Obeying Part 2

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2010 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: Next vignette in the "Obeying" series. Carol's mouth is given as a treat to Matt's new assistant.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   MaleDom   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   .

She waited eagerly for his call with her usual anticipation of joy. It came almost exactly as she knew it would, 4:30 precisely.

"Sir!" she answered with her pent up eagerness of the day.

"My sweet puss," he began. "We're about done here now; I think that I'll bring my new assistant LaRue home for a drink before he and I call it a day."

"How lovely, sir," she said softly. "Do you have instructions?"

"Yes," he answered simply. "Wear the cotton capris that I bought you and a tee shirt, no bra, no panties. Clear?"

"Very, sir," she said, "You make me feel so sexy; I can hardly wait for you to be home."

"We're coming now," he answered, hanging up abruptly.

She sighed with her pleasure and went to dress as he told her immediately.

They were in fact only a few minutes in arriving. It sent a positive shiver up and down Carol's spine, when she saw that LaRue was in fact a tall black man, almost as tall as her Matt.

She greeted them at the door with a bright smile, exchanging a hand shake with Larue and giving Matt a hug and kiss. She was aware all while that her nipples were poking out against the fabric of her tee shirt and her capris would have wet pussy spot soon. She was also aware that LaRue's eyes were on her constantly, it made her sorry that she'd been ordered to wear the tee shirt, which covered so much of her ass.

"Drinks," he said to her.

"Sir!" she answered quickly and got a drink order from each of them.

She went into the kitchen to fetch the drinks, and LaRue turned to Matt and said:

"Sir? My, my she is well trained."

Matt smiled at his handsome black assistant:

"Yes, she is that; she is all compliance."

"And," LaRue continued, "I need to compliment you, she is just gorgeous."

"Thank you for saying so," Matt answered.

Just then Carol came into the room from the kitchen with a try that held the drinks and a bowl of snacks. As she walked her tits wiggled beneath her tee shirt alluringly. Matt smiled at her, receiving a special smile in return and LaRue's eyes never left her swinging and wiggling tits, with their prominent pointed nipples showing, even for a minute.

She waited, as if in anticipation, and soon Matt spoke up:

"No, sweet puss, that's not right somehow; go upstairs and put on your leather vest in stead of the tee shirt; it just doesn't work somehow."

"Yes, sir," Carol said, agreeing immediately to do as she was told.

She went and made a show of beginning to take off the tee shirt, just as she was heading up the stairs. LaRue stared at her intensely.

"You're being bad," Matt said.

She turned and said: "Sorry, sir; I'll behave."

"Just do what you're told," Matt said then.

"Yes, of course, sir," Carol said in return, disappearing up the stairs.

She realized that her pussy was getting all wet from the scene that her husband was initiating for her. Her anticipation ran in all sorts of directions, as she removed the tee shirt, throwing it on the chair by the bed and went to the closet for the leather vest. She wore it with nothing on beneath it and every movement of her body made the leather vest sway and show her tits and hard nipples. It made her giggle in anticipation.

Carol came down the stairs knowing that they'd be staring at her, and they were, especially LaRue, who could now see, with every swing of the leather vest, Carols large and rounded tits.

LarRue held up his glass to Matt in a toast:

"To your lovely wife!" he said.

"Thank you," Matt responded to the toast.

Meanwhile Carol was just standing and waiting for whatever Matt wanted next.

"We have a little business, sweet puss, don't we?" he said.

"Yes, sir," she said, her head downcast.

Then she went to LaRue and knelt in front of him. The effect was to make the leather vest swing wide and present both of her hard nippled tits to the black man. She said:

"I apologize for being so brazen before; I lost my head; please forgive me."

"Granted," LaRue said.

"Come here, babe," Matt said.

Carol apparently knew exactly what was required, for she went and gathered herself over her husband's knee. LaRue adjusted his sitting position to accommodate his growing erection.

"I think five will do," Matt said.

"Pants up or down?" she asked.

"Okay that will be ten, if you're going to continue to be that way!" was Matt's response. Then he said: "Pants up."

"Yes, sir," she said meekly then.

And Matt spanked her. He spanked her hard, causing her to grunt and groan with every slap to her ass. She barely kept herself from crying with the ferocity of it. When it was done, she scrambled off of Matt's lap and knelt to kiss his hand:

"Thank you sir, for loving me enough to punish me, when I'm out of line."

"You're welcome, little one," Matt said, "But you've been bad and for that you lose the vest; take it off and put it here, and we need another round of drinks."

"Yes, sir, of course, sir," she said quickly, taking the vest off and putting it on a chair, and then taking the drink tray and going to the kitchen.

"I can't believe it," LaRue said.

"Believe it," Matt replied, "She's well trained."

"She is that," LaRue said, and then Carol came back with the drinks, only now with no tee shirt and no leather vest, her naked tits were swinging from side to side.

Larue could no longer hide his erection or push it off to the side.

Carol stood and waited for what Matt had next for her; she was so excited by his treatment and demands and what she hoped he had planned for her, she could just squeak.

"LaRue is a guest here," Matt said, "I want you to make him feel at home."

"Of course, Master," Carol said. "Please tell me."

"Master?..." LaRue said with renewed marvel.

"Take off his shoes and socks," Matt said, "Make love to his feet."

"Yes, sir," she answered with a nod of her head.

Then she proceeded to do just exactly that, while LaRue watched and was amazed. Carol removed first his shoes and then his socks. She smiled up at him, as she was doing this but her real attention was for Matt, and her eyes glittered as she looked at her master.

She began by rubbing the bottom of LaRue's bare feet with her stiffened nipple. The softness of the caress was tantalizing, causing LaRue to smile and his erection to stiffen. Carol worked on first one foot and then the other, brushing them both with the tip of a hard nipple. The grinding of the nipple along the bottom of his foot also caused Carol to moan from the contact. She blew a soft kiss to Matt, as she proceeded.

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