Let Me Care for You!

by parabolus

Copyright© 2010 by parabolus

Incest Sex Story: When his wife left him, his mother stepped in

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   .

I poured myself a scotch, and stare out of the window. My wife had left me a few days earlier, and I was trying to decide whether to go out for dinner, or send out for something to eat, or just not bother.

Then, as I was sipping my scotch, I saw my mother's car draw up outside the house. She opened the car door and swung her legs out, and I glimpsed bare thighs above the tops of her stockings — Mum always wore old-fashioned stockings, either that or nothing on her legs. This evening she had on a knee-length grey skirt and a pale blue sweater, plus, as always, high heels, and she looked very attractive — as always.

She was carrying a large shopping basket, and I was opening the front door to her as she came up the path.

She kissed me on the cheek and lightly stroked my face.

'How are you, darling? I've been worried about you. I've made you a nice beef stew, with lots of vegetables — I'm sure you're not eating properly. And a bottle of wine to go with it. I'll pop the stew in the oven to warm up, and you can open the wine.'

I followed her into the kitchen, and she looked at the pile of dirty dishes and sniffed. 'I'll was that lot up when we've eaten.'

'Are you all right, darling? I think you're better off without Sylvia, but you must take care of yourself.' She hesitated. 'I — I don't want to be nosey, but what finally caused the break-up? Or don't you want to talk about it?'

I took a deep breath. 'I suppose it was my fault, really. She was always pretty cold, prudish, really, and she didn't enjoy sex, and, well, she found out I was having sex with a girl at work... '

'The silly cow — she didn't know what she was missing... '

I handed Mum a glass of wine, and we toasted each other. She looked at me over the rim of her glass, and I realised just how attractive she was. I stared into her eyes, and studied her full red lips, almost pouting, like ripe fruit ... her skin was perfect, with tiny laughter lines at the corners of her eyes. They were cornflower blue, the colour of her sweater, and her lashes were long and thick. As always, she was perfectly made up, with a hint of eye shadow and a little lipstick.

Mum was watching me as I stared at her, and without taking her eyes off me she put her glass down on the kitchen table, and then took my glass and put it down as well, and moved closer to me.

Our faces were inches apart — I kissed the tip of her nose, and she lifted her face higher. I looked at her uncertainly for a moment, and she moved even closer until our bodies touched, and then I kissed her mouth.

We kissed very slowly, gently, and then more eagerly, hungrily, wetly, loudly, our tongues circling each other as I pulled her closer. My mother squirmed against me, her breath coming faster, and my hand found her breast.

I crushed her yielding flesh as our kissed redoubled, and she dropped her hand to stroke my cock through my trousers. We kissed like that for a few more minutes, and then I gently tugged her sweater up. Mum raised her arms above her head and we broke off the kiss for a moment as I pulled her sweater over her head, and then our mouths clashed again as I ran my hands over her bare shoulders.

Her bra was very small, the same colour as her sweater, and I looked down at her breasts swelling out of the tiny cups, and then I unhooked the bra and Mum shrugged it off her shoulders and let it fall from her arms, and I fondled her naked breasts, toying with her stiffening nipples. My mother slowly gyrated her body against my rigid cock as I caressed her, and we kissed again.

Mum began unbuttoning my shirt, slipping her hand inside and stroking my chest, and then she pushed it off me and squirmed her breasts against my bare chest.

Then she took my hand and led me into the living room, sinking down to lay back in the corner of the sofa, and I sat beside her, facing her and crumpled her breasts in my hands, and then bending over her to kiss her breasts and lick her nipples. They were hard as pebbles, and I sucked them in turn, taking as much of her breasts in my mouth as I could.

I nibbled her breasts with my teeth, and Mum gasped.

'Bite me harder, darling... ' She gave a throaty, breathless laugh. 'It won't be the first time your father sees marks on his wife's body!'

I sank my teeth into her soft flesh, and she gasped again, and she lifted one foot onto the sofa, her knee bent, while her other foot trailed on the floor. The movement pushed her skirt right up, and I stroked her silken leg, moving my hand higher until I was touching the strip of bare skin above her stocking.

Her panties matched her bra, just a flimsy scrap of material straining over her mound, a few tendrils of pubic hair escaping from the sides, and I wriggled down to suck her through her panties. She pulled me up to kiss her, and I saw her slip her hand between her legs and stroke herself as I pushed my tongue into her mouth, my hands again on her breasts.

She reached over to unfasten my belt, and then slide the zipper down, struggling to free my cock. At last she got it out, and bent her head to kiss it. She ran her mouth up and down its length, licking the head, circling it with her tongue, and then taking it deep in her mouth and sucking it, her cheeks hollowing.

I fumbled to unfasten her skirt, and she raised her hips to let me slide it down over her legs. She unfastened her suspenders, and I pulled her stockings down and off her feet as she eased her panties down over her hips. Her suspender belt followed, and then my mother was completely naked.

My hands were all over her body, and she lay there for a moment, looking at me, and then she helped my get my clothes off, and then she started kissing my cock again, rubbing it against her breasts, and crawling on top of me to rub it between her legs.

She stretched out on top of me, and we kissed again, caressing each other for what seemed like a long time. Then I pushed her down and buried my face between her legs, licking her, pushing my tongue into her, finding her clitoris and sucking and nibbling it, hearing her moan as she tangled her fingers in my hair, pushing my face against her, lifting her hips and spreading her legs wide apart.

I bit the insides of her thighs, and then her fluttering belly, moving higher to kiss and bite her breasts again as she writhed under me. I knelt up, and she dragged her nails down my chest, drawing tiny droplets of blood, and she licked them eagerly.

I lifted her body as I knelt between her legs and slipped my cock into her. We both stilled for a moment, and then I started to fuck her. She was making little grunting noises, staring at me, gripping her breasts with her hands, and I lifted one leg onto my shoulder to plunge my cock even deeper into her.

'Don't — don't come, darling, ' she gasped. 'Make it last — please!'

I bent over her to kiss her, and we fucked for several minutes, and then she gently pushed me away.

'Let me up, darling — just for a minute!'

She knelt in front of me, and took my cock between her breasts, easing herself up and down, gripping her breasts around my cock, staring into my eyes, watching my reaction.

Then she lay back, and I slipped my cock into her, and she sighed.


'Fuck me harder, darling — don't worry about hurting me — be rough with me!'

I started to pound into her — she was crying out, gasping for breath, and she grabbed my hand and sank her teeth into it, before forcing my fingers into her breast. She struggled to sit up.

'Do me from behind, darling!'

She knelt up, burying her face in the pillow, and I pushed my cock into her once more, ramming into her as I reached under her body to grip her hanging breasts. Her skin was glistening, slippery with sweat, her body trembling, and I slapped her backside, hard.

'Do it again, darling — but harder — make it hurt!'

I slapped her again, with a lot more force, and then again — and again.

'Oh, God, that's wonderful! But don't come in me — not yet. Fuck me some more, dearest!'

She rolled over onto her back and I pushed my cock into her vagina, fucking her furiously, my balls slapping against her bottom, while she stared at me wildly.

Her body started to jerk spasmodically, and she clutched at me.

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