Kelly's Ordeal

by duane

Copyright© 2010 by duane

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Warning! this A Non Consensuel type story

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Celebrity   BDSM   Rough   Humiliation   Torture   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Couple   White Female   .

Kelly Monaco's Corvette screamed down Interstate 10 through Mississippi at well over 100 MPH. She was in a hurry to get to New Orleans and complete her five hundred plus mile journey and get into bed at the plush hotel she had booked for the night. It was a steamy night in the south and she kept the air conditioning on high trying to beat the heat and humidity as she listened to a CD of her favorite music.

It seamed like forever ago that she had left Jacksonville Florida after attending a press junket for Playboy. The magazine was going to re-release her original photo spread from 1997 in a future issue, and she was helping promote it. She was in such a rush to get to New Orleans, where she had an obligation for her soap opera General Hospital that she had not even bothered to change out of the outfit she wore for the event in Jacksonville. She wore an off the shoulder peasant blouse that was transparent enough to see the black, silk, strapless bra she wore under it to support her D cup breasts. The mini skirt she wore was so short, that as she sat in her car right now, the tops of her black stockings and her garter belt straps were clearly visible; her black silk panties were trying to make an appearance as well. The 5" spiked heels she had worn were lying on the floor tucked just under the seat she was in. Simply put Kelly looked hotter than the air her powerful sports car was racing through.

It was after 10:30 PM and her mind wondered. She recalled the scene at the event earlier and how gorgeous all the other playmates had looked. She recalled a handsome writer that had attended too. The image of the chiseled features of his face flashed in her memory. The way his shirt hugged his broad chest and muscular arms, had made her want to ask him to escort her to a quiet place in the hotel and make her feel like a woman. However, her more practical side had won out and she just made pleasant conversation with him until she had to leave.

The recollection of her memories was having an exciting affect on her now, as she raced down the quiet lonely highway. She reached down between her legs and began to rub her tingling pussy through her delicate panties. She could feel the small patch of coarse pubic hair through the thin material, and she slid her finger lower, pressing it between her aroused pussy lips until she could feel the hardness of her clit. She rubbed it in circles, making her already moist pussy even wetter. She moaned lowly and spread her legs slightly wider. She wanted to close her eyes and really pleasure herself, but knew at this speed, that was not a bright idea.

However, it did not keep her from continuing the molestation of her burning pussy. She could feel her nipples stiffen, and she wanted to pinch them. Once again, she resisted, not wanting to take her other hand off the wheel as it barreled down the highway. It was not long before she moved the gusset of her panties to the side and slid one, then two fingers inside her dripping pussy. She diddled her clit with her thumb as she continued to finger fuck herself. She moaned loudly knowing no one was near to hear her.

Her pleasure built and she moved her hand faster, and faster. The wave of ecstasy was rapidly approaching, and she braced for the inevitable. Her legs stiffened and she quickened the pace of her hand. Her nipples tingled as they pressed against the bra that held them. She was just about to erupt in sheer delight when she noticed a car broken down on the side of the road.

She pulled her hand from her pussy and lifted her nylon clad foot off the gas. She looked around for someone, incase they needed help. The car was still steaming, so she knew it was not abandoned. She almost came to a stop, but not seeing anyone; she pushed down the accelerator and pressed on.

As she got back up to speed, she decided she needed to finish what she had started before she was interrupted. She again slid her finger back inside her love tunnel and shivered at the feeling. Then, once again she was interrupted.

Along the right side of the road was a woman. Kelly figured this had to be the person whose car she just passed, so she covered herself and slowed again. She rolled the window down as she approached the woman. As she got closer she could tell it was a black woman, and she was not a small woman. Kelly brought the car to a halt as she ran down the passenger window the woman leaned on the car and looked into the window.

"Thank you so much for stopping, darlin', I was afraid I might get raped or even killed walking out here in the middle of the night like this." She said with a big smile and a little chuckle.

Kelly barely heard what the woman said; because the only thing she could see besides the woman's plump little face was her massive tits. The entire window seemed to be filled with tit flesh, as the woman was wearing a very low cut top and her cleavage must have been a foot long.

Snapping out of her trance, Kelly replied, "No problem ma'am, can I give you a lift somewhere?"

"Would you be that kind? Please, I only live a few miles from here."

"Well, it's not a problem get in." Kelly told her.

Kelly watched as the portly black woman opened the door and slid into the seat next to her. She wore a skirt as well, although not nearly as short as Kelly's. Her thick legs were covered with nylons, and she wore a pair of knee high leather boots that Kelly would never imagine a woman of her size would wear. The heels were as narrow as Kelly's, but had to be at least an inch taller. As she settled into the seat, Kelly got another look at her massive breasts. The top she wore was skin tight and Kelly could see the roll of the woman's belly as her tits rested on it. Kelly didn't understand how or why, but for some weird reason she was immediately attracted to this woman. As they began to drive, Kelly could feel the confidence of the large black woman in her passenger's seat grow.

The black lady was quite sexy in her own right, and came across as one of those woman who lived by the moniker, "large, and in charge."

Kelly found out through small talk that the woman's name was Leticia, and she had been returning from a night out at a local dance club.

"The talent was lacking tonight," She told Kelly. "So I decided to come home and give it a shot again tomorrow."

The confidence of this woman was astonishing to Kelly. How a woman with a body like hers would think that she could "judge" the talent and decide if she wanted to be with those men just blew her away. It was mesmerizing to Kelly. She wasn't sure if it was the woman's demeanor, or the fact that Kelly was so horny from masturbating, but somehow, Kelly found herself strangely attracted to this woman.

Kelly just couldn't keep her eyes off the woman's chest either. Kelly knew her own breasts were a D cup, so she knew this woman had to be an EE or bigger.

The woman just kept looking at Kelly oddly, and she couldn't figure out why. Then it all became clear as a bell. "Dancing with the Stars!" Leticia screamed, breaking a long silence. "You're that soap star, Kelly something."

"Monaco." Kelly told her with a bit of an unseen blush.

"Yeah, Kelly Monaco, that's right." Leticia said "Oh Darlin', my husband, and his brothers are in love with you. They watched every episode of that damn show, just to see you and them damn big tits of yours"

And while Kelly's blush may have been invisible in the darkened car she couldn't avoid the burning of her flesh, "Thank you," she replied. It didn't even register that Leticia had been at a club scouting the talent when she had a husband at home.

Suddenly Kelly realized they had been driving for over 20 minutes since she picked up this stranger, and had made so many turns, she was going to have to use her navigation system to get back to the highway.

"Leticia, are we almost to your house? I have a ways to go tonight still, I am going to New Orleans." Kelly told her.

"Oh lordie no, my driveway is just a few more blocks." She said.

About a mile down the dark narrow two lane road they were driving on, Leticia told her to turn. Kelly turned and about 50 feet later, they were on a dirt road. Driving slowly, it took them a few minutes or so to reach Leticia's house. It was a broken down shack in the middle of nowhere. Kelly was a bit scared, so as she crawled to a stop and Leticia let herself out, Kelly wanted to just leave.

Leticia was only half out of the car when she asked Kelly if she would please come in and meet her husband and his brothers.

"Oh I really can't." Kelly told her. I have to get to New Orleans."

"Oh please, Darlin', it would mean so much to all of them." Leticia plead sincerely. "It would mean a great deal to me too." Then she flashed a big white smile and winked at Kelly.

Again Leticia's charm melted Kelly, and her resistance ebbed with it. She felt a need to please this woman, and so she accepted. She turned off the car, slipped on her heels and closed the door, leaving her keys inside. She didn't plan on staying long. Then she followed Leticia toward the door of the crude cabin.

The cabin which appeared spartan on the outside was even more so on the inside. Kelly couldn't help but the help the cabin's motif was early American depression. The cabin was simply a large room divided into different living areas.

"Look who picked me up on the side of the road after my car died." Leticia spouted to the three large back men sitting on the couch watching a ball game.

The men all turned and immediately sprung to their feet when they recognized Kelly. They all rushed to her and extended their hands to shake hers. She instantly notice how big all their hands were and how firm their grips were. None of them wore a shirt because of the heat, and it didn't go unnoticed by Kelly how nice, Roger and John bodies were. Grady, Leticia's husband, was a bit larger and somewhat softer that his brothers but still he was as handsome as both of them.

The four of them all took pictures with Kelly and asked for her autograph, as they gushed over her. Grady even went to his room and brought out his old Playboy with Kelly in it from 1997, and asked her to sign it.

Trying her best to hurry things along Kelly eagerly granted all there wishes.

"I have every issue back to 1989." He told her.

Everything was going great until Kelly informed them that she really had to go. It was now approaching midnight, and she still had a long road a head of her. In that instant everything seemed to change.

"You can't leave without showing us those big Playboy titties of yours." Grady told her opening his Playboy to a page with Kelly's naked body on it. The other men's eyes lit up with the though of seeing Kelly's large D's in the flesh.

"No, I'm sorry, I can't. I really should be going." Kelly replied.

"Come on, what's the difference, we can all see them right here." Grady told her, holding the magazine up to her face. "Let's see those things for real."

"No, really I need to go." Kelly said again, turning to leave in a hurry. But before she knew what happened, Kelly found herself on the floor, with both of her cheeks were burning like all hell.

She looked up as Leticia stood over her with her hands on her hips, "Bitch, when my husband tells you he wants to see your tits, you show him your tits! You understand?"

Leticia had bitch slapped Kelly so hard on both cheeks the force had knocked her to the floor. Kelly looked around for an escape route or a friendly face but she found neither.

"Don't even think about running bitch, and go ahead and scream all you want, closest neighbor is almost a mile away," Leticia smirked

Kelly just looked up and rubbed her face trying to relieve the pain.

"Maybe, you would prefer the alternative, I could let him or all of them rape your ass." Leticia told her referring to her brothers as well.

"No, no, I'll show them my breasts." Kelly meekly replied.

"Bitch, cans like those are not breasts, they are tits. Now say it right." Leticia ordered.

"I will show them my tits." Kelly said as tears welled up in her eyes.

"That's not good enough. Beg me." Leticia demanded as she delivered another opened handed bitch slap to Kelly's left cheek. Kelly gasped as the burning sting swirled though her brain.

The room filled with male cat calls as the men urged Leticia on.

"Beg me to let you show my husband your tits you rich uppity cunt." Leticia told her.

"Please, let me show your husband my tits." Kelly pleaded meekly, hoping that she could show them to the men, and she could be on her way.

"That's not begging bitch, convince me." Leticia commanded as she propelled another powerful bitch slap towards Kelly's reddening cheek. Her domination was incredible. Not only did Kelly know Leticia was her boss, she could tell by the way all three of the men stood and waited for Leticia to do as she wished, that she was in charge of them too.

"Please, Leticia, please let me show your husband my tits. I really want to let him see them."

SLAP, the back of Leticia's hand stung Kelly's left cheek.

"Who the fuck do you think you are cunt, getting all familiar with me like that? Sluts like you address ladies like me as Mistress, or Miss Letty, or My Queen, Understand?"

"Yes Mistress." Kelly replied.

"You are nothing but a skinny, white slut aren't you, showing your body in Playboy, and Maxim, and wearing those slutty dresses on that fuckin' dance show? I caught my husband jacking off while watching you dance one night on that show. Then he had the nerve to ask me to fuck him after. You skinny white sluts are always trying to take our black men from us. You are nothing but a fuckin' white slut aren't you?" Letty asked.

"Yes Miss Letty." Kelly replied, not wanting her to get any madder.

"Yes, what Miss Kelly Monoco?" Letty demanded to know.

"Yes, Miss Letty, I'm nothing but an uppity white slut," Kelly responded weakly.

"Now ask again slut!"

"Please Mistress; please allow me to show your husband and his bothers my tits."

"Fine, go ahead, but I think that your little titties will not be enough. I think we need to see it all, they would like a little show, wouldn't you guys?" Letty asked.

All of them just nodded their heads like little kids asking their mom for a treat.

Kelly slowly got to her feet and stood in front of everyone. Reluctantly she began moving her hips and rubbing herself over her clothes. She started with her tits, rubbing them seductively and squeezing them together. She was surprised to find her nipples were hard. She continued this for a few moments, and then ran her hands down her flat hard stomach and around her narrow hips. She turned so her back was facing everybody and stuck her ass out as she ran her hands over the skin tight mini skirt. She rubbed her ass for a few moments, sticking it out even further.

"Holy hell, could you imagine splittin' that ass?" Grady asked his brother.

"Oh yea!" John replied as they both broke into a horny chuckle.

Kelly continued, grabbing the hem of her skirt and pulling it up exposing the tops of her stockings and her perfect heart shaped ass. She rubbed the flesh, feeling the heat it radiated. The heat between her legs was quickly returning to the horny state she had known just before picking up Miss Letty. She pulled the cheeks apart and wiggled her cute ass procotively hoping that the show would be enough for the big black men.

"Oh my!" Grady moaned. "I am going to wreck that ass."

Panic raced through Kelly's mind and her whole body got hot. She didn't like the sound of that. She thought she would be able to show them her tits and then leave. She now wondered if that was really an option. She decided to continue with a shred of hope that she could get out of this situation with no further harm. She turned back around and showed them the front of her panties. As she rubbed them like she did the rear, she felt the moisture she had left from masturbating in the car earlier. The feel of that made her a bit excited, until she realized where she was.

"You horny fuckin' white slut!" Letty snapped. You are all wet aren't you? You love teasing these horny black men don't you?"

"No Miss Letty, that's not why I'm wet." Kelly tried to explain. "I was..."

"Shut up bitch!" Letty hissed as she approached. She got right up next to Kelly and grabbed her wet pussy through her panties. She rubbed it roughly, causing Kelly to involuntarily moan. Her pussy began to flow. She didn't understand, but somehow the power this woman possessed, made her lose all control of her senses. She stood there as this fat, black woman molested her in front of her family, and she enjoyed it. Suddenly she felt something tug on her shirt, and she heard a rip. Her blouse was torn completely off her body and Letty discarded it on the floor.

"My husband wants to see your Playboy titties cunt, now show them to him." Letty demanded.

So as Letty continued to attack Kelly's dripping cunt, Kelly reached back and undid her bra. She let it fall to the floor and then she heard all three of the men hootin' and hollerin' vulgar cat calls at her.

Letty had Kelly's panties completely soaked by now, and she continued to stimulate her, "Your slutty white cunt is on fire bitch. Teasing theses black men is really turning you on isn't it bitch?"

"No... , you ... are ... rubbing..." Kelly tried to get out what she wanted to say through the waves of pleasure that were running through her.

"What do you mean no? Your pussy is making my hand wet, see?" She said, pulling her hand from her pussy and rubbing the wetness all over Kelly's face.

Kelly didn't want her to stop rubbing her steamy pussy, and she let out a disappointed groan.

"Well boys, looks like we got a racist white bitch on our hands, we may need to teach her a lesson. Rodger go get the strap."

As Roger exited the room Letty again addressed Kelly, "Ya know how we deal with lit' rascist white bitches in this part of the country bitch?"

Kelly realized she was in deep trouble and she tried to explain again, "No Mistress, I'm no racist, I just meant..." Yet even as she desperately tried to explain the perverted desire building between her legs burned hotter than ever

"I know exactly what you meant cunt. You meant that you are too good and too white to ever be turned on by black men. Now we gonna make you wish you never been born."

Roger returned to the room, and in his hand he held a two foot long leather razor strap. Kelly panicked. "No Mistress, I didn't mean it like that. I was just trying..."

"Shut the fuck up I said." Letty barked. "Now, since you seem to be so fucking proud of your big old white tits, we'll start there. On you knees, NOW, bitch!"

Kelly knelt in front of everyone as tears began to trickle down her lovely soft cheeks. Letty took the strap from Roger and without saying a word, raised her hand high and smacked it hard across both of Kelly's firm D cup tits.

"Stop your crying bitch. You gots a lot of learnin' to do, and I'm gonna do the teachin'."

The pain of the strap was immense, and before she could even take a breath, the sting of another lashing, hit her.

"You gonna learn to respect black people, if I have to whip your slut ass all night, or maybe you call us niggers." Letty told her.

Kelly was completely blubbering now, as tears streamed down her face.

Smack! Another lashing across both full tits.

"No" ... sob, sob..."Mistress" ... sob..."I don't use ... sob, sob..."that word."

"Lyin' white bitch." Another lash!!. I know when you're in your circle of white cackling bitches up there in New York; you all talk about how us niggers are not as good as y'all, don't you?"

Another lashing. Kelly's tits were now bright red and the marks from the strap were all completely visible across her perfectly round tits. When she was done whipping her tits, Letty went to the kitchen and returned with two clothes pins. She opened each one and snapped it closed on one of Kelly's erect nipples. The pain shot through her sensitive nubs, and Kelly yelped.

"Now we gonna teach you some fuckin' respect for us niggers." Letty said, as she turned around and lifted her skirt, exposing her big, round, black ass. Kelly could see the thong running up her ass crack, and couldn't believe someone this large would ever wear one of those. Then, Letty bent over and spread her ass cheeks. "Now kiss my fat black ass you white whore."

Kelly knew there was no resisting. She leaned in and planted her lips on the g-string running up Letty's ass. Then she sat back again.

"Not like that slut. Get your white whore tongue in there and lick my ass hole. Show this nigger some respect."

Kelly leaned in again and stuck her tongue out and licked between Letty's ass cheeks. She could taste the sweat from when Letty had been dancing earlier, and she almost gagged.

"Move those panties bitch; get your tongue in there real good. Show me how much you respect me, by cleaning my ass with your uppity, white, whore tongue."

Kelly moved the thong to the side and again licked Letty's ass crack. She was repulsed by this act, even though she was still a bit turned on by Letty's domination. Suddenly she felt a hand on the back of her head and she was forced hard into Letty's ass.

"Get that tongue in there cunt, don't be shy. Show Miss Letty how much you respect us niggers. Get that tongue up inside my asshole you white slut."

Kelly had no choice now, her nose was forced between Letty's ass cheeks and as she stuck her tongue out further, it penetrated her puckered passage. Kelly couldn't help but taste the combination of sweat and the pungent taste of Letty's asshole. Again she almost gagged, but held it in as Letty continued to force her to devour her dirty asshole. This seemed to last forever, and her tongue was getting achy when she heard the worst thing she could imagine.

"Grady, baby, you like jackin' off while you watch this little white cunt on TV, why don't you come in behind and show this bitch how we niggers take a white slut's pussy and turn it inside out." Letty said.

Kelly panicked, she tried to pull away from Letty, but the large powerful black woman was too strong. She held the back of her head firmly between her large ass cheeks.

"Oh no you don't bitch. You not goin' nowhere.

Before she knew what happened, Kelly felt her thong being ripped apart, and then felt a strong pair of hands grab her hips just before she felt the biggest cock that ever penetrated her fill her pussy. She groaned painfully into Letty's ass as Grady drove it all the way into her.

Letty laughed out loud, "Bitch you better get used to that, He's the small one. My brothers call Grady the runt 'cause he is so much smaller than they are."

Kelly new she was in for a long night. The thought of the other men being bigger than the cock that now filled her throbbing pussy, and the comment Letty had just made, assured her that Grady would not be the only one raping her tonight. She decided she would just comply and hope that it would all be over soon.

Grady began a slow deep rhythm as he fucked her well oiled cunt, and Letty continued to press her tongue deep into her ass as she further humiliated her.

"See I knew you were a black cock whore, just like all the rest of the white bitches I bring home. Look at that skinny little white ass moving back and forth, takin' my man's cock like a good little white slut. Now I'm gonna let go of your head slut, don't you even think about stoppin' what's you doin', I needs a good cum, and you gonna help me get it."

Letty let go of Kelly's head, and as Kelly continued, she felt Letty's hand touch her chin. Letty was now plunging three fingers in and out of her sloppy black cunt as Kelly licked her ass like a good white whore.

"Yes, that's it bitch lick Miss Letty's asshole. Yes, yes, right there, deeper, deeper, get that tongue all the way up there. Show this nigger how much you respect her."

Letty's fingers were now a blur as she rapidly approached orgasm.

"Yes, yes, yes, that's it slut, I'm gonna cum, Yessssssssssssssssssssssss!"

Kelly couldn't believe the power with which Letty came. Her entire body seemed to convulse as Kelly tried to ride her ass with her face the whole time. When it was finally over, Letty almost collapsed on the floor. Kelly was proud of herself as Letty stumbled to the couch and fell on it exhausted. A sense of pride filled Kelly as she watched the fat sexy black woman pant trying to catch her breath. That all disappeared when she heard Letty's next command.

"Roger, on the floor, give this cunt a big black cock to swallow."

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