Birthday Gift

by obohobo

Copyright© 2010 by obohobo

Sex Story: "Hey, she's not the same Polly that you used to knock off years ago, is she? Didn't she marry your brother?" "Sure did, and now he's given her back to me."

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Spanking   .

Wednesday 14th April 2010

"Happy 30th little brother. The big three-O deserves a present that is rather different to our usual gifts. I know that traditionally we exchange presents that are pretty useless, presents that make us smile, sometimes they even bring forth a burst of laughter, but within a day or two, are discarded. Occasionally a gift is so stupidly humorous, we keep it for a few months to show our friends but even then, it is thrown away long before the next birthday. I wonder how long you will keep my present this time and if you will laugh, smile or groan?" he paused for a long while. I stood slightly behind him and nervously waited and watched for his brother's reaction, not at all sure I liked the idea but I'd agreed to it. "Rory, this is my gift to you this year." Taking my hand he led me to his brother, "Rory, my wife Polly." Abruptly he turned, walked to the car and drove off, leaving me on the quayside and my two suitcases sitting on the tarmac in the car park.

Neither of us anticipated Leonard's swift departure and for a short time, Rory stood dumbfounded and I felt tears forming in my eyes in case he rejected me. I needn't have worried. He quickly got over the shock and his arms clasped me in a hug and his lips found mine. "This is a more welcome present than his usual ones," he laughed, "Let me put your cases in the launch and then we'll go into the café out of the wind, and have a mug of tea and you can explain what brought this about."

Effortlessly he carried my belongings down the stone steps and deposited them in the little motor boat that would take me to the old barge moored half a mile or so down river, the boat that has been his home for many years.

"Two teas please, Betty, and meet Polly. She's likely to be in here with me for a while."

"Yeah, like a week, or maybe two if she's like all the others." Betty had a huge grin on her face. "Hey, she's not the same Polly that you used to knock off years ago, is she? Didn't she marry your brother?"

"Sure did, and now he's given her back to me."

My blushes would have lit up a dark room but fortunately a crowd of workmen came in wanting meals and Betty left us in peace. The noise level in the small room rose so we couldn't hold a conversation and I drank my tea and thought back to my teenage years whilst Rory kept his hand on my knee.

I'd had other boyfriends before meeting Rory but he became my first serious boyfriend, serious for me but not for him. While I kept to him exclusively, he dated other girls. It came to a head one weekend when I'd arranged to meet him at his house before going to the cinema, only to find Leo alone there. "Sorry, Polly, Susan came round and he went out with her," he apologised. I wasn't even late. When I burst into tears, Leo offered to take me out.

The two brothers are totally different in character. Rory is dominant, forceful, sexually exciting and demanding and always wants to 'play the field'. Leo is quiet, reserved and unimaginative when it comes to sex. Boring. Nevertheless he's a gentleman and always behaved correctly towards me. I wanted Rory though and kept seeing him as my steady and he did indeed have fewer girls on the side, but when, near the end of our time at university, I mentioned marriage, he forthrightly and unambiguously told me, "No. One girl isn't enough for me at least for the foreseeable future." On the rebound, I turned my attentions to Leo and dated him through my last months at university.

Rory lived with his parents at the time but had the use of his grandfather's 85 ft. Thames sailing barge, the 'Anna May', long ago converted into a houseboat but now bereft of its sails and spars, still able to move at a stately 10 knots under its the power of its twin diesel engines. As well as this he had his own little sailing dinghy which I went out in several times. At university he studied Marine Biology and afterwards obtained a post with the Society for the Protection of the Marine Environment (SPOME). His grandfather died and left the barge and an allowance for its maintenance to Rory and he's lived on it ever since. Although old, the interior is well furnished and nicely equipped with most modern conveniences.

I obtained a degree in accountancy but only worked for nine months before marrying Leo. What a mistake. I soon found out that he wasn't the dominant male that I needed, in fact he was an utter wimp, a gentleman but a wimp. We didn't go anywhere, we rarely had sex; we were more like an elderly stay-at-home couple. As I became more and more bored and frustrated I frequently, disparagingly, compared him with his brother. Leo apologised but said I knew the sort of person he was when we married and he couldn't be the demanding man I thought I wanted. Despite this I remained faithful to him and now, sitting in the café, I wondered why. I recalled the argument we'd had a week previously about our lives, or at least, I argued and he sat back and largely said nothing until I again unfavourably compared him to Rory. "I ought to have married him, at least I'd have some excitement in my life."

After a long silence he looked at me with sadness and said, "Well if that's how you feel, I'll give you to him." He left it there and refused to answer any of my questions as to what he meant but I couldn't get the remark out of my mind, although he never mentioned it again until he woke me early on the birthday morning. "Get up and pack what you'll need to live with Rory for a while. We're meeting him on Bleston Quay at ten o'clock. It's his birthday and you will be his present. We'll see how long he keeps it this year." Of course I knew of the tradition of useless gifts and until now, he'd culled joke shops and Internet sites specialising in absurd presents, but I couldn't believe he'd put me in that category. For almost the first time since our marriage he acted forcibly and thrust aside my arguments that he couldn't do that to me with, "That's what you wanted and if he discards you after a few days, you can come back here and live a normal life." He thought our life normal!

On the drive to Bleston, I looked forward to seeing and being with Rory again but I also worried as to the reception I'd receive and more particularly, did Rory already have a woman living with him? If so, would I have to play second fiddle to her? How would he treat me? Would I be his slave? We'd played master and slave games when we'd been together but only for an hour or two and for fun, now I might have to live a slave's life 24/7. Could I stand it or would I want to return to Leo and his so-called normal life?

"Time to go. We can't talk here." Rory interrupted my thoughts.

"Hey, Rory, I just remembered," Betty yelled above the noise, "Happy birthday, how old are you? Forty-five? Was she your present?"

The clamour ceased and all the workmen turned in our direction and I wanted quietly disappear but Rory took it in his stride, "You could say that."

"You going to unwrap her here?" one of the men shouted.

"Not with you lot around! See you Betty." With that we headed for the launch.

We paused at the top of the steps and as I watched the waves of the river Blest lap against the stonework, I again wondered if I'd, made the right decision. Rory sensed this. "You do realise, Poll, that once you get into my boat, you are mine until I wish to get rid of you. You will be my personal harem slave. I won't maim you but there will be times when I shall punish your misbehaviour or refusal to do my bidding. If you cannot accept that, say so now and I'll phone Leo to pick you up and you can resume your life with him."

Zipping my coat tightly against the chill April wind and clutching the handrail, I made my way down the slippery steps.

"This is my cabin with the nice large bed which I'm sure you remember from all those years ago. You'll sleep in here unless I have another woman with me then you may either sleep with us or in the cabin next door depending on our mood. You can store all your stuff in the other cabin because you won't be wearing much when you're with me and you can throw your bras and knickers away because you won't be wearing them." His speech and other comments he made whilst giving me a tour of the barge, made it clear that there would indeed be times when he'd treat me as his harem slave and he further reinforced this when I'd put my clothes away, by ordering me into the saloon. "Time for me to unwrap my present. Don't I get the 'Happy Birthday' song from you?" and we laughed at my effort at singing.

Slowly he undressed me and as each area of flesh became exposed he kissed or massaged it until I became very aroused and would have willingly opened my legs and allowed him to fuck me. Instead he wanted a blowjob. I suppose that is a slave's life; it's not what I want that matters but at least I had more sexual excitement in an hour than I'd had for the last few years. With the generator humming in the background and the electric heater on low, I didn't need clothing and enjoyed him playing with my tits and squeezing my nipples. Wondering what he would do if I refused but at this stage not wishing to find out, I knelt between his legs, opened his flies and fished out his already hard prick. For a short while I gently massaged its meaty length and mentally compared it with my husband's smaller one but a touch on the back of my head reminded me to open my mouth and take it in. In my boredom at home, I'd often resorted to watching porn on the Internet, seeing actresses seemingly sucking men with great enthusiasm, and I tried to imitate them. I sucked and rubbed his prick and either his balls were already on a hair trigger or my performance was better than I thought, for he quickly shot his spunk into my mouth.

"That was pretty good for an untrained slave," Rory grinned and sat me on his lap without giving me any chance to spit it out. I knew he expected me to swallow it and I did.

His face then took on a serious expression. "First Polly, I want to know how and why this came about. Why did my brother even consider giving you to me? He surely realises that he could lose you forever? Even if you don't stay with me, I can't see you going back to a man who gave you to another for sex." I explained as well as I could, my deteriorating relationship with Leo and the boredom of my life and how I doubted if our marriage would have lasted much longer.

"I can't see you being bored here or not getting enough sex but I should make your position clear. You were given to me as a present and so, in my mind, I own you, sort of like a slave; a sex slave, but unlike in the stories I've no doubt you've read, I daren't whip you or flog you until you bleed. I wouldn't want to do that either. I want you for sex and will want to do it in a variety of ways and probably will introduce others as well and some of these things you may well object to. Nevertheless you will do them and I will punish you if you don't, by hand spanking or with a strap. You will certainly feel very sore afterwards but the soreness will go after a couple of days. I don't expect to have to do that very often but will, as and when necessary. I'm the master; you're the slave. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir." The threat of a spanking with a strap worried me but I'd gone over that in my mind on the journey and I'd certainly wanted a more forceful man than wimp, Leo.

"Besides being a slave, you'll also act as my wife and partner and assist with the cooking and cleaning of this boat, including the upkeep of the paintwork, so you'll have a variety of work to do, some clean but others can be very mucky but I won't expect you to do any work I wouldn't do myself. We'll also take time off to go out in this tub or the 'Esmeralda' my 25 ft. day sailer. You'll need to learn to handle the launch and probably the fishing boat too so it won't be all work and no play. I also have work to do for SPOME but you may find that of interest too. They hire a little fishing boat I go out on and take water samples and report on the wild life in and along the river." He waited for my reaction but went on, "I'm not going to ask how you feel about it because, as a slave, you don't have any choice." He grinned widely and gave me a hug.

Certainly I would have a much fuller lifestyle with him and it wouldn't all be orgiastic parties, in fact, I noted that he didn't mention parties at all.

"Okay, get off your arse and start making lunch." He gently pushed me off his lap and headed for the galley.

The boat trip

I wanted more excitement in my life and I certainly had more than I expected that first afternoon. "Get dressed when you've put the dishes away, we're getting low on water so we'll take this old tub to the quay and fill up and top up the fuel tanks and then take her for a run down river. It's time you learnt how to handle the 'Anna May'." Soon I heard and felt the throb of the two diesel engines and looked forward to my first trip out on her. Not only that but he made me stand behind the big, brass bound, wooden steering wheel and guide her for part of the way. She seemed awfully big and the bow a long way from where I stood at the wheel.

As we neared the quayside, as per his instructions I threw a light line with a heavy knot on the end to a man on the quay and he pulled a heavier rope across and slid the bight over a bollard to moor us. Half-an-hour later, the diesels throbbed again and slowly we headed through the anchorage towards the sea. Again he left me in charge while he tidied up the ropes and walked the length of the barge and back.

"I'll make some tea, you keep her on this heading and yell down the hatch if anything comes too close. Those little boats should keep clear of us," he instructed.

Well one of them didn't. A tiny sailing dinghy with two girls as crew, zipped along on the fresh breeze heading straight for us. The crew girl leant as far out as the trapeze would allow in order to keep the craft upright. I wasn't too worried because I knew they could turn on a pinhead. Too late I realised they intended to cross our bows and there'd be little room to spare. Almost instinctively I closed the throttles to the engines but you don't slow a boat that size down in a hurry. Rory's head appeared above the hatch and seeing the situation quickly came on deck and rushed forward. The girls must have eased off their course slightly to avoid collision but they still sped along at high speed until they came into the lee of the 'Anna May'. The high sides of the barge took their wind and with both girls leaning well out to keep the boat upright, the sudden lack of force in the sails caught them by surprise and they and the dinghy toppled over backwards and capsized. The girls ended up in the cold water but were kitted out with wet suits and life jackets and were in no immediate danger and the boat didn't completely capsize because the top of the mast caught in the barge's rail.

"Hold on to it," Rory yelled to me and went to a deck locker, retrieved a rope ladder, which he hung over the side for the girls to climb aboard. As far as we could tell, their boat was undamaged except the halyard holding the mainsail up had broken. With Rory in charge we freed the boat and used the davits normally used to hoist the motor launch, to lift the boat on deck.

By then the wind had swung the barge across the river and Rory ordered me into the wheelhouse and to resume our course. It pleased me that he had confidence in my ability to handle her after such a short time, while he and the girls took the sails down and sorted out the dinghy. I certainly enjoyed being in charge of the, to me, huge boat and quickly learned how she responded to my movements of the wheel. Presently they joined me in the wheelhouse, the girls now shivering from being out in the cool breeze. "This is Polly my new slave," he introduced me and after they'd stopped giggling he introduced Sandra the older girl and whom he'd obviously known intimately, and she named the other girl as Ron, short for Veronica.

"She's a virgin Rory," Sandra informed us.

"That's sad, but maybe another time we can do something about that. Not today though, I want to enjoy my slave later. Take them down the fore hatch and get their wet things off, Poll, and then show them into the saloon where it's warmer and find some towels and dry them off."

"We can manage on our own and I know the way," Sandra piped up.

"I know you do but I need to train Polly to follow instructions. Make sure she does a good job and dries everywhere." I too stuttered a protest but Rory only reinforced his orders with specific instructions. Ron looked worried and shocked but Sandra grinned and suggested that Rory would do a better job of drying her.

"How long have you been his slave?" Sandra asked when I helped peel off her wet suit in the fore berth.

"All of six hours now. It's his birthday and I'm his present."

I found towels in the bathroom and suggested the naked girls rinsed the salt off in the shower before I took them into the saloon. Ron tried to cover her tits with her arms but Sandra openly displayed herself and several times thrust her tits in my face. Being clothed, I felt slightly superior but my mind flashed back to the times my roommate and I had little lesbian flings and I began to get a little horny around these two late teenagers. At first I clinically dried their backs and hair but Sandra soon indicated she wanted her tits and cunt dried properly and I knew she wanted to play. Ron tried to look the other way but when I attacked her with a dry towel, she too began to respond, at least her nipples hardened.

"Is this slavery a short term thing? Sandra asked.

"Depends on how long he wants it to last. My husband gave me to him so it could be for keeps." Then began the questions. Would I be forced to have sex? Would I be spanked? Tied to the mast and flogged? Would I take it up the bum? Even Ron joined in but by now they were dry and sitting in the warm saloon and no doubt wondering how they would get ashore and if they would have to put their wet, wet-suits on again. I'd hung them up but they'd take hours to dry and at the time, I didn't know about the fan heater.

"Poll, on deck with you!" I saw we were approaching the anchorage. "We've to go passed the launch, turn round and head slowly back against the tide. You man the wheel and watch for my signals." He gave more instructions as to what the signals meant and stood beside me while I spun the wheel and used the two engines as well as the rudder to turn the 'Anna May' in a tight circle in the confined area. As we slowly approached the launch, he ran to the bow, grabbed a boathook and directed me with hand signals. To my relief it all went to plan and he soon hooked the mooring buoy and made us fast.

I expected to hear shouts of indignation as Rory led the way below but Ron only picked a cushion and held it against her body. "Make a pot of tea, Poll, and there's a packet of biscuits in the left hand cupboard, I've a few words to say to this pair." From the conversation that drifted through to me, I gather Rory took Sandra to task for her poor seamanship and for putting her life and that of her friend at risk. The girls looked much chastened when I entered with the tea. But Rory hadn't finished. "So Sandra, either you come and lay across my lap and take a spanking as punishment or I put the pair of you in your little boat and you can paddle your way to shore wearing only a life jacket."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Try me! You have until I've drunk my tea to make up your mind."

They argued, or at least Sandra tried to, Ron remained quiet but looked very apprehensive. "And you'll find us some clothes and take us in the launch if I do it?" Sandra capitulated.

"Yes, I said that," Rory confirmed.

Slowly she went and laid herself across his lap and I felt a tingle of excitement, partly because I wasn't overly keen on the rather brash Sandra and wanted to see her bum reddened, and partly because it could foretell the punishment that I might get if I disobeyed him. Ron's eyes showed her excitement too.

Rory didn't spare her and alternately walloped each of her bottom cheeks with his hard hand until they were deep red and she blubbered and pleaded for him to stop. He did, of course, and then ordered me to find them something suitable to wear for the trip to the quay. I hesitated. Where would I find clothes for them? "You've got clothes in your room that will fit them better than anything I have. Go and find something. You're my property now so your clothes are mine too." Not wishing a spanking like I'd just witnessed, at least not in front of the girls, I went and found jeans and sweaters. They were rather too big for Ron but small for Sandra. She had to leave the top button of the jeans undone and rely on a belt to hold them up.

We deposited them at the quay, helped get their boat on its trailer and pulled it into the sailing clubhouse park. "We're going to the supermarket now and if the launch is here when you've changed into your own clothes, leave Polly's in the launch, if not leave them with Betty at the café. She'll want the story though." To my great relief, they were in the launch when we returned.

In the launch on the way back to the barge, Rory made me sit on the thwart with my legs wide apart and steer with the wheel on the side. He couldn't see anything because of my trousers but I guessed he mentally took them off, and my other clothes too. "No doubt they'll come off for real when we get back," I mused and then wondered at him making me learn how to handle, first the barge and then the launch. "Is he doing it because he intends to keep me for a while? For good? Surely he wouldn't bother to train me for just a few days stay? Not if I my role was only to be his harem slave." When I fluffed the approach to the 'Anna May' and had to make a second attempt, he grinned and said, "Ten spanks for incompetence," and I wondered if my training would be an excuse for punishments.

He never mentioned it whilst we cooked and ate dinner and my sitting with my blouse undone and revealing my tits, the only sexual happening until after I'd cleared the dishes. "Time for me to play with my harem slave," he announced, "Do a strip tease act for me." The only music, the rhythmic sound of waves slapping against the hull in the freshening wind, didn't inspire me but I made an effort to undress in a sexy way and then undress him. I hadn't seen him naked for nearly ten years and in that time he'd filled out and his muscles had hardened from the physical work he did. Again I compared him to the flabby Leo and decided to do my best to stay. His erect prick stood out firmly and I grabbed and started to massage it. "Not yet, Polly girl, there's a little matter of your punishment to rectify first."

I pleaded that I'd never driven the launch before and the wind had blown it off course when I shut the engine down but he didn't accept my pleas, indeed, he threatened to add extras if I continued. I shut up and lay myself across his bare thighs, his prick nestled against my left side and I fully expected a spanking like Sandra's. "You've a nice arse Polly," he commented as he rubbed his hands over my cheeks, squeezed them and then ran his fingers between my thighs. Not what I expected.

Smack! Without any warning he struck my right cheek quite hard, causing me to yelp. "Slaves must learn to take their punishments quietly otherwise they get extra," he warned but I could hear the laughter in his voice. I gritted my teeth while he continued to 'warm my bum' as he put it. The smacking stung, but he certainly didn't hit with the force he'd used on Sandra, and when he finished, his hands once again roamed over my bottom and then forced my legs apart so he could rub my mound. Quickly my juices flowed and I prayed that this time he'd fuck me properly. I didn't have to wait long.

Scooping me in his arms he carried me to the main berth, tossed me unceremoniously on the bed and forced my legs well apart and then on to his shoulders. I groaned with pleasure as, for the first time for many years, I felt a prick delightfully filling and stretching my vagina. Moaning and mewing with pleasure, when he thrust into me I thrust back and soon climaxed. He came shortly after and collapsed on top of me. Pulling his face close to mine, I kissed him and forced my tongue in his mouth and he in mine. For a while we lay like real lovers, kissing, cuddling and nibbling at each other's bodies. For me the fucking was great but I wondered if he compared me to all the other girls he'd had. I didn't dare ask.

We fucked again before going to sleep. Standard missionary position under the duvet but nonetheless, very enjoyable and I had another orgasm. Two in one day, that must be a record! Rory fell asleep soon after but I lay awake for a long while, listening to the strange noises a boat makes when it is afloat and to the water splashing against the steel hull and looking back to my first day of slavery. I realised not all days would hold the same excitement, but I looked forward to spending time with my brother-in-law.

A working day

"Today's a working day. Dave will bring his fishing boat at eight and we'll follow the river down a bit further than we went yesterday and take water samples. On the way back, near low water time, we'll collect mud and sand samples. They'll all be sent to the Fisheries Lab for analysis but I usually bring some extras back for my own interest. Dave, will want to put in his trawl too and I'll stream a couple of plankton nets. Did you pack any wellies?"

"Only little short ones I had for gardening. I don't have proper ones. Sorry." I wondered if my failure to have them would result in another spanking but he replied, "We'll get you a pair at the weekend if we don't go ashore today."

"Morn'n Dave, meet Polly, my birthday present. She'll be coming with us and learning the ropes." Dave, a stereotyped fisherman, with a bearded, weather beaten face, and wearing a sailor's cap and a smock, looked about 60, but he greeted me cheerfully enough.

"I never get a birthday present like that," he smiled, "Welcome aboard, Miss."

"Your wife would murder you if you brought a young girl home," Rory replied. I had time to look around while the men discussed the weather and plans for the day. The blue-hulled, 30 ft vessel, 'Misty Morn', had a wide stern and nets were neatly stacked on the aft deck and marker buoys lashed to the rigging. I could smell the mix of fish and salt in the air, a smell that I didn't find unpleasant and added to the working atmosphere of the fishing boat. Gulls circled and squawked overhead, watching for any morsel we might discard, making me feel alive and part of the world and already I'd forgotten the spanking. At home I'd probably be vacuuming an already clean floor.

"Get into the wheelhouse with Dave and he'll show you what to do. You'll need to be able to control her without help soon and Dave is kinder to newcomers than I am." My thoughts once more turned to my 'slavery'. "If Rory expects him to train me to help him, he must expect me to stay. Does Leo expect an early return though?"

"We don't have to keep our speed down now we're through the moorings so when we're clear of things here, you can open her to nearly full power. I like to keep a bit in reserve for emergencies and it keeps the fuel consumption down." We started quite slowly from the barge and then Dave gave the order, "Open her up now." I pushed the throttle and felt the boat lift slightly and saw the bow wave increase as we surged forward much faster than the 'Anna May'. Dave stood alongside me and when he saw I could control the vessel, started with his questions. "Howd'ya meet Rory? He didn't say anything about you comin'."

"He's my brother-in-law and I knew him from years ago." That didn't satisfy Dave and he, abetted by Rory, learned the story.

It gave me a great sense of power to be in charge of such a powerful beast, but it wasn't long before I had to shut the engine down to idle while they checked the GPS co-ordinates and took a water sample. By the sixth time we were out of the river and into the open sea close to an island. The mainland I could see in the distant haze.

We headed back and a short while later Dave ordered, "Close her down to just ticking over, keep in the wheelhouse out of the way and watch for my signals. I don't want you tangled up in the net. We hardly seemed to move and in fact, if it hadn't been for bits of weed in the water, I would not have believed we moved at all. Rory streamed a couple of small nets which he said would catch tiny creatures that swam in the sea and then made tea and we ate our sandwiches.

They hauled the nets half-an-hour later. Rory put the contents of his in plastic containers and the contents of the trawl they dumped into a large plastic tray. I saw several fish and lots of crabs but in general, I kept out of the way. We shot the trawl again and this time they launched a rubber dinghy with a small outboard motor. "We're going to take some samples from the shore, keep her on the same course until we get back. If you get into trouble or have a problem, use the mobile to contact us." He gave me a phone and told me the speedkey number.

I must admit I let my mind wander and had a quick look at the contents of the tray. All the crabs had been thrown over the side, a couple of the fish flapped about but most lay still. During my looking at the fish, we drifted off course a little but I recovered and hoped they wouldn't notice. Fortunately they didn't or at least they didn't remark on it and we had a better catch of fish when they hauled the net so that put me in their good books.

Arriving back on the barge about teatime, we cooked the fish Dave gave us with some frozen chips and, as the previous night, I had to show my tits while we ate and discussed the day's trip. I'd certainly enjoyed my day out and looked forward to it happening again. "It's far removed from my idea of a harem slave's life," I mentioned to Rory and asked about the samples and later he showed magnified images of them on a computer screen. Amazing.

"Time for a shower, Slave, and we need to be economical with water so we'll shower together." I knew that wasn't the real reason but hoped it would be fun. Unlike Leo, Rory didn't worry about being in the bathroom while I used the toilet and he used it in front of me and I noticed his already semi-hard prick and rightly guessed he'd use it in the shower. I'd hardly had time to soap myself before he pushed me against the wall and shoved his prick into my cunt. Bang, bang, bang, he slammed into me and I actually felt the tenderness from the spanking when my bum hit the wall. I tried to thrust back but found the position awkward and the floor slippery but I still came before he did. He turned the water off and withdrew. "Give it a gentle suck," he demanded. It took my mind a few seconds to register the request and in that time, Rory gripped my right nipple and started to force me down.

I almost slipped but saved myself by clasping his legs and then started sucking his juice coated prick. He only wanted me to do it for a minute or so before he stood me on my feet and knelt and licked my cunt. "Leo would never do that, he'd say it was disgusting and unclean."

"Did you find it disgusting and unclean?" Rory queried.

"Not really and I liked the feel of your tongue on my clit. I expect you liked my mouth around your prick."

We didn't fuck again until the next morning when heavy rain on the skylight woke us. I'd slept like a log after a day at sea and having slept poorly the previous night. He decided we'd do it doggy style and I wondered if he'd want to do it in my bum. "Not today, probably when you have a period. Have you done it that way?"

"Not since you did it on this barge when I was nineteen and I cried out then."

I spent most of the day in housewife mode, cleaning and cooking but he demanded a blowjob at lunchtime, fortunately after we'd eaten. He spent time preserving his samples and doing other necessary boat chores.

Ronnie loses her virginity

Typical April weather; Friday wet, Saturday dawned bright and sunny. "Let's go ashore and get your wellies and you'd better have a smock too because before long, you'll be sorting the catch with Dave. We'll get something to eat, an early lunch, at Betty's and then go for a sail in "Esmeralda". How does that suit you?"

"Sounds great." A mere slave being consulted? I'd begun to notice this strange dichotomy; one minute I'd be a housewife, the next a slave with almost no indication of the change being imminent.

Betty, in between customers, jokingly asked to see my whip marks. "I heard Sandra Lenoune isn't sitting too well at the moment." Rory asked how she knew but she only remarked, "Heard it on the grapevine." We guessed from a customer.

We heard the same comment about Sandra when we walked along the quay to the launch. Veronica greeted us and in the course of a short conversation I said we were going sailing. "Can I come too please? Sandra's not going out today because she can't sit too well and it's her boat I go out in." Ronnie grinned and we did too. We made arrangements to meet her on the quay in a short while so she could put on her wet suit and an extra sweater and a get her lifejacket.

I piloted the launch all the time now, although Rory still gave me instructions, and did it without a hitch for I didn't want a spanking in front of Ronnie (I preferred the more feminine name and used it when I spoke to her) but I noticed she blushed when she saw me looking at her and I knew she remembered my drying her intimate places.

Actually, she knew far more about sailing than I did and the boat seemed to go faster when she had a turn at the helm; I'd only been out in sailing dinghies a few times in my teen years and I knew the rudiments but there is far more to sailing than steering a power boat. Rory took the tiller until we'd sailed through the anchorage and then, under his instruction, I took over for a while. Once more I enjoyed my time on the water. Three hours later we returned to the mooring and Rory invited Ronnie to sample my cooking, "And perhaps we can do something about your sad problem," he added with a little grin.

She looked nervous but suddenly made up her mind. "Sandra said I should."

Jealousy flashed across my mind although Rory had made it clear from the start that he would have other girls and have them in my presence. "It's what you want, not Sandra," I butted in getting a scowl from Rory, "Once you lose your virginity you can never get it back, so it's your decision, yours to give, not someone else's." Rory frowned again and I wondered if I'd be in for another spanking later but to try and redeem my situation, I went on, "But if you decide you would like to start enjoying sex, Rory is experienced and knows how to give you a good time."

Later I found out that she'd deliberately watched the river to see when we came ashore in the hope of meeting us although at the time, still uncertain as to whether or not she would go the whole way. On the boat she had no choice but to make the decision.

I cooked while Ronnie and Rory sat in the saloon and talked in low voices but from the snippet I heard when I took the cutlery in, I gathered Sandra had a monetary hold over Ronnie and used her for lesbian sex. My jealousy kept rising to the fore but I tried to keep it in check and concentrated on cooking until I called out, "Dinner in five minutes, and they trooped into the galley, Rory to open a bottle of wine and Ronnie to help with the plates.

"Tops off."

I knew what the order meant I removed my sweater and prompted Ronnie to do the same and to remove her bra. She blushed profusely and I reminded her that Rory would see all of her later and that I seen everything a few days before.

"Be proud of what you have, Ron, they're not huge but they're firm and nicely formed," Rory commented as he stretched out his hand to feel them, causing even more blushing and a squeal when he pinched her nipples.

My hope that he'd take Ronnie into the bedroom while I did the dishes, were quickly dashed. "Take her into the bedroom and get her ready for me. Get yourself undressed and ready too, while I check on my samples. I'll expect her well aroused when I come in and I'm sure you know how to do that," he ordered, wanting to see me in a lesbian situation with her and checking samples, just an excuse. From what I'd heard, I doubted Ronnie would object and from the way he spoke, I knew we were in a master/slave situation again and I didn't dare disobey or protest.

"You know what he expects, Ronnie?" She nodded and watched as I started to undress. "You don't have to do it, you know. It's rape if he forces you."

"I know, but I want to, it's just that I'm a bit nervous. I always thought I'd lose my virginity to someone I loved rather than to experience sex. I'm going to lose it one way or the other because when I told Sandra of my trip out with you, she threatened to use her strap-on on me if I didn't get fucked. She's wanted to use it for a while and I've always refused."

By then I'd removed all my clothing and gave her a hug. "Okay, let's get you naked too."

Although I hadn't done it with a girl for a good few years, I still knew what to do and used my mouth first to suckle her nipples to hardness and then diverted down her belly to her mound and laved her slit and tormented her clit with my tongue until Rory came in and I undressed him.

"You'd better suck this and get it nice and wet, Ron, then we'll be ready to make you a woman." Rory offered his prick to her lips and she hesitatingly took it in. "Put plenty of spit on it," he instructed.

I skipped to the bathroom and got a towel and when they were ready, placed it under her arse. "Put all the pillows under her head too, so she can see it go in. She should witness the moment when the Master's prick deflowers her." Soon as I'd everything ready to his satisfaction, Rory lined his prick with her opening, entered a little way and gave a few short thrusts until she became used to it being at her entrance. "The time has come, Ron, for you to lose your childhood," he exclaimed as he thrust forward and burst through her membrane. Ronnie gave a cry but didn't plead with him to stop but Rory paused until the pain diminished, as far as he could tell, and then proceeded to fuck her, slowly at first and then with increasing rapidity. I slipped my hand between their bodies and rubbed her clit so that she came long before Rory and I think she was well on the way to another orgasm when he sent his sperm into her.

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