Love's Labor Found

by Big Ed Magusson

Copyright© 2010 by Big Ed Magusson

Sex Story: It had been a long hard August and Dave was fortunate to have two sexy chauffeurs welcome him home for a needed Labor Day weekend break. Except, given the problems in his friends’ relationship, Dave’s labor wasn’t done….

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Oral Sex   Petting   Exhibitionism   .

The Dog Days of August were finally at an end. Dave let out a sigh as he stepped off the jetway. He was finally on the journey home. It felt like he'd spent more time on business trips than in Colorado during the past month. After doing a quick mental calculation, he chuckled and shook his head. He had, and it wasn't even close. It'd been over six weeks since he'd spent three consecutive nights sleeping in his own bed.

And the days he'd been home hadn't been all that great either, he realized as he trudged down the concourse. Not with both his air conditioner and his car giving out. He'd managed to replace the former but was still shopping for the latter. Fortunately, it had been a school vacation. With no teaching responsibilities, Jennifer had all but moved into his place and happily shared her car for those few days he was in town. The growing connectedness in their relationship was the saving grace for what had been a brutal month.

He couldn't help smiling, thinking of her. Was it absence that made the heart grow fonder? Or just that the separations made their reunions so smoking hot? He was definitely looking forward to this one. She'd promised to keep their Labor Day weekend clear of chores, tasks, and other responsibilities. She'd also told him, in a honey-laden voice, to take his vitamins because she had 'plans' for him.

He was definitely looking forward to it.

Of course, he mused, it wasn't all fire and passion. So much of their growing bond had simply been the little things. Lounging around the house. Planning menus and getting the groceries. Simply meshing their lives together.

He smiled. Meshing. It wasn't the most romantic word in the dictionary, but it was certainly the most apt. And somehow it seemed effortless this time.

This time. He shook his head. It felt like it had always been "this time." He had to work to recall memories of Claire, even though it hadn't even been two years since their divorce. Maybe it was just that he already had so many more happy memories with Jennifer. Or maybe it was that he was just happier.

He smiled again. 'Happier' certainly made a difference. All the travel weariness and all the frustrations of the past month seemed to slough off as he headed toward where Jennifer waited to drive him home. Seeing her smile at his return would make it all worthwhile.

Of course, what he did see as he exited security caused him to burst out laughing. Jennifer stood behind the rail, looking every bit like a sexy chauffeur in cap and sunglasses, holding a sign that said "Dave 'Superstud' Mackey." His eyes widened as he realized their friend Jen stood next to her, similarly dressed. A quick glance down confirmed that, yes, their tight skirts ended mid-thigh, showing plenty of bare leg below.

Even a simple ride from the airport was an opportunity for exhibitionism for these two.

Jennifer saw him and waved. He hastened to the rail, leaned across, and kissed her hard. He pulled back when she dropped the sign.

"I think you're happy to see me," Jennifer said, her smile full of mirth.

"Absolutely." Dave flicked his eyes down her body and grinned. "I'm always happy to see you."

Jen cleared her throat. She'd retrieved the dropped sign and was looking expectantly at Dave.

He smiled. "Good to see you, too. Though I'm kind of surprised." He leaned in for a hug.

When they pulled apart, Jen grinned and shrugged her shoulders. "Jennifer asked me to drive."

Dave looked a question at his girlfriend.

"You'll find out," she said, "soon enough."

He chuckled. "Well, I can wait. But first we have to get my bag."

"You checked it?"

Dave shrugged. "I would've had to gate check it in Rochester and I didn't want to lug it through O'Hare..."

Jennifer just shook her head in amusement and turned to Jen.

"How about if you go get the car and meet us in that spot?"

Jen nodded and waved as she said, "Later."

"That spot?" Dave asked Jennifer as they walked toward baggage claim, arm in arm.

"You'll see."

Dave didn't ask more, and they talked of his flight and her day. But as they waited for the luggage conveyor belt to start, Jen's presence returned to his forebrain. It was Friday night, after all, a time that Jen normally spent with her boyfriend, who was nowhere to be seen.

He decided to ask. "Where's Will?"

"With Austin. They were going out drinking."

Dave's eyebrows rose. Will didn't usually spend time with his older sibling, and wasn't particularly into barhopping...

"Everything okay?" he asked.

"With his brother? Yeah, Austin's good. With Will and Jen ... not so good."

"Oh. Anything in particular?"

Jennifer let out a long sigh. "It's the same thing. Just the most recent round."


August had been rough for all of them, Dave mused. Even with his limited time in town, both Will and Jen had sought him out individually for his advice. Their dilemma was simple—what were the bounds of monogamy for them? It was the answer that was hard.

There was no doubt that his friends loved each other. And in many ways, they had meshed, just like he and Jennifer. But they both retained fiery independent stubborn streaks, which is why they were stuck.

Moreover, what had happened over the Fourth of July in Breckenridge had made Will cautious. He said he'd gotten past watching his girlfriend give his best friend a blowjob, but he didn't want anything like that to happen again. He wasn't even sure he wanted her flashing other guys anymore, fearing where that might lead.

And his change of attitude infuriated Jen. She'd said that one of the things she'd loved about Will was his enjoyment of her exhibitionism, and she didn't see why that should be curtailed. She also didn't see what the big deal was about going a little further with guys either, as long as they were the right guys. She loved Will and didn't he know that? She didn't want to walk away from a relationship with him, but she didn't see why they had to be so limited in the sexual games they played.

But even being stuck, they hadn't disengaged. Dave and Jennifer had gotten together with them as a couple twice in August and they put on the outward appearances of being happy. Dave knew they were still talking too, and while it was difficult and emotionally painful, they were being civil as they did so.

"So," Dave asked, "if it's just the most recent round, why is she here?"

Jennifer sighed. "Will and his brother decided to make it a 'guys only' night and she didn't want to be home alone. I thought there'd be no harm in her coming along."

"Won't that put a crimp in your plans?" Dave added enough innuendo to his voice to make his intent clear.

Jennifer grinned. "Not necessarily. She can always watch. Or join in."

Dave blinked in surprise. He trusted Jennifer to keep the 'joining in' under control so that no one got hurt, unlike last time. But at the same time, the thought of going over that line stirred his blood.

"So what's the plan for tonight?" he asked.

Jennifer gave him an enigmatic smile. "You'll see."

He quietly chuckled and wrapped his arm around her for a hug. They continued to hold each other until his bag bumped and thunked down the conveyor belt onto the luggage carousel. Dave wrestled it out and then turned to Jennifer, silently waiting for her 'what next.'

She motioned for him to follow, which he thoroughly enjoyed, admiring her ass in the tight skirt. However, they crossed over to the East side parking garage instead of the nearby West one. The less-used one, Dave mused.

Which it truly was, particularly on the lowest level. Dave stepped out of the elevator and laughed. The only car visible was a classic Rolls Royce. Jen leaned against the front bumper, still in her chauffeur cap and glasses, smiling.

"Where," he said between guffaws, "where did you get this?"

"I found a place that rents them," Jennifer said. "Since your car died, I thought you might enjoy a ride in something special."

"Maybe even a test drive," Jen teased.

Dave let go of his bag and gingerly touched the Rolls. He smiled at the ladies and ran his hand over the bumper. Then he stood back, admiring the car. Jen, meanwhile, took his bag and moved to the trunk.

"Thank you," he said, meeting Jennifer's eyes. "This is a surprise." He looked back at the car.

She slid forward and squeezed his side. "I know you're not big into cars, but I thought, with all the work you've been doing, just once you deserved to ride like you were rich."

He smiled and nodded.

"Hey, can you help me back here?" Jen called from behind the car.

Dave and Jennifer released each other and strolled back. Jen was bent over, leaning into the trunk. His bag was already inside.

"What do you need?" Jennifer asked.

"I need Dave to admire my ass before I stand up."

Dave cracked up laughing and Jennifer rolled her eyes. Jen wiggled her hips expectantly. While her skirt had ridden up some, she was still decent enough for public display. But that didn't prevent it from being a great sight.

She just has a great ass, Dave mused. "Truly impressive," he said, "truly impressive."

Jen straightened up, smiling. "Glad I came."

"Did you notice the lack of panties?" Jennifer asked.

Dave chuckled. "I thought the lack of underwear for both of you was a given."

Jennifer grinned. "You might have to check."

Dave laughed and pulled his girlfriend into his arms. He kissed her hard and placed his hand on her thigh. They stepped to the side to let Jen close the trunk, but kept kissing as he slowly edged her skirt up. She spread her legs and let him slide his hand up to her pussy.

Jennifer was already hot and wet. Dave slid his fingers up and across her entire pussy before dropping them back down and plunging two of them inside her. Jennifer gasped and shuddered. Dave crooked his finger and then turned his hand so he could put his thumb on her clit. Jennifer stopped kissing him and buried her head in his shoulder, moaning under his ministrations.

Dave opened his eyes and glanced around. Jen had hiked her own skirt up and was playing with herself. She smiled at Dave, and then a shudder brought his attention back to his girlfriend.

"This is pretty daring," he murmured in Jennifer's ear. "Anyone could come down and see us."

Jennifer nodded and gasped. She also clamped down on Dave's fingers.

"See how hot you are," he said, "how sexy. What a sexy chauffeur you are."

Jennifer moaned and Dave flicked her clit quickly. With a shudder, she gasped and came, collapsing into him.

Dave quietly chuckled and looked at Jen. She smiled back, and then pulled her hand from under her skirt.

"You want to check me too?" she asked playfully.

Dave chuckled and shook his head. Actually, he did, but it would be a bad idea.

"Then we should probably go."

Dave nodded, and helped Jennifer regain her balance. Jen opened the rear car door and Dave and Jennifer climbed in. Then Jen slid behind the driver's seat and looked back at her passengers in the mirror.

"Dinner?" she said.

Jennifer, still somewhat flushed, nodded. "Yes," she said, "but I'm going to have something while you drive, okay?"

Jen laughed. "I certainly would." She fired up the engine and drove toward the garage exit.

Jennifer reached for Dave's belt. He smiled and helped her undo his pants. By the time they were on Peña Boulevard, Jennifer had his cock deep in her mouth, sucking and licking with obvious relish. Dave bit his lip as the pleasure grew, and glanced up toward Jen in the driver's seat. Their eyes met when she checked the rearview mirror and he could have sworn she smiled. When her eyes returned to the road, Dave closed his own and concentrated on the jolts of pleasure running up his spine. Only a minute later he erupted, filling Jennifer's mouth.

Jennifer sat up, licked her lips, and smiled. "Nice amuse-bouche."

Dave chuckled. "I hope it was more than that."

"Oh, it was," Jennifer said. "But not enough to satisfy me, not by a long shot."

Dave just rolled his eyes and smiled. He fastened his pants again and cuddled into Jennifer until the car rolled to a stop in downtown Denver and Jen killed the engine. He looked out the window and furrowed his brow.

Jennifer answered his unspoken question. "We're going to dinner at Bistro Vendôme and this lot isn't too far away."

Dave smiled. "Definitely a good start to the evening."

They got out of the car and Dave offered his girlfriend his arm. Jennifer slid hers within his. Then Jen cleared her throat and looked pointedly at his other arm. Dave chuckled and offered it as well. He couldn't help but strut as he headed down the sidewalk with a beautiful woman on each arm.

After walking the half-block through Larimer Square, they turned into the hall that led to Bistro Vendome and the restaurant's private courtyard. Dave was sure the ladies were going to engage in some sort of flashing game along the way, but they remained demure, even as their eyes sparkled. Jennifer asked for a seat on the patio, but again made no moves that might be risqué.

They ordered wine and a shared bowl of steamed mussels and Jen asked Jennifer how the first days of the new semester had gone. The conversation meandered through their jobs and their days until their entrees were delivered. Dave used the break to look at Jen.

"So... ," he said, "how are things with Will this week?"

Her face fell. "Not so good. We had a big argument this morning."


"The usual. What he wants. What I want."

Dave nodded in sympathy. "Anything different this time?"

She shrugged. "Not really. Will decided he was comfortable with me flashing guys as long as I told him in advance. But it's not like I was doing it behind his back anyway."

Dave nodded. He'd never seen Jen flashing when Will wasn't around, so it really wasn't much of a change. Except... "So what about tonight?"

"I filled him in on what we're doing." Jen nodded toward Jennifer, who smiled in acknowledgment.

Dave chuckled. "Lucky me."

Jen leered at him. "You have no idea." She slowly licked her lips. "We have plans for you."

Dave shot a look of mock innocence toward his girlfriend, but Jennifer just grinned and shook her head. He looked back and put his hand on his chest.

"Be still my beating heart," he said. "I don't know if I could take it!"

Both women cracked up and Dave joined in the hearty laughter. It had died to titters when their server brought their entrees to the table.

The conversation turned back to more mundane topics, but before they could consider dessert, Jen's cell phone rang. She looked at it and frowned.

"It's Will," she said, and then answered it.

"Hi, sweetie," she said. "What's up?" Her face turned more serious and her eyes darted between Dave and Jennifer. "Can you hold on a minute?" she said into the phone.

"It's too noisy here," she said to her friends, "I'll be back." Then she stood and headed toward the corner of the courtyard.

Dave and Jennifer exchanged a glance and ate quietly until Jen returned. When she did, frowning, she sunk into her seat like a deflated balloon. After a moment she looked up at her worried friends.

"Will and Austin are going to a strip club," she said, her voice flat and tired. "He wanted to know if it'd be okay for him to get lap dances."

"What did you say?" Jennifer asked.

Jen sighed. "What could I say? 'Oh, honey, I don't want you looking at other naked women?'"

"A lap dance is more than looking," Dave said.

Jen grimaced. "I know. But Will reminded me that I was the one that wanted to be able to touch other guys after flashing them. So how can I say no to him doing the same?"

"Ah," Dave said. He looked at Jennifer, who just returned a pained expression. He nodded back. She was going to let him run with the ball this time.

"So it bothers you?" he said to Jen.

She grimaced. "Yeah. I know it shouldn't, and I shouldn't feel this way..."

"You feel what you feel," Jennifer said. "Nothing wrong with that."

Dave nodded in agreement. "Emotions are natural. Like the wind. It's what you choose to do with them that matters."

The corners of Jen's mouth turned up, but didn't quite make it to a smile.

"The question is why it bothers you," Dave continued. "What makes the strip club different than, say, Will looking at Jennifer?"

"Will doesn't get to touch me," Jennifer said. "No lap dances here."

Jen snorted softly and actually smiled. "But that's because of Dave, not me."

Dave arched his eyebrows.

"I actually wouldn't mind watching Will and Jennifer," Jen explained, "as long as it didn't include intercourse. That's special."

Surprised, Dave looked at his girlfriend, but Jennifer just shook her head. Later, she implicitly promised. He turned back to Jen, who had paused in thought.

"I ... I think that's what I don't like," she said. "That he's doing it without me. I'm not a part of it."

Dave nodded. While he didn't mind Jennifer flashing other guys, he'd long ago realized he wanted to be there when she did. He'd mentioned that one evening to her and she'd agreed. His presence was what made it fun.

"We could always go to the club," Jennifer said. "Then you'd be part of it."

Jen's eyes lit up and she started to nod, but then stopped and frowned.

"I don't want him to think I don't trust him," she said, "besides, he deserves a night out with his brother."

Dave nodded and looked at Jennifer, who smiled back.

"So," Dave said as he made a show of wiping his hands in his napkin, "Now what?"

The women exchanged conspiratorial smiles.

"Well... ," Jennifer said, "We do want to take advantage of the car while we have it. The question is ... do you want to drive or continue to ride?"

"Where would we go?" Dave asked.

Jennifer grinned. "Anywhere. Nowhere. The destination's not the point."

Dave smiled. "Well, then, I'll drive."

They paid the check and made their way out of the restaurant. On the walk back to the car, the ladies insisted on taking his arms, once again making him grin like a loon at the thought of what the passers-by must think. Back at the parking lot, he held the rear door for Jen. Jennifer gave him a kiss before easing into the back seat herself.

Dave slid behind the wheel and let out a satisfied sigh. This was definitely a treat. He adjusted the mirrors. In the back seat, Jennifer smiled and blew him a kiss. He feigned tipping a hat and then turned the key.

He eased the Rolls onto southbound Speer Boulevard. Traffic was heavy enough to require all his concentration as he developed a feel for how the classic car handled. He turned onto Broadway and, when he stopped at the First Avenue light, let out a breath and released his tight grip on the steering wheel.

"Oh, Driver," Jen called from the back seat. "Do you have any Grey Poupon?"

Dave glanced into the mirror and almost choked with laughter. The two ladies sat demurely, wearing coy smiles. And nothing else.

"Enjoying the drive?" Jen asked. She rolled her shoulders and thrust her naked breasts forward.

"Oh, yes."

A honk from the car behind them caused Dave to jerk. The light had changed and so he turned back to the road. Four blocks later, they hit another red light, with a fair number of other cars. Nervously, Dave glanced in his side mirrors, but none of the other drivers seemed to have noticed the ladies. He craned his neck around and realized that, while still both nude, they were leaning way back.

"Can't get enough, huh?" Jen teased again as she uncrossed and then re-crossed her legs.

"What can I say?" Dave said. "It's hard to keep my eyes on the road with such sights here. What more could a guy want?"

Jen smiled, but her eyes fell. Then the corners of her mouth. Jennifer immediately put a comforting hand on her friend's arm, before the moving traffic forced Dave to focus on the road again.

She's thinking of Will, he realized. This is killing them. They needed to be together. To be playing together. Not Jen here with Will in some strip club. With a deep breath, he made a decision.

"Hey Jen," he called over his shoulder, "you willing to drive?"

"Sure. Find some place to pull over."

Dave thought quickly and then turned left at the next street. At Santa Fe Boulevard, he turned left again and drove to the parking lot behind the Mayan Theatre. As he'd hoped, it wasn't quite full. He parked and glanced in the mirror. Jen had gotten dressed but Jennifer had not.

"Not going to drive naked?" he teased.

Jen shook her head. "The back seat's one thing. The driver's another. We don't know who'd see me."

Dave nodded. The women were strict about only flashing people who'd enjoy it.

Dave left the key in the ignition and got out of the car. After he and Jen traded places, Jennifer nestled into his side, her bare flesh warm against his arm.

"Where to?" Jen called from the front seat.

"North on Broadway," Dave answered.

He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket. Jennifer furrowed her brow and looked a question at him. He smiled and tilted the phone so she could see the text message he was typing to Will.

Can the ladies & I join u?

Jennifer smiled and squeezed his arm. A few minutes later, his phone beeped with Will's reply.

Sure @ Diamond Cabaret

Dave smiled. "Hey, Jen. It doesn't matter where we go, right?"

"Anywhere you want."

"Then turn right when you get to Colfax."

Jennifer leaned into him and spoke low into his ear. "What are you planning?"

"Not much," he whispered back, "I just know they shouldn't be doing this apart."

Jennifer nodded and started slipping back into her clothes.

After they turned on Colfax, Dave told Jen to get in the far left lane. Then he guided her to the front of the club.

"Use the valet here," he said. "The parking lot's pretty tight when it's full."

Jen nodded and pulled over, where two younger guys stood. The first reached for the passenger's door while the second headed over to the driver's side. Dave half-expected Jen to flirt with the valet or flash him as she handed over the keys, but she just seemed distracted. Once they were on the sidewalk, she turned to Dave.

"He's here, isn't he?"

"You did say anywhere I wanted to go."

Jen frowned, but then bit her lip and nodded. She brushed her hair back and set her shoulders and then looked expectantly at Dave. He smiled at her and Jennifer and then held the door.

The pounding music assaulted Dave's ears even before he'd made it fully into the club. He paid the cover charge—the women got in free—and then they turned to face the room. The club was packed. Every one of the half dozen round stages held a dancer gyrating away and most of the stage side seats were full. The remaining tables clustered around the room were similarly full of guys of all ages. With the flashing lights and neon and general darkness, it took Dave a couple of scans to spot Will and Austin off to the left side. He gestured to the women so they could see them too, and then started weaving his way through the room.

Austin saw them about halfway there and waved. Will's eyes followed and his smile at seeing them was resigned.

"Mind if we join you?" Dave half-yelled to be heard above the din.

Will shook his head and pointed to the empty chairs at their table. The women slid into them while Dave stole a nearby third and wrestled it into place beside Will. A waitress instantly appeared, asking for their drink orders.

"Now she shows up," Will not-so-quietly muttered.

Dave arched his eyebrows.

"It took us a long time to get a second round," Will explained.

"Second round? You haven't been here that long."

"I'm not sure I want to be here," Will said. "This was Austin's idea. He said it would be good for me, and besides, he hadn't seen any naked women in two years."

"Ah." Dave sank back in his chair. Austin's life hadn't been a particularly easy one, since he lost his wife to one of those debilitating degenerative diseases that are only supposed to exist in bad romance novels. Raising two kids was tough enough in most circumstances, but he'd managed to keep it all together. Dave nodded across the table at Austin, who nodded back.

Jen took a moment to introduce Jennifer to Austin. Dave could barely hear them above the music, even though they were just across the table. He looked at Will and shrugged. Will returned the shrug and leaned back. They both started watching the dancer on the closest stage.

Like most of the women gyrating on the stages, she was tall and lithe with large breasts. Still in her bra and g-string, she swayed and rolled her hips, before dropping to the stage and raising her legs, moving them this way and that. Then she crawled over to a guy on the far side of the stage with a dollar bill in front of him, pulled herself up to her knees, and held the garter on her thigh out. He slid the dollar into it and she let it snap back. Then she shifted to the man next to him and repeated the whole routine.

Dave glanced at his companions. The women were still talking in a huddle with Austin and Will's eyes seemed to be bouncing around the room, from the woman on the near stage to ones further away. Dave turned back to the dancer in front of them.

She had stood again and now rolled her shoulders and hips. As the song neared its closing bars, she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Then, holding the loose cups in front of her, she smiled at the men stage side. One waved two bills, so she strutted over to him and knelt down. When he slid the dollars into her garter, she dropped the bra, giving him an up-close look at her bare breasts.

Jen and Jennifer watched the dancer circle the stage and collect tips. Austin was watching Will and Will was, well, not looking much at anything. Dave tried to catch his eye, but failed. He turned back to the stage show.

The second song started and the strippers on the various stages undulated and shimmied for their tips. Their drinks came and Will didn't look twice before taking a few slugs of beer. Jen pointedly didn't notice, and Jennifer leaned in to say something to her friend. The two women talked too low for Dave to make out their words, but didn't turn their heads away from the strippers.

Austin met Dave's eyes, though. He tilted his head toward the restrooms and Dave nodded. They made their excuses to their companions and stood.

The men's room door blocked out the loudest of the music. Austin turned to Dave, making no pretense of stepping up to the urinals.

"Glad you came," he said. "Maybe now we can leave."

"I thought you wanted to be here."

Austin shook his head. "I only suggested coming to shake Will out of his bad mood. He was moaning about how Jen was the only exhibitionistic woman he knew, and I told him I knew where we could find three dozen more."

Dave chuckled. "He said it was because you hadn't seen any naked women in a long time."

"Do you think I would have gone a long time without coming to a place like this if it was really important to me?"

Dave nodded in understanding.

"So if Will's not enjoying himself, let's go somewhere else."


Except, as they returned to the table, Dave noticed that Will no longer slouched but was sitting up, looking at the stage with a voyeur's glaze. Dave let his eyes follow his friend's and grinned. Jen stood next to the stage, waving a dollar bill as the dancer shook her bare breasts. As soon as Jen slid the dollar into the garter, she proffered another. After the dancer accepted it, she turned and, with a triumphant smile, returned to the table.

Dave looked at Jennifer, who smiled knowingly at him. He returned the smile, chuckling under his breath. Trust the women to know what would get Will's attention. He motioned to Jen to switch seats with him and she nodded in agreement. As soon as she'd sat, Will said something to her that Dave couldn't hear. He leaned over to Jennifer.

"Brilliant idea."

Her smile lit up the room. "I thought it was."

"So what now?"

"We watch the dancers for a while."

"You going to tip any of them?"

"Do you want me to?"

Dave shrugged. "Up to you."

"Then no. Let Jen do the tipping for us."

Dave smiled and reached for his wallet. He extracted a handful of ones and passed them to Jen, gesturing toward the stages. Jen smiled and, after checking with Will, strutted forward to tip another dancer.

The pattern continued until they'd finished their round of drinks. With several stages operating simultaneously and the dancers switching after two songs, Jen was almost constantly on her feet. It didn't take long for other patrons to notice and pass her bills to tip with as well. In turn, the dancers started doing more 'special' moves for Jen—exposing themselves or undulating in different ways—as she stood stage side. Each time, Dave watched Will as much as Jen. His interest didn't flag despite the game lasting some time.

Dave stifled a yawn. The trip had taken more out of him than he thought. He glanced at Jennifer, and her wry smile indicated she'd seen the yawn. He sheepishly smiled at her and then leaned in so she could hear him above the music.

"Sorry to derail your plans," he said. "Maybe we should leave so we can do what you wanted to do."

"My plans are flexible. We have the car for the entire weekend."

He raised his eyebrows and she smiled knowingly.

"I knew you might be tired," Jennifer said, "and I didn't want you to feel you had to do something when you should be getting some sleep. We've got time to do what I want to do."

"So what do you want to do?"

"Besides ride around in a classic car with my love? And see his smile when he's driving a classic car?"

Dave chuckled.

"I want you to bend me over the hood and fuck me silly, of course."

Dave laughed and looked around, but of course no one else had heard. Their eyes met in blended silent amusement for a few breaths before Jennifer leaned back, looking pleased with herself. Dave sank back into his own seat and let his eyes find Jen at stage side once again.

The current dancer, a tall Hispanic woman with clearly enhanced breasts, had knelt down talking to Jen. After a few sentences, Jen slipped two bills into her garter and returned to the table, a smug grin on her face. She said a few words to Will and then sat down. When the song changed, she made no attempt to rise to tip the most recent rotation of dancers.

Dave leaned into Jennifer. "Think it'll be okay to go? We could let Jen ride home with Will and Austin."

Jennifer thought for a moment and nodded. "Let's tell them we're going."

They stood and walked around the table to Will and Jen, creating almost a mini-huddle. Austin leaned in to listen as well.

"Dave's tired," Jennifer said to Jen. "We're going home. Can you get a ride with Will?"

Jen pleaded with her eyes. "Can you wait? I don't want to stay and spoil their night. And I just arranged for a lap dance."

Dave's eyebrows shot up.

"For me," Jen explained. "Hopefully Will can watch."

Will nodded, but Dave noted that he wasn't smiling. In fact... it was the same expression he'd had in Breckenridge. Just before...

"I don't know if that's a good idea..." Dave said.

"You wouldn't be spoiling our night," Austin said quickly to Jen. "In fact, I think Will would have much more fun with you than me."

Will frowned at Austin, and then looked at Jen, whose face had fallen. But before he could say anything, their huddle was interrupted by the Hispanic dancer.

"You wanted a dance?" she asked.

Jen looked at Will. "I don't have to..."

"It was for me," Austin said. He stood and stepped next to the dancer. "For me."

The dancer smiled and took his hand. Before any of the rest of them could react, she was leading him toward the back.

Will recovered first. "That was a surprise," he said. He looked at Jen. "Maybe we should go when he gets back."

She gave a defeated shrug.

Jennifer touched Dave lightly on the arm. "If you give me the valet ticket, I'll go get the car."

Dave nodded and pulled it out of his pocket. Will looked at him quizzically.

"Jennifer rented a classic Rolls," he said. "You should see it."

"You should," Jen said. "It's beautiful."

"If you want," Dave said, "you and Jen can go with Jennifer. I'll wait for Austin and meet you outside."

Will hesitated, but then nodded. He stood and offered his hand to Jen. When she was on her feet, though, he didn't let go. Jennifer gave Dave a quick squeeze and a smile and then the three of them headed toward the door.

Dave sank back into one of the chairs and mulled over how the evening had gone. How had something that had started off so good gone so bad? But it hadn't just been the lap dance plans, he realized. Even Jen's offer to check for panties at the airport had been off. There were serious cracks in his friends' relationship.

He thought about that a while. Was there a way to help? Nothing immediately came to mind. He'd said all that he could think of to say, and there wasn't anything he could really do, since it wasn't his relationship. He was still pondering that when Austin returned.

"They outside?"

Dave nodded. "Getting the car. Jennifer rented a Rolls." He couldn't help smiling.

"Let's go."

Dave checked that they'd left enough to cover the tab and tip and then the two of them headed outside.

Austin let out a low whistle when he saw the car. Jen leaned against an open passenger's door and looked smug in her pose. Will admired her from a few feet away. Dave checked and yes, Jennifer was behind the wheel this time.

"Sweet," Austin said.

"It is," Dave said. "You want to go for a ride?"

Austin looked at Will.

"Go for it," Will said. "How many chances do you get to do something like this?"

Austin paused for a moment and then tilted his head.

"Do you want to go for a ride?" he asked Will.

"Sure," Will said. "A hot car and beautiful women? Of course."

"Particularly these hot women," Dave said with a chuckle. In response to Austin's quizzical look, he explained, "the ride from the airport was memorable."

"We can always come back for my car," Will said.

Austin looked at Jen hard. Then he turned back to Will. "How about if you go now? I'll follow in your car."


Dave grinned. "I suspect Jen could make it memorable like Jennifer did for me."

Jen stifled a giggle and then grinned at Will. When she had his attention, she salaciously licked her lips. Will grinned.

"It's decided," Austin said. "I'll meet you at your house."

"I'll go with you," Dave said. "It'll be more enjoyable for Will."

Will rolled his eyes, but was smiling as he climbed into the back of the Rolls. Jen followed, and then the car started moving forward. Austin and Dave waited until it had turned the corner before heading for the strip club's parking lot.

Once in the car, they drove quietly for a while, Austin at the wheel and Dave giving the occasional direction. After they'd gotten on the highway to Boulder, Dave turned to Austin. "You surprised me back in the club, with the dancer. Why'd you do it?"

"It needed to be done," Austin said. "They were both trying too hard to make the other one happy and it was headed for disaster."

Dave snorted. "I don't know about disaster, but yeah."

"What's frustrating is that it doesn't need to be this much work. For either of them."


Austin nodded. "That's not to say that relationships don't require work. And sometimes it can be overwhelming, like when Elizabeth got sick. But there's such a thing as too much work."

"I dunno." Dave leaned back, his eyes unfocused on the road ahead. "I sometimes wonder if I didn't do enough work in my marriage with Claire."

"It's a balance. Too much, too little—both are bad."

Dave nodded. "I wish I knew how to figure it out."

"There's no easy answer. It's always different."

"Yeah, I suppose." Dave paused. "With Claire, it may not have mattered. Relationships take two after all."

"Or more."


Austin sucked in his breath. He slowed down to avoid a car that was shifting lanes ahead of them. "Can I ask you a personal question?"

"An obnoxious personal question?" Dave mused. "Sure. I do it all the time. As long as you don't mind if I refuse to answer."

Austin nodded. "So ... what happened with you and Jen in Breckenridge?"

Dave exhaled hard. "Why?"

"Will won't tell me, but he says that's when he realized he and Jen had a problem."


"He also said things could have been worse if it hadn't been for you. So what happened?"

Dave sucked in his breath. "What has he told you?"

"Not much. I know about the flashing games, but not the details."

Dave sighed.

"I'm also guessing that there's more than flashing involved," Austin said, "because otherwise that whole lap dance scene wouldn't have happened."

Dave just shook his head. Austin was very observant. He decided he wouldn't be breaching Will's confidence too much to tell his brother a bit more. Besides, maybe Austin can help.

"You're right," Dave said. "We tried some... 'more' ... up in Breckenridge, and Will couldn't handle it."

"But somehow you made things better."

"I just helped make it clear that Jen loved him more than she loved the games."


They fell silent, Austin clearly thinking, Dave not knowing what to say next. A BMW sped by on the right, quickly followed by an Audi weaving around them on the left. Austin didn't blink as they watched the two cars play tag through the traffic ahead.

"I think," Austin finally said, "I think this isn't a problem with just the two of them. Or at least, it's not one that just the two of them can solve."


"They're working too hard by themselves and it's not getting them anywhere," he said. "I can't say exactly why, but my intuition is you need to help."

"I don't know what I can do."

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