Love for Sail

by Winterfrog

Copyright© 2010 by Winterfrog

Erotica Sex Story: Pretty wife wants go sailing with her friend, her friends spouse and his horny rapist brother. Husband objects and their marriage is in turmoil.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   MaleDom   .

Many thanks to Dennis for editing this story

I'm Lucas Willman. The whole crappy mess in my marriage began just as a story about loving wives you already heard or read at least a hundred of times. Of course, even I had read it many times for me it was the first and hopefully the last time it happened in my real life. Not funny at all.

My background is an average Scandinavian guy, owner of a consulting company for electrical matters, a lovely wife and two small boys, six and eight years old. I met my wife, Linda, at the local tax office when I was there to get an explanation about a new and very complicated form I had to fill out after selling some shares at a fair profit.

She did a good job and I fell for her bright smile and invited her for dinner so she could take her time and explain it more carefully to me.

She began to laugh and said, "You really aren't a very romantic guy if taxes are your main interest during the first date with a girl."

"I have other interests, just give me a chance to show it and you'll see."

She did and not a word about taxes was mentioned during our first date at a restaurant. Not even during the nightcap in my apartment nor at a time after that or during breakfast in my kitchen.

My best memory of that great night was my surprise she took out my cock and sucked me stone hard while we were necking. After the nightcap, she said, "Now it's high time for you to show those other interest you talked about."

I did and obviously did it very well because she had two intensive orgasms before we fell asleep. What confused me was that it had been so incredible easy to get this lovely girl sucking and fucking me.

Obviously she thought about the same thing because after the breakfast she asked me, "Do you regard me as a cheap easy slut after the last night?"

I looked straight in her eyes and replied, "Why should I? We were two in that game, weren't we?"

Obviously she accepted my answer and said, "I really like you, could I see you again?"

"I like you too. The whole weekend is yours, only yours."

We spent the whole weekend together and when we parted Sunday evening, we didn't say, "I like you" we said, "I love you".

Of course, I had some serious doubts about creating a serious relationship with a girl who gave in and sucked and fucked me readily during our first night together. However, I fell in love with her and decided to stay with her as long as she was faithful to me. She was and our relations developed in the usual ways: love, engagement, wedding and two children.

Ten years later we were living in a nice house in a middle class area. Linda was still working at the tax office. But the small company I owned when Linda and I met had been bought by a big company what and it had given me a greater opportunities of climbing the ladder. In my humble opinion, We had a good life,. but the statistics in our country says that ten years is a the most dangerous time in a relationship and why should Linda's and mine be any exception?

By and by Linda brought a snake in our paradise. Her name was Anna Johansson, a very common name that didn't say anything at all to me. But had I seen her or known her previous last name, it would been a quite different matter.

Anna worked at the accounting department at a big local company and when they wanted somebody from the tax authorities to have an information meeting about new rules, Linda was sent there to do the job and Anna was her point of contact at the company. Their presentation had been very successful so they celebrated it with an evening out.

As they were in the same age and shared an interest for fashion, they continued to see each other now and then to go shopping together. Sometimes they even went to movies but never any late night bars.

When I suggested Linda invite Anna and her whole family for a barbeque, she said they had agreed not to extend their friendship to family level. Okay for me, though I thought briefly about the reason why Anna, her spouse and kids didn't wanted to see our kids and me for a few hours.

Linda told me that Anna had a spouse by name Peter, but that didn't give me much information about him. After a holiday at a sunny Mediterranean island Anna had shown her some pictures and Linda told me that Peter was a very handsome man, well built, well trained and almost looking as a body builder.

Obviously Linda envied Anna for that good-looking Anders because she even told me that I looked just like a sack of potatoes compared to Anna's Peter. I replied by telling her it is a well-known secret that bodybuilders by using steroids got a shrinking penis and I rather was a "potato sack" than a "needle man". When I asked Linda a few questions Anna's superman, she couldn't tell me what kind of work he did for living.

Her next brag about that Peter was that she had happened to meet him in the real life when Anna and she was shopping a Saturday and he had been very charming and even more handsome in the real life.

Two weeks later shit hit the fan when Linda returned happy as a child after a shopping with Anna and told me that Peter had won some money on Lotto and as Anna had always wanted to sail in the large archipelago outside Stockholm, Peter had rented a sailing boat for a week and Anna had invited Linda to share that week with them.

I asked her, "Did you accepted that strange invitation?"

"Not yet, because I wanted to tell you about it before telling Anna my reply what will be 'yes'."

"And I will say 'no way' because we don't know anything at all about those people."

Linda got angry and shouted, "You don't have any right to say 'no'. You don't own me because I'm a free adult and you have no legal right to deny me spending a week together with a friend. Do you think you have any legal right to stop me from that sailing?"

I even got angrier and told her, "I can't stop you but I don't have to accept what you are doing because I have strong feeling that something stinks here and I'll find out what it is."

"You must be paranoid if you can't accept me having a great vacation for a week for free."

I stared her straight in her eyes and said, "You ought to be clever enough to understand that there are no 'free vacation ' and don't be surprised if your so called free week will be the most expensive vacation you ever had in your whole life."

Our marriage went down to its lowest level ever. No sex and not any unnecessary talking. I had to find out more information about this mysterious Anna Johansson.

It was only one week left to the sailing week when I decided to take action on the Saturday when Linda and Anna went for shopping. I had told Linda that I had promised to help my friend Roland fixing some matters in his house and went to his place about one hour before Linda went shopping. Linda's parents had promised to look after our kids and she took them there on her way to the shopping. Roland is a man of my size and owns a Kawasaki motorbike and his motorcycle overall and helmet with tinted visor fit me perfect.

I waited for Linda two blocks away from her parent's house and tailed her to the large parking at the mall. To my great luck I noted a well shaped brunette step out from blue VW Polo a few parking lots away from Linda. They greeted and went together toward the mall. It was my lucky day and the information was found much easier than expected. What if they had decided to meet at some café at the mall? It could easily turned to a long boring day for me.

Now I had to write down Anna's license number, get back to Roland with the Kawasaki and go home for working. A text message to the national car register gave me the reply that car BOV 785 was a VW Polo owned by a Monica Anna Elisabeth Johansson and her address.

Still no clues about Monica Anna Elisabeth but now it would be easy to find her in the credit registers at my job and soon I had got a match, but it was much worse than expected. Anna single for four years after divorce from Sebastian Hagman, a guy I used to see at some sport events. While married to Sebastian she had been known as Monica Hagman, what explained why I didn't knew anything about her when she nowadays used her middle name Anna and her maiden name Johansson.

But now I knew a lot about the dear Anna since her time as Monica Hagman. She had been involved in a sex scandal what caused her divorce and much gossip in our town. Her ex, Sebastian Hagman is a skilled stamp collector and after a Rotary meeting he had invited two fellow members, a vicar and a police chief also stamp collectors to his home to see some rare stamps he had bought at an auction.

Coming to into Hagman's house the three friends heard strange sounds from the bedroom and in there they had found Sebastian's pretty wife Monica naked and involved in a sex act with two men. In the hullabaloo that followed one of the men knocked the vicar down to the floor before Sebastian and the police chief could take control over the situation.

Monica alias Anna's lovers were two brothers, Peter and Tommy Olson. Tommy, who is known for his hot temper got two months in jail for knocking down the vicar. A year later Tommy got famous in the whole country when it was time for his next trip to be taxpayer's guest for four months as payment for a nasty sex story that sold a lot of national evening tabloid newspapers. I hadn't heard any further gossip about Peter.

Tommy had sold a well-used BMW to a distant relative. But as the poor buyer had no money for the time being, Tommy had given him creditor 30 days without any interest. So far so good but in the signed contract they had agreed that if the total amount of the car wasn't paid within 31 days, an interest should be paid by the buyers wife living as common law wife for Tommy doing all domestic duties in his apartment until total payment was made.

The handsome but naïve wife had agreed to that strange condition as her husband had promised that it would never happen and the worst case it could only be a few days as a maid. But Tommy had other plans when he didn't get his money. The very first thing at her new "job" Tommy had given the horrified wife a hard spanking with a leather strap and got her to understand that she was expected to obey all his orders and demands.

She had accepted a total submission and as Tommy's "wife" she had not dared to object when she was demanded to perform oral and anal sex for the first time in her life though she had always denied that to her own husband.

When the poor husband did not succeed to get the money a week after Tommy took his wife, he regretted the whole business so he rang Tommy to trading his wife back for the BMW. When Tommy refused, he went to the police who after hearing the wife arrested Tommy for blackmail and rape.

This incredible story got headlines in the national evening tabloids. Thanks to the contract and the naïve wife had not made any objections nor any resistance when Tommy had sex with her, a PR hungry clever young lawyer succeeded in getting Tommy free from most of the accusations. Because it was Tommy's second trip, he got four months at an almost open "white-collar jail" for spanking the poor wife.

I bought some newspaper articles about that case from a database online.

When Linda and I met back home I asked her, "Has your friend Anna ever told you that her name was Monica Hagman while she was married and her marriage ended in a scandalous divorce after she was caught cheating during a threesome sex act with two infamous brothers, Peter and Tommy Olson."

"No, why are you asking me about that?"

"Because that slut woman seems to be your best friend and obviously more important for you than I am."

"Are you insane? What the hell are you babbling about?"

"I'm talking about your friend Anna Johansson alias Monica Hagman, ex-wife to Sebastian Hagman, an acquaintance of mine"

Now she shouted at me, "Do you think Anna is the first woman to change her name after a divorce? Why should I care?"

"Because Anna's first name is Monica and she preferred that name while she was married to my acquaintance Sebastian Hagman. Now it is easy to understand why she wanted to avoid me and said 'no thanks when we invited her and her boyfriend Peter Olson to a barbeque. By the way, how well do you know him?"

Now a slight surprised Linda asked me, "Do you really expect me to know Peter's past after only met him once for a few minutes?"

"It's high time for you to know your sailing pals. The Olson brothers, Peter and Tommy, are notorious for sharing their girlfriends. When your dear friend Monica Anna Elisabeth Hagman, alias Anna Johansson was caught cheating by her husband, a vicar and a police she had a threesome with both of those Olson brothers. Tommy, who is a violent character knocked down the vicar and got two months in jail. After that he's spent some more time in jail for using a car buyer's wife as his sex slave. I can bet that Tommy will be with you on that sailing week and that both Olson brothers have fucked all your openings before the sunset during your first day at the sea."

Linda was shaken but obviously not convinced and replied, "You don't like Anna and now you are seeing ghosts in bright daylight. She is my friend and I'll spend a week with her. I have never heard about any Tommy and I can promise that he will not be with us. That's for sure."

"I can't stop you from going there but don't ever forget that I have warned you for the consequences and I'm giving you a very simple choice, stay home as my wife or go away to be a fuck slut for the Olson brothers. I can't see any other options in this sad matter."

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