Weekend Get-A-Way

by pb61biker

Copyright© 2010 by pb61biker

Romantic Sex Story: Two lovers on a wild ride of sex and fun.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   .

I meet my Lover at his house as planned. I am wearing a yellow cotton skirt and my white low cut halter cotton top over a naked body. I pull up in my Navy blue 2007 Mustang GT you love I have a hot car just fits me perfect you tell me. I get out and you are in your drive way you heard me turn the corner down the street. You give me a stern look as we lock eyes ... I smile to you and you can't resist and smile back. I come to you and you hold me in your arm we kiss softly at first till you reach under my skirt for a little feel and I see the look in your eyes as a smile escapes from your lips ... you pull me tighter and kiss me deeper our tongues entwine. I break free first and gasp for air. I ask you where we are going and you tell me down the coast to the hotel where we first met a year ago. I throw you my keys. You have it in 4th before we even hit the highway.

I tie up my hair and sit close to you. I put my hand in your lap and feel your erection forming. You look over to me and smile you know my intentions. I unzip your pants and let you out I go down to your groin and put you in my mouth, you let out a moan as I suck your now hard cock. I pull you out of my mouth and work you with my hand as I look up from your lap and you look down to me with a grin. I see you are ok and the car is going fast. I hear a horn blow and look up at you as you wave at the truck that rolls bye. I sit up and hike up my skirt as I straddle your lap, I guide your cock to my pussy as I slide down your shaft you struggle to keep an eye on the road as I work up and down your cock slow at first then faster and faster, I yell out your name and tell you to fuck me hard fuck me harder. I feel you cum in me so hot I can feel your cream in my cunt I squeeze you hard and drain you of your cream as you moan in my ear you are fucking great love. I fall into your chest and breath in your sent at your neck I rest for a bit and climb off your lap. I feel you cum in me so hot I can feel your cream in my cunt I squeeze you hard and drain you of your cream as you moan in my ear you are fucking great love. I fall into your chest and breath in your sent at your neck I rest for a bit and climb off your lap.

We finish our ride down the coast the salt in the air and the ocean as far as I can see. We reach the hotel. It's just as I remembered a year ago nothing has changed. We check in and find our room. I turn to you when we reach the door and said oh babe you got us the same room. We embrace and kiss passionately. The room is large there is a sitting room just inside the door set up with a chaise, couch, and a queen-ann chair. The color is all in off white. The four post bed is just beyond the sitting area and a large sliding window to the right. This door opens to a balcony that overlooks the ocean. We put our bags down inside the door and you embraces me you kiss me softly and I trail my hands from your back to your buttocks and pull you close I feel your groin start to stir.

You lift me in your arms and take me to the bed. You sit me on the edge of the bed and kneel in front of me. You start at my knees and kiss the inside; I take my hands and run my fingers through your hair. You spread my legs and see my pussy from not wearing any panties. You lick your lips and I smile. You worked your way to my pussy lips and kiss the left side and then the right. I start to humm, Oooh does it feel so good. I start to get wet and you lick my slit as your nose rubs my clit. I start to moan you feel so good. You push your tongue in my center while you finger my clit I you push your tongue in and out and you have a rhythm going and I whisper to you to slow down or I will cum too soon. You kiss my thighs and stand I start to unbutton your pants and gently unzip your pants. And drop them to the floor. I remove your boxers and take your now hard cock in my hand and start to nibble on your mushroom top then I put you in my mouth all the way down to your cock base. Up and down I suck you hard, take your balls in my right hand and pull and massage them. I slurp and suck and taste a bit of your cum. You taste so good. You pull me up to you and we kiss and taste each other. You have me kneel on the bed facing the wall and tell me to get on all fours and give me a nice love tap on my arse, which you know i love. You take your cock and start to rub and massage my Arsehole with your tip. You tease me with your cock head I'm not sure where you are going to stick that hard cock. You take that cock head and stick it in my slit just the mushroom head and start to pull on my clit which makes me moan I am so wet and ready for a good fuck.

You take your cock and push into my arse far as it will go. I let out a cry and grab the covers to steady myself and tell you to fuck me lover fuck me harder. You start a rhythm that is making me moan and shout. You reach around me and grab my tits and start to pull on my titties and massage my breasts. I feel you cum in me I squeeze my muscles tight to milk you dry you feel my pussy tighten around your cock and you yell out to me milk that cock take all my cum in you. We collapse together and embrace each other. There is a knock at the door. We pull our clothes on quickly and you answer the door. It is a bell-hop with a complimentary Champaign. You tip the man and put the bottle in the fridge for later. I step in the shower to freshen up before dinner. I start sudzing up when the shower door opened and you step in we share a smile and you take the soap from my hands and tell me to turn around and you will get my back. You start scrubbing my back and I feel you moving around to my front start at my belly and work your way up at first and suds my breasts and pull on my titties. Then you move south and start sudzing my cunt, I turn around and see you are erect again. I love how my body gets you hard. I kiss you and you spread my lips and our tongues entwine, I move my hand down to your hard cock and pull on your cock and start giving you a hand job but you stop me when I feel your throbbing cock in my hand you pin me to the wall of the shower and lift my right leg and insert your hard cock into my cunt you thrust into me fiercely, more fiercely then the love making we just did. That was loving this was sex. You know how I love it rough and you take me like a whore. I tell you to fuck me and you pump into me harder and harder still I we cum together and I fall into your arms you hold me for it felt like forever till my orgasm completed. I told you I love you and you repeated my joy with I love you too. We finish our shower and dress for our night out.

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