Priscilla's Problem

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2010 by sonyaesperanto

Incest Sex Story: Priscilla is an attractive nerd who has to move town all because her younger jock brother was acquitted by the courts after having been accused of raping his cheerleader girlfriend. Later her brother discovers her secret, one that could ultimately ruin her, and uses it to blackmail her into becoming his personal slave.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Blackmail   Incest   Brother   Sister   BDSM   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

"Hey why'd you changed the channel?" Priscilla scolded her younger brother Thomas.

"That show sucked. I wanna watch this show instead," Thomas chuckled, after grabbing the remote control from his sister.

Just about a minute ago Priscilla was watching a History Show on television about the Amazon warriors and their ancient corpses found in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Thomas changed the channel and now they were watching a show she didn't liked but one he liked, Wrestlemania.

Priscilla was 21; looked like the singer Cheryl Cole (from Girls Aloud) and was an intellectual student who graduated from school and had yet to enter college. She was a nerd but didn't look like one and had no glasses on. She kept her body fit and always dressed very intelligently too. She was also sending out her CVs, waiting for responses from the colleges.

Thomas was her younger brother at 18 years of age; looked like a younger version of the professional wrestler Chris Jericho, a head taller than his older sister and was a football jock.

"You win. I'm going," Priscilla left the living room, heading towards her bedroom.

They lived in a new house. Her mom was lucky enough to get it for a good price. It was two storeys. Downstairs was the living room, the kitchen, a bathroom and one bedroom. That one bedroom was Priscilla's.

Upstairs was another bathroom and two bedrooms, occupied by her mom and by Thomas.

Originally when they first moved in, she told her mom that she wanted the upstairs bedroom. Thomas wanted it too. Her mom told her that her brother had been through real hard times and that she decided to give him the upstairs bedroom.

Once inside her bedroom she slammed the door. She went to her desk, sat down, switched her laptop on and went online.

2 minutes later there was a knock on her door.

"Priscilla. May I come in," her mom called from outside the bedroom door.

Priscilla sighed, got up and then opened the bedroom door.

She assumed her mom heard the commotion downstairs and was in her bedroom, probably reading her novel or something or perhaps chatted with one of her friends on her cell phone.

"Honey I wished you were much nicer to your brother at times. I mean you know what he has been through," her mom said to her.

Priscilla's parents were divorced and both she and her brother ended up with their mom. Her mom and brother looked alike with their Blond hair and blue eyes. Priscilla had brown hair and brown eyes, taking after her biological father.

"It's not my fault why we moved town," Priscilla said.

Thomas was accused of having raped his girlfriend, a cheerleader, and it later turned out that the allegations against him were false. During the time period of the trial, the whole town was against Thomas. They weren't against him because he was a popular high school jock but also because he was an arrogant bullying asshole, known to have been bullying younger and smaller kids at high school.

When he was proven innocent later on, his mom decided that they should move town, as she felt angry for no one having taken her side and her son's. Thomas had also graduated from high school and his court case happened right after his graduation. Like his sister he too was waiting for responded from colleges about his future, most probably in sports.

Priscilla, on the other hand, was popular with the less popular kids as she was kind and nice but still got into arguments with the popular kids.

Most kids (both the popular ones like the jocks and the cheerleaders) and the average kids (like the nerds, geeks, punks, skaters and wiccans) would always say things like "I can't believe you two are brother and sister. I mean you two have nothing in common."

They never got along and never will but she had to tolerate him for her mother's sake.

"Please honey. He's your brother. He is the only sibling you have," her mom cried, as if she was about to really cry.

"Mom he took the remote control from me," Priscilla protested.

"Priscilla I don't want to hear it. I want you to go downstairs and keep him company. He has no other friends in this town and that is why he is acting like this," her mom scolded her.

Priscilla also didn't want her mom to get angry with her like and so "caved" in.

"Ok mom. Just let me turn my laptop off," Priscilla sighed in defeat.

Priscilla left her bedroom and joined her brother in the living room again. Basically they had two couches. One single couch where her mom normally sat and one for guests.

Thomas occupied the single seat and Priscilla occupied the large couch.

"So glad for you to come and join me," Thomas chuckled to her.

She hated wrestling as to her it was nothing but violence.

Her mom came downstairs to see her two children.

"Ok kids. I am calling it a night," her mom called out to them, but more to Thomas.

"Night mom," Thomas called back, without turning his eyes off the television.

Thomas was often spoiled by their mom. Firstly, because of the trial against hum. Secondly, because he was the younger child.

"Hey listen kids I am going off to bed but before I do, anyone wants a hot chocolate?" she asked, in a smiling tone.

"I want one. With whipped cream on top please," Thomas cried with excitement, now looking happily at his mom.

"No thanks mom. I have no appetite," Priscilla said to her mom in a low monotone.

"Priscilla, could you make the hot chocolate for Thomas. I'm kinda tired," her mom yawned.

Priscilla was pissed deep down but tried not to show it.

"Yeah sure mom," Priscilla said.

Her mom yawned and stretched her arms. Her mom then left them, heading upstairs.

Priscilla got up, about to go to the kitchen. The kitchen adjoined a narrow corridor leading to her bedroom and the other bathroom.

"And Pris. Could you bring me some cookies too," Thomas said to her.

Priscilla looked at her brother. He was giving her a wicked smile. He used to give her such smiles since they were kids. He was the naughty little brother except he outgrew his sister in popularity.

Priscilla gave him an annoyed look. She headed to the kitchen and made the hot chocolate for him and the cookies, placing them all in a tray. When she was done she brought it all out for him in the living room, placing it on the wooden table.

"Hey you forgot the whip cream," Thomas complained.

Priscilla shot her brother an angry look. Thomas looked equally annoyed.

"Alright I'm sorry. I'll go get it," she told him.

She went back to the kitchen and came back to the living room with the whip cream can spray and sprayed it all over his hot chocolate.

"That's much better," Thomas smiled.

"Ok Thomas. I'm off. Good night," Priscilla said to him.

"What do you mean good night! You don't have to wake up tomorrow morning for work like mom," Thomas protested.

"Do you have any new friends in this town?" she asked him, with curiosity.

"Do you?" he asked her.

"I asked you first," Priscilla said.

"Why do you ask me something you already know?" he asked her.

"What??? I wasn't being sarcastic. I mean do you hang out with other people?" she asked.

"Do you?" he asked her in return.

"Fuck this. You are not answering me," Priscilla said.

She was irritated by his response.

"Why are you being rude to me? After everything I have been through," Thomas said to her in a bitter tone.

"Ok Thomas. Forget it. I am too tired for having this kind of hardcore conversation," Priscilla said.

"You're the one being rude here. You didn't answer my questions," Thomas said.

He is such an arrogant assholic jock, Priscilla thought.

Priscilla turned around, headed towards the kitchen.

"Where are you going?" he asked her.

"To the kitchen," she responded.

"Hey while you're over there could you bring me some crackers too," Thomas said.

Priscilla fumed underneath. Priscilla only wanted to go the kitchen so that she could put back the whip cream can spray into their fridge. Now she had to bring him something else.

Priscilla went back to the kitchen and then brought Thomas his crackers.

"Thomas I hope you enjoy Wrestling. I'm really tired," Priscilla said to him in a tired tone.

"If you go I will be all alone here. I have no friends. I mean come on. You're my sister. Aren't you supposed to take care of me? I really need you right now to keep me company," he protested.

Priscilla could see it in his eyes. He wasn't joking. He looked serious and even upset.

"Alright," Priscilla sighed.

She didn't want to be in the living room with him. The Wrestling show went for such a long time that she eventually fell asleep on the couch.

Priscilla was enjoying her sleep until her brother woke her up, by tugging at his arm.

"Pris wake up," Thomas trying to wake her up.

Priscilla's eye lids slowly fluttered.

"You fell asleep," her brother said.

Priscilla didn't get up. She was still half asleep.

"Ok I'm going to bed," Priscilla responded with a yawn.

"Pris sorry I have been a jerk tonight. How about I make it up to you," he offered.

"No it's ok. Just let me rest here a while longer," she smiled at her brother.

Before she could blink her eyes again, her brother lifted up her entire body and carried her.

"Thomas what are you doing?" she was surprised.

Thomas carried her all the way to her bedroom in less than a minute. Once inside her bedroom he placed her on her bed.

"Thank you Thomas," Priscilla was grateful.

Thomas went to where the light switch was and turned it off. The next thing surprised Priscilla. He closed the bedroom door and then went to her bed, climbing next to her.

"I wanna join you here," he said.

Priscilla lost her tiredness all of a sudden.

"Thomas you have a bed upstairs??" she said.

"So. Can't I sleep with you tonight?" he asked.

He brought me all the way here so that he can join me in my own bed, she thought.

He tried resting his head on her pillow, alongside hers.

"Thomas what has gotten into you tonight? I really am tired," Priscilla protested.

"I want your company tonight Priscilla," he said.

He then out an arm around her.

"Your body feels nice and warm," he complimented her.

Priscilla was annoyed. She tried moving his arm away but his hold on her was too strong.

"What's your problem Priscilla?" her brother asked.

"Thomas please. You're making me hot. I prefer to be alone in my own bedroom. Your room upstairs is much better," Priscilla stated.

Thomas stopped hugging her and just lied down next to her, staring at his own sister in the darkness of that bedroom.

"How could you be such a cold hearted bitch?" he said.

"Did you just call me a bitch??" she asked.

This was the first time he used the "b" word on her.

"Why are you being nasty to me??? I have done nothing to you," he protested.

"Because you won't live me alone! I sometimes don't know why you hate me," she said.

"I love you. You're my sister. Look I know you're supposed to be a nerd and I'm supposed to be a jock but I never let that get in the way. Do you know I say positive things about you to my pals," he said to her.

"Jeez. I'm flattered," Priscilla responded sarcastically.

"But I really don't know why you hang out with losers in school," Thomas said.

"Because I prefer their company to yours or your stupid jock airhead buddies," Priscilla cried a bit louder.

"I ... I can't believe you just said that," he gulped.

"I can't believe you just called me a bitch just now ... asshole," she said to him. "Please get out of my bed and go back to yours."

"You know Priscilla. The only reason why I always fooled around with you is because you're my sister and I love you. You know you look nothing like the girls and kids you hanged out with. You're attractive enough to get a jock for a boyfriend," Thomas said.

Thomas started fondling with her hair.

"Not interested in dumbshits and please stop touching my hair," she said. "Please go back to your room."

Thomas stopped playing with her hair. He felt hurt by this kind of rejection.

"So that's it. You are the smart one and I am just the popular jock who knows nothing," Thomas said.

Thomas got off the bed, just standing there in the darkness.

"Bingo. You finally get the message," Priscilla chuckled.

"Well you know what. You wouldn't last long with a guy. You're not Blonde like any of the cheerleaders," Thomas chuckled ... bitterly and sarcastically.

"What is so good about Blondes anyway?" she asked. "They are just dumb with no brains."

"Watch your mouth. This country looks up to Blonds. America looks up to Blonds and we have served as Gods in this country for two hundred years. If we are so dumb then why does everyone in America dye their hair blond then? Dark haired men want to date Blonde women. Dark haired women want to date Blond men. Even Hitler wanted his country to be full of Blonds. Like he said. We were the Master Race. The Vikings were Blonds and they were feared and respected throughout Europe. Did you know that scientists are now proving out that Blonds were responsible for every civilization on Earth," Thomas chuckled.

"What is this??? This is all Northern European bullshit, coming from Neo Nazis and the Klan," Priscilla said.

She was surprised to hear her brother ever talk like this, now suspecting if he was a member of some White Supremacist group.

She started laughing.

"This is the worst bullshit I've ever heard," Priscilla said.

Priscilla was proud of being Brunette and even believed that Brunettes were the best, perhaps even superior to everyone else.

"You're jealous because you're not Blond like me. I mean you're Brunette," Thomas scolded her.

"What?? I am proud of my hair color and wouldn't want to be a fucking Blonde anyways. In fact I can't believe you're my brother too. I wished we weren't related," Priscilla shot back at him.

A part of her felt bad for having made that last statement, as now there was a five minute silence between brother and sister. She was now feeling upset and guilty. She knew she shouldn't have said that.

"I ... I ... I'm really ... sorry Thomas. Please forgive me. I don't know why I said that," she apologised with sadness in her tone.

Thomas didn't say anything but she could sense that she said the worst thing to him ... ever. She was angry about his "blond comments."

"So this is how you really feel about me then!!! I am gonna go. I just want to let you know that I am never going to forget what you just said," Thomas said.

He opened the bedroom door and started crying. He slammed her bedroom door too.

"Way to go Priscilla," she said to herself.

She couldn't sleep that night, after what she had said to her brother. Now she wanted to make up with him.


Things had changed since that night. Priscilla and Thomas were no longer really in talking terms. They were still nice to each other but no more arguing or having long term conversations.

During dinner time they would all sit down with their mom on the dining table. They always answered their mom's questions but no one was talking too much.

A part of Priscilla wanted to go over to Thomas, put her ego aside, drop down on her knees and really tell him how sorry she really was. She wanted them to become like brothers and sisters again and in a much better way and not their usual argumentative stance they always were in.

She couldn't get rid of her feeling of guilt. She really felt about it.

Apart from guilt she also was afraid of what her brother was capable of. Not because she thought she him that well but because of the rumours and stories she heard from other students in their old high school.

At one time she stood by her locker and she overheard two high school juniors talking about her brother as he passed by. One of the kids told the other kid that Thomas was so strong that he could probably rape the other kid's mom without that kid's father doing anything about it because he would be afraid of Thomas.

"He is strong and tall that he could grab your father by the collar and lift him up while still holding both your mom's hands up while fucking her," that kid blabbed with fear in his tone.

Then she overheard another female student who claimed that Thomas forced her to give him a blowjob and that she was too chicken shit to report him and her friend also didn't seem to do anything about it. She wasn't sure if those girls were lying but after his trial anything was possible with her brother.

She did know that he bullied younger and smaller kids in school and they often gave him their lunch money and too chicken shit to tell on him.

She heard from someone that he was waiting for a kid after 12PM by the car park and that kid was really scared of him. That kid was afraid that he was going to get thrashed really well and that Thomas gave him the feeling that eh was swimming in the ocean and Thomas was the shark.

Is he really like that, Priscilla often asked herself. What worried was when he said to her, "I just want to let you know that I am never going to forget what you just said."

She was his sister fo9r fuck's sake and hoped he wouldn't be bold and stupid to try anything on her. she knew how strong and violent he was. even when they moved to this house he sometimes played with his PS3 a lot in the living room and could hear him speak aggressive towards their mom whenever he didn't want to be disturbed while playing his video game.

As for Thomas he was no longer pestering her now. He smiled and was always polite to her, as if she were a stranger.

Apart from Priscilla's and Thomas' "Cold War", Priscilla had a part time job in the local school library but her brother had no job at all. What she gathered from the things he said implied that he spent his afternoons loitering around the local shops and he used his bicycle to travel around town.

The only thing that kept her and her brother from going crazy was their Internet connections, as both of them had laptops with internet connections.


They were all having dinner together: Priscilla, Thomas and her mom.

The dining hall was in a corridor which adjoined the living room, the corridor leading to the front door and leading to where the kitchen was.

"So honey how was your day today?" their mom asked Thomas.

"Today was a great day mom. Met some people travelling from outside town. They were kind enough to buy me lunch by McDonalds on the highway," he said.

"That sounds kind of them Thomas," his mom said.

"Oh yeah. We were talking about a lot of things and they were actually from a religious organization called the Asatru," he said.

"A ... sa ... tru?? What is that?" her mom asked, sicne she was confused.

"They pray to the old Viking Gods mom," Priscilla answered her mom's question.

"So they were Scandinavian-Americans then. Guess they must be related to us honey. Were they all Blond?," her mom chuckled

"They sure were mom. They were blond. Like you and me, and you know what else they also said mom," Thomas trying to hint something.

"What else did they say honey?" her mom asked excitedly, with a hint of interest in her tone

"That the Blonds were the highest in the Viking hierarchy, followed by other people," Thomas excitedly told their mom.

"Really??? You mean Blond people are the highest," her mom said in astonishment, liking that sort of information, being a Blonde herself.

"Yup. Basically they believe that all the men in Scandinavia were descended from the three sons of Heimdall. The son who gave birth to rulers only had Blond sons. The son who gave birth to warriors only had red haired children. And the lowest son only gave birth to slaves and you know what hair color he had mom," Thomas happily talking about this subject.

"No honey??? I don't know," his mom responded with friendly laughter.

"All his children had brown hair and they were called Thralls," Thomas said.

Thomas broke out in laughter.

"So this means all the people with brown hair were born to serve us then," her mom burst out laughing.

Their mom laughed and then looked at Priscilla.

"I guess this means you have to serve me and your brother then," Priscilla's mom joked.

Priscilla just stared at her mom, not saying anything. She already knew about the Norse legends and Viking caste system. She noticed that her brother never stared at her even once when he made such remarks.

A part of her didn't like the things he said, remembering what Hitler said about Germans and Slavs and that Slavs, having brown hair, were destined to serve Germans, who had yellow hair. If Hitler had won the Second World War, the Heimdall caste system would have been implemented throughout Europe ie with Slavs becoming slaves to Germans.

"Mom may I be excused. I need to go the bathroom," Priscilla said.

She got up and left the dining hall. When she went to the bathroom she washed her face. She now believed that her brother was still an asshole and was now becoming worst. He was not insulting her face-to-face. He made those comments, knowing that he could get to his sister, knowing that she hated such comments.

As far as she was concerned the message was intended for her and he was telling her that she was inferior to him because of their hair color. He was Blond and she was Brunette and whether they were brother-and-sister didn't matter because at the end of the day she was born to be his slave-servant.

She washed her face over the washing basin. When she finished washing her face she stared at her reflection in the mirror.

"He is still messing with you Priscilla," she told herself.


There was a knock outside the bathroom door, as she locked it from inside.

"Honey are you ok?" her mom called out from outside.

"Everything's fine mom," Priscilla cried back.

"You know we were just joking honey," her mom said.

"I know you were joking mom," Priscilla responded.

Her mom was joking, not Thomas.

"We love you sweetheart, your brother and I," her mom said.

"Sure you do. Mom I don't mean to be rude but can I have some privacy please," she said.

"Ok honey. I'll let you to yourself," her mom said.

Priscilla left the bathroom and headed to the dining hall. Her brother and her mom were still eating. She joined them again.

Her mom and her brother were laughing. She guessed that he was still telling her some more jokes.

"That really is nasty Thomas," her mom laughed.

"What is nasty mom," her brother said.

Whether he was oblivious to what he must have told her earlier or not, Priscilla sensed that foul play was at work.

"So if we are a superior race we can do whatever we want to other people," her mom laughed ... nearly hysterically.

"Sure mom. I mean that was the way we were made," Thomas chuckled.

He is doing this to irritate me, Priscilla thought.

Priscilla tried her best not to pay attention. Her brother had gotten even worst. He was not insulting her directly. He was insulting her indirectly and that got to her even more.

"You shouldn't say things like that honey," her mom was laughing, not able to control herself this time.

"Say what!!! That Brunettes were created to serve Blonds," Thomas chuckled a lot louder.

"Stop it now Thomas or else your sister here is going to disappear on us again," their mom laughed, still trying to control herself.

Priscilla tried finishing her dinner, trying to think of other things.

Dinner was over by 8PM. Thomas and their mom were watching television in the living room. Priscilla retreated to her bedroom, going online.

Priscilla's cell phone rang. She grabbed it and answered it.

"Hey Tracy what's up???" Priscilla asked.

Tracy was one of her friends from her old town as she kept contact with them even when she moved into her new house in this new town.

Tracy was also a fellow nerd and actually looked like the typical stereotype of one.

"Priscilla I am mad at you," Tracy said on the other line.

Tracy sounded pissed.

"Why ... are ... you ... mad ... at ... me???" Priscilla asked.

She was surprised to find her friend mad at her. Her friends were rarely angry with her at all.

"Brian told me everything. Just be honest with me Priscilla. Is what he said true??" Tracy asked.

Priscilla paused for a while.

"Tracy if I told you the truth would you still be mad at me??? I mean would you want me to confess???" Priscilla asked.

She was talking much louder than usual as the world around her seemed void.

"Priscilla I love like you were my own sister. I wouldn't trade you. If I told on you you'd be in serious shit. Really serious shit. What you did was wrong and some would say illegal. You know what that means. Your future is at risk," Tracy warned.

"I'm really sorry Tracy," Priscilla cried in a panic tone.

"No one knows. I told him not to tell anyone else. You know why he told me all this. He felt guilty. He needed someone to talk to. Now I just want to hear this from you. I thought you were my friend and you were better than this. I care for you but this is serious shit. Please tell me the truth. I need to hear this from you," Tracy demanded.

"Yes Tracy. Alright. It is true. I asked him to take the SAT exam for me. He was so good and he saved me time to do my other thing," Priscilla confessed, as if she was about to start crying.

Priscilla had just confessed the truth about her dark secret. She didn't take her SAT test. She cheated on it, by asking another fellow nerd to take it for her, using her fake number and name.

In return she had sex with him.

That time that she had to take it she had to go and help another friend deal with her alcoholic mother who was on the verge of suicide. School policy didn't care for such things and she knew that. She became heroic by sacrificing her own future for a certain date to help her friend out, who was a drop-out actually and no one else knew about it.

"So you did sleep with him too then," Tracy insisted.

"Could we just forget this whole thing Tracy!!! Please," Priscilla begged, sounding scared and guilty at the same time.

There was silence between them.

"I thought I knew you Priscilla. Just don't do this to yourself again ok. Your mother would be ashamed of you. I thought you were better than your brother. I guess I was wrong," Tracy said in a bitter tone.

Tracy hung up.

Priscilla started crying, covering her face as she was now crying with tears. As Priscilla continued crying, she was unaware that someone was eavesdropping on her conversation.

That same night Priscilla had a dream ... or maybe a nightmare.

It was Christmas morning. She was the size of puppet but still looked human. She was sitting on her ass by the Christmas Tree. She was dressed in a female Santa Claus outfit and her cheeks were pink and her complexion no longer in her tan but was much paler now. Her arms rested by her side. She also wore a Santa Claus cap too but a mini one.

This was very disturbing. She could not speak and she heard her mom and brother coming down the stairs.

"Honey I got you something for Christmas," her mom told her brother.

"What is it mom?" Thomas asked their mom.

"I got you a toy," her mom said.

Her mom spoke with an eerie tone. That freaked her out, perhaps even frightened her.

"A toy mom?" Thomas asked.

"A slave toy. Just speak to your slave toy," her mom suggested to him.

Thomas looked at Priscilla ... wickedly.

"So how do I tell this toy to work?" Thomas eagerly asked his mom.

"First you give her a name and then she will respond to you by the name you give her," her mom said.

"How about I call her ... Bitch. Hey Bitch get up," Thomas ordered Priscilla.

Priscilla instantly got up on both her legs like Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

What is it that you command Master?" Priscilla responded.

She didn't want to respond this way but in this nightmare she was a slave who had to obey his every command.

It was also freaky that she was much smaller than he was because she was literally half his size or even less and he looked like a giant to her now.

He grabbed her as if she was just a doll.

"Mom can I have some fun with my new slave toy," Thomas said.

"Sure honey. Where are you going with it?" her mom asked.

She hated that she was now being referred to as an "it".

Thomas took her all the way to his bedroom upstairs. Once inside he closed the bedroom door behind them. He placed her by the end of his bed.

He sat down in front of her, giving her an evil smile. He unzipped his pants.

"I guess the Asatru are right. Brunettes are slaves ... for us Blonds that is. What are you?" Thomas taunted her as she stood by his view.

"I am your slave, created to serve and please you in every way you want," Priscilla responded in a robotic tone.

"And who am I?" he asked her, in a taunting way.

"You are my Master. My owner. You are my superior," she responded again like a robot.

She wished she could just keep shut and even run away from him.

"Now Bitch I want you to come here and suck my dick," he yelled at her.

He grabbed her by her tiny hair and she opened her jaw. He shoved his cock into her mouth. She was giving him a blowjob, staring him in the eyes (looking afraid of him while he continued giving her a belittling evil stare) and drinking all his cum.

"Now blow me and suck me good," he ordered her, while holding on to her tiny brown hair.

Priscilla was sucking him for what seemed like a long period of time. She felt like a crossover between a sex slave and Pinocchio.

He was looking down at her. He was laughing now ... like the Devil.

"You're just a geek with no future. Not only you're a daughter of Thrall but you also asked another geek to do your SAT test for you. How did you pay him in return? You had sex with him," Thomas taunted her, while sounding like the Devil.

Priscilla woke up, sweating. She was back in her bedroom.

That was a bad dream, she thought.


Thomas fell ill. He was lying down in his bed. Their mom had been taking good care of him, telling him that he needed a lot of rest. Priscilla often entered the bedroom, giving assistance to her mom.

By 6:30PM their mom was sitting down on Thomas's desk seat, which she sat on and she sat next to him while he lied down on the bed, under the blanket.

Priscilla hated seeing her brother become sick like this. After her conversation with Tracy, she now had to accept the fact that she was not really different from her brother and whether he cheated on exams or not she had no idea. She felt guilty as she now felt like a hypocrite, a worm. A lying cheating worm.

"I am sure you will get better Thomas. I think all you need is a lot of rest," Priscilla told him in a caring tone.

These last 4 days she didn't think of what was going on with her brother as she was deep into her own world.

"I hope so too sis," Thomas smiled at her.

He gave her a weak smile. Thomas then looked at their mom.

"Mom I don't think I would feel good sleeping alone tonight. I mean I feel cold and wondered if someone could sleep with me tonight. I mean I am feeling lonely," Thomas told his mom.

"You want me to join you here???" her mom asked.

Her mom was puzzled.

"Priscilla could you keep sleep with me tonight! I mean I really miss your company and we haven't been talking much with each other these past couple of days" Thomas looked at Priscilla now.

Their mom looked from Thomas to Priscilla.

"Honey could you keep your brother some company tonight!" her mom said.

"Bed is big enough for the two of us," Thomas said to Priscilla.

Priscilla looked at her brother. She was concerned for him, still remembering how guilty she felt for having said these words to him, "I can't believe you're my brother too. I wished we weren't related."

"Please," Thomas pleaded.

"Please honey. He's your only brother. Don't you love your baby brother," their mom rubbing it in.

"Ok Thomas. You won't be alone tonight. Your sister loves you enough to keep you company," Priscilla offered.

They brought Thomas his dinner upstairs and Priscilla watched over him. When he was done with dinner she took his plate away from him.

"Priscilla, could you join me here as soon as possible. I really need your company," Thomas cried.

"Thomas sweetie you had your dinner. Could I finish mine first before joining you," she insisted.

The look he gave her reminded her when they were kids. He was afraid to sleep alone and so she had to sleep with him in his bed, in his bedroom.

She left him alone and her mom left her dinner downstairs at the dining hall. She ate dinner and watched some television before joining her brother in his bedroom.

She wore her night gown and she lied beside him. She brought her own pillow and then she pulled the blanket over and then lied down next to him.

"I'm glad you're with me Pris. I really am," Thomas smiled at her.

"Thomas I love you. I would do anything for you," Priscilla said.

"I love you too sis. I know you'd do anything for me," Thomas spoke in a semi-excited tone.

He loved his sister, in more ways than she'd ever know. Thomas wasn't tired and Priscilla could not fall asleep straight away.

"Priscilla do you still regret having me as a brother after everything I have put you through?" her brother asked her.

"What??? Look Thomas about what I said to you two weeks ago. I'm really sorry I said that. I didn't mean it," she apologised to him.

Thomas hugged her then. She felt hot but she felt she owed it to him not to protest.

"Thomas could you ever forgive me???" she asked him while staring at him in the darkness.

"Priscilla, why did you say that to me? What you said really hurt me. What if it told you what you said to me had wounded me more than anything else in my life?" he stated.

Priscilla gulped.

Is he trying to make me feel guilty? Why is he making me feel guilty now all of a sudden? Aren't I being nice and even showing it to him that I'm willing enough to make up for it by sleeping beside him? she asked herself in her thoughts.

"Please Thomas. I'm really sorry. Look I really feel guilty I said it and I'm sorry I did say it," Priscilla cried.

She wanted now to be out of his room and nowhere near him as this conversation was making her feel like shit.

Why should I let him get away talking to me like this? she thought.

"Thomas I had no idea anything I said could hurt you. After all you are the tough football player. You are a popular student. I'm not. I'm just a nerd. I'll never be as popular as you," she said.

Even in this darkness she could feel his eyes penetrating hers and every thing she had heard about her brother and what the other kids said about him started crashing down into her brain. Despite the fact that she was his sister didn't make her feel any more comfortable and that she could possibly be just another stranger to him.

"Oh come on now Thomas. You are making me feel guilty and I'm sorry I said those things. Look you said many things that hurt me too, especially your blonds being better than everyone else comment. I'm your sister. Why would you talk to me like that? You want me to feel like shit?" she asked.

"I wasn't trying to belittle you. Look, are you angry when I brought up those Scandinavian-American guys? I just told mom because I wanted to make her feel good about herself," he defended his actions.

"About being Blonde? I was in the table with you two and you start bringing up how Brunettes are inferior and born to serve. You know I sometimes think you say these things just to get on my nerve," she cried.

"It was true. They said those things. I did say it because I was hoping you'd say something," he said.

"What???" she asked.

"Pris you and I haven't really talked since we last had a fight in your bedroom. I hated this silent mode that we were in and that we were giving each other the cold shoulder treatment or the silent treatment. You know I was hoping that you would apologise to me and that you regretted saying those things to me but you didn't and that really hurt me," he said.

He was still hugging her tightly.

"Thomas could you let go off me. I'm getting really hot right now," she said.

Thomas still hugged her tightly.

"Thomas you're being unfair. Look you brought up Hitler and the Master Race thing and if I remember you even called me a bitch. That hurts me too. You think you're the only one who got hurt. Yeah you did say I'm lower than you because I'm Brunette and you're Blond. You hurt me too," Priscilla said.

"You're stupid at times ... for a nerd. I said those things because you hurt my feelings first. I was nice enough to carry you all the way to your bedroom," Thomas defended himself.

"You grabbed the remote control. I was watching something on tv," she said.

"I was still upset about my court case and I don't remember you trying to ease my pain at that time or even trying to be a good sister to comfort me from my problems," Thomas was pushing it.

"Aren't I being a good sister now by keeping you company? Thomas we all make mistakes. Please don't be too harsh on me. You tend to get things your way, even more often than I. Why do you continue making me feel like shit??? I sometimes think you purposely annoy me for your pleasure," Priscilla said to him in a defiant tone.

"What's mom doing right now?" Thomas asked, trying to change the subject but probably just for a while.

"She is downstairs watching tv. Look Thomas do you really want my company or not?" she asked him.

"Isn't it obvious," Thomas joked.

"You still irritate me and you seem to enjoy making me feel terrible," Priscilla letting it all out.

"Do you feel like a puppet with me pulling your strings?" he asked her, chuckling a bit.

She gasped at what he just said. She remembered her dream where she was nothing more than his slave-toy-puppet.

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