The Rise and Fall of Meagan

by Crisscross

Copyright© 2010 by Crisscross

Erotica Sex Story: A young woman is caught up in the world of high finance and is used by everyone including her husband to get what they want in life, except for one person,who only wants her to be happy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Interracial   White Female   .

I want to take this time to thank my wonderful friend Agena, for all of the help he has given me over the past year and now for all of the hard work he has put into editing this story. Thank You.

My name is Meagan Dartmyer. I decided to write my story as a warning to all of you out there that think you are indestructible and untouchable because of your so called social status or because of you or your husbands financial success you think you can do anything and get by with it. I'm here to tell you it's not so. When certain things enter into the equation, the above mentioned circumstances do not make a bit of difference. I know, as I've been there, done that and lost.

I was in my graduate year of law school studying Corporate Law When I met my future husband, John Higgins, Of Higgins and Bristol Investments. I had sent in my resume and applied for a job hoping to be hired as a junior negotiator in the purchasing, mergers and contracts department.

I was called in for an interview two weeks later. First I was interviewed by the personnel department and a week later by Mr. John Higgins himself. A week after my interview with Mr. Higgins I was notified I had been hired as a junior negotiator and asked when I would be able to start. I explained that I would be available right after graduation and I was told they had already assumed I would stay and graduate with my class.

Immediately after graduation I reported for work. After a few months of working I was sent along with senior negotiators to several contract negotiations and a couple of small mergers. I was allowed to take part in a small way in the negotiations and I think I contributed to them. After several months and a few negotiations I was notified on a Friday that Mr. Higgins wanted to see me on Monday morning in his office. I immediately called for a hair appointment for Saturday morning. I had no way of knowing if I might be up for a promotion or was being terminated, but didn't want to take any chances.

Then after work that night I went clothes shopping. I wanted to look my best at an interview with my boss and president of the company. I ended up buying a deep, rich almost metallic looking gold dress. It was a little high above the knee, but I figured whatever his reason for wanting to see me I wanted to look my best for him.

I had already learned he was an available bachelor so why not, who knows, I might be his type. The dress I had chosen had a deep U-shaped neck in front, open to almost half way to my nipples, tight at the waist and it hugged my hips like a glove. God, it felt good when I tried it on. I just knew it was meant for me. I stopped at Victoria Secrets and bought a matching gold open uplift bra and bikini style panties. I wanted to feel like I was worth my weight in gold when I walked into his office Monday morning.

As I entered Mr Higgins office, I had butterflies in my stomach. I had no idea why I was being called into the head office and hoped it wasn't to be terminated. I could see his eyes watching me as I entered his office and I watched his eyes looking over my entire body as I walked. I thought for a moment my knees might buckle if he kept looking at me that way. I remembered from my first interview that he was so damn handsome. He had a dark tan complexion, lightly salted black hair and dark brown eyes.

As I approached his desk I said, "Good morning Mr. Higgins." He looked as though he was in a trance, suddenly he stood up and came around his desk.

"Good morning Miss Dartmyer." He told me as he took my hands in his. "It is my great pleasure to welcome you to our firm. I always make it a point to meet new employees, but I have been busy and traveling so much I haven't had a chance, until now, to welcome you. I have heard nothing but good things about you ever since coming aboard. Not only are you doing a great job, but you're also very lovely."

Releasing my hands he went back to his seat and motioned me to a chair in front of his desk.

Smiling as I sat down, I said, "Thank you very much for the compliments and may I ask why I have the pleasure of seeing you?"

He responded, smiling, "Right to the point; I like that Miss Dartmyer. May I call you Meagan?"

"Of course." I told him, smiling and looking into his eyes, "That's my name."

"Meagan, we don't usually promote people until they have been here quite a lot longer than you have, but We on the board have been following your progress quite closely, and most of the board members and myself feel you are what we need in our lead litigation team. Someone with fresh young ideas. Unlike a lot of new graduates, you have paid better attention and managed to learn what the the senior negotiators were trying to teach you."

"You see Meagan, after doing this for so many years, people tend to know how certain litigators think, react, What they will offer and what they will accept or take away in a large deal. But you are new to the game. They don't know your weaknesses yet or how you operate. Believe me, they will try to bowl you over, but I suspect you will be able to handle whatever it is they bring to the table."

"We feel you have earned the right to sit in as an equal on our top team of negotiators, starting with the take over of one of our most competitive company. It's a big merger, but we think new blood, will throw them off, so to speak. That new blood is you, Meagan."

"The mergers themselves will be watched closely by myself and others to make sure things go as planned. If they do, we'll be well pleased. Anything else you can get for us will be a bonus for us and you. Now, Is there anything you might like to say?"

I felt like I was shaking so bad I thought may faint but I managed to say, "I'm overwhelmed by your confidence in me. I consider Being chosen to join the lead team on such an important merger to be an honor. I will try do my very best. I only hope I can live up to your expectations. I want to thank you and all of the board members for considering me capable of doing the job,"

He responded smiling,"Meagan, I'm sure you will be capable and more."

That is how things first started between myself and John. The first contact I had with him, other than for business was six months later when he asked me if I would be his personal guest at the firm's Christmas party. ' The night of that party while taking me back to my apartment he asked if I would accompany him to the New Years party at the country club. That was when I was introduced to many of the most snobbish bunch of would be socialites I had ever met in my life. There had been some snobby little bitches in law school, but these women had them beat hands down. But you had to take into consideration the fact they were much older and richer and had much more time to practice.

I think it best if I take time out here and told you a little bit about myself and where I came from. I'm 5'8",130lb, 36c-26w-36h with long straight, honey-blonde hair. I grew up in a small town in the Midwest with my family that was just above the poverty level.

I lost my virginity when I was a junior in high school and I enjoyed having sex and partying so much I continued right into college. I was smart enough to get a scholarship and a grant that allowed me to attend law school. I realized it was time to buckle down and stop all that foolishness. I'm not saying I abstained completely, but did limit myself to basic needs. This was my big chance of a lifetime, and I didn't want to blow it. I realized also, If I were to get pregnant, it would ruin all of my hopes and dreams.

When I graduated I wanted to stay in New York City. It was the place to be if I really wanted to make it big. At the time, that was all that was on my mind. I didn't want to be Midwest poor ever again. What I mean by that is I wanted to be in the upper social scene with posh parties, country clubs, being taken to the 'in' events. now if I had to do all over again, the day I graduated from college I would have gotten on a plane and gotten out of there as fast as I could and head back to the Midwest or maybe California.

I enjoyed going to these parties with John, except when he left me to mingle with his friends. That seemed to be the way things went at affairs but it left me to try and deal with the wives and women of his friends and associates. I would rather have gone to the dentist for a complete root canal than have to make conversation with them.

They couldn't wait to start twenty questions. Starting with how long have you known John? Where did you come from? Where did you attend college? Are you and john planning a future together? Oh you're an employee. I guess being Mrs. Higgins is somewhat out of the question then, too bad. You're such a lovely woman and-so-on until I thought I would throw up. Instead, I started going to the bar and after a couple of drinks I could tolerate them; well almost.

It was after the Valentines Day party at the country club that I slept with John for the first time. I got more than half drunk and invited him to my apartment. He wasn't the best I'd ever had, but he sure wasn't the worst either.

We made love until almost daylight. In the morning John and I were in the shower together. It started with a kiss and ended up having sex in the shower. Then it was back to bed where I gave him his first blow job.

We rested awhile, lying there talking until he was able to get it up again. He lasted about half an hour that time before cumming in me. After that, we decided we had better get some nourishment or die of starvation and overexertion. We dressed and he took me out to breakfast.

We spent a lot of time in bed after that. He spent the night with me at least a couple of times during the week, and almost all of the weekend unless he was away on business. We had done about everything John knew about as far as sex went. But like I said, he wasn't the best I'd ever been with. I thought I would save some things for later in case he asked me to marry him. I didn't really want him asking me where I had learned so much about sex at such a young age. It was almost Christmas time again and after coming back from a big overseas deal, that John asked me to marry him. I told him I needed time to think it over, which he understood and told me to take my time and to call him in the morning and let him know my answer. We both burst out laughing since both of us knew how much he liked getting a deal wrapped as quickly as possible.

I told John I would accept his proposal if we could have a small wedding with only a very few guests, but I knew he would never be able to do that. The wedding was huge. We flew my mom and dad into New York for the wedding and dad and Mom both told me they wouldn't live in New York City for any amount of money and couldn't wait to get back home. The guests were trying to be nice I think. It turned out to be a very uneventful reception as far as my behavior went. I was trying to be a good wife at this point in our marriage.

Life with John started out wonderfully. We traveled to Europe on our honeymoon and took in Italy and Greece. Life was carefree and happy with much loving sex to start our lives together. Then we had to get back to work where I stayed on as head negotiator at the firm.

At times that meant traveling and spending time away from John. It also meant having men from opposing companies making all sorts of proposals to me; ranging from outright bribes to wanting to get me in bed with them so they would have a bargaining tool. I knew better than to ever let myself get into that position as it would take away whatever bargaining power I had. Besides, I was too much in love with John to ever do that, but I did start drinking a little more.

When I traveled on negotiations, I became lonesome if I was gone for more than a couple of days. By the time I had been gone a week or more I was not only lonely but very horny. So to compensate for this, I would drink.

The women of the men, that John had dealings with, did start to accept me to a degree, but were still a bunch of nosy, snobby bitches as far as I was concerned. All of them put on airs about everything they owned and how well the children were doing and so on. I soon started drinking more at these gatherings also. I could tolerate them if I was half smashed.

When I protested about being left alone all the time at the affairs we attended, John said these people were too important to the firm for him to ignore. I tried to explain to him I didn't expect him to ignore them just don't spend the whole night with them. I asked if I couldn't just tag along. At least that way I could be with him. He chose to ignore my suggestion so I figured the answer was no.

Once he had left me to be with his friends I started hitting the bar. It was four year's later and we were attending one of these gatherings at a posh mansion and once again John had left me alone. By the time I had been there an hour or so I had become friendly with the young bartender. He introduced himself as Danny. When there wasn't anyone at the bar wanting drinks, we talked. He told me he and some friends had started this bar catering business to help pay there way through college. They took turns tending bar at these posh parties. With four students involved in the business some of them aren't always working on a weekends.

I introduced myself and told him he could call me, Meagan. He went on to tell me he was in his senior year of college. We swapped stories of what it was like going to college now compared to back when I had went. We laughed at stuff that happens to most students some time or another.

It was nice just having someone to talk to that wasn't trying to impress the world. We chatted about some of the parties we had attended and how the parties seemed quite a lot wilder now than when I had attended college. I made no mention of my activities back then and my decision to give up partying and concentrate on my studies.

I had become a little tipsy sitting there talking to Danny and drinking rum and coke. We were by ourselves at the bar when I told Danny about John always leaving me alone at these gatherings to be with his business friends and how much I hated being left alone. Before he was able to comment on what I had been telling him a couple of guys came and ordered drinks. Later, when there was no one at the bar, he mentioned, almost under his breath, "I'm going on break for fifteen minute's. If you want to meet me outside, I've got something that will help you get through these lonely party nights and feel happy doing it. If you think you might like to try some let me know. It will be our secret." Then he left to mix more drinks.

I thought about it until he was able to come back to where I was sitting. I was just drunk enough to throw caution to the wind,"Hell yes, I need something to get me through the night. What do you have for me?" I asked slurring my words.

"I'll be outside around back in ten minutes." He responded quietly.

"I'll be there, Danny." I knew I shouldn't do this, but talking with Danny started me thinking about the parties in college and I remembered the fun I used to have. I made my way over to the door and when I didn't see anyone looking my way I slipped outside, and went around to the back of the house. The only light back there was from a security light out front. It was quite dark except for slivers of light that made for dark shadows across the deck. I waited in the shadows for the young bartender.

He arrived shortly after I had gotten there and was thoughtful enough to bring me another drink figuring I would be needing one about now. He dug into his pocket and got out a couple of pills, One for each of us, When I asked him what it was he said,"It won't hurt you, just take it. In a few minutes you will not care that your husband is too busy to be with you or even if he's at the party. Laughing, I took the pill from Danny's hand and looked at it lying in my hand. I had never taken drugs of any kind. Suddenly, I knew I wanted to try it.

I washed mine down with my drink. Danny took his with a swallow of cola he had brought for him. After taking the pills we stood there in the dark talking. I explained to him it wasn't John's fault, it was all these other ass holes that just can't wait to talk business. As I talked, I started getting this warm all over feeling. God, I wanted John so bad right then.

"Feeling anything yet Meagan?"

"Oh, hell yes Danny. I'm starting to feel way too good."

He gave a short laugh,"What do you feel like?"

"Like I would love to be in bed with my husband or somebody."

He laughed, putting his arms around me he pulled me against him and kissed me. My body melted against him as he held me against him. My breasts and pussy began to feel like they were on fire. I could feel his hard, young cock pressing against my lower tummy. As we kissed he slid his tongue deep into my mouth then he began to slide his tongue in and out of my mouth like he would if he was mouth fucking me with his cock causing me to have an orgasm. When it was over I was panting like I had just had a full round of sex with him. His hands were all over my breasts as he moaned,"I want to fuck you so bad Meagan."

"Oh god Danny we can't. I know how you're feeling, I'm feeling it too but I just can't do it. I'm sorry I didn't mean to lead you on."

He pulled my dress up over my hips and rubbed my pussy through my panties. "Let me fuck you Meagan. You'll love how it feels after taking that pill. You'll have so many orgasms you'll feel like your going to pass out."

Pulling my panties to the side, he pushed his finger into my pussy, when he pushed in the second finger I had another orgasm. I couldn't believe how easy they came and so intense that they left me shivering all over and my knees felt as though they were going to buckle. All he had to do was move the two fingers inside me a little in and out and another orgasm would boil over inside me. I wanted to experience having real sex and having so many orgasms that I could almost pass out. That one thought almost let me give in to him. Suddenly, we heard voices that sounded like they were coming our way. I straightened my panties and dress. Leaving the dark shadows we went quickly around the house in the opposite direction from where the voices were coming from. Danny went in through the kitchen door, then signaled for me to come in. On our way through the kitchen he said, "I tend bar most of the time at these parties, but if I'm not there, one of my buddies will be. If you ever need anything, just tell them you are a real good friend of mine, okay? That will get you whatever you need."

"God Danny, whatever that pill was it's making me have feelings I shouldn't be having. "I don't think I better do that stuff anymore after tonight. It makes me feel so good, I'm almost afraid of what it might get me to do. If it hadn't been for those people coming around tonight, I was ready. I was this close; I was so ready."

Smiling, he told me, "If you decide to change your mind and want some more, you know where to find it."

I responded,"Thanks Danny, you're my pal, okay. I think I need another drink now."

"Maybe next time Meagan, I knew you wanted it to happen as bad as I did."

He left me in the kitchen and went back to his bar.

I waited a few minutes then I went to the bar to sit and wait for John. I sat drinking my drink thinking about what Danny had just said. I knew he was right. I would have given myself to him had we not been disturbed.

As I sat there at the bar, I could still feel the affects the pill was having on me. I couldn't take my eyes off Danny and his young lithe body moving almost gracefully as he worked behind the bar. Thinking how it would be with him in my arms, moving in rhythm with him and his hard cock sliding in and out of me. I felt my panties become wet as a shiver went through me. All I had done was think about it. I couldn't get the thought of having him taking me outside in the shadows of the very the house while my husband was enjoying the company of his associate friends. I could have been enjoying myself with the cock of a young college student thrusting in and out of me. Thinking about it brought me close to another orgasm. If those pill's make it that easy for me to have an orgasm, maybe I should get some to take when I have sex with John. I just wouldn't tell him what it was that made me so damn hot for him. I would let him think it was all his doing. hhhmmm now that is a thought.

"Danny could I talk to you a minute?"

Walking over to where I was sitting, "What can I do for you Meg?"

"I have a question to ask you." Do you have a few of those pills you could spare? I'll buy them from you. I've decided I'd like to have a few of them."

"I'm going to get you a napkin and lay it on the bar. Under it will be your present. Be careful when you pick them up you don't drop them."

"How much do I owe you sweetie?"

He responded smiling, "You owe me until the next time we meet at one of these, okay?"

"Thanks Danny, your a doll and I won't forget."

I wondered what he thought I'd just promised him.

Over the next few weeks I made good use of a couple of the pills I had gotten from Danny the night of the party. John loved the thought it was him that caused me to orgasm almost continuously when we made love. He had no idea I had taken those magic pills. The trouble was that I ran out of them much too soon and I had no way of contacting Danny to get more. Besides, I knew if i contacted him to get more pills we might end up fucking one another if he talked me into taking one together.

I knew it was wrong to depend on drugs to keep my marriage together, but i rationalized it would give us time to work on our relationship so we could strengthen it.

However, It was six months later and things didn't seem to be getting any better between John and I. The lack of the pills seemed to take something out of our relationship. In fact, when I sat and thought about it, they had actually gotten worse. We were down to having sex once a week, if that. Then to make matters worse, a stealth company was trying to take over one of our companies in a hostile take over. I was sent to Los Angeles to see if I could find out who was behind the take over and try and prevent it.

Once I arrived in L.A. I went straight to our corporate office to see what they had discovered about the take-over. I was filled in as to what they had determined so far but it wasn't much.

I asked the manager in charge, "Has you tried to contact our major stock holders to see if they've been contacted?"

She told me they had not done that as yet so I instructed them on what to do.

"I want everyone who is able to talk on a phone talking to our people to try to get them from going along with this new company in a take over. I want them to know we could do much better by offering it for sale for X amount of money. With them on board there would be no take over."

Our people manned the phones constantly from that time on.

Two days later I was contacted by John telling me to stay in L.A. until Wednesday. Someone was sending people to negotiate the sale of the company rather than a hostile take over.

John told me, "We're not really interested in selling any part of the company, but if there was enough money involved, who knows. We have several other holdings And we can always use the money from the sale to buy other companies."

"So please Meagan, just hang in there. It won't be that long." You know I love you Meagan, and I hate you being away, but that's business."

"I know John, I'll do my best."

"I know you will honey, you always do. When you get home we'll have a party. It's our turn anyway."

I thought, don't do it for me John, but told him, "That will be fun. You know how much I enjoy those parties." I'm not sure, but I thought I heard john start to say something then stop.

That night in my hotel room. I thought about being away from John and how lately it felt like he was pulling away from me again. It seemed I was once again his employee and he was my boss not my husband. I lay there under the covers thinking about the party he said we would have, I wondered if we could get Danny to be our bartender. If not, he had said one of his friends would be doing it and I could always get what I needed from them.

Ch .02 Meagan slips

I thought what the hell am I thinking. I can't do that, I love John and would never cheat on him. Danny knew how close he had come that night to having me and he also knew I'd wanted him. I knew I had to be more careful and not let myself get that close again.

As I lay there thinking My hands had inadvertently found there way down between my legs, I closed my eyes slowly rubbing my swollen mound. My thoughts were of Danny and how good he had made me feel that night, then I had an orgasm.

Friday night, it was time to quit for the day and the week. A couple of the women, who worked in the office, asked me if I would care to come along with them for their girls night out and have a drink.

"I'm not sure my husband would like me going to bars, but I'm sure he goes out when he's out of town. Where do you usually go?"

They laughed, "We're all married women too. Our husbands don't really like it either, but we do it anyway. We have a couple of drinks and a couple of dances then we go home."

Smiling, I asked "Alone?"

They laughed. "Most of the time."

They told me it was a Western type place, very casual. They know us there and we have a lot of fun. They kept after me until I finally gave in and went with them. It was a rustic looking, western type steak house with a bar and dance floor with a live band. We went in and pulled a couple of tables together and sat down and were soon joined by four gu/ys from the office.

I thought to myself, funny, the girls hadn't mentioned anything about guys being here too. No wonder thetr husbands didn't like it. The conversation started out about business and the company, but soon switched to other things. Then the girls started talking about sex, past and present. Listening to them I came to the conclusion they weren't as faithful to there husbands as I was to John and they were playing around right here in town where they lived.

People started coming in filling up the bar as it got close to the time the band would start playing. I told the girls I should be getting back to my hotel room and they begged me off to stay awhile longer, have a couple of dances and some fun. They told me there's more to life than just work."

I gave in saying, "Okay, I'll stay a little bit longer."

The band started playing and we started dancing. It had been quite awhile since I had danced this much and I began to tire. I was dancing with a young black guy named Floyd from the office. He had to be at least ten years younger than myself and around six foot three. I'd guess he weighed around a hundred and eighty pounds and he looked very athletic. While we danced I asked him if he played on any of the local sports teams for fun.

He said he did when he had time, but he was studying for his masters in Business Management and didn't have much time to spare.

The band kicked it up a notch or two and I told Floyd, "I'm too tired to keep this up."

Laughing as he reached into his pocket and handed me what looked like a candy Easter egg. I looked at it and asked, "What is it?"

"Try it, you'll like it. You'll want to dance all night. It won't hurt you; I take them when I need to stay up and study,"

"Are sure it won't make me do crazy stuff, Floyd?"

Laughing he said, "Well, that depends on what you call crazy stuff."

Then we both laughed.

Back at the table I excused myself and went to the ladies room. Grabbing one of those little paper cups I washed the egg looking pill down with water, went to the potty and then went back out to the table. I was talking to one of the women sitting there when I felt the egg start to kick in. My body felt like it was getting higher and higher. God, it felt good not to feel tired and burned out any more,

Floyd was Sitting next to me now and I'm sure he knew I was feeling the affects of the egg. When I leaned over the table so I could see around Floyd to talk to Brandy I dropped the hand next to Floyd on his thigh. I felt him move his thigh towards me and When he did I squeezed his thigh hard causing him to wince. There was no fat on his thighs they were all muscle like those of a runner. I was about to move my hand off his thigh when he moved it against mine. I wanted to take my hand away, but felt my fingers crawling up his thigh and I couldn't seem to stop them. My mind and body weren't in sync. I felt my hand brush his cock lying along the inside of his thigh. It felt nice and somewhat hard.

We were both sitting still as I was concentrating on trying to talk with Brandy on the other side of Floyd. He moved his leg even closer allowing my hand to move over the top of his cock, I have no idea what I had done when Brandy asked, "Are you alright? You look flushed."

"I'm okay it's just kind of warm in here,"

She looked at Floyd and smiled. She asked, "Floyd are you have anything to do with that?"

He laughed saying, "I didn't do anything to anybody, not yet anyway." They both laughed.

I wanted to ask Floyd what he had meant, but my mind was on something else, and I couldn't concentrate enough to ask him. His cock was filling my hand and then some. I felt it throbbing and I wanted to feel it naked and swelling in my hand. I needed to stroke his big cock watching it squirt its pearl white juice. Hell, I wanted it in me; all of it. I hadn't felt anything like this size in my hand since the night I went to the players party after the basketball game, I felt a warmness flooding my panties and felt the shivers of an orgasm flowing through my loins as thoughts of that night, long past, filled my mind.

Excusing myself, I quickly got up from the table to go to the ladies room. Looking around when I came out I saw that the people in my group were either dancing or sitting at the table. I saw Floyd talking with Brandy as I left quickly out the back door. I knew better than to go back and sit next to Floyd.

I hurried out of the parking lot onto the sidewalk and I Wondered if Floyd had ever been with Brandy. She seemed to have an idea what was going on between Floyd and myself. Almost as if she had been there and done that herself. If I had gone back to that table, I knew he would have been in my bed the rest of the night. I called a cab and waited a block away from the bar. I had more than enough to drink, plus whatever it was that Floyd had given me. I felt like I could go all night just like Floyd had said I would. No matter how good it made me feel, I knew I had to stop taking whatever it was the younger generation was taking and cut back on my drinking. This was happening far to often. If I didn't stop I knew it would lead to trouble between John and I. Every party John and I attended anymore, I ended up going home sloshed and I don't think he even noticed anymore.

As I rode back to the hotel, thoughts of my life were going through my mind like a movie in slow motion; frame after frame. It bothered me so much that I had become his employee and trophy wife again. I realized too, that our love making had fallen off from almost every night to maybe twice a week. Being wrapped up in company business all the time, I had failed to notice how often John came up with some excuse to not have sex with me.

My god I thought, no wonder when I get high I get so damn horny, I'm being sexually starved and hadn't even realized it. I was going to have to sit down with John and see if we can get our private life back on track. The hell with the company for just once. There has to be time for us. There just has to be. Our marriage can't and won't last if we don't fix it and very soon. I had come very close tonight to crossing that line again. The same line I almost crossed with Danny. The line I would have regretted crossing for the rest of my life. If word were to ever get out about having sex with a company employee, I wondered how demeaning that woul have been. But once I had put my hand on his manhood, I was too close to giving in. It was almost too close to stop myself again.

When i got back to my hotel I went straight up to my room without stopping in the lounge for a drink. I was still feeling the effects of whatever it was Floyd had given me and I just could end up doing something stupid if I stopped for another drink. I took a shower and crawled into bed and as soon as I closed my eyes visions of what had happened long ago filled my head. After a basketball game, my roommate and I were invited to go to the team party. We all smoked some weed and drank way too much but we were young college kids. I remember dancing with this really tall black guy. We slow danced to every dance even if it was a fast dance and I loved feeling my nipples moving against his hard chest. I remembered going into a room with him. The next thing I recalled was him on top of me pushing, what felt like a really huge cock into me. I remember screaming as it stretched my pussy as he kept pushing it into me. Slowly he started thrusting in and out of me. It hurt at first but once I became lubed it started feeling better and better, I also remember putting my arms around his neck thrusting my hips up to meet his thrusts, pushing him deeper and deeper into me. The deeper he went the better it felt. I had never felt anything so good as when he lifted my legs up, holding them up and pumping into me all the way to the bottom. I was gasping and moaning so loud, I was sure somebody would check to see what all the noise was about, but no one ever did. That night I had my first orgasm ever by cock stimulation. I felt I would explode until I finally did cum. I have no idea how many orgasms I had after that, but I do remember him cumming in me three times before we got dressed and rejoined the party.

My body shivered, as my hips tensed once again my fingers took the place of my husband and I had a drug induced orgasm that seemed like it would never end. I wanted it to be Floyd's cock and not my fingers that caused the eruption. I needed to feel his cock filling me with his cum, like that night of long ago. I fell into a semi sleep, as I felt the affect of the egg I had taken earlier in the evening. I lay there imagining what a night with Floyd would have been like if both of us had taken eggs.

The next morning after I had eaten my breakfast, I went down to the company offices to catch up on a few things. I sat in my office thinking about the night before and what had almost happened and knew If I hung around the hotel I would end up in the lounge and probably in somebody elses' bed. I had decided I didn't want to do that.

I might go and have a drink this evening but I was going to make it through the day no matter what. I had began to realize that I had begun using alcohol and now drugs as an escape. I hadn't realized until now what a hold liquor and drugs had started to have on me.

Wednesday came and we went into negotiations with the ghost company. During the negotiations we learned it was a Saudi company that wanted to buy the company. I developed a real shitty attitude as soon as I found this out. I didn't really care how much money they offered, I was ready to refuse any and all offers. I called John who was meeting with the board members on a stand by basis, just in case we reached the point of them making offers and not just talking a bunch of bull crap.

I think it really bothered the Saudis to have to deal with a woman. Women in Saudi Arabia don't have a say in much of anything except have there babies for them. My fellow negotiator explained to them, it was deal with me or there would be no deal. They got down to real business after that and made an offer to buy the company. I couldn't do anything but notify John and the board of their offer and the terms that followed.

We broke from the meeting until the next day. That meant spending another night in the hotel. I went up to my room undressed, showered, put on a dress and went down to eat dinner, but decided to have a drink first.

I was sitting at a table sipping on my second drink and just relaxing. God, it had been a tough day but the drinks were helping me relax. As I sat there I almost wished I had taken another one of the eggs Floyd had given me before leaving my room.

Someone behind me said, "Would you mind if I joined you for a drink?"

Ch .03 Does Meagan Meet Her Match?

I knew before I saw him who it was. I had listened to the Sheik most of the day at the negotiation table.

Smiling, I said, "Of course not, please join me."

We started off talking about everything in general except what I wanted to talk about. What was wrong in the world, but I knew better than to go there. The Sheik waved to the barmaid whenever my glass became anywhere near empty. As he was talking non-stop I started wondering how he would be in bed. As much as I disliked him, I had become curious. What was he hiding under his robe. I wondered how he would be compared to, say, my college basketball player. I decided it was time for me to go eat and go back to my room before my curiousity led me astray.

I knew I had to get out of there and away from him before I got drunk enough to satisfy my curiosity. I was so thankful I had not tempted fate by taking one of the speckled eggs before coming down for a drink. I told the Sheik I was ready to call it a night as it had been a long day and I was tired. I could tell it irritated him that I wanted to leave.

"I could order dinner for us to be brought up to my suite; anything you may desire. Then in the peace and quiet we could go over a few matters left to be resolved in the negotiations. After that we could forget all this business stuff and maybe get to know one another better. I have always found this to be a wonderful way to relax from the day's activities. It is not only good for the body, but also the soul."

I couldn't believe the son of a bitch had been trying to get me drunk so I would sign off on parts of the deal. He wanted to put it to me not only in business, but in bed.

I told him, "I really don't think my husband would like it if he were to find out I had done business after drinking and then ended up in your bed."

Smiling he said, "But my lovely lady, he would not have to know all of this."

"Ahh, but I'm afraid he knows everything that goes on; he is the owner and president of the company you are wishing to buy.

He tried holding his smile, but I could tell it had pissed him off that he had not known who he was negotiating with.

"But you are such a lovely woman, If I were your husband, I would not dare let you out of my sight."

Smiling, I responded, "I bet you wouldn't."

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