Naughty Jo

by Ernest Bywater

Copyright© 2010 by Ernest Bywater

Erotica Story: Details of an encounter between a poster of lesbian stories and another member on a lesbian story discussion forum. This was inspired by some recent discussion at SOL Google Groups and The Writer's Block forum.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   NonConsensual   Rape   Gay   TransGender   Shemale   Fiction   Vignettes   Light Bond   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

The titles I use are a chapter, a sub-chapter, and a section.

Table of Contents

Agreeing to Meet
Misogynist Musings
The Meeting
The Fun Starts
Closing Out

Agreeing to Meet

Jo has a huge grin while typing a reply to the message on the forum. The grin grows wider while the words appear on the screen.

OK, Miss Millie, let’s meet on Friday afternoon. I know we live in the same city, so drive out along Jamieson Road. Stop near the entrance to the Henry farm, and get out of the car. Walk around the car, and wait two minutes. Then go down to the entrance to the Mills farm. Under a rock beside their mailbox will be the instructions to the next place. If I don’t like what I see at the first stop there’ll be no instructions at the third stop. Come prepared to stay the weekend, and I’m in total charge. Agreed?

Naughty Jo

Within seconds there’s a reply from Miss Millie agreeing to all of the conditions. At the same time a request for a private chat comes in from Lizzy, and is soon followed by ones from Mistress Mary, Katie M, Mandy, and Lost Lady. Jo clicks on the accept button, and sends a message to them all acknowledging they’re all on-line, and asking if a group chat is OK. All agree. Then the flood gates open wide, very wide, while her friends respond.

Lizzy: Are you nuts. Millie’s a guy, it’s obvious. Just because someone’s on a lesbian forum doesn’t mean they’re a girl, let alone a lesbian. Millie’s responses are all a guy wanting a girl. You can’t trust someone who lies like Millie does.

Katie M: I’m sure Millie’s the new name for Fancy Fran, that arse hole of a man who was trying to get us girls alone last year.

Lost Lady: You do know some of the other girls from your city have left the boards after meeting someone and being raped. I think this is one of those types of meetings.

Naughty Jo: LL, how do you know what city I’m in?

Mistress Mary: She knows, Jo, like I do. Having lived there I recognise many of the places you describe in your stories. Sure, you changed the names, but the descriptions and things match. Anyone who lived there for a few years will recognise it. The same as you recognised Millie was a local.

Mandy: NJ, please don’t do this. It’s too dangerous.

Naughty Jo: I’ll get back to you all later. Trust me. Please.

The chat goes on along similar lines for about twenty minutes.

Lost Lady: OK, Jo, I realise we can’t talk you out of this. I know who you are in real life, and I know you would’ve given in by now if you didn’t have your mind set on this. I ask one thing: Think how your grandfather would deal with this, and act accordingly. Use your brains and protect yourself.

Naughty Jo: LL, yes, I’m set on this happening. And I’ll think more about making it safer. I’m not too surprised some of you recognised my city, but am surprised you can recognise who I am. But, if you really do know me, then you know I can look after myself. Bye, catch you all later.

With a sigh, Jo logs off, and turns to the other desk to write up the meeting instructions. Regardless of what was said, this meeting is going to happen because Jo wants it real bad, for many reasons. He’s surprised Lost Lady knows his grandfather and wonders about it, especially since LL is a lesbian and his grandfather was extremely anti-homosexual. His extremist attitudes was one of the reason Jo avoided his grandfather.

Jo stands, and goes to cook some dinner. While the microwave heats the meal he ponders which of his friends to ask for help in dealing with this predatory bastard who’s hurting Jo’s local lesbian friends. He can’t understand why this person hurts people who don’t do anyone any harm, but he’s out to stop them.

Later that evening Jo is sitting at the computer giving a new story a final read and check before uploading his latest Naughty Jo’s Lesbian High School Adventures story to, when finished he uploads it.

Misogynist Musings

Across the city Peter Green is smiling when he prepares his dinner while he thinks, Tomorrow I get to teach another lesbian bitch what her cunt’s good for. I just love trolling these lesbian forums. And now I’ve got one of the hottest lesbian story tellers in my sights. I’ll stop her turning girls from guys. I’ll enjoy fucking her brains out, too.

After a quick dinner Peter is going through his special clothes while he decides what to wear for tomorrow’s meeting. Being of slight build, 160 centimetres in height, and a fine bone structure he easily passes for a schoolgirl when he wears the right clothes and has a little make-up on.

Pulling out a nice short skirt and tight top he lays them aside, then he selects the tights and shoes to go with them. On top of them he lays a specially made white lace bra; fully padded with fake breasts, it’s a 32 C.

His anticipation of tomorrow and the weekend is so great he starts to play with himself. He comes twice in the bath while he relives his past rapes of lesbians, and he has a fantasy about what’s to come on the weekend. He smiles at the pun when he makes it.

The Meeting

Jo watches, through high powered binoculars when an older four door sedan stops at the entrance to the Henry farm. The driver gets out, and takes a slow walk around the car before stopping to lean against the driver’s door. After a little while the driver spends time leaning on each of the bonnet, the passenger door, and the boot, before getting back in the car and driving off.

The driver looked like a typical high-school senior, short skirt, tight top, nicely filled - but not huge, flesh coloured tights, and practical low heel shoes. Only a little make-up, just enough to accent the right parts of the face. Not very pretty, but OK and not ugly.

Jo smiles while observing the driver. After the other car leaves Jo walks down the hill, throws a leg over a motor bike, and rides off to the final meeting place.

Half an hour, and four stops, later Peter pulls up outside a remote farmhouse a third of the way around the edge of the city from where he started. With a small smile he gets out and walks up to the front door while he thanks all those acting lessons he had when part of the high-school Performing Arts Club.

The door is ajar, and the note said to just walk in. So he pushes the door open and walks in. He stops just inside the room, and smiles while he looks around the room.

Jo is standing in the middle of the front room of his grandfather’s old farmhouse as he waits for Miss Millie. Jo’s only clothes are knickers and a flared knee length skirt, a nice blouse is lying on a lounge chair nearby with Jo’s 38CC bra on top of it. At only 165 centimetres, and of medium build Jo’s firm CC breasts look bigger than they are.

The door opens, and the high-school senior from the car walks in. They both grin when Jo says, “Hello Sweetie, come here and suck on my tits.” Peter is quick to cross the room and do as he’s told.

Several minutes later Jo pulls Peter’s head back, takes his hand, and leads him to the bedroom. Pointing at the bed Jo says, “Lie down.”

They lie on the bed, and start kissing. Peter plays with Jo’s breasts. A slight movement, and Jo’s breasts are crushing into Peter’s chest while they kiss. Jo’s hand makes contact with Peter’s right arm and slides down it to his wrist. Suddenly Peter’s hand is pulled up toward the corner of the bed when Jo moves. Before Peter can react his right wrist is handcuffed to the bed head. Peter starts to struggle, but Jo’s weight keeps him pinned to the bed. In a moment his left wrist is handcuffed.

Jo smiles, “Don’t worry, Sweetie, I’m into bondage, not S and M.” Jo bends down, and starts kissing Peter again. Hands start to roam over Peter’s body, finally ending up at his groin. He stiffens when he feels his dick grabbed. Jo leans back, “Well, well, what an interesting surprise we have here?”

Peter’s clothes are soon removed, his make-up wiped off, and he’s lying naked on the bed. With a big grin Jo rubs up and down his body before sucking on his dick. When he comes erect Jo lifts off, and slips a dick clamp on while saying, “Now don’t complain. We do want this to stay up and in me as long as possible, don’t we?” He smiles, and nods yes. Jo rises from the bed, and reaches under the skirt. Peter’s grin goes wider when Jo’s panties hit the floor.

A visit to the chest of drawers beside the bed sees a tube of KY and a box of condoms appear. Peter looks surprised. Jo says, “First, we see how well you fit in my arse. Then we’ll get into the real fun.” He grins wider.

The Fun Starts

Peter smiles at the nice feel of Jo’s arse sliding down on his condom covered dick. In moments he’s ready to come while Jo rides him like an expert. He can’t believe how good she is at this, despite being a lesbian, he can’t understand it.

His grin goes real wide when Jo starts to undo the skirt. He watches real close, because he wants to get a good look at Jo’s pussy. Slowly, oh, so exquisitely and teasingly slowly, Jo drags the skirt aside. And what a sight is revealed - Peter’s mind heads for orbit when his scream echoes off the walls while Jo moves forward and off his dick.

Jo smiles while he holds his big dick and taps it against Peter’s lips while saying, “Peter, my old mate, do you want to give me a blow job now, or after I fuck your arse and get it covered with shit?”

On hearing his real name Peter looks closely at the person sitting on his chest. Looking through the make-up he recognises an effeminate boy who was two years behind him at high school that Peter used to beat up all the time at school. His mind tries to drag up a name when he realises he has no choice, the handcuffs ensure his compliance. He says, “Now, please,” and opens his mouth wide. While the dick approaches his mouth he realises it’s much longer and fatter than his. When the dick makes contact with his lips the younger boy’s name comes to mind: Joe Wild.

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