Men's Club

by Everydayguy

Copyright© 2010 by Everydayguy

Erotica Sex Story: Tired of begging at home for a piece of ass or that promised blow job that never comes? Tired of sneaking around to beat off to get rid of a set of true blue balls? Come with me to a new place available that will take care of the problem. Not a story for homophobes but definitely a story of horny open minded readers.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   Gay   Heterosexual   Gang Bang   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Today was a good one.

I'm that guy that fools around across the line. You may think of it as queer or weird, or off beat, or just plain ain't normal but let me tell you there are a lot of men out there that are tired of the bitchy women that wish to withhold their lovin' pussies so they can control their guy.

Me? I gave up on having steady pussy a long time ago. When I can't score with some split tail, I can usually get invited to suck and fuck some very decent looking masculine guy in a lot less time and with a lot less hassle.

I'm gonna tell you about something new on the horizon for guys with blue balls tryin' to decide whether a guys mouth or a guys ass, feels as good as his bitchy ole' lady and whether takin' that chance is worth it.

The name of the game is "Men's Club."

That's innocent enough right?

But then somebody wanted to name one the Rainbow Club. Now that totally fucks up the innocence. But there are other anonymous names out there that invite a look see.

Anyway, I checked out a new "Men's Club" locally and found it to be worth while. Armed with a pocket full of condoms, a family size tube of tasty KY, and a hard-on, I went to the "New Age Men's Club."

Now if they had a bunch of cum sluts ready to suck me off, "Cool Beans." If they had a bunch of toothless old men on the other side of a partition with a glory hole? I could even cum for that. I just wanted to see what the score was.

This men's club, collected at the door and did the hard sell on lockers, and rooms up front. They did say they had various products available to patrons that did not require patrons to return to the lobby store where the toys and such were on sale.

I bought a membership, $ten bucks, I bought a whatever it was that would let me in all the parts of the club for three months for $30 bucks. Thinking privacy might be important throughout the night I popped for a small room for another $30. I didn't care about the $$$$ as this was for the betterment of my dick. Or is that comfort 101 this was very inexpensive.

The first thing I did was to check out the bar area. There were a lot of guys gawking at who came in but a few who were being social and chatting, drinking, and dancing with each other. I did notice two women that were dancing with some guys so this may be a "Men's Club" but if you wanted to bring and share your lady, you were welcome.

A young guy was very friendly and after a dance and mutual grope, he convinced me we should move our fun to the private room. In the room we kissed, touched, and got down to sucking each other for a while. When I rolled a condom on him and lubed it and me, the guy lost interest. Too bad as he had a nice dick that I wanted to suck a load from. He should have told me he was only into barebacking. I would have understood.

Back in the bar area, a guy asked me if I wanted to go to the sauna and steam room. That meant naked stuff so I was in agreement with that. I put my clothes in a basket and locked them up but kept my towel that had a big pocket to hold my wishful thinking condoms, tasty KY, and some smell good poppers that so many guys liked.

We went straight to the steam room and were not alone in there where the action was hot and heavy. Guys were sucking. Guys were fucking. Guys were jacking each other off. The place smelled really wicked with all the cum being sprayed around the benches.

My new friend, dug me out of the towel and went down on me as if he were going to devour me. He was a great cock sucker. If he had teeth, they had to have been retractable. He sucked out a load and I devoured his load in very little time. I was disappointed when the guy said he had to leave. Amazing how getting off makes you remember that you need to leave.

The pressure was off my balls so I went back to the bar area and met a really hot couple. They were gathering guys to fuck the lady and her friend. She wanted at least twenty or thirty guys and wanted them all able to come at least twice. As we all bought a drink and danced with the slightly plump babe with gigantic bazooms, the atmosphere became more heated by the minute. Her lady friend was tall and willowy with small tits but she was good looking with a devilish smile.

The hot lady's guy, probably husband, was as interested in some of the guys enlisting for the fuckathon as the ladies. There was no rule restricting group groping in the bar so the women were losing their clothing a piece at a time as they teased each other and the drooling masses around them.

The club management brought out a platform with a bed type apparatus that allowed the babe to be fucked non stop while laying back so she could give some head to other guys while being fucked.

When we had the heavier of lady settled on or in the fuck stand as it was called, her lady friend was first to go down on the flaming hot woman. After a couple of good comes, the tall lady announced, "If you are going to get some of this pussy, get naked or at least get your pants off."

She grabbed a young guy with his hard on sticking our of his pants and said, "Take off those pants Honey so you can give Sheila a good ride." She turned to the rest of us and told us, "Use those condoms but when you get ready to come, get it off and shoot all over Sheila. We want her covered in come, dripping with it. Who's first?"

Guys with stiff dicks and a winking pussy are not bashful. The first guy was in Sheila thrusting while the tall babe was playing with the fucker's balls and jacking off the next in line to keep him hard and out of the fucker's ass.

Some guys that were more into guys than the nympho on the stand, were on their knees fluffing the waiting participants. This of course degenerated into a mass of open sucking and fucking during the gangbang of Sheila. When the first guy pulled out, peeled his condom off and shot a huge load all over Sheila's pussy and tummy, the tall girl went down on Sheila to lick the juices off her pussy. Sheila was moaning for April to get her more cock.

I was about sixth and would have lasted a lot longer if April hadn't been playing with my balls and fingering my asshole. Even though I had come once tonight already, I shot a good size load over Sheila's tits. As soon as I had come and moved away, a sweet guy's mouth was latched onto my cock getting it right back up. When he had me up hard, he rolled a condom on me and with the help of some lube, pushed me into his asshole. He kept telling me to fuck him good but save the juice for the babe. He was a good guy.

About twenty fucking minutes later, I pulled from the sweet ass swapped condoms and cut in line to give Sheila a dozen strokes then shower her tits with another load. April actually kissed me telling me she wanted to get to know me better because I had come so much twice in a row so fast.

Truthfully, this time I was done for a while. I contemplated leaving for the night but decided it was too early on a Friday night to call it quits.

The private room sounded good so I was on my there when a decent looking guy with a hard-on pointing the way beneath his towel walked with me and rubbed my ass. He asked, "How about a little fucking of our own now. I saw you give that babe and that guy some great fucking, want some for yourself?"

We went into the little private room with an average sized double bed and dropped our towels. This guy had a pretty long very fat cock. He really wanted to give me head but I told him to give my cock a rest. I pulled a condom from my towel pocket and sheathed the prize in my hand as I tugged him toward the bed. I used a bunch of lube and lay back guiding him into me face to face. As he began working into me, I unscrewed the cap on the poppers and held it my fucker's nose. He gave me all fat eight plus inches on the next plunge.

My oh my, I was bushed from getting off three times already but this fudge packer had my wanger standing up from the deep stimulation. He was a kisser too, kissing while he fucked. Oh how I wish this wasn't the age of STD's as I would have loved to be fucking bareback. The guy didn't last long and filled the condom after less than ten minutes. We both collapsed with the hunk still planted in my butt.

I woke about a half hour later with the hunk gently sucking me. When he noticed I was awake, he came up and kissed me asking, "Can you fuck me now, I could really use some good fucking. Your dick looks perfect for my ass."

I'm almost eight inches. You know, over seven and half but not eight unless I push the ruler into my pubic area firmly. My dick is fat though, about the width of real fat brat with the same curve and nice head on it. Guys tell me it's too fat to deep throat although many try.

Anyway, in less than thirty seconds, I was working my renewed hard-on into my "Men's Club" friend. I fucked him for over thirty minutes until my dick gave up and filled the condom.

This time, I knew I was done for the night. It was getting close to three so we both dressed and said goodnight.

Saturday night I wanted to try that club again or another new "Men's Club" that was next door to a gym. The proximity of the gym, gave the club some authenticity. Masculine guys can have a work out, shower and go next door to the "Men's Club" to suck down some beer carbs.

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