The Parsons Wife Breaks Out

by Sirdar

Copyright© 2010 by Sirdar

Sex Story: The marriage went wrong on the honeymoon because he expected that his wife should be a virgin. After several years of no sex in the marriage the poor lady breaks out.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   .

Sarah had been brought up by her parents to be a girl with strong Christian beliefs and ideals. So when the local bachelor vicar, a handsome young ladies man started paying court to her when she was in her late teens, and then subsequently proposed marriage, Sarah accepted, not really realising that the man she had married was a sexually warped individual, and behind the dog collar was a man with his own twisted standard of morals, his own distorted beliefs, and his own set of immoral standards by which he and everyone around him was supposed to live. Sarah on the other hand was a very pretty girl, 23 years old intelligent and a fun loving girl who basically loved life, and all she wanted was a husband who would love and cherish her as she deserved.

She was a normal intelligent girl, and like many young girls she had a couple of brief affairs which then fizzled out before the marriage. The question of her virginity had never arisen before the marriage in discussion with her husband to be. But obviously her future husband had taken it for granted that she was a virgin. Their first night became a nightmare for her, when he declared in a loud voice that echoed throughout the hotel, that she was a whore and a liar, and that he would never have married her had he had known she was not a virgin, their stay in the hotel ended the next morning by request of the management, and their marriage was doomed from that time on, her husband used the fact that she had not been a virgin as an excuse for his various illicit affairs.

In the early years of her marriage, she had kept her unhappiness to herself, telling no-one not even her parents, about her husbands infidelities, which trickled back to her in various ways, while she dutifully carried out her responsibilities as the vicars wife, and put up with his eccentricities. She lived in the vain hope that she could in time change this man that she had married, but it was to no avail and gradually her love had turned to hate for this bigoted man.

Sarah had no sexual contact with her husband after that first night of the honeymoon, but at her husbands insistence, they put on the face of being a happily married couple to their friends and to the public at large. Their marriage had broken down irretrievably on that first night, and from then on she realised that her husband was a past master at deception. His public profile made him the darling of his older parishioners, but the bane of so many of the younger wives in his parish, who were silly enough to be dazzled by his attentions, and then dare not reveal their illicit affairs with him to their husbands, or to the public at large. Meanwhile he used his position as a priest to seduce sexually frustrated housewives in his parish, and put several with child.

The breaking point for her came when she received some photographs from a disillusioned husband of a lady parishioner, allegedly showing her husband in affectionate poses with his wife, and with allegations of him having affairs two different young married women and with almost absolute proof that he had also fathered at least three children to other women in the parish, including one of the two married women he had been having regular sex with. Additionally, her sisters both eventually confessed to Sarah that their Brother in Law had on two occasions come into their bedroom at night, and tried to have sex with them whilst they were sleeping over with her at the manse.

She had tackled her husband about the photographs and what her sisters had told her, and he had just laughed at her, and it had made no difference at all in their relationship. He just carried on a before. The girls soon realised that their sister was desperately unhappy, and both Candy who was seventeen, and Sue fifteen were determined to support her, should she decide to do something about it. As Sue said to her sister one day." Why don't you go out and enjoy yourself, take a lover or something, after all 'What's good for the goose is good for the gander." But Sarah despite her unhappiness would not risk breaking up the home.

The girls however, were keen to help their sister. They had little time for their Brother in Law. Between them they gradually wore Sarah's resistance down, and between them they hatched a plan, and after much discussion they had decided that Mr. Tony Nash a single but very sexy sixth form teacher at their school would be the ideal lover for their sister.

After a dreadful slanging match with her husband one day, Sarah was at her wits end. She had finally made the decision very reluctantly, to leave her husband, and to ask her parents to take her back Her cases were packed, and she was ready to leave when there was a knock at the door.

My name is Tony Nash I have been teaching the sixth form at Hazlehurst Grammar for six years. I am single and not at the moment seeing anyone in particular, and I knew both Candy and Sue Watson quite well as students. They were two very attractive teenagers, with very extrovert personalities, and always deep into any practical jokes that happened to take place in the school.

However, one day the girls approached me together, and told me all about their sisters problems. They said they would like me to date their sister, and to see if I could help her. At this I backed away from their suggestion, saying that perhaps they should seek help from a marriage counselor, but they said that they had tried that, but the marriage counselors said it was up to Sarah to approach them first, because their sister was a mature married woman, Their story almost had me in tears the way they told it, they were obviously very upset, but they left me intrigued, and so after a lot of thought I decided to call and see their sister.

One after-noon after school I went and knocked on the door of the manse. If the reverend had been in, I had a ready made story to cover my appearance. An attractive blonde young lady answered the door.

"Is Mrs. Bradley available please?" I asked.

"I am she." Said the young lady who answered the door.

"I have been asked to call and see you by your two sisters, perhaps you can spare me a few minutes of your time?"

She stood back and opened the door wider without speaking. I immediately saw in the hallway that there were four large suitcases with a coat lying on top. Her eyes were red, and I wondered whether she had been crying.

"I am sorry if I have called at an awkward time!." I said as I hesitated a little when I saw the luggage.

"No I just have not got round to unpacking them. I was going somewhere, but the trip has been cancelled.

I explained briefly what Candy and Sue had told me about her circumstances and she started to cry quietly.

"I am sorry the girls bothered you, and yes it is true what has happened to me in my marriage. I don't really know whether it is my fault or not?

"Why should you think that it may be your fault?" I asked.

"I don't really know, but he is obviously not interested in me any more. In fact I think he hates me. I was leaving to go home to my parents today, and they have just told me on the phone that they had no room for me, and not to be a stupid ungrateful fool, they told me I have a wonderful husband I should sort things out with my him and make my marriage work, like other folk do. They implied that it must be my fault, as he is a man of God and he is trusted and so well loved by the community."

At that she broke down and started crying.

I was in a quandary, this was a woman I had just met, yet she was obviously in great distress and seemed to be in need of urgent help.

Kicking myself metaphorically for being a stupid fool. I said. "Look Mrs. Bradley. I have a big house with spare bedrooms. Would you like to move into my house until, you have a chance to sort things out."

"No way. I don't know you." She said.

"Well I offered and the offer is still open should you change your mind." At the same time feeling a twinge of relief that she had turned me down, as I was not sure what I was letting myself in for.

I stood up and made my way to the front door, when the two sisters Candy and Sue burst into the house. I explained briefly what had taken place, and why their sister had been crying.

Candy turned on her sister and said "Look Sarah Mr. Nash is a decent man that's why we asked him to help."

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