Pepper's Pills

by Dictionary Rainbow

Copyright© 2010 by Dictionary Rainbow

Mind Control Sex Story: Pepper awakes in a mysterious maze. Can she find her way out before her captors can catch her? Can she escape with any semblance of her old personality? And what are these white pills that she can't stop eating?

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Mind Control   Group Sex   Body Modification   Big Breasts   .

Pepper's head rolled from side to side as she came to. Someone was lightly slapping her on the cheek while faint music played in the background.

"Hey, hey," the person slapping her said.

Pepper's eyes came to focus on an attractive blond guy still patting her cheek. "Who are you?" she asked.

He finally stopped hitting her and handed her a little white pill. "I'm Parkman. Here eat this," he said. Still a little groggy from whatever she'd been drugged with and the fact that she was starving, it didn't occur to Pepper to be suspicious. She didn't hesitate in taking the pill and poping it into her mouth.

The instant it hit her tongue, it dissolved and poured liquid warmth down her throat all the way to her stomach. Her eyes widened and she felt more alive than she had in days. Her now alert mind took in the surroundings around her. She was leaning against a taupe wall of some hallway. The walls contrasted with the dark, almost black floor and ceiling. There were no doors in sight.

She shifted her gaze to Parkman and was shocked by his nakedness. She was even more upset when she realized that she, too, was naked. Hastily, she covered herself with her hands, her left arm easily covering her meager chest.

"Where am I? What have you done with me?" she asked him.

"There's not much time. Do you remember anything?"

Pepper shook her head no. She tried to remember, but all that came to mind were four colors: pink, cyan, orange and red. All of a sudden, the music in the background ended. Parkman looked up at the ceiling, as if searching for the speakers.

"Shit, they're coming. Run!" he said and turned and ran down the hallway. "Nice bow!" he yelled and disappeared around the corner. Pepper reached up and found a bow holding her blond hair in a pony tail. Where'd that come from she wondered. Probably from the same people that took her clothes.

She tried to stand up. Though her mind was alert, her body was still shaky from hunger and the remains of whatever she'd been knocked out with. She forced herself up, someone was coming and she needed to figure out where she was and how to get out of there.

Bracing herself with one hand on the wall, Pepper walked in the direction Parkman ran off in. She hadn't gone more than a couple of steps when she found a little white pill. It was identical to the one Parkman had given her.

Fully conscious, the suspicion that had been absent earlier gripped her mind. She had so blindly eaten the first one. She had no idea who that guy was or what the pill was. As far as she knew, he could have been the one to have kidnapped her and the pill could have been some sort of date-rape drug; they were both naked after all. In any case, it definitely felt like a drug: food didn't melt like that or make her feel as good.

This time, she carefully inspected the pellet. In all respects, she couldn't tell a difference between it and a white gum ball. It was about the same size, it was hard, and it had a sweet smell. Pepper's stomach growled. If someone were looking for her, they surely would have heard the noises her empty stomach was making.

Pepper didn't have much choice. She needed something to quieten her stomach and the white pill was the only thing around. She took a deep breath and popped it in her mouth. Just like the first time, the instant it hit her tongue it melted. The heat spread throughout her body and gave strength to her wobbly legs.

Standing on her own power, she noticed that the hallway branched off to the left. She looked down but couldn't see a door or anything that offered a way out. Since Parkman was the only thing she had to go on and he hadn't gone that way, Pepper gave it a pass. She continued straight ahead and soon came upon another pill.

She picked it up and almost threw it in her mouth before stopping herself. Was she already addicted to them after just two? Her stomach rumbled and her body shivered in anticipation for the warmth of the pill. She contemplated putting the pill down and continuing on, but her stomach rumbled again. She needed strength. Her body flushed with heat as her third pill dissolved in her mouth.

Pepper continued down the corridor and found yet another pill. Who had put these here? It couldn't have been Parkman. He'd only had the one and being naked, it's not like they could have fallen out of his pockets. She tried to put the pill back down, but her stomach rumbled again. She devoured the new find and the heat soothed her body and her distrust.

At the fourth pill she found, there was another split in the hall, this time to the right. Parkman had most likely gone this way as he had disappeared to the right. I've followed him this far she thought. So intent on deciding which way to go, Pepper didn't notice she'd eaten her new pill until the warmth was corsing through her body.

She'd hoped that the way she'd chosen would take her to a room with an exit or a phone or something useful, but it wasn't even a room. It was another corridor that ran parallel to the one she'd just come from. She wasn't in a hallway in some hotel or building somewhere Pepper realized. She was in a maze.

She picked up the pill that had been left where she was standing and looked at it. Was she the rat? Were these pills her reward for going the right way or were they leading her to something, like her death? Someone had gone to great lengths to leave these here for her. Pepper thought hard again about dropping the pill and continuing on her way.

If she was going to be addicted, she probably already was (She felt so good after eating one). There's always rehab she thought and popped the pill. This time, it seemed if the pill's heat concentrated in her eyes. They burned for several seconds.

She blinked several times and the heat subsided. The pill had changed her ability to see. Everything was more vibrant and sharper, she could now see the white pills in the distance. To her left, she could see their faint glow trailing down the hallway. To her right and the direction she'd come from, there was nothing but the cold black floor.

It seemed like someone wanted her to go left here and Pepper didn't feel like disappointing them. She turned and walked down the hall, gobbling up each pill as she came to it, her distrust long forgotten. Eventually, the path she'd chosen ended at an intersection.

This time, there was no clear way that she was supposed to go. Looking to her right, she could see a long trail of dots leading off into the distance. Looking left, there were two pills leading to a wall. If she went left, she might wind up back on the original corridor. If Parkman had come this way, he probably would have to have gone right.

Once more looking to her right, all the warmth she'd accumulated from the pills dissipated as a chill took her; further down the hallway she could see a figure in red. Pepper turned left and ran. She didn't even notice that she picked up the two pills in her path and ate them as she ran. Their warmth did calm her down as she ducked to the left around the first corner she came to. Had she been seen?

Pepper peeked around the corner. The person was still coming her direction. Pepper ran again. She came to a path to the right which she turned down. It soon came to an end at another long corridor and she took a panicked left, ran a bit and cut back to the left on a different path a few steps later. She eventually came to a stop at an L shaped bend in the hall.

She wiped a few drops of sweat off her forehead and tried to catch her breath. She wasn't just hot from her run. She'd somehow found time to throw the dozen or so pills that were in her path down her throat as she ran and the cumulative heat from their warmth was making her sweat.

The warmth seemed to be congregated in her chest. She cupped her small breasts and started trying to massage the heat out of them. Pepper was surprised by how good it felt. Had it always felt this good? She looked down at her mere offerings. Hey, look at that: cleavage, she thought. They're like little strawberries. What was she doing? She was in danger. She had to concentrate.

Pepper listened for footsteps, but all she could hear was her own breathing. Figuring it was safe, she set out in the direction that had pills left, happily eating all that she came across. Her path took another left and then came to a long hallway. She knew this hallway; this is where she'd woken up.

To the right, she could now see a trail of glowing pills. Since she'd already eaten all of the pills to the left, there was nothing but the cold dark floor. Still clinging to the hope she wasn't addicted, Pepper told herself that she was going right because the person in red was to the left, not because she wanted more pills.

As she walked, munching on pills, she got the impression that the maze was symmetrical. Her new direction was a mirror image of the last with offshoots in about the same places. Pepper figured her best chance of escape was down the long corridor, so she ignored the smaller paths and kept going straight.

When she got to the entrance way of what she believed was the mirror image of the corridor she'd seen Red, she ventured down it. She was right; it was identical to the other corridor. Pepper hadn't gone more than four steps when she came to an intersection. There were no pills to the right or left, but there was something odd about the path to the right.

The left was like every other turn she'd come upon; she could see down it and the taupe wall at its end. To the right, however, there was no wall at the end. The walls just faded out into blackness. Pepper's heart raced. Had she done it? Had she found the way out?

Forgetting about the pills, Pepper ran down the hall to the right. The taupe walls ended and she was surrounded in darkness, still she ran and ran. She'd done it! She was out of the maze. Then, as suddenly as the walls had disappeared, they were back. Pepper slowed down and walked back out into the maze.

Once again, she was at an intersection. Her spirits came crashing down. Her captors weren't going to make it that easy on her. She wandered off to the right. The two pills that she found warmed her up some and then there were no more. She stopped. Where were the pills?

There should have been pills there she figured. There should be pills unless ... Pepper ran to the end of the hall and turned left. Sure enough, it was her starting point. How could she have gone through a door leading to the right and wound up on the left side of the maze? It wasn't physically possible.

Pepper turned around and ran back to the non-exit. She took a left and ran into the blackness. When she came out, she found herself at the original intersection: the right side of the maze. Pepper turned back and ran through it again. Once again she'd gone right and wound up on the left side of the maze.

How could she escape from people who could defy physics? Speaking of defying physics, when had her tits gotten so big? At some point, her cherry-sized bust had expanded out to the size of granny smith apples. Pepper reached up and felt them. She shuddered. They felt even better than when she'd played with them earlier.

Maybe she could just ... It'd only be a second she told herself. Her left hand let go of her breast and snaked it's way down to her exposed slit. Her index finger almost found her clit when she heard footsteps. Her eyes shot open and coming from the path straight in front of her was a man in a powder blue suit. If it wasn't for the color, he would have looked like a 1950's gangster, complete with hat. Pepper didn't know why, but the name Inky popped into her mind.

Adrenaline seized her and she ran back into the void. She ran out the other side and almost ran smack into a giant man in an identical orange suit. Clyde!

"There you are," he drawled.

Pepper turned left and ran. She could hear Clyde lumbering after her. "Get back here!" he bellowed.

Pepper came to the corridor she knew so well and ran left. Clyde wasn't so graceful as he slipped and smashed into the wall, sending his orange hat flying. That bought Pepper a little bit of time and put some distance between them. Pepper continued left and ate the four pills that she'd found. How could she think of eating while her life was in danger?

Whatever the reason, she stopped caring and came to a halt as a pill almost the size of her blocked her path. The pill radiated white light. Pepper tentatively touched it as she looked at it in awe. Her reverie was broken by the sound of Clyde crashing into the wall behind her.

She was trapped. There was no way around the giant pill and Clyde blocked her only other route out. If she was going to get taken, she was going to see what this pill made her feel like first. Pepper leaned forward and bit into the pill.

The instant her teeth cut into it, the pill started flowing into her. In a matter of seconds, the entire ball was inside of her. Her body burned. Her tits and pussy were on fire. She needed meat, man-meat and she knew where to find it.

Pepper turned around and looked at Clyde, who was just getting back on his feet. "Time for a barbecue," she said and licked her lips. Clyde's face turned blue with fear and he turned and ran from the girl. She soon caught up and tackled him from behind. She tore at his clothes and in no time had his stiffening member in her mouth.

She sucked him to his full size and let his large cock pop out of her mouth. If she were sane, she would have worried about the massive organ tearing her in two, but as it was, she just grinned in anticipation. Pepper held his dick up and aimed her flaming cunt at it.

It seemed to take forever for her to finally sink down to the base of his cock. Pepper moaned in pleasure as she was filled more than she had ever been. She bounced up and down on him, gradually picking up her pace as she got use to his girth.

Clyde at last seemed to recover from his fear and reached up and grasped her tits with his mammoth hands. Despite their recent growth, they still vanished in the brute's mitts. Clyde bucked and bounced and Pepper rode him with skill.

Suddenly, Clyde threw Pepper off and bent over her. She took his cock in her mouth again and sucked. He erupted in her mouth and she drank all that he had to give. She'd never tasted anything so sweet. When he was finished, the giant of a man stood up and ran off. All Pepper could see was his shocked eyes floating off like white saucers.

Even though she'd cum several times with Clyde, Pepper was still horny. She laid where Clyde had abandoned her and started jilling herself. She flicked her clitoris back and forth while alternately pinching her nipples. All of the sensations assaulting her body, her clit, nipples and the heat from the pill, built into a crescendo and she exploded in ecstasy.

As intensely as it had built up, she equally came crashing back down. How could she have done what she just did? She'd raped Clyde. She'd attacked him from behind, stripped him, and ridden him like a bull. And the worst part was that she'd loved every second of it. She couldn't allow herself to lose control like that again. If there were anymore giant pills out there, she was going to turn the other direction and run.

Pepper contemplated wrapping herself in Clyde's discarded clothes, but her shame of what she had done to him outweighed her embarrassment of being naked. She left them where they laid and went back in the direction of where she'd found the giant pill. She felt drained from her sexual rampage and needed to get the pills she'd seen back there. As she ate them, she didn't notice that she wasn't looking for an exit as much as she was looking for her next pill. She even made two side trips up to her starting place just to get the pills along the paths.

The only ways that branched off the corridor she was walking down were all to the right. The left was just one long straight taupe wall. Pepper figured that meant she was near the edge of the maze. She came to the end of the long hall and followed the bend to the right. In front of her sat another giant pill.

Part of her begged her to eat it. That part of her desired the heat, it wanted the passion and the abandon that came with it, but it scared her. She couldn't control herself and she had to stay in control.

Pepper left it there, uneaten. She made her way back to the right-hand side of the maze, zigzagging here and there to eat some pills she'd missed earlier. As she walked, she marveled that her boobs had grown again. They were now the size of grapefruits. Her small breasts had always been a sore spot, but now that she had full on tits, she didn't feel as self conscious walking around naked.

Going up the hallway she'd run into Clyde, Pepper walked past the physics defying hallway, and soon after came to a second one. Ignoring it as well, she walked to the end of the corridor and turned left. She hadn't gone more than two steps when a man dressed in a pink gangster suit came out of a hall way right in front of her. "Pinky!" her mind screamed.

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