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Erotica Sex Story: A friendly colleague finds me working late

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

"You don't seem your usual ebullient self today Wolff." Stated Krystal.

Krystal Black was one of my colleagues at the small accounting company I worked for. She was an atypical accountant, always stylishly dressed and never boring. In fact nobody was boring around her, she didn't allow it. A petite brunette, the twenty nine year old Krystal just loved life and her escapades often entertained the office for days, if not weeks. Saying that she always attracted the wrong type of man, she always bemoaned the fact that she was gorgeous and sexy, though she did nothing to hide either.

"Age Krystal!" I explained a little morosely. "I hit fifty last weekend and feel I'm on the downward spiral from here."

My colleague laughed. "Rubbish. You know what they say, you're only as old as the woman you feel."

I managed a smile. "In that case, I'm ageless."

"What no pretty little thing waiting at home for you?"

I'd been made redundant from a large software house a little less than a year ago. The directors, in their wisdom, had moved everything to India. I'd been lucky to land my current job looking after the business's ancient computer system. I found the task of upgrading everything arduous and time consuming yet enjoyable and ultimately satisfying. I'd only finished about a month ago. During the upgrade there had been little time for socialising and since then I'd been quite happy just chilling out. Female company had had to take a back seat.

"Sadly not, it seems that all today's beauties prefer a toy boy to a sugar daddy." I said, only partly in jest.

"Not all, some like a bit of maturity." Krystal said sweetly.

"Ah! Empty words from one of said beauties."


I grinned and nodded. "Yes empty words. When did you last go out with a man less than half a dozen years your junior let alone a mature one."

"Ok, you got me there, but they're not all like me."

"Sadly they are. I have this dilemma. The woman I am attracted to are the same women that took my fancy twenty years ago. Understandably, those thirty-year-olds are no longer interested in me." I said with a grin.

A phone ringing and a moaning client ended our conversation.

Late Friday evening I was, as normal, working late. For some of the tasks I needed to do I needed to kick everyone off their computers. Of course that couldn't happen during normal office hours so evenings were the norm. Whenever possible I tried to group and save them for Friday.

I was engrossed in some software when a pair of hands slid down my chest causing me to jump a foot.

"You don't like that then?" Krystal laughed.

Calming down, I replied with a grin. "I would probably love it with a little more notice."

"Okay, turn back to your PC and we'll try it again."

I had no idea where this was leading but I'm not stupid, so I did as I was told. The bit of code that a moment ago was entrancing was now forgotten. I may have been facing my screen but it was completely out of focus as I anticipated Krystal's hands.

I didn't have long to wait before they first touched my shoulders before moving down to caress my chest.

"Not bad ... for an old man." She said.

Although nowhere near as fit as I was, I still played a bit of squash and did a lot of walking. This gave me a pretty good body for my age. "Cheers!" I said. "You sure know how to cheer a man."

"I do try." She said, the humour obvious in her voice.

In the mean time her hands and fingers had been playing with my chest and my now prominent nipples.

"I'll give you twenty four hours to stop that." I murmured softly.

Krystal laughed and continued with a little more pressure. I leaned my head back against her and just relaxed, revelling in her touch.

"Penny for them." She said a couple of happy moments later.

"No thoughts at all. You have me in harmony with the world." I said softly before adding. "Though swapping places does have its merit."

"I bet it does." She laughed loudly.

A few seconds later she surprised me when she said. "Ok then, get up."

Slowly, as if in a trance I did. Krystal took my seat and as I stood behind her leaned back against me as I had her. Slowly I moved my hands to her shoulders. A few seconds of gentle massage convinced me that she was more than happy with the situation. Gradually the massage became more caressing as I started to enjoy myself.

Krystal was wearing a dark blouse with the top couple of buttons undone. This gave me the opportunity to move my hands on to bare skin. There was a slight change in the atmosphere as soon as I did. My movements became longer as I began stroking up the sides of her neck on each stroke and going as far along her shoulders as the blouse would allow.

The moment I first let my fingers run softly either side of her throat I heard her breathing change. This was an area she obviously loved been touched. Obviously, I continued to do just that, letting the heels of my hands apply gentle pressure to her neck whilst my fingers played around her throat.

The direction of my searching hands changed. Instead of just up her neck and across her slender shoulders I added down her chest. I moved gradually, gaining ground with each downward stroke until I was once again confined by her blouse.

I also took a moment to bend over and bury my nose into her hair. I adore a woman's hair. Krystal's had the clean, slightly scented smell that I loved. I kissed her head as I breathed in that lovely aroma. Whilst I was doing this I allowed the tips of my fingers to just feather her lips, tracing their sensuous contours.

When I resumed my caresses I found my movements no longer restricted. I looked down and saw that she had unbuttoned her blouse completely, exposing the valley between her breasts and showing a dark red bra. Taking the hint, I spent more time on her upper chest, still trying to tease her. I let my fingers reach down until they were touching the bra before moving them outwards, pushing the unfastened blouse away to the side. My eyes were glued to those wondrous feminine mounds now only partially hidden by a lacy bra that had more than a hint of transparency.

Krystal's breathing was getting shallower by the minute as my hands and fingers continued their exploration of her exposed skin. There was a very sharp intake of that breath when my fingernails dragged momentarily across her bra and the engorged nipple below.

I felt her hand move behind her, searching for my own swollen organ. Despite my desire for her touch I pushed her hand away and again leaned in to kiss her. This time though, I reached past her sweet scented hair and down to her mouth. It was our first actual kiss and for a few moments the attention of us both was on the taste of the other. Kissing from above and behind is not the best way to savour a lover's lips but is still wonderful.

As our tongues duelled I moved both hands to cover her smallish breasts and squeezed. The resultant sigh was lost inside my own mouth but was an obvious signal to continue. Just a few seconds of finger and thumb applied to sensitive nipple was enough to make Krystal break the kiss, lean forward and swiftly remove her bra and blouse, discarding them somewhere on the office floor.

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