamie. She would befriend the fat assed girlfriend, gain her trust, and then let his girlfriend know that her boyfriend was cheating on her with his co-worker.

A few of the friends that she confided in told her that her scheming would not end well, but Amy knew better. She knew her body, and how well she could use it, and she knew that if she did it right, Jamie would be hers. Alas, Poor Amy's pussy betrayed her, as it so often did.

Amy loved what Jamie did to her pussy and ass, and she wanted it more. So instead of pretending to be someone else, waiting for his girlfriend to trust her, getting her to think that Jamie was sleeping with someone else, Amy told Jamie's girlfriend straight out that Jamie was sleeping with her. She didn't think about the fact that the girl had known about other indiscretions in Jamie's past, yet still stayed with him. She figured that once the girlfriend knew that Jamie was such a slut, she would drop him in a second, and Amy — and her eager ass — would be there to pick up the pieces, as it were.

Poor misguided Amy.

When Amy arrived home the next night, she was pleased to see Jamie there, and her pussy started to twitch in anticipation. Then she saw Jamie's face, and she started to get a little worried; he looked absolutely livid.

Jamie waited until she was standing right next to him before he opened up. "You daft bitch!" he said. He wasn't screaming, which scared Amy even more. He looked ... determined.

"What the bloody hell did you think you were going to accomplish?" he demanded.

"I don't know what you're talking about," she said innocently.

"Bullocks!" he growled. "Did you think that she would just hear about us, kick me out, and then you'd have me for yourself?"

"Well..." she hemmed, but before she could finish her justification, he interrupted her.

"Forget it!" he exclaimed. "I'm not interested in your lies and justifications! You're coming with me!"

Jamie grabbed Amy by the hair and pulled her over to his car, opening the back door and tossing her facedown onto the seat. "Stay there, you conniving bitch," Jamie demanded.

Amy started to get up anyway, but stopped when Jamie said, "If you move one more inch, I will strip you naked and tie you to the hood of my car and get you there that way!"

Amy froze, believing that in Jamie's current state of mind, he might actually be capable of that.

Jamie got into the front seat and started the engine and drove off without another word. It was not too long a trip, maybe fifteen minutes at most, but to Amy it seemed like hours. Finally, Jamie pulled off the road and got out of the car. He opened her door and grabbed her by her hair, pulling her out. Amy scrambled behind him as he walked up the path to a door. Without knocking, he opened the door and pulled her in.

"Jessica!" he yelled. Amy was terrified, as she realized that Jamie had brought her to his girlfriend's house. What was going to happen to her?

Amy, her head crooked sideways because of the grip that Jamie still had on her hair, saw the girl walk into the room. Jessica stopped when she saw the two of them, a confused look on her face. Jamie pushed her by her hair, flinging her so that she fell to her knees in front of Jessica. She looked up at the girl, her eyes fearful.

"What's this then?" Jessica asked.

"This is the skank that's been badmouthing you online," Jamie told her.

"Oh, reeeeeeally?" Jessica asked, moving around to see her from all sides. Amy didn't know what to do.

Jessica looked over at Jamie and asked, "Have you been nailing this dirty slut?"

"Well, she's easy, and she takes it up the ass like a pro," Jamie explained, somewhat abashed.

Jessica knelt down in front of Amy and asked, "Is that true, you twat?"

When Amy didn't immediately answer, Jessica grabbed her head and pulled Amy's face right in front of her own. "I asked you a question, you cunt. Now answer!"

"Is what true?" Amy asked, her voice quavering.

"Are you an easy lay, who takes it up the ass like a pro?" Jessica repeated quietly.

Amy started to look at Jamie, but Jessica grabbed her head and pulled her back around so she could stare into her eyes. "Don't look at him; it's me that you're dealing with now! Answer ... the ... fucking ... question ... or ... I ... will ... rip ... your ... fucking ... hair ... out!" Jessica punctuated every word by pulling Amy's face closer."

Amy didn't know how to answer. If she said yes, then Jessica would know that she was shagging her boyfriend, but she sensed that no was not the right answer either. Amy just quietly nodded.

"Show me!" Jessica demanded.

"What?" Amy squeaked.

Jessica turned to her boyfriend and said, "Show me how this slut takes it up the ass. Now. Pull your cock out and shove it up her shitter."

"OK," Jamie said, shaking his head as he went to get the lube.

"Where do you think you're going?" Jessica asked

"I'm going to get the lube," he replied.

"If I wanted you to use lube, I would have told you to get some!" Jessica said quietly. "You both said that she's a pro taking it up the arse, so she can do it dry." Jessica pulled Amy forward by her hair, and reached behind Amy and pulled Jessica's skirt up, showing Jamie that the slut had, in fact, neglected to wear her knickers that day.

Jamie knelt behind the blonde girl and spread her cheeks. As his cock nudged into her tight hole, Jamie said, "Sorry to disappoint you dear, but this asshole's already been lubed."

Jessica looked into Amy's eyes with disdain. "I guess that you're always ready for some random bloke to bend you over and shove his cock up your filthy arse. What a pitiful little slut you are."

Jessica looked back at her boyfriend, who was pushing his cock in and out of Amy's bum. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Jamie replied. "I'm fucking her ass. She may have her faults, but she has a really tight ass and it feels great."

"Fine, but I'm going to bed. When you're done, send her crawling into me and I'll explain to her more in depth how things are going to be from now on."

"OK," Jamie grunted, shoving harder into Amy as his cock was squeezed by Amy's delectable arse.

As for Amy, her mind was gone. On a rational level, she didn't quite know what was going on. This morning, she was on top of the world; she knew that she was going to steal Jamie away from his stupid, prudish girlfriend. She had a better body than Jessica, and she was willing use it to please Jamie in ways that his tight-assed girlfriend never would. She was completely sure that her plan would work. Yet now, the world seemed upside down.

Granted, the feeling of Jamie's cock in her ass was driving her insane, just as it always did, but it wasn't her in charge, it wasn't even Jamie in charge. That bitch was the one that made sure her ass was fucked, and Amy could do nothing but listen.

But those thoughts were all on the rational level, and Amy was not really capable of processing rational thoughts. Instead, what was foremost in her mind was the cock ploughing into her ass. Well, that wasn't really the case either. What was foremost in her mind was the fact that Jessica had explained to her what a worthless skank she was, and every word that she said made Amy's body tingle. As her mind was rolling that thought around, she felt Jamie quicken and grunt, felt his cock expand, felt the warmth of his spunk filling her.

Jamie then pulled his cock out of her and slapped her ass. "You heard what Jess said," he told her. "Get in there."

As she started to rise, he spanked her again. "Crawl," he demanded.

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