Twilight: Jasper & Alice

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2010 by sonyaesperanto

Fan Fiction Story: Twilight Fan Fiction. It is a far post-apocalyptic future where Jasper and Alice are the only ones left in the world and Jasper is out for revenge against Alice for having broken up with him and the result of him having been tortured by other vampires who came between them.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Post Apocalypse   Vampires   BDSM   MaleDom   Safe Sex   .

Author's Note:

The characters of this story are based on the hit vampire novel/movie series Twilight. This novel was written by Stephanie Meyers and has a strong fan base (mostly females and even some males).

I am a fan of any vampire literature of any concept, regardless if it is a love story or a normal horror story or even social arte farte or sci fi.

As for why I wrote this story was because I liked some of the characters in it. Not Edward and Bella, but other characters. The story focuses on a vampire couple named Jasper and Alice.

As for any of you who are not familiar with the series Twilight, basically it has its own concept about vampires. They stay forever young, possess supernatural strength and stamina and drink blood (not necessarily human but animal ones).

However they do not sleep, can walk out in broad daylight, can swim under water and have diverse individual abilities similar to the mutants in X Men and are nearly as invincible as Superman. They also bear no fangs in their mouth. They are not shape shifters like Dracula. They are not allergic to garlic and a stake through the heart would not work since their skin is as tough as Superman's.

As for this story itself it takes place somewhere in a far post apocalyptic future. Humans, werewolves and most of the vampires are long gone. Only Jasper and Alice remain. Now originally Alice has the mutant power of clairvoyance but in my story she has lost that ability. Although many fans of this story loved it for its romance, in my story Jasper and Alice broke up a long time ago and are now immortal enemies because they fell out (something like why people get divorce).

Jasper and Alice are all alone, except for the remaining animals like in that Will Smith movie I Am Legend.

So I hope you, my faithful readers, can enjoy this story as a post apocalyptic story with social implications but if you already are a Twilight fan, please read this as a Jasper/Alice story, not a Bella/Edward/Jacob one.

As for what also influenced me to write this story was the graphic novel Hulk: The End, where the Incredible Hulk (hope I need no introductions for this fictional American icon) is the only person left in a post-apocalyptic future and the only enemies left he had to fight are the roaches who also survived the Third World War (a terrible nuclear war).

Alice crouched down while being on top of the head of the Statue of Liberty. Down below she could see the water. As for the city of New York itself it was a dead city. As for the statue itself it was rotting like the Sphinx in Egypt.

Too bad the humans are gone. I really liked them and this even used to be the biggest city in the world, Alice thought.

A long time ago a virus had killed off the entire human population, leaving virtually no survivors. Alice never fed on humans as she liked them and still retained a lot of her human emotions that she had before becoming a vampire.

Alice was a pale attractive blue-eyed Brunette. Long time ago she had a family. They were vampires. They died a long time ago. She and her ex-partner were the only ones who remained. They were a couple for a long time until they fell out over many issues and it came to the point that they both could not stand each other anymore.

Eventually they getting aggressive with each other and started fighting each other physically. Jasper nearly killed Alice but she kicked him in the balls (vampires can hurt each other the way humans can hit each other) and fled as fast as she could.

Her boyfriend's name was Jasper. He was a vampire since the American civil war. He was tall and Blond. He was also a military man too.

She sought refuge with another vampire family whom she knew. They said they would protect her from him, in case he came looking for her.

Unfortunately for Alice, a Vampire War broke out where all the remaining clans fought each other to the death. Alice survived and she had not seen Jasper in any of the Vampire battle feuds. She assumed that he was dead and had not seen him die.

It sucks to be the last vampire, Alice thought.

The Atlantic Ocean below her looked promising. It was full of marine life.

Even if I jump down below I know I can't end my life, Alice thought.

Vampires, unlike human beings, are incapable of committing suicide. They could only be physically killed by other vampires. As far as she knew, only she and the animals remained.

The werewolves died a long time ago too, she thought.

If there were any of them left they would have tracked her down but so far no one came looking for her.

After the last humans had died out, Alice walked the Earth and swam the oceans to see what the rest of the world looked like. All she saw were rotting corpses which animals fed on. Cities around the world were empty and full of cars and long abandoned buildings.

She had been to Asia to see the Great Wall of China. She walked the icy plains of Russia and even fought with a couple of Siberian wolves who proved no match for her. She travelled to Egypt to see the Pyramids. When she saw the Pyramid of Giza, she said to it, "I guess it is just you and me now honey."

Now she was back in the good ol USA. Once a world superpower and now dead like Ancient Rome. Like Mesopotamia.

While Alice looked down below, all of a sudden she felt very uncomfortable. All of a sudden she felt as if something dangerous from the past was right behind her. Alice slowly stood up and turned around, only because she was curious as to what it was and also that she had never had such feelings like this in a long long time.

"No. No. It can't be. Am I dreaming this? Am I imagining this??" Alice blurted out loudly.

If she had a heart beat, she would be having a heart attack right now.

I am not alone, Alice thought.

"I have been on your trail the whole time. I knew you weren't aware," the other figure said.

It was Jasper. He stood seven feet away from her. His well built. His blond hair. His angry bitter eyes.

"I ... I ... I thought you were ... dead!" Alice cried.

She thought he was dead. She wished he really did die, as she was afraid that he was going to hunt her down and kill her violently.

"No my dear. I was only hiding. But hey look on the bright side. Now you have someone else to talk to," Jasper joked.

She could see it in his eyes. He still had grievances against her. His eyes looked cruel. His smile was wicked.

You broke up with him long after all the Cullens died, she thought.

"Aren't you going to come here and give me a hug?" Jasper asked.

"Jasper. Look I have nothing against you anymore. I have been all alone for a long time. I now know what ultimate loneliness really means. I do. You won't believe this but I am really glad to see you," she said.

A part of her was glad that she was no longer all alone. A part of her did still care for him.

"Are you saying this because you are afraid of me," Jasper cried out sarcastically.

She did not like his tone at all.

"Oh come on Jasper. I am just shocked. I am shocked to see you of all people. I mean it is literally just you and me," Alice cried.

He was right. She was afraid of him. She knew what he was capable of. He was tough, calculative, aggressive and always wanted everything to go his way and be the boss of the relationship.

"I know you are scared of me," Jasper chuckled.

"What?? No. I told you I am just shocked," Alice said.

"Then why don't you come and give me a hug then!" he chuckled bitterly.

Because he knows that I am afraid that he is going to kill me and he could really do it too, she thought.

"Alice. You broke up with me. I loved you and you broke up with me. Do you know how angry that made me," Jasper cried angrily.

Yup. She knew how angry that made him. He killed 1 million people all over the country. The media said that there were wild animals loosed and that they were all lions and tigers that got snuck into the country illegally as there was no other explanation for why a million people died within a week in the same fashion.

"Jasper you got aggressive and bossy and wanted everything done your way. I was supposed to be your girlfriend but you kept on treating me like a slave. When you wanted to be by yourself it was ok but if I wanted time for myself you got angry and violent. You wanted us to go Pakistan and Central Asia and Africa where violence and civil wars were going on. I wanted nothing of that. I wanted to be somewhere more peaceful," Alice cried out in defence.

"And so you just ran from me," he screamed.

"You were hurting me. What else was I supposed to do?" she asked.

"I told you I was sorry. I begged you to come back to me. What did you do instead. You got the American Nomads to beat me up. You saw them chain me up. Did you think that they just brought me to another place where I would have taken a long time to break out my chains and learn the errors of my ways,2 he screamed.

The American Nomads were the Vampire Clan who took her in when she ran from him. He came for her and when two male members told him that she did not want to see him, all hell broke loose. Jasper pushed his way through but the rest of the male members came and they all beat him and chained him up. Alice begged them not to kill him but just send him away to another location where he would have spent a long time learning the errors of his way.

"They dragged me all the way down to the seabed of the Pacific Ocean, cutting my veins and hoping that the chains that held me were too strong so that I would never break free and that eventually without blood, I would get weak, die of thirst and also that sharks would slowly feed off me," Jasper cried, with tears flowing down his green eyes.

Alice felt guilty, watching her former boyfriend crying like that. She felt that she had to go and hug him now. A part of her felt guilty for wishing him to be gone. Not dead from how he described it but that if he died, he died by fighting some other vampire or werewolf and she had these thoughts especially when she thought about him coming after her with a vengeance.

"I'm really sorry Jass. I didn't think they'd do anything like that to you. All I thought was..." Alice trying to confess her thoughts.

"Thought what??? That they would just take me away all the way to a place like Siberia and that I would take at least 10 years to break out of my prison??? You thought wrong," Jasper screamed at her.

"No. I told them not to kill you. I told them you weren't yourself because Carlisle and the others died," Alice cried.

Carlisle and the Olympians were Jasper's and Alice's original vampire family until they all died. Carlisle and his wife died at the hands of the Volturi. Edward, Bella and the rest of their clan sought help from the other Vampire Clans to get rid of the Volturi once and for all. The Volturi succeeded in killing the rest of the Olympians but the other Vampire Clans combined succeeded in killing the entire Volturi clan.

"I begged them not to kill you but to just chain you up somewhere. Jasper you were out of control. You even hit me a couple of times and nearly choked me," Alice crying out in defence.

"I loved you Alice," Jasper screamed really loud.

"I loved you too," Alice cried back.

"I told you before. If I can't have you no one will," Jasper barked at her furiously.

Jasper's eyes turned black-gold, which was a dangerous sign for any other vampire.

"Jass we are all that is left of any superior intelligent life on earth. The Werewolves are gone too. I haven't seen anymore of their kind. Look couldn't we just forget the past and become friends again," Alice suggested.

She was scared of him as Hell and this could be the worst day of her entire life. She ran away from him when the world was full of other people and it was emotionally and psychologically haunting even more now that they really are alone and that she had to face him.

"Don't you get it Alice. I don't want us just as friends. I want you by my side," Jasper cried.

Jasper still cried and was still angry after all these years. Or perhaps even centuries.

"I can be by your side," Alice cried.

"As friends", was what she meant. She wasn't ready yet to go into a relationship with him but never counted that out in some future.

"As my partner, not as a friend," Jasper cried.

"Please give it some time. You are rushing things. If you want to get back with me we would still have to give it some time," Alice cried.

"You know I guess these is a God. Alice I always wanted to get back with you all this time. God knew that and thought I was the hurt victim so he killed everyone else so that I can finally get to you. Ever wondered why is it that only you and I remain while everyone else is long gone," Jasper chuckled.

"Jasper I never meant to hurt you," Alice cried.

"Well if you came running to me before they chained me up, none of this would happen but you let them beat me up and take me away. No Alice. All my suffering is your fault, having been under that cursed ocean for such a long time. You probably hoped I was dead too," Jasper screamed.

A part of her did hope he died but only because she was afraid of him for the moment and then another part of her felt guilty for having such thoughts. They were a couple for such a long time and then it had to end.

"You did hurt me and I have been thinking what I was going to do with you once I finally caught up with you," Jasper said.

Alice wanted to go down on her knees and beg forgiveness. A part of her said it was dangerous as once she was on her knees he would quickly swoop towards her and grab her and then she stood no chance of escaping him.

"I'm sorry. Please I'm so sorry Jasper. Please forgive me," Alice broke out into tears.

If she covered her face now he would quickly rush to her and grab her.

"You can't escape me Alice. Now if you don't want to be my girlfriend then there is only one option left for you," Jasper threatened her.

"That's not fair. You were hard on me when out entire family died," Alice broke out in both tears and defence.

"You know what the other option is Alice," Jasper sounding pushy.

"I ... I don't wanna know," Alice cried.

"You can live ... as my personal slave," Jasper smiled wickedly.

She only had two seconds to think. Alice quickly turned around, leaped up onto the air, planning to dive all the way down into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. As Alice was fifty feet away from the head of the Statue of Liberty, Jasper was already on her, grabbing her with his far stronger arms and before she could think for a third second, she felt herself and Jasper crash all the way down into the waters of the Ocean below them. She felt something hit her from the back of her head. Everything around her went black.

Alice regained consciousness. She found herself in what looked like a dungeon of some sort. It looked like she was in a Volturi dungeon, in their main base in Northern Italy. There was torch light on the wall.

She was lying on the floor and she saw her ankles and wrists chained to the walls. She also realized that she was now completely naked.

She could not break out from these chains nor tear them away from the walls as they were made of "vampire steel" and the walls were of strong supernatural element that goes back to the time of Etruscan warlocks.

All this reminded her of when she was a human being locked up in some asylum. It drove her mad not knowing who she was and all that small space was making her feel bizarre, angry and inferior. It was the worst feeling of her entire life ever and never even forgot about it after becoming a vampire.

The door opened. It was Jasper walking through.

"Jasper let me go. Please let me go," Alice screamed at him, crying now with tears.

Jasper knew about her past inside that asylum and was using it to his advantage. Jasper walked towards Alice. Alice stood up but could not walk very far, thanks to her chains.

"You are looking very lovely Alice," Jasper snickered.

"Jasper I don't deserve this at all. You know how horrible my past was. I don't like being in here. Let go of me. Now. Please," Alice screamed at him frantically and over-emotionally.

"Well I felt the same way being chained up in the bottom of the ocean Alice. Consider yourself lucky. This is nothing compared to that," Jasper shot back at her.

He didn't kill me. He plans to keep me alive so he can torture me mentally, she thought.

Alice dropped down on her knees, crying and clasping her hands together, begging him for forgiveness so that he can let her go.

"Please forgive me for my trespasses. I had no idea what they were going to do to you. I'm really sorry. Please don't do this to me. I'm nowhere as strong as you," Alice pleaded and begged.

Jasper was a master tactician. He knew what she was capable of and what stories she could come up with to save her hide.

"Ok Alice. I think I'll let you go," Jasper said to her as he approached her a lot closer.

"You ... you will," Alice said in a gulping tone, while looking up to him on her knees.

"But I have my conditions," Jasper said to her.

"Con ... di ... tions?" Alice stammered.

Jasper put a hand on her hair, shuffling it and making it more messier than it already is.

"That you will come back to me. Not only as my girlfriend but also that you must always obey me and never run away from me again or ever try to harm me," Jasper demanded.

"O ... obey you???" Alice was shocked.

"That we will be together again except now I am the dominating partner who makes all the decisions for us and also that you always do as you're told ... sincerely," Jasper stated.

"Jasper if I obey you I will be your slave. That isn't how relations work," Alice panicked.

"When we were equals you ran from me," Jasper angrily said.

Alice was still on her knees looking up to him.

"Jasper you were losing control. You got violent. You attacked humans. Carlisle wouldn't have approved of that if he were alive. You were destroying things and wouldn't listen to me anymore. You were scaring the hell out of me. I couldn't stand you anymore," Alice confessed.

Jasper yanked her hair hard now, making her shrug in pain.

"Alice I loved you," Jasper looked at her angrily.

"You hit me," Alice said.

"You tried to run away from me," Jasper said.

"I needed time to be alone," Alice cried.

"Well I want you to be with me," Jasper shot back.

"Jasper when you wanted to be alone I gave you time for yourself," Alice cried.

"Yeah time alone for a few minutes. You were thinking of going somewhere far away," Jasper was shooting all these words at her.

"Jasper I don't get angry with the world like you do. You know I'm a sensitive person," Alice defending her past actions.

"Bullshit," Jasper yanking her hair harder now, "You left me. I came for you. You're my girl Alice. Mine. No one else's. I'd kill anyone who flirted or looked at your direction with you."

That was true. Many of the men she chatted with, after their separation, ended up dead. All of them.

"I'm touched," Alice said.

"You are my girl Alice. You abandoned me. I came all the way for you. I tracked you down the entire country until I found you at the American Nomads," Jasper said in a fierce bitter tone.

Alice just started at him.

"Alice if you had a heart or were really touched you wouldn't have abandoned me. They beat me up..." Jasper shouted.

"You lost control and tried to get inside their house," Alice wanted to say why they did what they did.

"Then why didn't you come back running to me, back to my arms? We could have left together that day as boyfriend and girlfriend and life partners. But no. you hid behind one of those bitches and those assholes chained me up and dragged me all the way down. I didn't remember seeing you running after me in chains and even stopping them from taking me away," Jasper screamed, crying now with tears.

Alice felt guilty. She still remembered what happened that day when he came looking for her while she was under the American Nomads' protection. They were an ancient vampire clan.

Two of the female members Mary and Charlotte stood in front of Alice while they were tall upstairs in the American Nomads' residence, sheltering her from her stalker (Jasper).

They saw everything that happened down the stairs. Jasper was outside their doorstep. Three of the male members Garret, Peter and Randell told him to go away and that Alice didn't want to see him anymore.

Jasper saw Alice all the way from the door. He screamed her name, telling her that she better come back to him and that she can't run away from him forever and that eh always find her and that she belongs only to him.

When Garret told him to go away one more time, Jasper pushed all 3 guys aside with lighting speed and superhuman strength. Jasper would have reached the first three steps of the stairs if not for Peter and Randell moving faster than him and clobbering him at the same time. Garret gave his 2 "brothers" a hand and they all took Jasper out.

While Jasper was unconscious they chained him up and took him away. Alice told them that he wasn't himself and that they should send him far away to somewhere like Russia or Antarctica but not kill him.

"I have been down in that hellhole for such a long time Alice. It felt like eternity and what kept me going was how I was going to be free and how I was going to pay you and sour stupid new family for what you did to me. Now they are dead. But you remain which is even the more better for me," Jasper cried bitterly.

"If I could change back time I would have come back running to you so none of this would happen," Alice cried.

"You're clairvoyance. Didn't you see the future Alice?" Jasper asked.

"No I didn't. When you and I separated I slowly lost my abilities," Alice confessed.

"Liar. You were happy to see them take me away," Jasper screamed at her.

"Please believe me. It's the truth. Look. If I still had my abilities you'd think I wouldn't have known that you were still alive and tracking me down. You surprised me back in New York," Alice defending herself.

"Or maybe you did lose it. You lost it only recently or when the world lost its human population. When I got out of the ocean I saw the vampires fighting each other off. I even saw the werewolves fight each other off," Jasper chuckled bitterly, then breaking into bitter laughter.

"No Jass. I lost it when I was away from you. I never believed that one day I would be just a normal vampire without anymore extra abilities," Alice shook her head, still crying down smaller tears.

"Now Alice about my conditions. Do you accept or not?" Jasper threatened.

I can't submit to him as a slave. Don't surrender like this girl, Alice telling herself in her thoughts.

"Jass don't do this," Alice pleaded.

"Got sent to the bottom for what seemed like eternity Alice. You're fault Alice. Alice my time is short. I will give you ten seconds because I still care about your opinion," Jasper giving her time.

Alice kept silent.

"Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Time is clicking Alice. Five. Four. Three," Jasper counting down.

"No don't Jass. Wait please Stop counting," Alice begged, holding onto his left leg.

Jasper just smiled at her.

"Two. Your time could be up. Do you accept or not??" Jasper snickered.

Alice looked at him with a frightened glare. Jasper smiled at her wickedly, obviously enjoying the fear in her eyes.

"You're such a stupid girl. I don't know what was it I saw in you to begin with??" Jasper shook his head sarcastically.

Alice just starred at him in defeat.

"You just say 'yes' or 'no'. Simple as that. I guess your own life does not mean anything to you," Jasper chuckled.

"You want me to say yes Jasper. But if I say yes then I have to become your slave," Alice cried.

"You said you were going to become my slave if you said yes. I said that you must obey me from now on," Jasper defending his word.

Alice remembered what he said to her when they were on top of the Statue of Liberty: "You can live ... as my personal slave".

"Jasper don't you remember what you told me when we were in New York?" Alice stated.

"Oh I do remember. I'm just fucking around with you Alice. I think you are better off as my slave than as my girlfriend for what you did to me. But you know what. Your time is up," Jasper said. "One".

Jasper opened the cell door and then he walked over to the torchlight.

Oh no he is going to leave me alone in total darkness, she thought.

For how long was also the question racing in her mind.

He took the torchlight with him, saying to her, "I hope you enjoy an eternity of darkness."

He went out the cell door, closing it behind him. Alice was alone in darkness.

"Don't leave me alone here. Please come back. Please," Alice screamed at the top of her lungs.

She had never been so afraid in her immortal life. Not only was she going to be chained up in a room where she could see nothing (Volturi dungeon cells were specially designed to torment vampire prisoners for eternity, thus giving them their own equivalent of Hell). The Volturi dungeons were known to have driven vampires, and humans, mad.

Alice kept on screaming and screaming. She could see nothing and her ankles and wrist chains prevented her from escaping. Worst of all vampires don't die but they need to drink blood because if they don't they suffer an eternity of thirst. A thirst without end.

Alice screamed for what probably was days. She lost count. Time in confinement cells could seem like days even if the prisoner was only in it for an hour or two.

Alice had to think happier thoughts. If she could think about other things and imagine herself somewhere else she could save herself this torment, if only for a while.


Alice had been screaming to be let of and to be fed for days. Sometimes she was quite when she could be in her own world but she always returned to her world of darkness, inside that dungeon cell.

The dungeon door opened. Jasper walked in with a flaming torch. He placed the torchlight in its wall holder.

"Jasper. Jasper. I'm so glad to see you," Alice was crawling to him while chained up and on her knees. She then could not move any further. Her eyes were wide open, giving him a weak but excited smile, like some prisoner who had been just freed from some horrible prison camp.

Alice looked weak, thirsty and scared, like some orphan girl.

"I know that you are thirsty," Jasper said to her in a smiling tone.

"I am. I am" Alice nodded like an eager kid.

"And you want me to give you blood right!" Jasper said in a cocky way.

Alice was overlooking his cockiness as she was now a girl-in-need and just wanted to be given something to drink.

Alice frantically nodded.

"Please. I'm really thirsty," Alice begged.

Alice was not a psychologically strong person. Enough torture was enough to make her surrender. She looked like she was about to cry if he did not feed her or even leave her alone in total darkness.

Jasper approached her.

She is not strong. Not mentally. Not physically as no vampire can be strong for long without blood, Jasper cruelly thought.

When Jasper was close to Alice she quickly hold onto his left leg, kissing him frantically as if he was some kind of God.

"Please don't leave me here to die of thirst. Please," Alice cried with genuine tears.

Jasper was fondling with her hair.

"This is a wretched existence isn't it," Jasper said to her.

Alice looked up to him, nodding eagerly.

"So Alice would you like to leave this place?" Jasper asked her.

Alice nodded.

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