The Damndest Story You Ever Read

by Crisscross

Copyright© 2010 by Crisscross

Sex Story: A couple on there way to a vacation paradise meet's an author of erotic stories and decide's to tell her the story that saved there twenty year marriage. I think you will have to agree,it's the Damndest story you ever heard

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Safe Sex   .

I have read many stories on the computer but I'll have to admit this one is quite different from any I have read, I'm not saying there isn't any written, I'm saying I have not read any. This story was told to me about a year ago, while I was on vacation lying in the sun on a Pacific Island. I found it somewhat hard to believe until I had heard the complete story from beginning to end.

After thinking about it for a few months I have decided to write about it, the names and places have been changed but the story itself is changed very little from what was told to me. I filled in some of the more intimate language as most of that was not told to me. The acts themselves were, some very vividly.

The story starts when I met and started talking with some people sitting next to me on the flight to the Islands for a two week vacation in the sun and sand. We visited and soon became comfortable talking to each other and I found out through our conversation that we would be staying at the same resort. By the time the plane landed we had made plans to meet for dinner, or maybe drinks, while lounging around the pool.

I really didn't want to feel obligated to meet with anyone for any particular reason, but since I was there alone and didn't know anyone, it would be nice to have someone to talk to once in awhile.

I arrived in time to check in to my cabin, put my clothes on hangers and have dinner. I was sitting sipping an Island fruit drink of some kind, it was very good but it wasn't exactly a breakfast drink, not mine anyway. I figured a couple to many of those and it would be breakfast time before you knew anything again.

I sat watching the people dance when my new found friends happened to see me.Coming over they asked if I minded if they joined me. We sat talking in the warm night air when a man stopped and asked the woman, Ann, if she would like to dance, she looked at her husband and he said go for it honey, were here to have fun remember.

After she had left us alone he said, "You know Janet, three months ago, I would have paid the guy to take her and not bring her back,

I looked at him somewhat in shock, "and now?"

"Now, I wouldn't take a million bucks for her."

I looked at him amazed, "what happened to change all of that? Did she freeze all your assets?" I said jokingly.

Smiling he said, "no Janet, nothing like that, I'm not real sure you would believe what happened if I told you."

"Why don't you try me, I'm a very good listener."

"He sat thinking then said slowly. Well it started about a year or so ago. Before we start I must tell you. If you want to hear the complete story you'll have to get Ann to tell you her side of the story, as well as hearing mine, because only she knows her side of the story."

I sat wondering, how long of a story is this going to be if it takes both of them to tell it. I was to find out it took three sessions spanning three different days. There names were Ben and Ann Thompson. Ben 44, I guessed to be around 5-8 160pds a few gray hair in an otherwise dark head of hair and somewhat handsome in a rugged sort of way, and Ann, 43 5-5 120pds 34b 25w 35h, long, almost black hair, they had two children both girls, Paige 22 and Kim 21.

Ben went on, Like I said, it was about a year and a half ago that things started to sour at home. Oh don't get me wrong, we had sex, but it had become more like something we were supposed to do, rather than something we couldn't wait to do.

The girls were moved out going to college. We were alone ninety percent of the time, so there was no reason not to have sex anytime we wanted, no one could hear us if we both screamed as loud as we could, but for some reason, neither of us seemed to be that interested in having sex anylonger, we had become bored with each other and things were going down hill fast. We seemed to not really want to be around each other any longer. Having sex with Ann was almost like having it with a blow up doll. she more or less laid there, allowing me take what I wanted and very rarely had an orgasm.

It was about six months later that I started having a wondering eye, some of the gals where I work were starting to look pretty damn good to me.

About this time, I was invited to join a group from the office for a drink or two on Friday, s after work. I didn't really want to start doing that, but this cute gal, I'd say around thirty or so, flashed her lashes at me and I caved,

I called Ann and told her I would be a little late, there were people from the company wanting to have a cocktail and asked me to join them. In a monotone voice she said, "go ahead, we don't have any plans, we never have plans to do anything anymore.

I'll be home in a little while, Love you."

"Ya bye." was Ann's reply

"I could hear the disappointment in her voice but that night I didn't care, I promised myself, I was going to enjoy my night out. I danced with a couple of the women from work. The gal who had invited me to join them after work, came and got me to dance with her, when the dance ended she gave me a kiss on the neck as she wiped it off very slowly saying, you feel every bit as good as I thought you would, next time you can hold me closer if you like. God it felt so good to have a woman touching me and at least acting like she might want me. I finished my drink and left before anything more happened. I wasn't ready to take that big step yet. I had loved Ann for almost twenty five years, to me, it was worth fighting for to keep us together."

"As our sex life wained, I began wondering if Ann was cheating on me. I hated to think she would do that to her family.If she was, the girls would be devastated if we divorced and that's what would happen if I ever found out she was seeing someone else. But what else could it be? A lot of the signs pointed in that direction from everything I had heard and read about women cheating. I had no idea what else might be causing the problems she seemed to be having. Or, had we allowed our marriage to become stale while we had been busy raising our daughters and providing for our future. Or, had we just grown tired of each other?"

"I have to admit up until a couple of years ago, Ann was a tiger in bed, I'm not saying we done it hanging from the ceiling or anything. In fact as I think about it now, we were a pretty vanilla couple, oh we both loved sex and done it a lot, but pretty much the same way every time. Like I said, compared to now, we were a pretty vanilla couple. For years, we had many great nights together, but the clast couple of years it had dwindled to almost nothing."

"Then one day a co worker and I were having lunch together at work. he's a little older than I am married to the same woman for almost thirty years and seemed to be very happy whenever you saw them together at any of the company functions. I felt I needed to talk to someone about our problem and I knew Jack wouldn't laugh or make snide remarks like, I'll come with you and help you out, that sort of thing. Jack, I hate to bother you with my problems, but I need to talk to someone like you, someone I can trust not to spread it around. I started by telling him pretty much all of what was going on in my life at home. He sat listening until I had finished saying what I had to say. Then he he said."

"Tell you what Ben, meet me after work, we'll have a drink and talk some more. I'm pretty sure I may be able to help you out with your problems. My wife Helen and I had our problem a couple of years back and just by a stroke of luck we were able to get our marriage back on track."

"That evening after work I met with Jack at the Best Western lounge for a drink and conversation. We made small talk for a few minutes then Jack said."

"Ben, My wife Helen and I were having much the same problem's as you and Ann are having now. It had gotten to the point if she would have asked for a divorce, I would have signed before reading.

Damn Jack, I had no idea, what did you guys do?

"Well its kind of a funny story. I was driving down this street over in Highland Heights and I saw a building with a big sign on it saying, make your life come to life again. I thought it must be a church of some kind, but it didn't have any of the usual trappings around it, so I thought what the hell, what do I have to lose, the way things are now, almost nothing."

"So I parked and went to the door, rang the bell and a man answered the door asking if I was a member, I said, "no, not yet anyway"

"What is it you want?" He asked

"I want my life to come back to life. My life is becoming a shambles and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it. My wife and I are about to become divorced if something doesn't change pretty soon. He opened the door and let me in. We talked awhile, me explaining my problems and how nothing we had tried seemed to be working. He had me sign a bunch of papers, swearing I was not with the police and neither me or my wife were being coerced into participating in anything against our will's."

After I had signed the papers he said."

"We meet on Tuesday and Friday evenings."

"I was instructed to come and bring my wife the following Friday night at around eight o clock, so everyone would get to meet us, its very informal, there's no confessions, unless someone wants to tell there story, that's strictly voluntary. After you attend a few meetings and we get to know each other, you will meet with the other members in the men, s room. Your wife will meet in the women, s room, everyone agrees this is the best, mixed company has two many hangups."

"So what Happened Jack? It must have worked, you and Helen are still married,"

"Yes we are Ben and very happy to. I must say it really woke us up."

"Well, are you going to tell me what happened?"

Jack smiled. "No I'm not Ben, you and Ann are going to join the group, the thing that makes it work, is not knowing ahead of time what to expect. If I tell you now it won't be the same as if you learn it from the group."

"Damn Jack, I'm not sure I can talk Ann into coming along."

"Well it won't work unless she does."

"I'll give it my best shot. I'm all out of ideas of what to do to bring us back together."

About this time Ann came back and sat down smiling at Ben. "That was fun honey I thought for awhile he might keep me dancing all night, she chided. Now its your turn honey I need a rest. Why don't you go ask that woman sitting over there all alone, if she would like to dance? she looks lonely and would probably love to dance."

Ben looked around, seeing the woman Ann was referring to, Ben said, damn honey if I wasn't married."

Ann smiled, "yes I know Ben, but you are, to me." laughing he got up to go ask the woman to dance.

While he was gone I sort of skipped around the subject Ben and I had been talking about, not really knowing how Ann felt about Ben and I discussing there private lives and past problems. She soon figured out what we had been talking about and started telling me her side of the story. She told me pretty much the same story Ben had told me, except for the way she found out about the group of course.

She had not even heard of such a place until Ben came home all excited trying to tell her about it. At first she had steadfastly said, no way was she going to spill her guts to a bunch of strangers. Ben had pleaded with her, telling her it may be there last chance to save there marriage and thought they had better take it, that is if she wanted to save there marriage.

"Of course that's what I had wanted all along. I wanted our old life back, the one we had enjoyed so much together. So when Ben put it to me that way I began to listen up."

She told me, before Ben gave her his ultimatum that night, she had done much of the same things Ben had been doing, only she had taken it a little bit farther than Ben.

She had went out with some of the girls from her work for a girls night out. She told me she had drank a little to much and became involved in kissing some guy and letting him feel her breasts as they danced. When she realized what the hell she was doing and how close she had come to doing even more, she broke the kiss, went back to her table, grabbed her purse and went home. No matter how bad things were at home. She knew she still loved Ben, there marriage just needed some fixing, it wasn't beyond repair. She also admitted to me she had come very close to cheating on Ben. She was feeling a man hold her again like he wanted to, not like he had to, it had felt so good to her she almost let herself go to far, at least for a moment."

I thought back to what Ben had told me and that's exactly how Ben had said he had felt. "So what happened? did you end up cheating on Ben?"

She looked down for a few seconds then said, "no not exactly, it couldn't really be considered cheating."

Would you care to tell me about what went on in the group that turned your marriage completely around, or is it to private?"

"I'm just not sure if I should or not, I don't really see any harm in it as I doubt whether you will ever join our group. We were just lucky that Ben talked to a friend of his who was already a member, he was able to us in without any hassle.

"It started when Ben came home all excited about talking to a guy at work, telling him about our problems. I said, "what problems Ben? you have a problem, I don't." We had a rather nasty argument that night for about four hours, which ended with me giving in to go along with Ben to this meeting place."

"We attended the first meeting which was mostly getting acquainted with the other members of the group. They separated us into the men, s group and the women, s group. Once in our meeting room, the women started talking about everything from cheating, or almost cheating, to wanting to save there marriages before it became that big of a problem. They talked about what they felt were the main problems that caused most marriges to sour after several years. Almost to a person agreed that lack of creativity in love making was first and formost. Next came inhibitions. Most felt people have to many hangups concerning sex. Most being caused by what there parents had preached to them was wrong and should never be done no matter what. Once they had gotten past this there sex life had gotten much better, most said exciting was the best way to describe it. They talked about the new feelings they were having and what they thought about when they made lovenow compared to how it was before joining the group. Anything and everything was discussed."

Ann went on to tell me,"I knew they were waiting to hear my story so I told them some, but not much. It was the third meeting that I really came out of my shell and told them about how cold it was in our bedroom. How our sex had been the same for almost twenty five years and I wanted something more."

She went on, "I guess I went at it a little bit the wrong way. I thought if I could make Ben jealous by holding out on him, maybe he would start thinking I was seeing some one else and he would come after me. Instead, he started going out for drink's after work."

"When Ben started doing that made me mad, so I started doing the same thing, until the night I almost messed up everything. I'm not sure what Ben would have done if I had cheated on him. I do know I wouldn't have been able to keep it from him, I would have had to tell him. the other women sat listening to my story some nodding there heads. One asked."

"What have you done, to spice up your sex life Ann? Do you give your husband blow jobs when you have sex?"

"I almost choked when she asked me that, I didn't know how to answer her question so I shook my head no. To embarrassed to look at her.

"Have you ever given him, or anyone else a blow job?"

"Without even thinking I answered, "Yes. Once when I was in college. I was afraid I would get pregnant so I agreed to suck the guy off."

"Tell us about that time Ann, please do, 't be ashamed, we have all had problems dealing with certain issues dealing with sex. Some to the point of almost losing everything."

"I had been going out with this guy for a few weeks. It was after a football game, we'd had a few beers then left our friends and drove out by a lake. We'd been making out pretty heavy when he took it out of his pants saying, "If you're so afraid of getting pregnant, why don't you do the next best thing and suck my cock." I had never had anybody suggest I do that, but I really liked this guy and didn't want to lose him, I thought, what the heck, If that will satisfy him why not. I got between his legs. Leaning down I started sucking him off. It started tasting different but not all that bad so I kept sucking, my mouth filled with slobbers and pre cum it got to be so much it began running down his cock. As he began humping his hips, pushing his cock in and out of my mouth I felt it swelling even larger than it had been, then he stiffened hiss legs, groaning, he pushed my head down holding it there while he cum in my mouth. When he cum I almost choked, his cock was almost into my throat, unable to pull my mouth off, I gulped it down as fast as I could to keep from choking. It was so slimy and slippery I almost got sick, and I have never given anyone a blow job since that time."

"The woman who had asked me about giving Ben A blow job Said, "Ann I noticed one thing about your confession. You never once mentioned that it tasted bad, so apparently you didn't mind how it tasted. It seems to be more of an issue about how he treated you and you almost choking, that makes you not want to give your husband blow jobs, how do you feel about this Ann?"

"Yes I guess so, Even though I knew Ben would never treat me the way that guy had. I have never done it since, Ben tried to get me to try it, but I kept putting him off until he quit asking."

Another woman said, "Ann have you ever tried anal sex?

Shaking my head, "no, I wanted Ben to try it, but he said he thought it could spread all kinds of disease, and besides that, he could end up hurting me inside as he is pretty big, so we've never tried it."

"Does Ben like taking you from behind, whats called doggie style?"

"Yes, we do that, not all the time, but sometimes, mostly its missionary. He says he enjoys being on top of me and being able to kiss me and feel my breasts while were having sex."

"In other words Ann, when and if you and your husband have sex, you make love, which is wonderful, but once in awhile, sex, pure raw sex, is what both of you need. He needs to give in to you and do the things you like. You on the other hand, need to do the things he likes. Were sure if the two of you can get past you're hangups, everything will be fine. Now Ann the next meeting we will try working on this, is that agreeable with you?"

"Yes I guess so, what all will we be doing?"

"I will be teaching you all about where you're erroneous zones are, so you can teach Ben where to touch you and how. I will introduce you to your G spot, once you have had that experience, you will feel so good about how good sex feels, you will be open to almost anything Ben suggests."

"I will be the only one with you Ann, so you don't have to worry about being in front of a group of people. During these next sessions, we want you to feel at ease, once your able to relax with whats going on, everything will work as it should."

As Ann was about to tell me about her first session of one on one, Ben came back from dancing. We sat talking while having another drink then I said, "I'm going to my bungalow and get a good nights sleep, if you like, we can talk again tomorrow." They both agreed saying they were tired and also needed a good nights rest.Both agreeing we would meet by the pool in the morning after breakfast. By the way they were looking at each other, I think they had more than a good nights rest on there minds.

Ann's third time with the group Ch 02

The next day around ten thirty Ann came and sat down alongside me at the pool. I asked where Ben was and she said he had to make a couple of calls to the office and then he would join us. We made small talk for awhile then Ann said, "if you'll put sun blocker on my back, I'll tell you what happened at the next meeting with the group."

With my curiosity fired up by this time, I grabbed the tube and started rubbing lotion on her back and legs, telling her how soft and nice her skin felt as I rubbed it in.

looking over her shoulder at me she said, "could I get you to put some on my front now?"

I had to smile to myself, thinking, it seems Ann you have come a long long way. But I chose to say. "Of course, turn over and I'll do the front." I have no idea why my hands started to shake as I looked at her lying there on her back. Her tiny string tie top barely covering her nipples, As I started rubbing the lotion on her bare tummy I thought. It might be a good idea if we talked about the meeting.

"So Ann, how did the next meeting go with the sex therapist?"

"When I got there, she took me into a room that had only a table that looked like those found in a doctors exam room. She told me to undress and put a robe on and she would be back. In about ten minutes she came back carrying a pan with water in it along with a razor and shaving cream, I said' giggling, I shaved under my arms just before coming here tonight."

She smiled saying, My dear, this is not for shaving your underarms, its for shaving your pubes.

I said, "but I've never shaved there,"

"I know Ann, you've never really done anything to change yourself for over twenty five years. You've been blaming Ben for not being willing to change, think about it Ann, its as much your fault as it is his."

"I couldn't stop the tears now as I thought about what she had said. Our problems being as much my fault as they were Ben, s."

"After she'd finished shaving me, I had to admit, it did feel pretty sexy when I touched myself. She came back into the room and started the session by showing me where my erroneous zones were and how best to stimulate them. She didn't stop by just telling me she went on and demonstrated how best to do this. At first I was embarrassed to touch myself in front of her, but as I went I found it worked very well."

"I was lying on my back on the table when she came back into the room. As she got to me she started sliding her hand up along my inner thigh all the way to my, my...

I said,"Say it Ann, don't go back now."

"My pussy" she told me to make myself available to her. I was feeling very embarrassed but also excited. I spread my legs as wide as I could. Putting her hand over my pussy she began massaging it gently. Ann, has Ben or anyone else ever stimulated you by giving you oral sex?"

"My eyes popped wide open, "no! no one has ever done that to me." Without warning her mouth was on my mound, kissing, licking, sucking my clit until I soon had an orgasm. My first in a long time. And a very, very long time, since I'd had one with someone other than Ben.

"I wasn't with my husband, I was in therapy, that's not cheating is it? I asked myself, surly not, at least I hoped it wasn't. she licked and sucked my pussy until I begged her to take me, I needed a cock in me by that time, I couldn, t keep from squirming around on the table as her lips kissed my swollen pussy. I felt her tongue lapping me with long slow tender licks from the bottom of my pussy all the way until her tongue licked my clit causing my body to lurch up off the table. Pursing her lips she sucked my clit until I was screaming to climax."

"As I screamed she started kissing my swollen lips with soft butterfly kisses until I thought I would go mad, her tongue slithered around my pussy like a snake, seeming to be everywhere. When I thought I could take no more she stabbed her tongue deep inside me. Her tongue was sliding slowly out of my pulsing mound when she pushed a finger slowly into my ass. My orgasm seemed to take forever to explode, but when it did it left me totally exhausted. I screamed raising up grabbing at the back of her head to hold her mouth to my clit. When it was over I slumped back onto the table lying there, sobbing and laughing at the same time."

"She whispered,"Did you enjoy that Ann?"

"Panting, oh my god yes, I loved it.

"Then why haven't you and your husband been enjoying it together for the last twenty five years?"

"I'm not sure, in fact I'm not sure of anything anymore, I thought all along it was Ben, s fault, now I'm finding out its mine."

"Oh now, wait a minute Ann, I never said it was all your fault. Your equally at fault, neither one of you was willing to try something the other might suggest.

Next she brought out this very real looking cock, made out of something that felt almost life like, it had all the veins and wrinkles of a real cock. Handing it to me she said, "do like the feel of Ben's cock in your hand, Ann?"

"Yes I guess so, the problem is I don't get to feel it for very long, he's always quite anxious to get it into my pussy, he say's, where it belongs."

"She said, Ann I want you to hold it, feel it, do what ever you would like to do with Ben's cock before he puts it in you." I laid there holding it in my hand massaging it felt a little larger than ben's. I found myself wanting to feel if it felt the same as Ben's cock inside me, I wanted to know if I could feel the difference of a slightly larger cock."

"I was rubbing the head along my swollen wet lips when I started pushing it into my pussy. Once I started, I didn't stop until I had all of it inside me. When she saw I had it all she turned it to vibe. When it first came on it surprised me and almost took my breath away, my god how wonderful it felt. Gasping, I started humping my hips pushing the big viberater deeper into me. It took only a matter of a couple of minutes until I exploded with another huge orgasm."

Ben finally showed up and I could tell he didn't really want to talk about his third visit with Ann sitting right there, so I didn't ask. He excused himself to go to the restroom and I told Ann, "he seems shy to talk about his third visit with you here."

Giggling she said, "I wonder what he did that day?"

ch'03 Ben's third time with the group

"Well, if you have something you could go do for awhile, he will probably tell me, I said to Ann."

"Tell Ben I went to see about getting a massage, I'll be back, jumping up she started towards the facility center to see about a massage."

Smiling, "thanks Ann.".

Ben came back sitting down next to me asked, "where was Ann off to, I saw her headed toward the center?"

"She said she was off to see about getting a massage. She said she would be back, but didn't say when."

"I see, well Janet how have things been going with Ann?" has she givin up any of her secrets yet?"

Well yes she has, but of course you know I'm sworn to secrecy to both of you. I don't tell her yours and I don't you hers."

"Smiling he said, "We both felt we could trust you to not devulge each others secrets."

"Well Ben, Ann has already told me about her third meeting, why don't you tell me yours."

"It's well sort of embarrassing for me to tell you what all took place on that third visit."

"I imagine it was also embarrassing for Ann to tell me about hers, but she did, If you would rather not that's entirely up to you. If your not going to tell me the whole story, then I guess you were right when you said I probably wouldn't believe you if you told me. If you remember correctly, it was you who volunteered to tell me about this group and how much they had helped you and Ann's marriage, not hers".

Sitting quietly thinking, then, "We got to the meeting a little before eight that evening, we socialized for a little while then a woman came in said hello to all of us and asked Ann to please go with her. Ann got up and followed her back to one of the rooms, when they were both in the room. A man came out and asked me to please follow him. He led me to a room in the opposite direction. I went in with him and was told to undress and put the robe on that he had given me."

"About ten minutes later he came back into the room wearing one of the robes. Ben he said, "are you ashamed of being seen naked in front of other people? I watched as he slowly untied the cord then took the robe completely off. I tried not to look at him as he stood there totally naked. I don't know why but it's very hard not to look at another naked person.

"What are you waiting for Ben? Being naked is nothing to be ashamed of. We all start out this way, we are taught to be embarrassed or feel humiliated in front of others."

"I slowly untied the cord holding my robe closed. Shrugging it off my shoulders I was now standing there naked."

"He said, "you know Ben, When your ashamed of yourself. How are you ever going to do the things your wife may want you to do for her? Would it embarrass you if you were kissing her on her breasts and she was to put her hands on your head and slowly move your face downward until your lips were almost touching her pussy?" Could you bring yourself to kiss her swollen lips and tongue her slit. licking and lapping it until she has an orgasm? could you do that Ben?"

"Aah I, I'm not sure, she has never led me to believe she wanted me to do that to her."

"Have you, rather than ask her, just went ahead and done it?"

"No I never have."

"Well Ben, were going to teach you how to bring maximum enjoyment to your wife with your tongue, lips and mouth. That will happen at the next meeting. Not with your wife of course, but right now we have to get you past being afraid of what is considered taboo sex.

"Reaching over he took my cock in his hand and started massaging it saying don't think about what I'm doing Ben think about how good it feels to have someone else, s hand around your cock," I didn't want to but I felt myself becoming hard in his hand. I looked down and saw his cock had become hard and was sticking straight out.

"He saw me looking at him and said, "take my cock in your hand Ben," soon we were stroking each others cock, damn he said, "that feels so good, does your wife do this for you?"

"No not really, she holds it in her hand sometimes, but never strokes me."

"Why not Ben? have you ever asked her?"

"I didn't want her to know I sometimes enjoyed doing myself this way."

"Okay, You should have laid back and let her get you off like this, let her see your cum shoot out the end of your cock, then told her to lick it clean for you.

"She would have blew a fuse."

"How do you know that Ben? if you've never tried it to find out. You see Ben, you and Ann have a lot of problems, most of which are caused by the two of you and your false inhibitions. There is nothing wrong with the marriage. It's you two not being willing to change what worked for twenty some years but now its broken, its not working any longer. It needs fixing, so lets fix it by throwing away all of the junk you have both thought about sex and start over. By that I mean by enjoying what you should have been enjoying for over twenty five years."

"By now I was very hard and feeling I could cum any minute. He took his hand away from my cock. "were going to save that Ben, you'll be needing it. Tomorrow night were holding a special meeting, we have a very special guest paying us a visit, we don't want you to miss the chance to meet her. She's a beautiful sexy woman, who happens to know more about pleasing a man than any woman I know of. If your very lucky and she has the time to spend with us, maybe we can talk her into giving you some pointers, would you like that Ben?"

"I, well I'm not sure, I have never been with another woman since meeting Ann, and."

"Not to worry Ben, we have taken care of all of that for you, Ann knows Its therapy and nothing else and is willing to allow you to do this, but you are not to say anything to her that you have agreed to do it, is that understood Ben.?" She said she does not want to know if you agreed or not. She can live with not knowing."

"I looked at him, "your sure It's therapy and she has agreed to go along with it, as long as she doesn't know weather I did or didn't do it with this sex therapist? is that correct?"

"Yes that's right Ben, what do you say."

"And it's tomorrow night at eight o clock, Is Ann going to attend this special meeting?"

"Yes, she will also be here, but of course she will be with the other women as usual. There are a few things to go over with you now Ben, if you don't mind?" by the way I'm glad to see you have been able to relax in front of me, being naked and all, that's a good sign Ben. Once you and Ann have lost all of the false inhibitions you have about sex, you'll enjoy having sex and just being together more than you ever have in all the years you've been together, trust me Ben, it's true. Now I will lay the ground rules for tomorrow night."

"He said, first you are not to say anything to the therapist, not a word or a groan if you can help it. She will have masking makeup on so you will never know her if you should pass her on the street, or talk to her here at a meeting. Third, you will have a tiny wireless speaker in your ear. I will be instructing you every step of the way on how to satisfy her. You are to do everything you are told to do no matter what it is. After the meeting we will go over everything with her on what you did right and what you may have done wrong. Then we will meet with you to discuss any problems you might have had. Of course she, will not be present.

The main thing is to learn how to take your time seducing Ann. Even though she is your wife, she needs to be seduced, made to feel beautiful by you, she needs to feel wanted by you. Do not rush from one thing to another when I instruct you to. Make love to her as you change, I will instruct you on what to do. you will also be made up to protect your identity from her. Its best if no one knows each other. There will also be a four inch raised platform around the bed to make you seem four inches taller than you really are. That alone will through her off to ever being able to identify you, your privacy is our main concern. Unless you have any questions, I think that about covers it Ben, get dressed now and come out into the main hall.

Ann And Ben's fourth and final visit

We had dinner together then took a walk along the beach until we were back to where we had been sitting earlier in the day. It was so beautiful, no one wanted to go to there rooms.

After making small talk awhile I said, "can we talk more about the group, smiling both agreed. I said smiling, "who wants to take a walk first?"

Both sat smiling, I'll go first Ben said as he got up and started walking towards the little cabana bar where they were dancing.

Ann said, have a good time, but stay out of trouble." Ben threw up a hand as he walked slowly away from us. Ann looked at me saying, "the fourth visit was the most wonderful of my life."

"We arrived at the hall a little before eight and I was immediately taken to a room where I attained a complete and total make over. I was told I was made up so my lover would never be able to recognize me if we should ever meet anywhere. The masking makeup was applied to my face my hair was trimmed and made honey blonde, I had suction cups large enough to cover the entire breast put on my breasts causing my nipples to become almost huge, increasing there size enormously. I was stripped naked and a shear gown put on me that you could see right through, when I asked why bother, I was assured I would be much more sexy with it on than if I were naked."

"I was taken into a room where there was a very large bed and that was all. Except for a light at the far side of the room, where only the outer glow from that light cast a dim shadow on the bed. I was told to lye down and relax. It was going to be a long night, but a wonderful night. A night I would never forget. I laid down and my hands were brought up above my head and shackled, I couldn't get away now if I wanted to. As I thought about not being able to resist anything that would be happening to me, I suddenly started feeling the excitement of being restrained, something I had aleays feared whenever I had thought about it."

"I tried to get free from the bonds but was reassured that I would not be hurt in any way, this was part of the therapy. I was told, since I had never been restrained, it would stimulate me sexually. I realized for the first time as I lay there waiting for my lover to come I was completely helpless from him. Realizing this I felt my breath become deep, almost a slow pant, thinking about what my lover would be like. What if his cock was so big that it hurt to much to go on, there would be nothing I could do, except lay there and take it. I felt myself become very wet. Janet I honestly felt my juices trickling out of me. that had never happened to me even as a young woman."

"It wasn't long until a door opened and man walked in dressed only in a robe. As he walked into the dim lit darkness surrounding the bed I struggled to get free. When he got to the bed he leaned over and kissed my navel, sending a ripple of pleasure through my entire body. I noticed he was quite tall, at least six foot, maybe taller. I had never been with a man this tall and wondered if his height might determine how long his cock might be."

"Leaning over me now he began kissing his way slowly up my body to my nipples, licking then pulling them with his teeth. As he was doing this I felt his hand between my legs, he began softly massaging my inner thighs until my legs parted allowing him freedom of my body. As his lips made love to my breasts, his fingers were soon making love to my pussy. He was slowly working two fingers into my very wet pussy. As he was working his fingers into me, my hips were thrusting upward, trying to get his fingers deeper into my pussy, as I did this I began to feel hot all over."

"He was fingering me slowly getting me used to it going deeper with each thrust then he curled his fingers inside me and started massaging me inside with the tips of his fingers causing the most intense orgasm I had ever had in my life, I was biting my lip to keep from screaming. I was not allowed to scream or say anything. He continued using the tips of his fingers massaging me inside until I had another orgasm and was well on my way to another by the time he slipped his fingers out of me. It was then, I almost broke the rules. I wanted to beg him not to stop."

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